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61+ Best Resources for Starting a Business in Oregon

Resources for Starting a Business

If you’re looking to start a business in Oregon, indeed the prospect of doing so is an attractive option. This comes despite the challenges associated with starting an Oregon business. There are also a lot of benefits that a business can enjoy.

Aside from the relatively affordable spaces conducive for all kinds of businesses, Oregon’s government agencies receptiveness to the conditions of the businesses make it a good option. Corporate taxes in Oregon are also relatively lower than most states plus Oregon is also one of the very few states that do not impose sales tax.

If you have made up your mind to get started on an Oregon business, then you can use this resource guide to provide you with valuable information on how to become a savvy business owner.


Oregon Small Business Resources

1) America’s SBDC Oregon

America’s SBDC Oregon helps build businesses providing an assortment of assistance for small businesses in the state. These services include advising, training, and online training. Oregon’s SBDC also offers a variety of programs like the Technology Impact Program, Grow Oregon, Global Trade, Small Business Management and more.

2) Oregon Live

Oregon Live is Oregon Media Group’s leading news blog about anything that involves the growth of your business. Oregon Live contains marketing insights and ideas that strive to inspire business owners succeed. The site also features the latest business news in Portland and other neighboring areas.

3) Hatch Oregon

Hatch Oregon aims to bring to small business owners the economic capital required to jumpstart a business. With this goal, Hatch Oregon establishes programs and initiatives that connect local entrepreneurs to community investors through online networking.

4) Business Oregon

Business Oregon provides assistance to Oregon businesses that are looking to grow, expand, and export their companies. It provides a number of services primarily business loan assistance with lottery dollars. Business Oregon also offers help in the form of technical assistance and industry support.

5) Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon

The Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon is a non-profit organization that assists women entrepreneurs become successful business owners.  WESO has lined up several assistance services including networking opportunities, ongoing business support, and training and education through active monthly forums.

6) Portland Business Alliance

The Portland Business Alliance advocates for various initiatives including small business issues in the region. Acting as the small business sector’s voice, the Portland Business Alliance supports members through the retention and creation of jobs, development in educational attainment and more.

7) Oregon Small Business Association

The Oregon Small Business Association works toward the promotion of a vibrant and positive business environment that also generates jobs and employment in the process. The Oregon Small Business Association pushes for the protection of the interests of the small business community.

8) Consulting and Knowledge Exchange

Consulting and Knowledge Exchange or simply C.A.K.E. helps Portland-based businesses by providing a number of free resources. From handy worksheets, local case studies, helpful blogs to community showcases, CAKE helps you every step of the way when starting a business.

9) Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs

The Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs promotes and develops entrepreneurship for the ethnic minority entrepreneurs of Oregon as well as in SW Washington. Also, OAME’s mission is to foster economic development and eliminate discrimination and racism among minorities.

10) Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

The Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber offers various services free of charge to assist businesses in different stages of starting a business. From the development of accounting and bookkeeping systems, assistance in hardware and software training, business plan development, business expansion, and any other issues that a business may need.

11) Portland Area Business Association

The Portland Area Business Association serves the LGBT community through the provision of various business and leadership development projects and support services. Membership in the PABA gives access to relevant corporate partners, networking opportunities, membership directory listing, promotional offers and discounts, and more.

12) Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon

The Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon is the leading organization for Oregon women entrepreneurs. Through unprecedented networking opportunities and effective professional services, the WEO inspires and motivates their members to grow and strengthen their businesses for a steady and sure progress.

13) Redmond Oregon

Redmond Oregon provides an online resource guide to start a business in Redmond. In this online guide, a list of several business support organizations as well the necessary business forms are presented. Also, state contact information necessary for filing a business name and sales tax permits are included in the resource guide.

14) Oregonians Credit Union

Oregonians Credit Union is dedicated to the fulfillment of the needs of Oregon small businesses. In line with this commitment, the Oregonians Credit Union provides comprehensive information and resource that can be used by small business owners. From documents and forms to useful websites and its respective links, plus recommended business partners, you can find everything here.

15) Northeast Oregon Economic Development District

The Northeast Oregon Economic Development District helps your business grow, strengthen the community, and develop your non-profit organization. The NEOEDD provides business financing and loans, workshops and classes, and even business networking events.

16) Oregon’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center

The Oregon’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center offers an assortment of small business assistance services. From one-on-one counseling, registration assistance, bid matching services, assistance with SBA certifications, trainings and conferences, among other services, this organization helps your business get started.

17) Business Diversity Institute, Inc.

