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The 7 Best Tools to Edit Your Website Content

The 7 Best Tools to Edit Your Website ContentThere is a tremendous amount of content editing apps out there; each possessing it’s own attributes. Like these apps, no website or writer is created equal. Researching the options can be a timely task, but this list has done some of that work for you.

Maybe you need overall editing assistance or help compiling research. Perhaps you require scheduling support or further collaborative possibilities. No matter what your precise needs are, even the best of us should have an editor. Technology is not the enemy here; if used correctly it can be your best friend.

1) HEMINGWAY (writing and editing assistance)

Ernest Hemingway was famous for being able to communicate a profound idea with short sentences. His critics pointed this out as a flaw, but in the world of online writing, it’s exactly what you should be going for. You want to get to the point while maintaining flow and originality. This is your goal and the Hemingway app is extremely useful in helping you achieve it.

The app highlights issues and provides suggested corrections. For added guidance, it also gives the user an overall score. This score is based on “readability” and can be extremely efficient when writing website content. Overall, the app is educational in its process and will only make you a better writer. And the best part is that the web version is free ($6.99 for Mac and Windows).

2) NINJAESSSAYS (writing and editing assistance)

As writers, whether it’s an assignment or your own new idea, we can all become blocked. Our thoughts can be scattered, we can miss grammar mistakes and spelling typos, and a fresh pair of (professional) editing eyes is a necessity for success. Ninjaessays is an online editing service that provides this type of professional help. You can work with trained experts to receive advice on research and overall structure, all geared towards your specific needs.

It’s a proofreading and editing service in one, that not only offers corrections, but also inspiration through sample articles and graphics. If you feel stuck or confused, Ninjaessays can be a tremendously useful source in mapping it all out and getting it all correct (prices vary –

3) DRAFT (writing and editing assistance)

Created by a writer, for writers, and it shows. Draft’s functionality is user-friendly and its design is not trying to impress with a flashy enterprise. The straightforward tool gives the user version control over their drafts and edits and allows publishing directly to blogs and various social media outlets. You can import information from Cloud, Evernote and Dropbox and the newly added transcription tool is one of the handiest available (available to use with YouTube, Vimeo, mp3 and mp4 files).

The auto save feature is in tact (as it should be with any decent word processor these days), but its option to manually mark drafts is what makes the tool truly unique. You have the option to view multiple drafts, from different save times, side-by-side. For an added bonus, you also have the option to “ask a professional”. This element gives the user access to proficient recommendations from educated specialists (free).

4) PLAGTRACKER (keeping your work original)

Plagtracker is a service composed of qualified professionals (similar in this way to Ninjaessays) that scan your writing for plagiarized content. Plagiarism is a serious problem and can become a difficult thing to avoid when researching and writing for the web. It can lead to lost jobs, absent credibility and ruined reputations, but have no fear; Plagtracker is here.

Plagtracker has the resources necessary to give you piece of mind. Better safe, than sorry, especially when it’s your own blood, sweat and tears. It is unlikely that any individual has the time to scan every previously written article in relation to his or her own. Plagtracker can aide you in this quest, making sure your submitted content is always original. As a result, helping you to enhance your own creativity and skill (free –

5) EVERNOTE (for compiling research)

Many people use Evernote and that’s because it’s proven extremely useful in organizing your brain. And we all know a writer’s head can be a bit scattered. Evernote lets you gather information from various sources (personal notes, online links, photos and audio files) into one place.

The app also offers a live-chat feature. When using this function, the user has control over who sees which documents and if they have editing abilities. The free version is perfect for individuals and premium/business upgrades are also available that offer more collaborative options ($5/month for premium, $10/user/month for business).

6) COSCHEDULE (scheduling content)

Now available for use without WordPress, CoSchedule is constantly upgrading its abilities. The marketing calendar is effective at planning your content and can connect with your Evernote, Google Docs and WordPress material. Not only can you import information, but there are also HTML, PDF and document export options.

Creating the content to market is only half of CoSchedule’s abilities. It also helps establish appointments and deadlines for articles and social media posts. An administrator can assign tasks, with CoSchedule automatically alerting the assignee. Keeping track of editorial calendars and promotions via social media can be frazzling; CoSchedule keeps it all linked and can now be used in marketing e-books and various other businesses, not just Bloggers (14 day free trial).

7) WORKFLOWY (for efficiency)

If you love bullet point organization, you will love Workflowy. The tool is built around them and is not an editing service or application. It’s for concepts, making lists and brainstorming. Simple in design and configuration, Workflowy is constructed around your personal style and needs. It’s essentially a notebook, with sharing and search options.

Workflowly creates an outline for the user to view as they wish, so a writer can focus on what they want, when they want. It offers collaborative options as well. You can share with other Workflowy users and create quality, original work with a solid spine (free up to 1,000 items/month, Chrome required).

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