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60 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Virginia

Resources for Starting a Business

Virginia or the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of the best states in the U.S. for random excursions or vacations. With its majestic beaches and scenic mountains to its tourist attractions and museums, Virginia is one place that you shouldn’t miss to visit.

The state is also an important part of America’s history; you simply can’t talk about history without mentioning the state. Virginia is where America was founded and where the revolution ended.

While the state of Virginia is rich in culture, arts and beautiful destinations, it is also one of the most excellent states in the country for small businesses. It has topped a number of surveys for small business friendliness for many years now. In 2015, it was ranked 8th by Thumbtack for and 7th by Forbes for small business friendliness.

A talented and intelligent workforce, a world-class education system and location and infrastructures are just some factors why many entrepreneurs find the state conducive for business.

With a highly competitive business market, it is important that you build your Virginia small business with the right resources. If you’re looking for the best tools and business companies and services to help you, below are the top small business resources in Virginia that you can use!


The Top Virginia Small Business Resources

1) Virginia SBDC

The Virginia SBDC is a government institution  and one of the biggest providers of effective business counselling and education to small business owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Entrepreneurs can schedule a meeting with experienced business analyst to help them discuss certain issues with their business of choice. They can also get involved in trainings and seminars about critical business management topics.

2) Virginia Chamber

The Virginia Chamber is an organization committed to assist small business owners in Virginia thrive because they believe that the small business industry is one of the driving forces in the state’s economy. The organization partners with local and regional chambers to make sure that the rights and voice of small business owners are heard.


The DMV CEO is a business magazine in Virginia that provides entrepreneurs and business owners in their quest for success in the state. They can provide entrepreneurs with a list of general resources, entrepreneurial organizations and network organizations, business blogs and forums, incubators and a lot more.

4) The Virginia Small Business Partnership

Founded in 2010 to advocate the rights of  the small business community, the Virginia Small Business Partnerships holds gatherings and summits for small business owners and new entrepreneurs in the state. They also provide numerous resources and represents small businesses the best way they can.

5) Arlington Small Business

The Arlington Small Business is a website that aims to provide the best  small business advice for businesses by local business owners in Arlington County, Virginia.Basically, the Arlington Small Business will provide you with all the information that you need to start and manage your business to success.

6) Loudon Virginia Economic Development

The mission of Loudon Virginia Economic Development is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow and succeed in Virginia by providing them with access to free and nonprofit government resources for their business needs. Some of its business related services include marketing, financial planning, sales, loans, business plans and many others.

7) Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce

The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce is a membership based organization that provides assistance to businesses through relationship building with stakeholders and partnerships with the Metropolitan Washington Region. They offer innovative solutions in business education, workforce and economic development.

8) My Southwest Virginia Opportunity

My Southwest Virginia Opportunity is geared towards improving Virginia’s economy into an even more prosperous one by supporting businesses in the industry reach their maximum potential. They aim to promote Southwest Virginia to entrepreneurs and present the place as a worthy investment.

9) Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development

The Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development is a government-initiated organization with the mission to help small business owners who wish to form their business in the state of Virginia. The organization can help you start and grow a business by providing you with local business resources, workshops and counselling.

10) Prince William Chamber of Commerce

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization which is dedicated in overseeing the success or every member and entrepreneur in Virginia. The chamber of commerce equips business owners with the knowledge and resources they need inorder to succeed in the state.

11) Staunton Virginia

For entrepreneurs planning to start a business in Staunton, Staunton Virginia helps them build and succeed in business by collaboratively working together with the Creative Community Fund and Staunton Downtown Development Association which are both instrumental in transforming mere business plans to investment worthy businesses.

12) VAStartup.org

VAStartup.org has munerous programs to offer for small business owners who want to make it big in Virginia. Some of the assistance they offer include workshops, business technology training, mobile marketing, financing and a lot more. They also offer counseling and technical assistance to entrepreneurs.


How-to Guides For Starting a Business in Virginia

1) How to Start a Business in Virginia

Building a business is difficult, which is why you need to get all the assistance that you need during the startup process. If you want to start a business with efficiency, you can use this straightforward 6-step guide which comprehensively explains every step of the entire process. Here, you will also find practical resources which are free to affordable in price.

2) How to Form an LLC in Virginia

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most flexible business entity that you can choose for your business. It allows you to set your own corporate rules, organizational structure and ownership status. You can also run your business in whichever way you want as long as it does not conduct illegal activities. To form your business into an LLC, read through this 5-step guide to give you an idea.

