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108 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Arizona

Resources for Starting a Business

I have always believed that to become an efficient and successful entrepreneur (hard work, passion, and commitment aside) you need to be savvy. Using solid resources can make a huge difference from how your business will fare in the long term.

That said, here are the 108 best resources for starting a business in Arizona collected to help bring your great idea to life. It’s important to start off on the right foot when starting a business in Arizona, so be sure to only use the resources that are right for you.



1) Arizona Small Business Resource Guide

The Arizona District Office of the SBA has published a pdf guide that provides comprehensive information on how to start a business in Arizona. Every step of the startup process is tackled and discussed. Rules and state policies, permit and licensing requirements, business taxes, funding options and important links are also included in the guide.

2) Arizona District Office of the SBA

The website of the Arizona District Office of the SBA is a wealth of information when starting a business. Every resource you need as a new entrepreneur, the AZ SBA District Office has it. Most importantly, it keeps you updated on all the latest small business events to help you network and take advantage of opportunities.

3) Arizona Small Business Association

From a vast collection of business resources to speed networking to various business events, the ASBA is a great resource to look into. When you become an ASBA member, you get access to a plethora of services to manage and operate your business. You’ll also get group discounts, advertising, and mentoring.

4) Arizona Commerce Authority

The Arizona Commerce Authority is truly an authority when it comes to providing small business services. With specialized programs to help small businesses, getting started with the help of the resources in the Arizona Commerce Authority is a great option if you are a first time entrepreneur or veteran.

5) ACA Checklist Program

Another vital resource from the Arizona Commerce Authority that you should look when starting a business in Arizona is its ACA Checklist Program. This free online checklist program guides you in starting, growing and operating an Arizona business. Quick links as to some helpful resources for your business are also included.

6) Ten Steps to Starting a Business in Arizona Guide

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to start a business in Arizona based on legal requirements, this guide should do it. Outlined in clear concise processes, this ten-step how-to guide will walk you through the process of starting an Arizona business. However, this is only a general overview, and the steps may vary depending on the business you’re trying to incorporate.

7) Chandler Small Business Resources

If you’re planning to start up a business in Chandler, AZ, this guide will be the perfect one for you. As you venture into a new business, you will be introduced through city services, various business resources, and other important agencies that can kickstart it.

8) AZ Department of Revenue

When you’re processing business requirements in Arizona, a key resource that you should access is the AZ Department of Revenue. Anything that has to do with individual and business taxes should be referred to here. Forms and regular tax bulletin updates can also be found here.

9) Arizona Small Business Development Center Network

With the aim to assist in launching, growing, and sustaining small business, the Arizona SBDC Network offers a variety of small business assistance that you shouldn’t pass up. Open to all small business entrepreneurs, its business assistance programs are provided by business experts and professionals. From trainings to one-on-one counseling, the AZ SBDC Network helps fast track the startup phase of your business.

10) Coconino Basic Business Empowerment

The Basic Business Empowerment Program helps residents of Coconino County who want to start their own business. With this business development training program, residents can receive the proper training on how to go about it. Information for subsequent BBE training schedules are regularly updated as well.

11) Northern Arizona University Center for Business Outreach

NAU’s Business Outreach commits itself to including the community through various programs. Both students and faculty extend help to broaden community involvement.

12) Northern Arizona SCORE

In keeping with the mission of SCORE, the Northern Arizona district office assists small businesses in the Northern Arizona communities get on their feet in their venture. Specializing in free mentoring and workshops and events, startup entrepreneurs will have a working knowledge on entrepreneurship. Templates and tools are also provided.

13) SBIR/STTR Resource Center

For startup entrepreneurs getting the right funding to start a business is crucial. One such business funding option is the SBIR/STTR Program. Through the SBIR/STTR Resource Center, startup entrepreneurs will be provided with the necessary training and workshop to increase the chances of qualifying for this program.

14) Arizona Entrepreneur’s Edge

The Arizona Entrepreneur’s Edge is called as such because it gives new entrepreneurs an edge over the others when they start, operate, and grow their Arizona business. All this is made possible with the one-stop resource guide provided by the AZ Entrepreneur’s Edge. From business planning to marketing opportunities, it will all be discussed in this guide.

