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86+ Proven Resources for Starting a Business in North Carolina

Resources for Starting a Business

North Carolina, popularly known as the Tar Heel State or Old North State is the 28th most extensive states in the U.S. Two of the state’s largest metropolitan areas, its capital Raleigh and Charlotte, are part of the top ten fastest growing economies in country.

Decades ago, North Carolina’s economy greatly relied on its tobacco, textile and furniture industries, however, in recent years, the state’s reliance has shifted to a more diverse economy that includes emerging technologies such as engineering and energy as well as the finance industry.

Small businesses play a major role in the state’s burgeoning economy, as a matter of fact, 87% of exporters in North Carolina are small businesses. They are the driving force in NC’s export industry, generating a quarter of the state’s total export value. Small businesses have provided better employment opportunities for NC citizens, employing 1.5 million workers.

North Carolina’s small business industry is one of the best in the country. It is recognized statewide for its business-friendly atmosphere and strong and skilled workforce for many years. In 2015, North Carolina (for 10 consecutive years) again joined the top five (ranked 2nd) of Forbes Best States for Business. Site Selection and Chief Executive Magazine also ranked North Carolina in 2nd and 3rd places respectively for having the best business climate in 2015.

The labor environment in the state is also excellent for small businesses. In the same year, Area Development ranked North Carolina at 4th place for having the best labor climate and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked it 2nd in the lowest unionization rate in the nation. 2016 is another great year of North Carolina as it was declared by Site Selection as the number one state for workforce development.

If you plan on starting a business in North Carolina, you’re making an excellent choice! Use these useful resources to build your business for success.


Top 10+ North Carolina Small Business Resources

1) Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC)

Since 1984, the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) has assisted thousands of startups and growing businesses create better opportunities and open new jobs for citizens in North Carolina. It offers services which include management counseling, educational services and business assistance to small and mid-sized companies.

2) Business Alliance of North Carolina

The Business Alliance of North Carolina is an organization that provides small businesses full support in structuring and growing their startups. It has available small business resources for use and offers business funding for members and non-members alike. Business Alliance of NC also schedules events and creates job opportunities.

3) Wilson Chamber of Commerce

The Wilson Chamber of Commerce is a government agency geared towards helping small business owners in Wilson county to grow their business successfully. It is fully committed to see startups prosper by providing them with the resources and tools and referring them to the right partner agencies and institutions.

4) NC Small Business Training

NC Small Business Training was launched in 2006 with goal of providing excellent, relevant and exemplary training, resources and assistance to small business centers, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities and micro-business entrepreneurs.

NCSB offers top notch training classes in social media marketing, internet marketing, conflict resolution, customer service, reputation management, self-publishing and a lot more topics to choose from.

5) Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce

The Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce aims to further enhance the county’s already established business climate by providing effective business assistance programs that will help businesses of any size. Resources are available for entrepreneurs who are starting, relocating or improving their businesses within the county.

6) Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce is a government department that aims to improve the small business industry in the city of Durham. The chamber gives full assistance to entrepreneurs who would like to start and relocate their business in the city by guiding them through the steps of building a new business in the form of workshops and seminars.

7) Padgett Business Services

Padgett Business Services is a full-service company that offers a wide variety of services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They have five areas of concentration: tax preparation and management, payroll management, accounting services and Xero and QuickBooks training.

In addition, the company also offer free resources such as a tax list which you can use during tax period, tax organizer and financial calculators. Padgett also has a blog which you can check out for informational articles.

8) Charlotte Business Resources

Charlotte Business Resources is a portal composed of a community of professionals collaboratively working together to create a network of organizations dedicated to work hand-in-hand to provide entrepreneurs with valuable resources and information.

The network also has available tools which you can access readily, some of them include a checklist, an SBA online assessment tool, a business toolkit, online resources and other startup resources.

9) North Carolina Chamber

North Carolina Chamber is a non-partisan business organization that works tirelessly to place North Carolina on top of the list of the best places to start and grow a business in the world. The chamber follows a three-tiered approach to establishing economic prosperity in the state through the North Carolina Chamber Foundation, the North Carolina Chamber and the North Carolina Chamber Political Program.

