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46 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Oklahoma

Resources for Starting a Business

With its ease of starting a small business, regulatory business friendliness, employment, labor and hiring conditions and flexible licensing regulations,  the state of Oklahoma is considered as one of the most small business friendly states in the U.S.

For 5 consecutive years, Oklahoma has always be on top 10 of every survey and study in the country when it comes to overall small business friendliness. In a survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation and, Oklahoma bagged the top three spot for the most small business friendly state. It had an A+ grade.

Oklahoma City is also number one in the best states to build a startup according to in 2015. According to the article from Entrepreneur, Oklahoma is a startup haven with its well established small business lending environment and low cost living.

With a well-developed business industry, Oklahoma provides budding entrepreneurs with all the resources and tools that they need to prosper in the state. Both government and private institutions will make your entrepreneurial journey in Oklahoma a little easier. Start your Oklahoma small business now by using these resources.


Oklahoma Small Business Resources

1) Oklahoma SBDC

The Oklahoma Small Business Development Center is a national government agency with numerous branches all over the United States. Oklahoma’s SBDC will help you think of excellent business ideas, start a new business, grow your existing enterprise and reinvent or transition into the business industry. The agency has competent team of business advisors that will help you as you build your business in Oklahoma.

2) Tulsa World

Tulsa World is an online magazine that covers everything from sports, communities, opinion section, whether and a lot more. Most importantly, the magazine features business articles in different industries. It updates of you of the latest business trends and practices in Tulsa.

3) Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is a government agency that works hard to provide Oklahoma City with the best business climate inorder to encourage the in-flock of new investment opportunities, therefore, enhancing growth for existing companies. The Greater Oklahoma Chamber is a united organization with the main goal to build a better Oklahoma City.

4) REI Women’s Business Center

The REI Women’s Business Center is a aims to assist Oklahoma’s womentrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to start and grow their business in the state. The business center celebrates the achievements of women by holding special events and galas. More importantly, REI assists women entrepreneurs to grow and thrive by giving them full support.

5) REI Oklahoma

REI Oklahoma is centered around helping Oklahoma to prosper economically. The organization provides working capital and financing for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and expand their business enterprise within the state. REI has formed partnerships across the state so they can provide individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs the tools and business resources they need.

6) Tulsa Small Business Connection

The Tulsa Small Business Connection empowers budding entrepreneurs and first-time business owners by giving them the support that they need when it comes to starting and growing their business in Oklahoma. The organization will not only empower you, they will also educated and help you expand your business through methods such as networking and many others.

7) Chickasaw Nation Small Business Development Center

The Chickasaw Nation Small Business Development Center provides prospective and existing Chickasaw small businesses and entrepreneurs with the business assistance they need through counseling, training and other specialized business programs in the formation and management of an Oklahoma startup.

8) Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce aims to provide a road for prospective entrepreneurs who want to start and expand their business in the Bixby metro area. The chamber fosters entrepreneurial and community spirit among entrepreneurs with the aim to increase revenue and advance Bixby’s economy.

9) Chickasha Chamber of Commerce

The Chickasha Chamber of Commerce is a proactive business organization that dedicates itself on working for the betterment of the Chickasha economy and its quality of living. The organization assists entrepreneurs by providing them with business assistance programs inorder to start building and growing their businesses.

10) REI Native American Business Centers

The REI Native American Business Centers mainly focuses on helping native american and minority owned enterprises in the state of Oklahoma. The business center provides business assistance and technical programs to help in the effort of building businesses and startups for these groups of people. Some of the services they offer include access to capital, business financing assistance, business plan development, one-on-one business consultations, trainings, workshops and seminars and many others.

11) Owasso Chamber of Commerce

The Owasso Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that promotes economic advancement and residential development. The organization places its members best interest by providing them opportunities and room to grow most specially in business.

12) Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber

The Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber’s goal is to advance the economy of Northwest Metro Area and create job opportunities for its residents by encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners to start or relocate their businesses in Northwest Metro. The chamber will also help you find the perfect location to build, expand and move your businesses. If you’re looking for employment, training, business resources and even connections, Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber will give you a helping hand.

13) Claremore Oklahoma

Claremore Oklahoma provides business support to entrepreneurs and business owners with the resources and tools that they need to build and grow their business. The organization also provides small business financing and capital for those who are looking for funding.

14) Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that promotes business development and economic growth. The Chamber of Commerce provides entrepreneurs with the resources, ideas and initiative to turn their business into reality in Stillwater.


Free Oklahoma Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in Oklahoma

Start your Oklahoma small business efficiently and accurately following federal guidelines and state requirements with the help of this 6-step guide. This easy-to-understand guide will make a big difference as you build your own business in the state of Oklahoma. It comprehensively discusses all the details of every step involved and it even provides you with useful resources.