15) Northern Arizona University Small Business Resources

As the likelihood of NAU graduates starting their own business is quite high, here is a compilation of small business resources for young startups in Arizona. Resource links of different agencies and organizations are provided to help them gear up for their first business, which is also basically applicable to Arizona residents in general.

16) Central Arizona College Small Business Development Center

With the goal of helping the businesses of Pinal County succeed, the CAC SBDC offers management and marketing mentoring to small businesses. Counselors are qualified professionals with expertise that covers a wide range of specializations in business. E-counseling is also available for a more convenient setup.

17) Arizona Veteran Small Business

The state provides opportunities for veterans who want to start their own small business by way of the AZ Veteran Small Business. Resources are provided for veterans and financing options are also discussed.

18) Experian

Experian offers a wealth of information when it comes to starting a business in Arizona. Through various resources, from the basics of starting a business to social media marketing, you can learn everything from here. Comprehensive list of resources with supporting links are also included in this guide.

19) Women’s Business Center

With the goal of leveling the business field primarily for women, immigrant, and minority entrepreneurs, the AZ Women’s Business Center offers wide-ranging assistance services. From counseling, management training, to professional development services, the AZ Women’s Business Center equips new entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and skills to start a small business.

20) Arizona Marketing Association

Arizona Marketing Association is your ultimate marketing resource in Arizona. Marketing is very important when running a business and the Arizona Marketing Association can give you everything that you need to propel your business to the next level. They provide business consulting and mastermind groups for entrepreneurs like you.

21) GrowSouthwest

GrowSouthwest is a private company committed to the growth of businesses and entrepreneurs across Colorado.  To be able to achieve this goal, the company offers a wide variety of products and services. The company is made up of experienced and independent business owners who strive hard to understand and meet the needs of clients. Some of the services offered by the company include world class digital marketing service, PR services, event coordination and management, promotions, investor and venture capital services and marketing services.

22) Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona is an Arizona business directory where you can search everything – from business establishments to local companies, it’s the absolute business finder in Arizona. Aside from this, Local First Arizona also provides entrepreneurs with local news and events in Arizona’s business industry.

23) National Business Association

The National Business Association is a business resource guide in Arizona that helps entrepreneurs in starting, running and growing their business. They support every business in the state of Arizona, whether they’re women or minority owned. They provide you with the best resources and tools so you can jumpstart your business.

24) Dena Patton

Dena Patton is an award-winning business coach and entrepreneur whose main goal is to help women entrepreneurs across the country build great businesses and become great leaders. She is also a global speaker and an author of several articles that inspire and motivate women to change the world of entrepreneurship.

25) Tucson Business Inside

Tucson Business Inside is a trusted online magazine that delivers the latest news and information about everything business. It also has a small business section where small business owners can check out the latest business trends and events in the Arizona business scene.

26) Arizona Business Alliance

The Arizona Business Alliance is one of the oldest and most respected business organizations in Phoenix. The ABA’s goal is to help every member of the alliance to promote their business in the best possible way. This is achieved through networking, recommendations and mutual exchange between members.

27) BestCompaniesAZ

BestCompaniesAZ founded by Denise Gredler is an organizational, consulting and marketing company committed to identifying the best workplaces across the United as well as in Arizona. The private company provides services to organizations by conducting employee opinion surveys, consultations, employment branding and a lot more.

28) Arizona Business Equipment

Arizona Business Equipment is an office equipment dealership and full-service copier that provides services and supplies to organizations and businesses. It was founded in 2011, and since then it has been providing quality service while making the best solutions for their clients. AZBE is also a leading printer and copier leasing service in Tucson.

29) inBusiness

inBusiness is an online business magazine that provides entrepreneurs with business resources, the latest news in business, information on business events and business solution centers. The magazine features helpful business topics such as starting a business, communications and networking, finance, sales and marketing and a lot more.

30) Glendale Chamber of Commerce

The Glendale Community Information and Business Directory under the Glendale Chamber of Commerce is a business finder that promotes business membership and the community of Glendale. It is the go-to online publication for the residents and entrepreneurs of Glendale. It also offers advertising opportunities for businesses who want to showcase their startups, products and services.