10) New Bern Chamber of Commerce

New Bern Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Small Business Center at Craven Community College aims to increase the success rate of small businesses in Craven County. Resources are offered to entrepreneurs who want to start and relocate their business in the county. Some of the assistance provided by the chamber include workshops, seminars, trainings and classes as well as free use of computer and internet access.

11) Small Business Center Network

The Small Business Center Network is an organization composed of 58 small business centers in North Carolina dedicated to provide business assistance services to entrepreneurs who want to build a new business in the state. It is a community-based provider of a wide range of programs which include business trainings, workshops, counselling and resource information.

12) Business Link North Carolina

Business Link North Carolina is a free resource page that is available for anyone who wants to build a small business in North Carolina. Business link offers one-on-one consultations through phone to help them establish their startups by giving them general support and assistance.

They have a business planning checklist which discusses the steps in business plan writing, incorporation, licensing, tax preparation, financing and a lot more.

13) Morrisville Chamber of Commerce

The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce’ main goal is to increase the survival rate of new businesses in Morrisville and in North Carolina as a whole. To be able to do this, the chamber provides a number of business resources and programs which members and non-members can enjoy. The chamber also gives you a list of resources in the local, state and national levels.

14) Economic Development Coalition

The Economic Development Coalition aims to further strengthen the small business industry in Asheville by supporting entrepreneurs who want to start and relocate their business in the county. In partnership with the chamber of commerce and other community organizations, the Economic Development Coalition provides a wide variety of resources specifically designed to help small businesses.

15) Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce is a small business advisory council that exists with the goal of helping entrepreneurs looking to build a business in Wayne County. It serves, represents and promotes the small business members of the chamber through business support programs such as education, networking and promotional opportunities. The chamber together with its partner institutions can provide small business resources to aspiring entrepreneurs.

16) Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce

The Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce primary mission is to attract companies and small businesses from across the country to start and relocate their business in Sampson County. To be able to do this, the chamber has readily available resources and assistance programs that entrepreneurs can gain access to. The chamber will also assist small business owners by walking them through the steps of licensing, incorporation, tax management and many other tasks.

17) Wayne Community College

Wayne Community College has a Small Business Center which is part of the Small Business Center Network that provides several business assistance programs such as consulting services, resource information, free seminars and workshops and a lot more. Trainings are also conducted regarding how to start a business, writing a business plan, small business financing and taxes and bookkeeping.

18) Moore County Economic Development

Moore County Economic Development is an organization that welcomes startups and new business owners in Moore County. The aim of the organization is to increase entrepreneurial activity in the county by providing them with the best business environment through relevant business resources and programs.

19) Davie County Chamber of Commerce

The Davie County Chamber of Commerce just like other chambers of commerce has the main goal of improving business activity in Davie County. With this mission, the chamber provides numerous business assistance programs for business owners who want to build or relocate their startups in the county. In their website, entrepreneurs can see numerous partners and resource links provided by the chamber.

20) Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation

The Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation is a business organization geared to improve the business climate in Albemarle. In partnership with the state government, the development corporation offers useful resources to business owners inorder to secure their place in the business industry.

21) Sanford Area Growth Alliance

Sanford Area Growth Alliance helps entrepreneurs get started. The organization offers valuable resources by providing business owners with links to business associations, local government and agencies, regional economic support, guides on how to start a business and a search tool for available properties. Entrepreneurs who plan to relocate and expand in Sanford area can also use these services.

22) Chatham Small Business Center

The Small Business Center is part of the vast member centers of the Small Business Center Network that provides support programs, tips, guides and tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can gain access to counselling and business coaching given by experienced professionals, scheduled training programs, local business alliance builder and a comprehensive resource center.

23) Vance County

Vance County provides business owners and entrepreneurs with links to useful resources to help them build their business efficiently. The county also has a variety of programs and services which will assist entrepreneurs in every part of managing their business. In addition to this, the county provides a calendar of activities for small business owners which they can attend.

24) Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development is an initiative in Henderson County that aims to assist small business development in the county by providing them with the best and most valuable business resources. The organization also provides incentives and financing for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding.

25) Business North Carolina

Business North Carolina is a free business magazine that provides entrepreneurs with the latest news and information about business in the state. It features current issues and daily digests as well as the different industries in North Carolina.