The Business Diversity Institute Inc. is a non-profit organization that businesses owned by regional minorities and women, providing various support services for the growth of their business. Through various education and training programs, resources, tools, and outreach activities, plus the collaboration between organizations, you can find the assistance you need here.


How-to Guides for Starting a Business in Oregon

1) How to Start a Business in Oregon

In this Startup Savant guide, the ten simple steps to starting an Oregon business are laid out. Each step is the most basic startup procedure, and it effectively brings you closer to your goal to finally be on road to financial freedom. Included in this guide as well are a few valuable tools and resource that jumpstart the process faster and easier.

2) How to Form an LLC in Oregon

A Limited Liability Company is one of the business structures you can incorporate in Oregon. This guide walks you through each of the steps involved in forming an Oregon LLC. The steps are divided, a set of which directs you on how to officially register your LLC with the state, and another so you can operate legally as an LLC.

3) How to File a DBA in Oregon

A ‘doing business as’ name in Oregon can be used in business transactions in lieu of the real and true name you have registered with the state. If you’re planning to do this in your business, this guide will prove helpful. It outlines the three basic steps on how to file a DBA registration for your Oregon business.

4) How to Get an Oregon Registered Agent

A Registered Agent service is required for any business that wants to operate in Oregon. This guide thoroughly discusses the important points of hiring an Oregon Registered Agent. Aside from the requirements and restrictions specific to Oregon Registered Agents, the guide also outlines important reasons why you need to hire a Registered Agent.

5) How to Form a Corporation in Oregon

A Corporation is another business structure by which your Oregon business can incorporate in. This guide will walk you through the processes involved in starting an Oregon Corporation. With eight simple steps to follow, this guide starts you off with naming your Corporation ending with opening a business bank account.

6) How to Incorporate in Oregon

There are several key considerations when incorporating in Oregon. With this in mind, this guide walks you through each of the steps vital to incorporating an Oregon business. This guide takes things a little further by also recommending a number of tools and resources to make the incorporation process easier.


Top Oregon Startup Communities and Working Spaces

1) Market Accelerators

Market Accelerators works with small business entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to a whole new level through effective marketing plans and strategies. With the expert guidance of Michael Thompson, he provides expert marketing coaching and consulting services to aspiring entrepreneurs. He also services for marketing strategy and plans as well as website development.

2) Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC)

The Oregon Technology Business Center is a startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs jumpstart the process of building a business. OTBC provides a host of valuable information, resources, and assistance to entrepreneurs. They do not only have the office space where you can work, but they also provide mentoring, workshops, and expert business videos and tools.

3) Portland Seed Fund

The Portland Seed Fund is an accelerator program that provides capital, mentoring and the right network for emerging companies so that they can take their business to the next level. Portland Seed Fund has a 90-day mentor-led program that has been proven to effectively work. This program has launched more than 30 companies in the last couple of years, generating over 200 jobs in the process.

4) NW Startups

NW Startups is a business incubator run by business professionals and startup experts in Portland, Oregon. These professionals volunteer their time to help startup entrepreneurs and young individuals start their own business. NW Startups provides a number of advice and review in almost all facets of the business startup process.

5) Oregon Incubator

The Oregon Incubator is a non-profit incubator that operates in Portland with the goal of helping small businesses and startup entrepreneurs become successful. Oregon Incubator provides assistance services that include intern hiring, streamlined editing services, survey and market validation, marketing and fundraising, and more.

6) Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network

The Oregon Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN) is an accelerator program that leverages various regional resources to help startup entrepreneurs. To help build the startup ecosystem, RAIN uses various resources from universities, communities, and businesses. RAIN also gives the necessary guidance and mentoring needed to become successful.

7) CodeChops Coworking Space

CodeChops Coworking Space is a beautiful yet fully functional coworking space located in downtown Eugene. CodeChops opens its coworking space to technical and creative freelancers, remote workers, and micro businesses. Aside from the affordable coworking spaces set in a collaborative environment, CodeChops also schedules regular meetups.

8) NedSpace

NedSpace is a coworking space situated in the heart of downtown Portland that offers 15,000 square feet of expansive office space complete with conference rooms and work areas. Membership at NedSpace means that you get to enjoy tons of assistance services and freebies from peer mentoring and collaboration to 24/7 access to office amenities.

9) Fertilab Thinkubator

Fertilab Thinkubator helps fertilize your ideas to grow it right from the time of concept until the idea is launched. Fertilab features different startup programs from the ID8 pre-accelerator program, founders present series, Tuesday IIE series to the startup clinic.