31) AZSmallBizCon

AZSmallBizCon is an organization in Arizona that provides entrepreneurs with the business resources they need to start and grow their small business. The organization also educates entrepreneurs by giving them access to webinars, workshops, trainings and business events.

32) AZ Business Broker

AZ Business Broker provides service to businesses by providing them with free information and professional brokerage services. The firm helps in facilitating easy sale or acquisition of small businesses or companies in Arizona. AZ Business Broker can further assist entrepreneurs in selling a business, free biz valuation and buying a business.



1) How to Start a Business in Arizona

This free startup AZ guide discusses the basic steps on how to start a business in the state. From the moment you come up with a business idea and knowing how to validate it to hiring the right people to help, you will learn in this guide. A few resources to help fast track your startup are also discussed.

2) How to Form an LLC in Arizona

When you want to incorporate an LLC in Arizona, this guide is the simplest you can follow to walk you through those steps. This guide discusses the steps involved so you can incorporate your business without encountering challenges. Some resources that prove useful when forming an LLC are also discussed here.

3) How to File a DBA in Arizona

When you want to use a trade name in lieu of your registered business name, you need to have this guide. The How to File a DBA in Arizona guide is simply that – a guide that leads you to the process of filing a DBA in Arizona. Where to download the DBA registration form, how to file it, and how much to pay is discussed here.

4) How to Finance a Business in Arizona

Starting an Arizona business will not be made possible without sufficient capital investment. To help you figure out which financing option works best for your startup, this guide presents five top choices for consideration. With links to each option to get you started, make this guide a starting point to get that business funding.

5) How to Get an Arizona Registered Agent

An Arizona Registered Agent is a requirement to legally incorporate your business. To find the right Registered Agent for your business, use this guide to give you an idea of what to do. Better yet, you can look up the recommended Registered Agent service provider at the end of the guide to see if it suits your business’ needs.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Arizona

When you’re incorporating a Corporation in Arizona, there are basic steps to follow so you can execute the task effectively. This guide outlines those basic steps to help you form an Arizona Corporation. Also, some resources to help you form a Corporation faster are also presented.

7) How to Incorporate in Arizona

The incorporation process is a important when forming any kind of business in Arizona. That said, this guide was written to help you do just without the need to understand confusing lingo. Complete with the basic steps on how to incorporate to some additional resources, everything you need to do is on this guide.




SCORE is the go-to when you’re starting a business in Arizona and you’re looking for professional mentoring, counseling, and advice. SCORE is widely known for providing expert business advice with the largest network of business mentors in all fields of expertise. Whether you need professional advice on accounting, financial management, marketing analysis, profit increase, customer satisfaction, etc., you can find mentors for these specific areas in SCORE.

2) SBA

The Small Business Administration stays true to its mission to get involved in all aspects of small business concerns. Not only does it provide excellent assistance programs for small businesses across the country, but it has a wealth of resources that every small business entrepreneur will find useful as she/he ventures into the world of entrepreneurship. From resources on starting and managing a business to tools and templates vital for startups – there is some excellent information on the SBA.


America’s Small Business Development Center provides total support services for small entrepreneurs across the country. With district offices located in numerous states, the SBDC is an important go-to for small business assistance networking. From writing business plans to how to market your business, get the best counseling and expert mentoring through SBDC.

4) Startup Savant

Startup Savant promises to simply entrepreneurship for anyone looking to bring a great idea to life. Through simple how-to guides and heart-to-heart advice, you can easily get off on the right footing when starting an Arizona business. Startup Savant also features a toolkit and a learning course so you can learn more of entrepreneurship even if you’re also running a business at the same time.


Start, run and grow your business with the help of An online free magazine, Entrepreneur brings together a wealth of information everything related about business. From starting a business articles to leadership to franchise information to social media marketing, everything’s on here. Entrepreneur coaching, business forums, events, etc. are also found here.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness gives you that small business advantage with a plethora of resources and essential tools. Being one of the largest online resource in starting, growing and managing an enterprise, AllBusiness also brings readers the latest stories and articles in all business-related aspects. A large collection of how-to articles and still growing provides quick and insightful tips in all facets of business to prepare startup entrepreneurs on how to operate their business.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is a plethora of life hacks, inspirational stories, and motivational articles to bring positivity and fresh perspective to individuals who dream and want to succeed in life. From topics such as success, motivation, inspiration, and moving quotes, Wealthy Gorilla brings a refreshing view of how to go about life while still achieving your dreams.