Free North Carolina Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in North Carolina

While North Carolina is one of the best places to start a small business because of its lenient business regulations, you need to make sure that you are able to start your small business efficiently. With this straightforward 6-step guide, you’ll be able to go through every step of the incorporation process successfully. This guide also has useful resources to make the entire process a lot easier.

2) How to Form an LLC in North Carolina

Incorporating your North Carolina small business as an LLC can give you countless benefits and perks. However, an LLC can be challenging to form so you need to understand the business structure as well as its process first. This 5-step guide gives you an idea on how you can start an LLC the easy way. It also introduces you to useful and affordable guides to make the process easier.

3) How to File a DBA in North Carolina

A North Carolina DBA is an important requirement if you want to use a different name other than your legally registered business name. Filing a North Carolina DBA is made easier with the use of this simple 3-step guide which will walk you through the steps of the process. Additional resources are also introduced in this guide which is available for use.

4) How to Finance a Business in North Carolina

To build a business with a solid foundation, you need to have enough financial resources. However, finding the right financing option that can address your business needs can be quite a challenge. This guide will introduce you to 5 excellent funding resources with some links to help you get started.

5) How to Get a North Carolina Registered Agent

A North Carolina Registered Agent is a major player in the success of your business, therefore, you need to hire the best one for your business. Since it’s a mandatory requirement in the state, you need to make sure that you follow the proper guidelines and requirements of hiring a professional registered agent. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with the role that your agent will play in your business.

6) How to Form a Corporation in North Carolina

A corporation, just like an LLC is a form of business entity that will protect you and your business from liabilities. Forming a corporation is a long process so you need to make sure that you complete every step efficiently to prevent any mistakes. You can follow this 6-step guide with useful resources to make sure that you are able to finish the process successfully.

7) How to Incorporate in North Carolina

Incorporation is a major decision when starting any kind of business. The process can give you many advantages and safeguard you from all forms of liabilities. You have to see to it that you put incorporation on top of your priority before anything else. Incorporating your North Carolina small business can be intimidating, most specially if it’s your first time. With this easy-to-follow 4-step guide, you can process your incorporation on your own.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide assistance to entrepreneurs, especially newbies. The organization is composed of seasoned and skilled professional volunteers who have wide experience in business and entrepreneurship and who are willing to share their knowledge to entrepreneurs who are still starting out. SCORE’s team of professionals offer services such as: one-on-one business consultations, mentoring, coaching and other business assistance.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency which has statewide offices in the entire country. The SBA is the largest provider of small business resources and assistance; it is also considered one of the most reliable agencies small business agencies in the U.S. The agency provides full support to new entrepreneurs and small business owners through a variety of assistance programs such as local business programs, loans and business grants, management trainings, seminars, coaching and numerous other programs.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online business magazine that aims to simplify entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners. From how-to guides, inspiring true-life stories, business resources and tools, honest business tool reviews and comparisons and other meaningful articles, at Startup Savant, you can basically find everything that you’re looking for. If you want to use tools for incorporation, accounting and bookkeeping, business planning, finding the right financing option and more, Startup Savant is ready to help!

4) is a full business website that will provide you with information about everything business. The business website features the latest business news, practices and trends used in the small business industry. It also publishes inspiring stories and informational articles about starting and managing a business.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is a go-to business website for entrepreneurs who want to be well-guided on starting a business. It features helpful articles that will walk you through the steps of building a new business  and assist you gain a better understanding of marketing, finance, human resource and business operations. AllBusiness also recommends some of the best and most affordable resources in the industry.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is a free business and life magazine that will inspire you to persevere and achieve your goals. The website features encouraging articles and heart-warming stories of people who overcame obstacles in pursuit of their dreams and passion. For real world advice and tips, Wealthy Gorilla is the best site to visit.


North Carolina Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) BoostSuite

BoostSuite helps you boost your audience the easy way in less than 5 minutes. It follows a unique approach to online advertising as BoostSuite combines forces with like-minded businesses who are willing to share their customer base in a clever manner. With BoostSuite, you will be able to drive heavy traffic and accomplish marketing results quick!