10) CENTRL Office

CENTRL Office is a coworking space that provides flexible and full service office spaces for startups, entrepreneurs, and work groups. Coworking space options at CENTRL are flexible, offering various plans that is also very cost effective. Membership at CENTRL affords you unlimited access to common spaces and other amenities within this dynamic coworking space.

11) Collective Agency

Collective Agency is a cozy and laidback workplace where startups do productive work along with the help of other individuals. Membership at Collective Agency does not only allow you to work in this proactive environment but it also helps you establish networks and friendship in the process. Collective Agency also has conference rooms, and they also schedule community activities.

12) Forge Portland

Forge Portland is both a coworking space and a community-based accelerator. Forge recruits proactive organizations that work on the same objectives to create a progressive work environment for the benefit of their members. In addition, Forge members get access to a wide variety of free services that range from accounting templates to mentorship.

13) Hatch Innovation

Hatch Innovation is an all-around community innovation laboratory that is suitable for the visionaries and realists working towards a better world. With the famous Hatch Lab coupled with various programs, events, and workshops, Hatch Innovation is at the forefront of business progress.

14) NXT Industries

NXT Industries is an idyllic coworking space that fosters professional growth. NXT has a full-service creative production agency that comes with state-of-the-art office spaces. The office spaces are carefully designed to ensure that it is perfectly conducive to the creative minds of NXT’s members.

15) TENpod

TENpod is a collaborative coworking space to a diverse group of people in the neighborhood of Fremont. TENpod offers working desks for your specific business requirements, making sure that they give ample time to choose the right desk for you.

16) XOXO Outpost

More than just a coworking space, XOXO Outpost is a 13,000-square foot industrial space located in the Central Eastside of Portland that fosters a supportive community where ideas are exchanged and a network of friends are established. XOXO Outpost is a private shared space so only full members get access to shared desks.

17) The Indus Entrepreneur Oregon

The Indus Entrepreneur Oregon or TiE is a global community of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. TiE features programs and events such as the TiE Young Entrepreneurs and Mentor Match to ensure that the next generation of business owners are ready for the challenges ahead.

18) PIE

PIE is a tech startup accelerator located in Portland, Oregon. With PIE’s mission of building better founders, they have nurtured, mentored, and accelerated various tech startups through the years. PIE has also expanded to reach out a helping hand to other accelerators, imparting the successes and failures they have experienced to positively influence other founders.

19) RAIN Eugene

The Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN) is an effective accelerator that brings together mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors into one single network that backs the startup community in the Eugene and Springfield areas. With RAIN Eugene’s 16-week accelerator program, you get intensive sessions with the best startup professionals in a proactive and thriving space.

20) The Business Enterprise Center

The Business Enterprise Center is an accelerator program where businesses are given the opportunity to form a brilliant business idea or given the chance to build a startup in a proactive entrepreneurial environment. The BEC has office spaces and co-working spaces for rent plus onsite SCORE advising during office hours.


Small Business Professional Services in Oregon

1) Bonnie Khan

Bonnie Khan provides expert small business coaching. With more than two decades of experience, Bonnie focuses on individuals who are looking to build their own business or individuals who are on the lookout for innovative ideas to apply on an existing business. Aside from personalized coaching, Bonnie offers workshops and lectures.

2) Oden-Orr Law

Oden-Orr Law provides excellent legal services including commercial law, real estate, civil litigation, and represented closely held businesses and non-profit organizations. Mr. Oden-Orr’s substantial legal experience ensures that he provides professional services with 100% customer satisfaction.

3) Jon Turino

Jon Turino helps grow your business through marketing and connections. Jon Turino helps your business by creating better marketing strategies and methods specifically customized just for your business with your most pressing marketing needs in mind.

4) ACME Business Consulting

ACME Business Consulting has now joined North Highland Worldwide Consulting putting it in an even better position to assist clients and communities achieve their business goals with still maintaining lasting relationships. ACME empowers their clients and ensures that client service and satisfaction is the number one priority.

5) Gunter Group

Gunter Group is a business consultancy firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon set out on delivering impeccable value client services. With highly experienced industry professionals, Gunter Group aims to take your business team to greater heights with realistic, cost-effective business solutions.

6) Benefits Consulting Northwest

Benefits Consulting Northwest is an insurance consulting service firm based in Oregon. Benefits Consulting helps you determine the best employee benefit package that keeps up with your budget when it comes to life and health insurance.

7) Grimes & Associates, LLC

Grimes & Associates helps you plan and assess for the growth and progress of your business. Grimes & Associates has more than 3 decades’ worth of experience with industry experts to provide you with private small business consulting services. From business plans, business financing, and bank loans, Grimes can help you.