2) How to Form an LLC in Oklahoma

Incorporating your Oklahoma small business can give you countless benefits and perks. However, starting an LLC is not that easy and you may need some help while processing your LLC incorporation. This three-step guide will give you the instructions that you need, plus bonus resources to go through with the process efficiently.

3) How to File a DBA in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma DBA is required if you want to operate your startup using a completely different business name other than your legally registered name. Accept checks and payments and open a business bank account using your fictitious name by filing a DBA in Oklahoma with the use of this three-step guide.

4) How to Get a Oklahoma Registered Agent

A guide that helps you choose the best Oklahoma Registered Agent for your business following state and federal guidelines and requirements. In this guide, you’ll also be able to understand the role of a registered agent in your business even more.

5) How to Form a Corporation in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma Corporation has many advantages and benefits. If you choose to incorporate with the entity, it will definitely do wonders for your business. Incorporation is a long process and you may need some assistance while going through with the process. This six-step guide has a detailed explanation of every step and some business resources which you can utilize.

6) How to Incorporate in Oklahoma

Incorporation is an important legal process that you need to complete to be able to operate your Oklahoma business with protection. However, the process can be quite intimidating and you may want to use this four-step guide to assist you in every step and procedure.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a non-profit organization that provides support and assistance to entrepreneurs, especially first time business owners. It is a network of  seasoned and skilled professional volunteers who have the experience in business. They are willing to share their expertise to young and budding entrepreneurs through one-on-one business consultations, mentoring, coaching and other business assistance programs.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency that has offices and branches in all 50 states of the U.S. It is the largest provider of small business resources and assistance. Among all the agencies who provide small business support, the SBA is the most reliable and credible. They offer the following assistance programs: local business programs, loans and business grants, management trainings, seminars, coaching and others.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online business magazine that aims to simplify entrepreneurship for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. The online magazine features some of the best how-to guides, encouraging true-life stories, business resources and tools, honest business tool reviews and comparisons and other useful articles and content. At Startup Savant, you will be able to find everything that you’re looking for about business. You can also find all kinds of tools for different purposes such as incorporation, accounting and bookkeeping, business planning, finding the right financing option and more, Startup Savant is more than willing to help!

4) is a full business website that provides you with information about everything business. It features the latest business news, practices and trends used in the small business industry. Entrepreneur also publishes inspiring stories and informational articles about starting and managing a business.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is a business website for entrepreneurs and business owners who are starting and growing their businesses. The website features excellent articles about marketing, finance, human resource and business operations to help you gain a better understanding of these business aspects. If you’re looking for great suggestions when it comes to resources, AllBusiness also provides you with the best and most reliable tools.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is not just a free business magazine, it also tackles life in general. The online magazine features inspiring and true-life stories that will motivate you to persevere in your goals in life. Wealthy Gorilla also features encouraging articles and heart-warming stories of people who went through obstacles but overcame them for the sake of their dreams and passion.


Oklahoma Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) i2E

i2E is a nationally recognized, non-profit and private organization that aims to grow innovative small businesses in Oklahoma by creating a positive impact on its economy. Its main goal is to build high growth companies in Oklahoma. i2E is backed by the Oklahoma Center for the Advance of Science and Technology.

2) Oklahoma Business Incubator Association

The Oklahoma Business Incubator Association is every entrepreneur’s one-stop location for anything about business and entrepreneurship. The association has all the available business information, referrals, liaison services and other business incubators in the state of Oklahoma.

3) The Forge

The Forge is a business accelerator program that aims to enhance the development and hasten the success of small businesses and startups in Tulsa and Oklahoma as a whole. The Forge offers aspiring entrepreneurs a place where the can share and nurture their raw business idea together with passionate entrepreneurs and professionals who think the same. The Forge provides entrepreneurs with a safe and trusted atmosphere, an experience network of mentors, connections and information to overcome the challenges of building a business.

4) The 404

The 404 is a coworking space/tech community located in downtown Oklahoma City. The coworking facility aims to provide entrepreneurs and other professionals with a relaxed and creative environment where they can work on their projects and tasks while fostering connections with like-minded and creative professionals.

5) Cetes

Cetes is a business incubator facility located in Southwest Oklahoma that aims to help you develop your business ideas and build and grow your business. CETES is Cameron University’s project to develop the economy of Oklahoma by providing full support and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

6) Business & Industry Services

The Business & Industry Services introduces an incubator program through Central Tech. The latter is the service provider of Central Oklahoma Business and Job Development Corporation incubators. Incubator facilities assist entrepreneurs who have high potential companies to grow and expand.