1) Arizona Innovation Accelerator Fund

This funding program has $18.2 million in funds from the State Small Business Credit Initiative, and administered by the AZ Commerce Authority. It strives to stimulate small business financing in partnership with private financing partners. It encourages small business expansions while at the same time job creation within the state.

2) AZ Fast Grant

The AZ Fast Grant is a program offered for qualified Arizona-based technology companies who are in the infancy stage of operations. From intensive trainings to technical assistance, the AZ Fast Grant awards a range of $5,000 to $20,000 in grants in aid.

3) Arizona Angels

This Arizona angel investor network aims to help the process of raising capital for small startup businesses. It facilitates and organizes the task on how private companies raise capital so that this in return is given to small entrepreneurs.

4) Small Business Grants for Women in Arizona

The AZ Small Business Grants for Women will help you find the right financing to your Arizona business. From loans, grants, and other funding options, the Small Business Grants for Women will assist you. As well, resources on how to find that right financing as well as quick helpful links for women small business entrepreneurs are also provided by this program.

5) Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF)

The Arizona Technology Investors program is composed of a group of men and women looking to invest in early stage technology businesses in Arizona that show great potential at success. As an accredited investor, this program welcomes applications of all technology companies that show promise.

6) Desert Angels

A Tucson-based non-profit organization that seek opportunities to invest in startup businesses in the state of Arizona, Desert Angels are composed of accredited investors. The Desert Angels serve as a forum for investors who are willing to invest in startup and early-stage businesses through their personal funds.

7) Thunderbird Angel Network

Composed of investors affiliated with the Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Thunderbird Angel Network provides investors with access to early-stage businesses that shows potential when it comes to rapid growth and development. In this angel network program, it is the investor’s sole discretion to make the investment decisions.

8) Biltmore Ventures

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Biltmore Ventures is a venture firm created to help the Arizona capital marketplace grow and thrive. Biltmore Ventures is recognized for providing capital to local small business entrepreneurs with an Internet component. Also, opportunities for business expertise and networking are provided by Biltmore Ventures.

9) Grayhawk Capital

A premier venture capital firm, Grayhawk Capital offers capital to early-stage companies in the Southwest. With more than a good number of years of experience in the venture funds field, Grayhawk is a good option for funding a business in Arizona.

10) Research Corporation Technologies

As a venture capital firm, Research Corporation Technologies offer capital for start-up companies and early-stage businesses relating to life science products and in the field of biomedicine. RCT provides options for flexible and long term investments for these startups.

11) Timepiece Capital Incorporated

A private equity firm, Timepiece Capital Incorporated specializes in company reacquisition and recapitalization. Timepiece Capital provides a wealth of assistance for business owners who are looking to go through these transactions.

12) Propel Arizona

Propel Arizona is Arizona’s leading crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs who are looking to have their business financed through this option. More than this however, Propel Arizona is driven towards providing a conducive environment where individuals are able to help and support various business ventures, innovative ideas, and more.

13) Valley Ventures

An institutionally funded venture capital firm, Valley Ventures have been in operation for more than 30 years with funds exceeding $95 million. The firm is committed to helping startup companies within the state of Arizona get a head start on their business.

14) Prestamos CDFI Small Business Lending

Prestamos CDFI Small Business Lending helps small businesses get started by providing high quality loans as well as technical support services. Prestamos has been helping small businesses both in the rural and urban Arizona areas with various lending programs. This company also gives assistance through business and community training and development.

15) Business Development Finance Corporation

The Business Development Finance Corporation provides entrepreneurs with the right tools to be able to qualify for the 504 Loan Program. An SBA certified lender, BDFC helps you get that funding you need for your business by bringing a team of professional specialists to work on your application.

16) Southwestern Business Financing Corporation

A non-profit organization, the Southwestern Business Financing Corporation is a private firm that offers long-term loans for businesses. This firm is also one of the select few authorized by the US SBA to facilitate the SBA 504 loan program in the state of Arizona.

17) Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

The Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona is a gender-specific business support group that empowers women by providing them with the support they need to jumpstart their business. The foundation offers them grants and loans so they have enough funding and provide them with business resources and tools.

18) was simply created for the purpose of providing people with the funding that they need. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the right capital and financing, offers you the chance to obtain the working capital that you need to kickstart your business. The organization provides you with information on how to obtain small business loans, capital financing or any other loan that will help you make your business grow and succeed.



1) Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

NACET helps small businesses thrive by creating an environment perfect for support and sharing business ideas and concepts.  NACET has a network of business experts and professional mentors with original curriculum. Their state-of-the-art facilities encourage for a healthier and more vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.


CO+HOOTS boasts of being the home of big ideas, great collaborations, awesome events, and game changers. As a coworking space, CO+HOOTS is the breeding environment for innovation and innovators, and it organizes events and workshops to boost your business knowledge.

3) Coworking on 15th Ave

With its mission to provide a collaborative working environment while having a conducive lifestyle, Coworking on 15th Ave provides co-working spaces that meet the various needs of every entrepreneur. From private spaces that offer you the isolation and solitude to work on your ideas to shared open spaces where you can foster social interaction and networking opportunities, Coworking has got it all for you.

4) Arizona for Center for Innovation

The Arizona Center for Innovation fosters an atmosphere where startups can develop inventions and grow ideas through the assistance they provide. The AZ Center for Innovation offers the right services, facilities, and the business expertise to make all these possible. Best of all, it offers you the opportunity to have hands-on support from AZCI’s business professionals.

5) Seed Spot

Aside from the awesome office space that Seed Spot provides, it also provides you with a plethora of benefits including a network of business experts, proprietary curriculum, and excellent mentorship. Seed Spot’s co-working programs are varied with the single aim of providing you with a maximum learning experience.

6) Gang Plank

Gangplank is no ordinary co-working space and more than just the mundane shared space. Rather, Gangplank is a community where you can do business, learn and share ideas from other entrepreneurs, and start and grow your business successfully. Gangplank provides the perfect physical and social infrastructure to innovate.

7) Arizona Innovation Accelerator Fund

The AZ Innovation Accelerator Fund program provides the perfect avenue where you can start and grow your Arizona business. It is the goal of this program to help stimulate the financing of small enterprises to become successful.

8) Mod

No matter the space requirement you need, Mod provides you with the perfect space to get things done. From fully serviced spaces to opportunities for professional workshop, Mod has it all. Mod also has Modcierge, your very own personal assistant to help you take care of everything. In addition, Mod has an onsite chef to serve you with global menus to help you create awesome innovations.

9) Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation

Specifically dedicated to aid technology-based businesses, the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation is a business incubator that aims to provide relevant and timely support for small businesses. The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation also provides best practices education to entrepreneurs.

10) Stealthmode Partners

Stealthmode Partners provides entrepreneurs with the necessary help to boost emerging companies’ growth and success. Stealthmode offers real-world, actionable advice and refine your business system to make your business life more structured and profitable.


Founded in 2011, the Arizona Business Incubation Association’s main goal is to share helpful information on available business incubators and organizations in Arizona that provide assistance to entrepreneurs. Members of the association are mainly business incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces and other economic development organizations.

12) is a business incubator that especially caters to software startups and small businesses.  The business incubator provides entrepreneurs with free office spaces, amenities, access to fast internet, free mentors and $20,000 cash.

13) AZ TechZelerator

The AZ TechCelerator is a business incubator in Arizona that concentrates on new innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The business incubator has new programs and services to offer such as the Beehive Coworking Space and Global Concierge Services.

14) Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) is an excellent business incubator  in Phoenix, Arizona that provides services, office spaces and business support to new and startup companies. The center provides business counseling and mentoring, state-of-the-art facilities, a collaborative working space and guidance.

15) Nacet

Nacet is a working community with 3 branches across Arizona. It provides startups and entrepreneurs with the tools and connections they need to succeed. Nacet has modern facilities, virtual and live business programs, funding options and a wide variety of community events that will assist entrepreneurs in planning, building, launching and growing their business.

16) Innovations

Innovations is a business incubator and startup community of talented and creative professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers who want to meet and work with like-minded people who aim to change the face of entrepreneurship in Arizona. The incubator provides their clients with the best facilities and amenities, virtual and live programs, funding access and community events.