8) Leahy, Van Vactor, Cox & Melendey Attorneys

Leahy, Van Vactor, Cox & Melendey Attorneys caters to comprehensive legal services for small business matters. The firm takes care of business entity formation, buy and sell agreements, business disputes and more with the short and long-term objectives of the small business being taken into full consideration.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives as it was previously known, SCORE is now tagged as the Counselors to America’s Small Business. SCORE is a not-for-profit organization that assists small businesses become successful. To do this, SCORE has a lineup of assistance services and resources to help your small business succeed. Through SCORE’s excellent mentorship program from expert business volunteers, how-to resources, trainings and workshops, and templates and sample documents, you can easily manage through the whole process of starting, operating, and running a small business.

2) SBA

As a United States government agency, the US Small Business Administration is tasked to provide encompassing support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The entire efforts of the US SBA is summarized as capital, contracts, and consultations. The organization has a comprehensive lineup of programs, assistance services, documents, and tools that help achieve their goals from how-to information and resources, funding options and business financing, basics of contracting, online trainings, various business tools to local assistance through SBA’s satellite offices.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a business startup blog that simplifies entrepreneurship for aspiring business owners across the country. Startup Savant understands what a newbie entrepreneurs goes through and would like to help by providing various how-to guides and substantial resources that could lessen the burden of starting a business. Startup Savant also includes feature articles and inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs.

4) is the online magazine version of the premier magazine, Entrepreneur. basically publishes all kinds of business news, information, resource, and articles related to the process of starting, running and growing a successful business. From the latest news, topic discussions, and videos on various business ideas to how-to articles, hacks, and tips for starting a business to top 50 stories, brings what you need to know.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness gives your small business advantage that it needs. AllBusiness is an online portal that provides a host of information and resources relating to entrepreneurship targeted for small businesses that have less than 500 employees or so. AllBusiness also provides expert and practical business advice with the help of their world-class experts. Daily feature stories are also published in AllBusiness to show how established entrepreneurs address the various challenges and issues of running a successful business.

6) is the top inspirational blog dedicated for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to achieve the best in life. This blog features a plethora of how-to guides, motivational articles, and inspirational quotes that can truly impact any entrepreneur’s daily activities. As an inspirational blog, also features business and success advice.


Oregon Startup Toolkit to Get Started on a Budget

1) Business Planning

Most successful organizations, both small and large, implement business planning. Like any activity that you undertake, planning should always be a key ingredient to a well operated business. To jumpstart this process, you must create a solid business plan.

There are several elements to a solid business plan, but the first step is to ensure that you have done your homework, knowing your business inside out and doing ample research as to some of the best methodologies and best practices that could be applied to your business. While it is true that a business plan is quite challenging to write, it is not impossible to do. A business plan software such as LivePlan can help you get started with its video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporating a business involves several tasks and a mountain load of paperwork. However, this is just one facet of forming a business because there are other more tasks waiting to be complied with as well. While you can do this task yourself, it can be time consuming and stressful. You can lighten the burden of this task if you employ an online incorporation service provider.

Online incorporation services are companies that do the incorporation process for you with very minimal fee and asking only a few questions or letting you fill out a questionnaire to jumpstart the process. LegalZoom and IncFile are examples of these online incorporation providers. As established service providers with proven track record, they can take care of the whole incorporation task in your behalf.

3) Building a Business Website

Today, a website has become a necessity in businesses, no longer an afterthought or an option. A website communicates your business’ brand to a wide range of audiences even outside your target business demographics. A website is also an important tool in your marketing strategy campaign, and if designed appropriately, the website boosts business sales and contribute to its growth and success.

Gone are the days when you need to hire the services of a web development team to create a website. Today, with powerful web hosting services such as Bluehost, you can design and customize your own website without the technical expertise to do so. Bluehost features a single-click WordPress installation with an easy to use dashboard to get started.

4) Accounting Software

Along with the development of technology, the creation of tools and applications to simplify and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks has also become the norm. One such application that have been introduced is small business accounting software.

Not only do these types of software automate accounting and bookkeeping processes, but it has also extended its features to encompass a host of functionalities for expense tracking, report generation, financial analysis, and more. Some of the most popular small business accounting software used by even non-accountants today include FreshBooksQuickBooks, and Xero.


Wrapping Up on Starting a Business in Oregon

From traditional industries that fuel the Oregon economy, it is now slowly shifting to knowledge-based businesses. While there may be challenges as mentioned above, Oregon is still a good choice for starting a business. When you do decide on an Oregon business, make sure that it immensely helps to be a savvy and practical entrepreneur at every facet of starting, running and growing your business.

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