3 BizFilings Alternatives Who Save You Money

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BizFilings is a great choice if you need to form an LLC, corporation, or need help with long term business compliance. Not only do they guarantee their services throughout the entire life of your business, BizFilings also provides customers with six months of registered agent service at no additional cost.

However, while BizFilings is a good company, there are certainly alternatives out there. With that in mind, let’s briefly touch on three of BizFilings’ competitors to see what they have to offer. Enjoy!

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1. Bizee - You Save $50

Bizee relies on the dynamic duo of low prices and top-rate customer reviews to set themselves apart from the competition. Starting at just $49, Bizee's base pricing is definitely on the low-end, among the lowest in the entire industry. Plus, the fact they throw in a full year of registered agent service with any of their packages is (vs. BizFiling’s 6 months) impressive. In terms of reviews Bizee’s customer ratings are basically second to none, as they sport a fantastic 4.8 score out of a possible 5 stars on ShopperApproved. If customer feedback means a lot to you, check out Bizee, because it’s very difficult to find any criticisms of the company despite the fact that there are thousands of Bizee reviews around the internet. It really says something.

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2. CorpNet - You Save $20

Another choice for your business formation needs is CorpNet. What customers love about CorpNet is their free corporate compliance tool, which comes with any package in their formation services. Known as CorpNet Business Information Zone (B.I.Z.), this compliance assistance tool sends you reminders for tax deadlines and annual report filings, as well as granting you access to a business document library. CorpNet also adds secure cloud storage to B.I.Z., making it a truly fully-featured business assistant. If you think these features sound like a strong value to your business, take a few minutes to check out CorpNet!

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3. MyCompanyWorks - You Save $20

Last but not least, we come to MyCompanyWorks. One great aspect of MyCompanyWorks is that they pride themselves on not having any hidden fees. What’s really interesting about that is they advertise “Real State Fees,” implying that the competition unfairly bundles state fees with hidden costs. MyCompanyWorks’ state fees vary (as they do anywhere), but they’re consistently a bit cheaper than a good portion of the competition. If being transparent and straightforward with pricing is a big deal to you, consider MyCompanyWorks. They have solid pricing for all their services to begin with, and we appreciate the (somewhat eye-opening!) honesty.

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Which Should You Choose?

BizFilings or Bizee? CorpNet or MyCompanyWorks? All of these companies are rock-solid options to help start your business. They’re all highly-regarded services, with the expertise and experience necessary to save you of time and money. Plus, they all put their own twist on a similar basic service, so just choose the one that sounds best to you. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them! We should still pick a favorite though, right? It’s kind of a cop-out to just say, “They’re all great, thanks for reading!”

Under most circumstances, we prefer Bizee as the top BizFilings alternative. Of these options, they’re the most popular with consumers and they represent the best value for your dollar. Plus, choosing Bizee saves you $50 over BizFilings!