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62 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Texas

Resources for Starting a Business

Texas, the Lone Star State, is one of the country’s best states for business, consistently ranking in the top 10 best states during the last few years.

Several key factors contribute to the strong economic state of Texas. Primary of these is the Texas Enterprise Fund, a business incentive program that guarantees the growth of Texas businesses, attracting new businesses or providing assistance in the expansion of existing businesses.

Aside from this, Texas is also one of the few states in the country that has no state income tax to speak of. The state also has the reputation of low taxes, ranking 7th lowest across the country, and low service. In addition, a number of the largest companies are also based in Texas.

Despite all these thriving economic conditions, there are still challenges that must be overcome when starting a Texas business. This startup guide on some of the best resources specifically for Texas entrepreneurs should give you an edge over competition.


The Top Texas Small Business Resources

1) Austin SCORE

As a subsidiary of SCORE, the Austin branch of SCORE is also one with the organization’s objective. It provides comprehensive small business services to help entrepreneurs with starting a business. Austin SCORE primarily provides free personalized local mentoring from business experts and professionals with specialized skills. The organization also schedules business workshops and events for a very minimal fee.

2) Texas Wide Open for Business

Texas Wide Open for Business is the official representative of the Texas Economic Development division. Its primary purpose is to offer vital information to businesses and companies looking to expand or transfer in Texas. The organization provides insights on starting and growing a business, funding programs, various incentives, and more.

3) is an organization formed to help entrepreneurs navigate through the vast small business resources network. The team works in partnership with other organizations, chambers, lenders, and a host of other business experts to connect entrepreneurs to the right resources to jumpstart their business.

4) Plano Economic Development

The Plano Economic Development features an entrepreneur and small business resource section where a number of small business non-profit organizations and associations are listed. These resources are valuable in helping startups with various tasks in getting a business on the right footing.

5) Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to strengthening, promoting, and serving the business community of Lubbock. The organization is geared towards providing startup and existing entrepreneurs with the appropriately resources and tools to jumpstart a business. The chamber supports pro-business activities that affect Lubbock businesses.

6) Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance

Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance facilitates and fosters for the business development of the Hispanic community in Tyler. The organization is a one-stop shop for small business resources for the Hispanic community, providing microloan assistance, business training, and counseling and mentoring.

7) San Antonio Small Business Development Center

The San Antonio Small Business Development Center ensures that entrepreneurs get access to a variety of business programs and activities to a successful startup. The SBDC organization offers one-on-one confidential business advising, low cost small business workshops, a wide referral network, established business partners, and more.

8) Dallas BRAIN

The Dallas Business Resource and Information Network connects entrepreneurs to the right set of tools and resources to kickstart a business. Dallas BRAIN offers assistance in starting and running a business through its learning center. It also has ample resource access through its resource navigator and its research and planning tools.


How-To Guides for Starting a Business in Texas

1) How to Start a Business in Texas

How to Start a Business in Texas is the veritable guide to make things happen for your goals to financial freedom. It outlines the ten basic steps that every startup entrepreneur should know and get acquainted with to start a Texas business. To boot, the guide also includes small sections of Recommended Resource that includes some valuable resource beneficial to speeding up tasks.

2) How to Form an LLC in Texas

A Limited Liability Company is just one business structure that you can form when starting a Texas business. As a startup, this guide carefully walks you through the process of forming a Texas LLC, complete with all the necessary steps.

3) How to File a DBA in Texas

A fictitious name, assumed name or trade name can be alternatively used with the officially registered business name provided that a ‘doing business as’ name registration is filed. This is what exactly this guide will walk you through. This three-step guide outlines the basic steps on filing a Texas DBA for your business.

4) How to Get a Texas Registered Agent

A Texas Registered Agent fulfills an important role in business operations. As such, there are several vital considerations in hiring an agent. Aside from statutory requirements that must be strictly observed, there are also several specific characters to a Registered Agent that need to be considered. This guide provides entrepreneurs with an overview on why a Texas Registered Agent is required, what requirements and restrictions should be observed, and how to get a reliable agent.

5) How to Form a Corporation in Texas

A Corporation is another business structure that a Texas business can incorporate in. There are several steps that need to be accomplished to legally form a Texas Corporation, and this guide provides you with a walkthrough on how to accomplish it. As similar to other resource guides, this Texas Corporation guide also has a special Recommended Resource section where you can find a resource vital to the faster and easier compliance of the tasks involved.

6) How to Incorporate in Texas

Incorporating a Texas business means that you are registering a business as a separate entity that you, the owner, and its shareholders. As incorporating may be a quite challenging process, this guide will teach you how to incorporate your Texas business. In a few steps, this guide presents the steps to incorporation and then provides some more resources to help you finish each step easier and faster.