3) How to File a DBA in Virginia

A Virginia DBA is important to be able to operate your business under a fictitious, assumed or trade name. Although it’s one of the easiest requirements to obtain, it doesn’t change the fact that it needs time and money. If you want to save while filing for a DBA, you can use this simple 3-step guide to walk you through the entire step.

4) How to Get a Virginia Registered Agent

A Virginia Registered Agents plays a great role in your small business. It’s also a mandatory requirement to designate and maintain a professional agent for your business so you need to choose one wisely. From the requirements that you need to follow, the reasons why you need to hire one and the process of hiring the most competent one, everything is in this guide!

5) How to Form a Corporation in Virginia

A corporation is a form of entity which you can use to structure your business. It will provide you with many benefits and advantages and will ensure you, your board of directors and shareholders safety against liabilities. If you choose to structure your business as a corporation, you can follow this 6-step guide along with some useful resources.

6) How to Incorporate in Virginia

Incorporation is a challenging and long process that needs focus and attention. It has to be done accurately so you can operate your business legally. If you want to learn how to incorporate the easy way on your own, you can use this 4-step guide to structure your business in Virginia into an entity. It explains every step in detail and contains some resources that you can use.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a not-for-profit organization composed of seasoned and skilled professional volunteers who have been in the industry for many years to know the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. They are willing to share their knowledge and experience to the new entrepreneur and provide them with free programs like one-on-one business consultations, mentoring, coaching and other business programs.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government institution that has several offices in all states in the U.S. It is one of the largest providers of small business resources and assistance in the county and considered to be one of the most credible and reliable. All of its services including local business programs, loans and business grants, management trainings, seminars, coaching and other are given free to assist the new entrepreneur.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online business magazine built for entrepreneurs to simplify entrepreneurship. If you need guides, free and affordable business resources and tools, honest reviews and resource comparisons, Startup Savant is the business website for you. It also features inspiring true-life stories of success. If you need to read articles about online incorporation, accounting and bookkeeping, business planning, finding the right financing option and more, you can visit Startup Savant now.

4) Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is an online business publication that features everything about business. It has articles about current business news, practices and trends used in the small business industry.  Entrepreneur.com also features inspiring stories and informational articles about building and operating a business.

6) AllBusiness

All is your go-to if you need business information about starting a business. It publishes useful articles on the startup process helping you understand marketing, finance, human resources and overall business operations. The business website also recommends the most practical and affordable business tools in the market.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is a free online business and life magazine that teaches you lessons about entrepreneurship and life in general. It features amazing and inspiring stories of people who overcame adversity to achieve their goals and mission. With encouraging and heartwarming stories of success, you will surely persevere and pursuit your dreams and aspirations in life.


Top Virginia Startup Communities and Working Spaces

1) Peninsula Technology Incubator

The Peninsula Technology Incubator is a business incubator that aims to nurture the business ideas of entrepreneurs, assist them in building their dream business and accelerate business growth. Aside from providing entrepreneurs with office spaces, the Peninsula Technology Incubator also has available startup resources for any kind of business. The business incubator also provides office equipment and tools as well as mentorship and educational classes.

2) Hatch

The Hatch is dubbed “the gym of businesses”. It is a community where entrepreneurs can nurture their business ideas and entrepreneurial spirit; a place where you can meet like-minded people who are willing to help one another thrive in the business industry. The Hatch also provides you with resources that have been used by established entrepreneurs, an online course library and a mastermind group.

3) 80 Amps

80 Amps is a community of world-class professionals ranging from successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, creatives and other experts who are committed in helping people grow their brands, products and technologies to their full potential. Some of the industries that 80 amps has assisted include retail, media, manufacturing and the technology industries.

4) Dominion Resources Innovation Center

Dominion Resources Innovation Center is a coworking space specially designed for entrepreneurs in Virginia. The center provides assistance to early stage startups so that they will be able to accelerate their growth and development. The coworking space also envisions to produce financially feasible and independent startups by giving them access to workspaces, mentoring, guidance and useful business resources.

5) 804RVA

804RVA is a place for freelancers to work together.  It’s not only a place where you can find support and develop your business ideas, it is a coworking space where you’ll be able to learn, work and accelerate. Regardless of you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, remote worker or a startup founder, here you can find creative minds who work together inorder to achieve one common goal: to achieve individual goals and objectives while being able to meet different kinds of professionals.