2) The Support Center

The Support Center is a statewide, not-for-profit organization and a community development institution that aims to provide business loans and financial management training to small and existing businesses. The center wa launched in 1990 to create economic opportunities for entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

3) Cowork Uptown

Cowork Uptown is a coworking space that offers a collaborative working environment for professionals who need a private office space where they can work on their ideas. Entrepreneurs who are looking for a private coworking community should try to visit Cowork Uptown.

4) Packard Place

Packard Place primary mission is to aid in eh development of high growth businesses and to grow a community of professionals that can initiate further development in North Carolina. Packard place enables new businesses and organizations to establish  a shop in a physical location of over 90,000 square feet at the center of Uptown.

5) Queen City Forward

Queen City Forward is home to professional entrepreneurs who have business ideas that provide solutions to social needs and work to give stability to people, profit and to North Carolina. Queen City Forward strives to encourage and assist social enterprises to create a network of innovative solutions particularly in the Charlotte area.

6) Industry

Industry is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and freelancers who are looking for a place to grow and where they can nurture their ideas and transform them into tangible enterprises. Industry is a shared office environment where you can avail of private offices as well as comfortable workspaces at an affordable and reasonable price.

7) NC Idea

NC Idea created the Groundwork Labs a two-month accelerator program that aims to assist startups to achieve their business objectives. The program focuses on five important components: customer discovery, customer development, business model canvas, pitch and connections.

8) Area 15

Area 15 is a modern and small scale, micro business incubator in Charlotte North Carolina that has studio spaces meant for technology professionals, artists, musicians as well as other working professionals. Currently, Area 15 is home to 20 small businesses coming from different industries.

9) RevTech Labs

RevTech Labs is focused on the developer community and tech startups who want to launch their business in North Carolina. It is a three-month program that basically has three program components: the incubator, the accelerator and the QC Fintech. The primary focus of the program is to help mobile, software and web startups to further develop their business by providing free workplace, trainings and mentorships and programming.

10) VenturePrise

VenturePrise is a broad and hands-on strategic initiative that aims to assist startups and early stage enterprises grow and thrive. It has both an incubator and an accelerator program to make sure that the chances of small businesses succeeding increases. VenturePrise also provides resources to entrepreneurs.

11) NC Business Incubation Association

The NC Business Incubation Association is a volunteer business advisory committee launched in 1996 for the sole purpose of promoting incubation among businesses and provide assistance to existing incubators in North Carolina. Member of the association include non-profit business incubators as well as privately owned incubators in North Carolina.

12) American Underground

The  American Underground is dubbed the “startup hub of the south”.It provides office and coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, professionals, startups and freelancers who want to work in a private space. American Underground is also a powerful community of like-minded people, plus a schedule of events where you can meet other professionals and create a network.

13) Launch Chapel Hill

The Launch Chapel Hill is a startup accelerator situated in Downtown Chapel Hill that accepts potential entrepreneurs twice every year. These entrepreneurs are highly dedicated in transforming their early stage and viable businesses into independent enterprises to improve Chapel Hill and North Carolina in general. Launch is able to do this by providing support and assistance, tools and the resources to accelerate the growth of these businesses.

14) City Startup Labs

The City Startup Labs creates a new class of entrepreneurs through its entrepreneurial academy that initiates a 15-week boot camp providing training to African American men to educate them on the how-to’s of conducting research, business planning, startup launch and the management and operation of their own business ventures.

15) 1789 Venture Lab

1789 Venture Lab is a program of the University of North Carolina, a higher learning institution that aims to promote innovation and develop entrepreneurship further in the state. 1789 is considered the university’s entrepreneurship hub where students and graduates create innovative solutions and ideas. It specifically focuses its attention on assisting young and innovative professionals.

16) Hygge

Hygge is a coworking space that offers affordable and flexible plans for entrepreneurs who are looking for a private space to work and meet with clients. Professionals can get a workspace which they can call their own, a teampace and a group or community of like-minded individuals who are always ready to lend a hand when needed.

17) H/Q Raleigh

H/Q Raleigh is a growing community of entrepreneurs, visionaries, change makers and professionals who think big, empower others and embrace diversity to create a positive impact in the community. H/Q provides the following amenities and services: private suites, upstairs coworking spaces, small and large conference rooms, experienced professional mentors, an events room, a cafe space and a full service kitchen.