Top Texas Startup Communities and Working Spaces

1) atx factory

Thought of as a ‘communal think tank’, atx FACTORY is a new East Austin co-working space designed specifically for the entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators of Austin. In addition to serving as a place for their daily grind, membership also includes anything from stand-up desks, hi-tech conference rooms, and uniquely themed phone booths to a wellness studio, on-site food trucks, and a coffee/juice bar serving cold brew and Kombucha on tap. Add in the showers, bocce ball court, and sleeping pods, the FACTORY is a place where any business can live, work and play.

2) Capital Factory

Situated in the Downtown Innovation Zone of Austin, Capital Factory helps entrepreneurs learn, work, and accelerate. An idyllic co-working space, Capital Factory boasts of an entire open floor plan complete with co-working and dedicated desks, a classroom, meeting rooms, a break room, and an events space where entrepreneurs can easily man their business.

3) Thinktiv

Having launched more than 200 companies since it started in 2006, Thinktiv is recognized as one of the best business builders in the world today. Thinktiv, as a business builder, utilizes a unique service platform that is client centered. So unique is this platform that it revolutionizes business-building rules.

4) Launch Lab Capital

The Launch Lab Capital’s main mission is to help entrepreneurs with what’s needed with the goal of establishing a startup. Launch Lab’s various services is guaranteed to accomplish this. With the right network, professional expertise, and various business approaches, you are assured to get where you want to go with Launch Lab’s assistance.

5) SKU

SKU is a startup accelerator program that assists consumer packaged goods companies to foster their business growth and development. With SKU, these companies are provided with all the necessary support required to achieve its goals from expert business mentors to personalized educational content to access to startup funding.

6) Tech Ranch

Tech Ranch is a supportive co-working community that helps entrepreneurs move forward and build a successful venture. Through Tech Ranch’s various support services, you can have a better and smoother sailing entrepreneurial journey.  As a co-working space, Tech Ranch has dedicated and reserved desks as well as an office space and event space.

7) Createscape

Createscape is a co-working space for Austin professionals located in the center of Austin, Texas. At Createscape, one can create, work, and collaborate through the conducive office space environment and support services offered.


The North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC) helps promising startups with the key to succeed – tools and resources. NTEC is considered as one of the biggest business accelerators in the state, and they offer access to professional business guidance, high standard infrastructure and a vast amount of professional networking opportunities to get you started.

9) International Accelerator

International Accelerator is a Texas-based accelerator program that helps non-US founders produce the necessary funds to expand their startups in the country. Through a professional team of highly experienced angels, investors, and mentors plus the unique hands-on approach developed by International Accelerator, you can easily get help with everything needed in running a business.

10) Seed Sumo

Seed Sumo is a mentorship-driven accelerator that assists startup entrepreneurs through a host of services and a great co-working environment. Seed Sumo offers seed funding ranging from 50K up to 400K. They also have over 100 mentors and coaches ranging from business owners, consultants, and strategists.

11) Geekdom

Geekdom is a co-working community where a collaborative environment between entrepreneurs, makers, developers, creatives, and technologists is fostered to enable great and cool things to happen. Geekdom’s no-nonsense membership program enables you to choose between a shared community space and a dedicated personal desk complete with office facilities and amenities.

12) Link Coworking

A premier membership club, Link Coworking is dedicated to bringing people together in one collaborative environment where they can conduct their business. At Link, you also have the opportunity to network with other co-curious, and you also get to work in a space where ideas are developed to become success stories.

13) Vuka

Vuka is an Austin-based community hub that is committed to personal and professional success of its members. Vuka’s co-working space is located at the heart of Austin, Texas, and they also host various events, from conferences, weddings, workshops, parties to fundraisers.

14) Orange Coworking

Orange Coworking is a membership-based, co-working community for various professionals and entrepreneurs. More than a co-working community where you can find co-working spaces or dedicated desks, Orange Coworking also allows for networking opportunities, take classes, and even listen to inspirational speakers.

15) Common Desk

Common Desk was started with the aim to redefine what a workspace should be. Common Desk fosters a stimulating co-working environment where you can work, connect, and best of all, over achieve. Common Desk also has an extensive network of other co-working spaces in the country that you can go to when you travel.

16) The Grindstone

The Grindstone is a co-working space that provides a host of co-working amenities to its members in the Edinburgh, Texas area. For as low as $49 per month, membership at The Grindstone entitles you to access workspaces, private offices, training rooms, conference rooms, and a host of other office amenities.

17) NoD Coworking

NoD Coworking is a co-working community that especially caters to tech startups and professionals. Membership with NoD allows you access to a co-working space, desks and offices, and meeting rooms. NoD also has mentors and is partnered with several companies to help its members establish the right network.

18) Atmosphere Coworking

As a co-working community, Atmosphere Coworking fosters learning, meeting new people, and focusing on ways to elevate your business. Especially focused on creative and design professionals, Atmosphere also helps its members establish strong connections for a more successful business.