6) Refraction

Refraction is a dynamic coworking space providing the best service to business leaders, creative and philanthropists in Northern Virginia. The coworking community of entrepreneurs is a creative place where professionals can collaboratively work together to achieve their business goals and build innovative solutions to business problems. Refraction also experiments with ground breaking research and cultural trends to set new standards in business.

7) 1776

1776 is a world-class incubator that provides seed funding to promising and viable startups with the goal of changing Virginia’s industries that will impact and benefit millions of people. 1176 supports businesses from different industries that promotes education, energy, sustainability, health and transportation.

8) Connect 113

Connect 113 is a dynamic coworking space that provides entrepreneurs and professionals with flexible shared office spaces at an affordable price. The coworking community also has the best tools to grow a business following an entrepreneur’s own terms. At Connect 113, you will be able to meet and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and build new opportunities for collaboration.

9) Gather

Gather’s mission is to transform how start-ups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs get work done. It is a coworking office where startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners can meet, work together and collaborate. At Gather, you can rent a dedicated desk, modern conference rooms and private offices. Entrepreneurs will also be able to access state-of-the-art equipment and tools to grow their business.

10) Launch Workplaces

Launch Workplaces is a modern coworking space with five branches in Virginia. The coworking company provides private offices, virtual offices and conference rooms to entrepreneurs and professionals. By providing entrepreneurs with the support and state-of-the-art equipment and tools that they need, Launch Workplaces aims to help them build and grow their startups and businesses faster.

11) Sprouthaus

Sprouthaus is a unique collaborative business incubator and coworking community located at Norfolk. It provides entrepreneurs and professionals with open work spaces, conference rooms and traditional office spaces. Some of the other perks in Sprouthaus include 24/7 access, flexible terms, a staff barista making free coffee drinks and steep discounts.

12) Studio IX

Studio IX is a coworking community that fosters innovation and creativity through a shared working environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals. The coworking space helps entrepreneurs build and grow their business through modern equipment and resources. Rates at Studio IX are fairly affordable considering the amenities that you can access.

13) The Foundry

The Foundry is a coworking space designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to contribute in growing Virginia’s startup community. The Foundry offers affordable rates for its shared office spaces, coffee station, high-speed internet, conference rooms and a lot of other amenities. Entrepreneurs can also participate in daytime programming and evening events as well as take advantage of event and sponsorship opportunities.

14) Colab Roanoke

Colab Roanoke is a gathering center for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other creative professionals. Colab provides these professionals with event venue, coworking space and resources where they can collaboratively work together. The coworking community also allows you to gain access to helpful business resources and get you in contact with the right connections to grow your business.

15) Play, Work or Dash

Play, Work or Dash is a working space designed for entrepreneurs who want to bring their children to work. The coworking space supervises and engages your children while you’re working to build and accelerate the growth of your business. Play, Work, Dash offers professional workspaces, quality childcare, spacious meeting room and a comfortable lounge.

16) Eastern Foundry

Eastern Foundry is a central hub for small businesses, tech startups, professionals and agencies. It is a place where they can share and exchange ideas and do business. Eastern Foundry offers affordable coworking and office space and quality business services. They also have established mentors who are committed in assisting entrepreneurs enter and succeed in government procurement.

17) Teqcorner

Teqcorner located in Tysons Corner Virginia is a coworking space for small businesses, technology startups and new entrepreneurs which offers flexible, affordable and short-term rent options for other amenities. Teqcorner is a conducive place for business because it has quite office spaces and other state-of-the-art amenities.


Small Business Professional Services in Virginia

1) Tarley Robinson, Attorneys and Counsellors At Law

Tarley Robinson, Attorneys and Counsellors At Law is a legal firm that helps you create informed decisions concerning your business. Some of the firm’s practice areas include business entity formation, business sales and mergers, state and federal litigation, business strategy and business planning.

2) Whitestone Partners

Whitestone Partners is a full service small business consulting firm that helps clients across many industries such as in real estate, construction, professional services, health, public relations and many others.  Whitestone Partners aims to meet your needs, create solutions to your legal problems, and implement these solutions together.

3) Zerin Business Consulting

Zerin Business Consulting is a consulting company that offers sales and direct marketing solutions to startups and large companies in different industries. Zerin Business Consulting is one of the most established companies in the technology and communication industry.

4) Grow Inc

Grow Inc. is an accounting and consulting firm that prides itself in providing companies and businesses with quality bookkeeping services, contract controller and CFO services. The firm will enable you to grow your business’s profitability, increase cash flow and look for the right resources to bring your business to the next level.