17) Arizona Tech Investors

Arizona Tech Investors is an organization composed of accredited investors who look for early-stage technology businesses across Arizona and its surrounding states. Since 2007, the organization has funded 43 companies and has released $12.25 million in capital, making it the most active technology investor in Arizona.

18) Spoke

Spoke6 is a communal office space that aims to provide a comfortable and professional work environment for professionals, startups and entrepreneurs. With its services, facilities and culture, Spoke6 is considered one of the best and most modern coworking space in the state of Arizona.

19) City of San Luis Arizona – Business Incubator Program

The City of San Luis Business Incubator is an excellent facility that has 7 suites which provides entrepreneurs and professionals with access to office equipment, expendable office spaces, comparable leases and shared office services.

20) StarterNoise

StarterNoise is a website that explores startups; from new entrepreneurs to college students, StarterNoise helps identify startups that have the potential to change the world. The main goal of the site is to share insights and ideas straight from entrepreneurs who have experienced them. It is a space for young and talented entrepreneurs who want to impart their inspiring stories and share their thoughts to others.

21) Phoenix Venture Partners

Phoenix Venture Partners is a firm in Phoenix that funds startup teams or professionals who have innovative ideas and are trying to develop engineered materials, device architectures and other process technologies and tools. They support entrepreneurs who have existing customer and supply chain business development, providing them with operational support.

22) Arizona Business Advisors

Arizona Business Advisors is one of the largest groups of business advisors in the state of Arizona. The main goal of the organization is to promote business education and management to entrepreneurs and provide them with practical business advice and support, most especially for small to mid-sized businesses.

23) Arizona Commerce Authority

Arizona Commerce Authority is an economic development organization that aims to strengthen Arizona’s economy. To accomplish this goal, the organization follows 3 basic principles: recruit, grow and create. Recruit pertains to encouraging non-Arizona companies to relocate or start new operations within Arizona; grow means working with existing companies in Arizona to further expand their operations and create means encouraging new startups and companies to build more businesses.

24) MyOffice

MyOffice is a coworking space in Arizona that aims to provide flexible and efficient office solutions for businesses in Arizona. The main goals of MyOffice is to provide the best customer service to their clients so they’ll be able to focus on managing their business and developing new and innovative ideas.

25) EZ Spaces

EZ Spaces is an alternative working space for small business owners who are looking for a creative and motivating coworking space especially designed for them. The coworking space also caters to freelancers, independent professionals and startups. Located in the heart of Gilbert Arizona, EZ Spaces offers affordable monthly pricing and comfortable amenities.



1) Coconino SBDC

The Coconino SBDC offers excellent business consulting and coaching for free or at a very minimal cost. Through its vast network of experienced business professionals, you can get one-on-one confidential advice on all aspects of starting your business.

2) Southern Arizona SCORE

The Southern Arizona SCORE does not only offer resources and tools to start your business, but more importantly, they focus on providing you with business coaching and mentoring sessions that will prove useful in your quest to start your business. Whether you are experiencing some roadblocks when starting a business or you’re still confused with what to do, the pool of expert mentors and business advisors from Southern Arizona SCORE will help you.

3) Jake Beckman EA

If you’re looking to have small business coaching and consulting from an expert coach, Jake Beckman can definitely help you. From financial organization, website development, taxes, marketing materials, to other aspects of business development, this is a one stop shop. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, startup advice, business marketing analysis, and tax consultations are also offered.

4) NuQuest Consulting

From small business startup and consulting, sales consulting, goal setting, recruiting and custom services, NuQuest Consulting is a primary go-to for small businesses. With NuQuest, you are given the assurance of taking you by hand to walk you through the entire startup process. You can rely on NuQuest Consulting to help you with small business roadblocks and challenges that you yourself as an entrepreneur may not be able to see.

5) Lanick

Lanick is a business consultancy firm that specializes in business startups and the development of small businesses. Its services is designed in such a way that your business’ visions are supported and your action plan is geared toward those visions’ accomplishment. Business plan writing coaching is also offered at Lanick.