19) Vessel Coworking

Vessel Coworking fosters a creative and productive co-working environment where entrepreneurs and freelancers alike can gain access to much needed space and the amenities that come with it to get going in their professional goals. There are various flexible membership plans at Vessel Coworking, providing freelancers and entrepreneurs with the right space for their professional needs.

20) Start Houston

Start Houston is a unique, collaborative working environment that offers both fun and professional place for various professionals, entrepreneurs, employees, etc. At Start, there is always something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for some critical feedback or you’re looking into business opportunities, you can find it all in Start.

21) Fiber Cove

Fiber Cove is a premier co-working facility that has various membership plans to suit your needs. At Fiber Cove, membership affords access to several meeting rooms and board rooms for your use aside from the working space.

22) Kowork

Kowork is a collaborative community where creative people can connect with other like-minded individuals and establish a strong network in the process. Aside from providing a shared-office space, Kowork offers a host of other business support services for its members.


The Central Texas Angel Network is a leading angel network that provides early state capital for startups and businesses. Aside from the early state capital provided, the Central Texas Angel Network also provides mentoring for businesses.


Small Business Professional Services in Texas

1) Ledger Consulting

Ledger Consulting offers excellent and timely small business solutions on a personalized level. Aside from this, Ledger Consulting offers comprehensive QuickBooks services from setup, training, troubleshooting, inventory management, job costing, and more. QuickBooks classes are also offered at the firm.

2) BMC Texas

BMC Texas is an accounting and management consulting company that has been providing excellent services since 1991. Their service is marked by their depth of experience and extensive knowledge in different industries to provide core accounting and business services.

3) Collaborada

Collaborada helps your small business succeed through solutions, strategy, and service. We amp up the marketing strategy of your business by giving it the online presence it deserves, providing professional websites, integrated SEO and social media marketing, effective email marketing, intelligent integration and more.

4) Stonemyers Law

Stonemyers Law specializes in assisting small businesses in Texas achieve their goals. Stonemyers Law offers business consulting services if you need assistance during startup and business formation, business succession planning, ongoing contractual needs, or any other legal business needs required.

5) RMoon Consulting

RMoon Consulting is a business consultancy firm offering a variety of personalized small business services, ensuring that you get the most out of RMoon’s years of experience and expertise. From new sales development, cash flow, strategic planning, financial clean-up, business plans and structures, to exit planning, RMoon can help you.

6) Amera Consulting

Amera Consulting is a small business consulting firm providing consultancy services in Houston. The team at Amera is friendly and approachable and makes sure to know clients on a personalized level to provide the best business solutions.

7) AB Consulting Solutions

The AB Consulting Solutions is a business development consulting agency that offers customized, proven, and affordable services. ABC Solutions’ goals are to increase business profits, reduce expenses, and help expand through various opportunities for your business. Aside from business consulting, ABC also offers workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities.

8) Wathen, DeShong, & Juncker

Wathen, DeShong & Juncker is dedicated to providing assistance to entrepreneurs in growing and improving their business. The team at WDJ works closely with the business and its management team to come up with viable business plans, effective marketing strategies, and investigate business operations for the continued growth of your business.

9) Munn CPA

Munn Certified Public Accountant provides expert small business consultation. Aside from this Munn also offers professional personalized tax services for both individuals and businesses. From state tax preparation, payroll taxes, tax planning, to fiduciary returns, Munn delivers. They also provide bookkeeping and QuickBooks services.

10) Kamran Tax and Financial Services Inc.

Kamran Tax and Financial Services Inc. offers small business accounting services for local organizations and businesses in the Greater Austin, TX and its surrounding areas. Kamran offers to take care of the number-crunching tasks for you through its friendly, approachable team who are certified accounting professionals.

11) The Frisco Consulting Group

The Frisco Consulting Group is in the business of helping your business grow through its team of highly qualified small business consultants. Frisco helps focus your marketing strategies where it really matters using a proprietary system to reach the target audience.

12) Hanner CPA

Hanner Accountants and Advisors is committed to providing progressive business solutions that fit the requirements of your small business. A full service firm, Hanner provides extensive customer-based accounting services that include BOSS, CloudBOSS, tax planning and return preparation, payroll, and more.

13) Stephanie Cuningkin

Stephanie Cuningkin offers small business accounting and tax services in the service industry. At the SC CPA Accounting Firm, they’re committed to taking care of the compliance and complexity aspects of your accounting needs.


George, Morgan, and Sneed Certified Public Accountants puts 55 years of accounting experience into dedicated accounting and tax services for its clientele. GMS offers a full spectrum of new era accounting and tax services including tax planning and return preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and auditing, reviews and compilations and more.