5) Redpoint Marketing Consultants

Redpoint Marketing Consultants is owned by Kevin Jordan, an entrepreneur who wants to help small business owners thrive in the industry using modern marketing techniques and strategies. Redpoint offers the following services: business consulting, website design, video production, email marketing, direct mail marketing, self-study course and a lot of other services. Free consultation and resources are offered to entrepreneurs as well.

6) Howard A. Birmiel, Attorney At Law

Howard A. Birmiel, Attorney At Law is a legal firm that helps entrepreneurs prepare legal documents which are essential when starting a business. The firm advises and provides assistance to business owners across the many stages of starting a business. They also offer legal representation for business disputes that need legal negotiation and litigation.

7) Virginia Small Business Law

Virginia Small Business Law provides transparent and a unique experience for its clients with its outstanding customer service and honest handling of legal cases. They specialize in helping startups, ongoing small businesses and rental property owners.

8) Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston, White

Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston, White is a company that aims to help entrepreneurs attain smooth business operations and provide quality legal representation for businesses. They offer assistance to emerging and established businesses from startup, formation to expansion. The legal firm especially focuses their attention on organizational entity, negotiation, drafting and review of contracts.

9) Way Law PLLC

Way Law PLLC helps client in the organization and structure of their business to avoid liabilities that includes contractual and employment issues. They help entrepreneurs form their business, create contracts and provide counsel to business owners. Way Law can also help you with other legal issues and problems.

10) Coates & Davenport

Coates & Davenport provides clients with prompt and thorough client services in matters such as the selection and formation of mergers, sales and dissolutions and litigation. The legal fields which Coates & Davenport focuses on include business formation and registration, business operations and transactions, commercial transactions and business and corporate litigation.

11) Farmer Legal PLLC

Farmer Legal PLLC is a full service legal firm that gives advice and counsel to startup owners in Virginia. They especially provide assistance to small business owners in solving their legal issues such as employee concerns, customer complaints, unfair business practices and many others.

12) Core Consulting

Core Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that offers business consulting, technology solutions, treasury management, executive advisory forum and staffing solutions to small business owners in Virginia. Core Consulting’s mission is to identify opportunities that will enable growth in revenue, reduce cost and grow revenue to promote client satisfaction.

14) VaRegisteredAgent.com

VaRegisteredAgent.com is a company providing assistance to entrepreneurs in looking for a reliable registered agent in Virginia. VaRegisteredAgent.com’s goal is to provide easy and stress-free business operations to entrepreneurs.


Virginia Startup Toolkit To Get Started On A Budget

1) Business Planning

Writing a business plan should be your number one goal before thinking of starting a Virginia small business. If you have a business plan, you are able to act efficiently with organization. You are accurate of your decisions and certain aspects of your business are studied thoroughly.

You can start writing your business without prior experience using time-saving and easy-to-use business planning softwares like LivePlan. LivePlan will help you complete your business plan accurately and swiftly!

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation is a legal process that can give you countless benefits and advantages. If you incorporate your Virginia small business it becomes a separate entity which has its own right and transactions, therefore, you will not be held responsible for any wrongdoings it commits.

However, incorporation is a long process; it needs time, effort and money. To help you save from all of these, you can use the professional assistance of online incorporation services such as  IncfileMyCorporation and CorpNet. These three will speed up the process for you.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is powerful tool that can contribute to the overall success of your Virginia small business. Credibility, accessibility and better customer service are some benefits to having a website.

Apart from this it helps you save money, keep your customers/clients up-to-date and target a wider target market. Good thing making a business website is no longer that expensive because you have modern and intuitive tools that can help you like Bluehost and Rainmaker.

4) Accounting Software

Financial management is key to a successful business. If you want to make accounting and bookkeeping as easy as possible, you can use accounting softwares such as  Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These three are outstanding tools that will assist you in organizing your business expenses, documents and records. Keep track of your transactions better!


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Virginia

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessPlanning to start a small business in Virginia? You’re on the right track! Virginia is a great place to operate a startup because it is a leading state when it comes to  business licensing regulations, tax rates, ease of filing taxes and government sponsored training programs. It also offers new entrepreneurs numerous incentives and opportunities for future growth.

Overall, its government policies are highly business-friendly that entrepreneurs are encouraged to build their businesses in the state. With its diverse economy, Virginia which is also known as the Old Dominion or the Mother of Presidents continues to thrive as a strong small business capital across the U.S.

Use the resources in this guide and you’ll surely succeed in the state! Good Luck my friend!

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