7) Commonwealth

Commonwealth is a premier coworking facility in Oklahoma City and a place for great minds and great ideas. The coworking community gathers talented individuals who think alike. It nurtures connections, builds relationships and create an atmosphere of innovation and consultation. Through a collaborative working environment, Commonwealth expects every individual to grow and succeed.


Small Business Professional Services in Oklahoma

1) Cazes Roberts, Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Cazes Roberts, Attorneys and Counselors at Law is a law firm that has been in the industry for over 30 years. It specializes in helping small businesses and individuals with problems in areas such as: wealth planning and management, legal representation, business litigation, business formation, tax preparation services and drafting of non-compete agreements.

2) Interstate Business Management

Interstate Business Management is a professional services company that provides entrepreneurs with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing and income tax preparation solutions. Interstate Business Management assures its clients of superior client service so they can keep track of their finances efficiently.

3) Larry K. Anderson, P.C.

Larry K. Anderson, a private financial service company that offers accounting, tax preparation, consulting and payroll services to clients. The firm specifically focuses on giving small businesses and individuals support so they will be able to bring their business to success by efficiently managing their business finances.

4) Mark Bahm, CPA, P.C.

Mark Bahm, CPA, P.C. is a private accounting company that provides superior and quality service to its clients. The firm provides entrepreneurs with informative articles, intuitive modern financial calculators, and external links to websites which will be able to help clients.

5) Partners Human Resources

Partners Human Resources helps you deal with different kinds of issues related to your business such as payroll management, review of benefits, compliance of government regulations and requirements and resolving employee issues. Apart from this, the company offers other services such as employment verification, tax reporting, time and attendance systems and a lot more.

6) Keith Stingley, CPA, Inc., P.C.

Keith Stingley, CPA, Inc., P.C. is a small business accounting company that will help you reconcile your bank accounts, generate income statements and balance sheets and clean up and organization of ledgers. The firm also offers unlimited professional consultations and financial counseling.

7) Tom L. Cross, Attorney/CPA

Tom L. Cross, Attorney/CPA is both an accounting and legal firm that provides services in the following practice areas: estate administration, tax preparation, business law and small business accounting. Tom L. Cross, owner of the law/accounting firm has been practicing for over 25 years; entrepreneurs are assured that they’ll be able to receive quality legal, tax and accounting services.

8) Marc P. Boulanger, CPA

Marc P. Boulanger, CPA is a full service accounting firm that provides services in the following practice areas: small business accounting, payroll management, part-time CFO services, cash flow management, bank financing, strategic business planning, succession planning, new business formation and internal controls.


Your Oklahoma Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Set your goals and create effective marketing strategies to achieve them, study the financial aspect of your business and take a close look if it’s financially feasible or not by writing your own business plan. A business plan is an essential tool that will guide you through every step of building your Oklahoma small business.

If you have zero experience in business plan writing, that’s no longer a problem! You have reliable tools like Enloop and LivePlan which will assist you in writing a professional and convincing business plan for your Oklahoma startup.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation is one of the most important legal process that you need to take if you want to protect you and your business from liabilities. Incorporating your business makes it a separate and independent entity with its own rights and privileges.

However, the incorporation is a long and challenging process. It’s time-consuming, expensive and effort-exhausting. If you want to stay hands-on as much as possible while receiving assistance, you can use Incfile, MyCorporation and CorpNet. All three are some of the best in the industry!

3) Building a Business Website

You simply can’t operate a business without having a business website these days. If you want to have an advantage over other business’s you need to create a professional website for your Oklahoma small business. A business website is an affordable and powerful tool that can make a big different in your business operations.

Building a business website is so much easier; you just need to pay a few dollars and wait for a few days or less. You can use the services of two of the best website building tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker.

4) Accounting Software

The financial aspect of your Oklahoma small business is one very important aspect that you need to focus on. By efficiently keeping track of your finances and recording every transaction made, you’ll be able to stay organized all throughout your operations.

You can stay hands-on with the assistance of accounting softwares like Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These softwares are the most modern and intuitive tools in the market today and they’ll surely help you in monitoring your Oklahoma startup’s inflow and outflow.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Oklahoma

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessOklahoma is a progressive and industrialized state with one of the best small business industries in the nation. If you’re planning on building a business in the state, you’re doing the right thing. Oklahoma and the rest of its private and nonprofit organizations will be with you all the way: from conception to operation.

The state of Oklahoma makes sure that all aspiring entrepreneurs are given the assistance that they need to be able to transform their business into reality. By providing entrepreneurs with full support and aid, the state government of Oklahoma expects to develop and grow the state’s economy even more.

With all the resources presented, it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to take advantage of them. Make everything easier and simple by using the aforementioned resources which you can use for free or at an affordable price.

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