15) Gary Brown

Gary Brown is a Certified Public Accountant committed to providing professional services to his clientele. With his dedication and experience, Gary aims to serve with the highest quality of tax and accounting services to his clients.

16) Dixon Accounting Services PC

Dixon Accounting Services PC ensures to take care and manage your finances better by providing personalized accounting and tax services for your business. Dixon provides comprehensive services including tax preparation and planning, cash flow management, incorporation assistance, forensic accounting and more.




America’s SCORE is a non-profit organization that is more popularly known as the Counselors to America’s Small Business. The organization got this moniker because it provides the most comprehensive mentoring and counseling services all across the country through its many SCORE satellite offices. This mentoring is offered free of any charge by volunteers who are actively working as business professionals or retired business experts with different fields of specialization. The counseling is personalized and done on a one-on-one basis to give startup entrepreneurs ample information to get started.

2) SBA

The Small Business Administration is a United States government initiative to address the growing concerns and issues of small businesses across the country. With several satellite office in the country located in various states and local areas, the Small Business Administration provides complete business assistance resources, tools, and vast amounts of information to jumpstart a business. From the required capital through funding programs to counseling and workshops that help improve your chances of business success, the SBA has a lineup of business programs to help you.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online magazine that focuses on helping entrepreneurs get on the right footing during starting, running and operating their small business. Startup Savant does this by providing entrepreneurs with a host of business how-to guides, articles, features, and valuable resources that come highly recommended as efficient in helping finish several tasks in the startup process. Aside from all these, Startup Savant is also dedicated to community service, giving back for children’s education through an online charity organization as part of their commitment to impact change.


As one of the most complete online magazine and blog in the world, offers a plethora of how-to articles and guides, business insight and advice, and other important resources that help small businesses. Any topic related to business is discussed in Plus, it also features special sections where various aspects of running a business are tackled and featured.

5) AllBusiness

Intended for small businesses who have a workforce not more than 500 employees, AllBusiness is a valuable resource of anything that has to do with business. AllBusiness features tons of articles and feature stories about various stages of starting, running, and operating a business. Its feature articles are focused on how experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs manage business issues and challenges without negatively impacting their business.

6) is a product of an individual’s desire to strike a balance between a successful professional career and an enjoyable lifestyle that makes for a good life. Wealthy Gorilla is an inspirational blog that is focused on individuals who want to make a better life. Wealthy Gorilla then features motivational stories, inspirational quotes, success advice, self-improvement features and other resources to motivate you.


Texas Startup Toolkit to Get Started on a Budget

1) Business Planning

Every activity requires a good amount of planning, and it is no different than starting a business. Before a business is fully started, a business plan must be created. Although there are different types of business plans for different kinds of purposes, a business plan serves a main purpose and that is to ensure that business goals are properly defined and the strategy or plan of action are securely implemented to achieve the goals you have set to achieve in the short term and long term duration of business operations.

Whatever purpose your business plan may serve, you can get started on writing it now with LivePlan. One of the best ranked business planning software, LivePlan has special tools and a number of resources to effectively lead you in the right direction towards a strong business plan.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Several key aspects of forming a business lie in taking care of statutory requirements that vary from state to state. While some states have minimal requirements, other states also require tons of deliverables.

While this may be manageable, it can quite intimidating for a startup entrepreneur such as yourself. If you want an alternative to doing this whole business yourself, an LLC filing service can be of great help to you. Online incorporation service companies like IncFile and LegalZoom can effectively and efficiently do the task for you for a very nominal fee at the fastest time.

3) Building a Business Website

In today’s times, having a brick-and-mortar store is not enough. More important than any other marketing strategy out there, letting your prospective customers know what your business is, what goods and services are you trying to sell through a business website can make or break your business.

In fact, a website itself is a marketing tool that, if used cleverly, can bring in an increase in customers and sales for your business. Through Bluehost, you can easily make a WordPress website through its one-click automatic installation. As a web hosting service, Bluehost also has a very user-friendly dashboard that allows for easier navigation. It also has excellent customer support round the clock to help you work your way around in any problem.

4) Accounting Software

Another important breakthrough in small business applications and tools is the creation of small business accounting software that significantly eases the burden of bookkeepers and business owners in doing repetitive tasks.

With small business accounting software the likes of XeroQuickBooks, and FreshBooks, you can easily automate accounting and bookkeeping tasks. What’s more, these software also comes with other additional features that can help in other aspects of running a business, from bank reconciliations, payrolls, financial reports, and more.


Wrapping Up on Starting a Business in Texas

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessWith Texas being one of the best places to start a business in the country, the challenges and issues that may arise along the way of business formation can be overcome and conquered.

To be on your way to financial freedom, learn how to cope with challenges and forge ahead to building that business venture with the help of the resources in this guide as well. Remember, if you put your mind and energy to it and you learn how to become a savvy entrepreneur, nothing is impossible!

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