6) Inline Business Coach and Advisors

Inline Business Coach and Advisors provides you with a wide range of comprehensive business consultancy and mentoring services for your small business needs. Whatever aspect of small business formation you may need, Inline’s business coaches can help you with it.

7) Law Offices of Donald W. Hedspeth P.C.

For professional and knowledgeable attorneys who can assist you in starting and growing your business, you can rely on the Law Offices of Donald W. Hedspeth. Assisting small business in the Phoenix area, this law firm provides assistance on legal advice such as contracts and transactions, partnership disputes and dissolutions, litigations, franchising, etc.

8) Galbut & Galbut

With a team of accomplished business lawyers, Galbut & Galbut provides a variety of small business legal services in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With more than two decades’ worth of legal experience, Galbut & Galbut goes beyond the usual legal business services and provides its clients with guidance and strategic advice for the good of their business.

9) Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

The law firm of Gunderson, Denton & Peterson offers legal business services that are tailored to your specific business needs. With Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, you can ask for expert business advice or take legal action on all aspects of your small business. If the complexities of how Arizona business laws work, the firm is more than happy to discuss it with you.

10) Carter Law Firm

The Carter Law Firm provides a variety of business legal services and also business consultancy. Legal advice on how you can form your business and what contracts to utilize for your business are a main point of the legal consultancy in this firm. Carter Law Firm gives individuals the legal foundation and the right tools to be empowered to innovate and pursue their business endeavors.

11) Jackson White Attorneys At Law

The Jackson White law firm specializes in providing legal representation to small business owners as they start and run their startups. The firm understands the many legal implications small businesses encounter, which is why they provide quality service in assisting entrepreneurs throughout the entire business cycle, taking care of tax matters, giving them effective counsel and other small business legal services.

12) Social Magnet Marketing

Social Magnet Marketing was founded 2009 from the idea that small businesses face so many challenges and obstacles when it comes to the marketing landscape. Social Magnet Marketing’s mission is to assist you in developing measurable marketing plans by studying your market investment.

13) Sterling Financial Services

Sterling Financial Services is a company that ensures the success of businesses by providing them with financial, tax and consulting services. The financial company provides nothing but the best services from skilled business professionals who will determine key areas in your business that need attention, ensuring that every entrepreneur’s needs are met.

14) Synergy Financial Group of Arizona

Synergy Financial Group of Arizona is a private wealth management firm dedicated to providing quality service to their clients. The company aims to give unbiased investment advice and effective strategies so that business owners so they can make the wisest decision when choosing investments.

15) SC Financial Services

SC Financial Services is a financing company that aims to assist entrepreneurs and executives achieve their lifestyle vision by making and implementing financial strategies that will enable them to reach their individual objectives. They have a personal CFO program, business transition and consulting services and other specialized services.



1) Business Planning

A business’ existence should be defined by careful planning. This is to ensure not only its great start, but also to plan ahead for its long-term operations. A business plan is a key to careful planning and forecasting. While the challenge to write a business plan is there, various tools and applications that help you create one are now available. For example, a business plan software like Enloop and PlanGuru can walk you through the entire process.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Forming an Arizona business and legalizing it through registration may seem quite simple, but if you’ve got your hands full with other tasks, you can delegate this specific task to online incorporation service providers. Companies such as Direct Incorporation and MyCorporation offer this kind of service with the guarantee that they’ll do everything with your best business interests in mind.

3) Building a Business Website

Build a business website and reap the rewards of doing so as a small business entrepreneur. A website is now the norm when you want to increase your visibility as a brand and want to market goods and services to a wider audience. With the progression of website creation tools, building a business website does not have to be a job that only expert web designers can do. With the help of resources like Bluehost and Rainmaker Platform, you can easily create a customized website without technical expertise.

4) Accounting Software

For small businesses, dividing tasks wisely to maximize productivity is crucial. Bookkeeping and those that involve monitoring your finances are two tasks that can be done through a small business accounting software. An accounting software like Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks offer a variety of features that handle these tasks automatically.


Wrapping Up and Starting a Business in Arizona

Arizona is a great place to start a brand new a business. With support from government agencies, non-profit private organizations, and other resources on this page you’ll be able to get all the help you need to start a business on the right track. At the end of the day, always trust your gut and choose the resources that are right for your business. Create a solid plan – then follow it.

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