18) Flywheel

Flywheel is an innovative coworking space in the heart of Winston-Salem. It is a community of energetic, intense and highly-driven entrepreneurs, professionals, startups and freelancers who work together to learn, grow and thrive harmoniously together. Flywheel provides a 24/7 access, high speed internet, classes and training, free coaching and mentorship and discounted events and rental space.

19) The Startup Factory

The Startup Factory is the premier seed investment of the Southeast. It provides small businesses and startups with one-on-one mentorships and seed capital of as much as $200,000. The Startup Factory runs a three month program specifically designed for early stage companies and in exchange provides startups with 7.5% equity, seed capital, mentorship, access to a wide network of active angels, experienced startup founders, and skilled technology experts.

20) Wake Forest Coworking Space

Wake Forest Coworking Space is a community coworking space located at the heart of Downtown Wake Forest. Its aim is to provide professionals with a place to connect socially, get to know every member and fellow co-worker and gain access to a shared workspace, conference areas or a private office.

21) Advent Coworking

Advent Coworking is a creative coworking community, art gallery and event space located in Charlotte North Carolina. The main goal of Advent Coworking is to build a creative community of professionals who work and thrive to come up with innovative ideas and effective solutions that will address existing issues in the industry. Advent Coworking has state of the art facilities and amenities and a modern coworking space for everybody.

22) Coworx

Coworx is for professionals who are looking for a shared workspace that does not impose long-term commitments. It offers a variety of workspace solutions to meet your specific needs and this includes flex desks, virtual offices, studio desks and offices and executive suites. Professionals can work together with like-minded colleagues who appreciate creativity, collaboration and community.

23) Mojo Coworking

Mojo Coworking is a place to learn, work and share. The coworking space provides affordable options for entrepreneurs and professionals who would like to gain access to private workspaces and state-of-the-art facilities and activities and events. At Mojo Coworking, you’ll have the chance to meet and work with other creative and like-minded professionals.


Small Business Professional Services in North Carolina

1) Lindley Law Office

Lindley Law Office works by pursuing justice for their clients by creating solutions to their problems in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The law firm has a simple formula in delivering legal services: quality+high integrity legal representation and an unwavering commitment to place clients needs first.

2) Accounting by the Books

Accounting by the Books is a bookkeeping company in Charlotte North Carolina that offers the following specific services: bookkeeping, accounting, new business services, QuickBooks training and accounting clean-ups. Accounting by the Books also specializes in small business, corporate and personal bookkeeping and accounting.

3) The Doyle Law Offices

The Doyle Law Offices is a full-service legal firm that provides representation and counsel for businesses who are in need of legal advice. The firm is highly experienced with over 20 years in the industry. Its practice areas include: civil litigation, wills and estates, business law, personal injury and real estate. Clients can schedule a consultation any time for free.

4) Langdon & Company

Langdon & Company is a private financial management firm that offers tax services and consulting, audit services and consulting, bookkeeping and accounting, business structure, transaction planning and succession planning.

5) Warren Advisors Small Business Solutions

Warren Advisors Small Business Solutions is a full service financial firm that has been in the industry for 8 years. The aim of the company is to create effective small business solutions that will make businesses better. Some of the specific services they offer are business formation, business valuation, accounting setup, backend solutions and tax education.

6) DMJ

DMJ is a business consultancy company that provides you with an in-depth analysis, design and recommendation of procedures and methods to help in overcoming the challenges of and early stage and growing business. DMJ consultants can provide you with services like appraisal of proposed solutions, budget setting, succession guidance, supervision of projects, technology consulting and a lot more.

7) Cason McRae Consultants

Cason McRae Consultants helps you keep and eye on your books and stay organized. The firm offers the following services: bank account reconciliation, income statement generation, balance sheet generation, general ledger clean-up and provide unlimited business consultations. Additional services include tax and payroll management.

8) Focus Four

Focus Four Inc. was launched in 2004 in Charlotte North Carolina. It is an independent financial services company that offers services to business owners not just in NC but across the country. The firm’s main goal is to assist entrepreneurs reach their financial objectives and offering effective and timely advice and guidance. Focus Four used proven methodologies that are effective regardless of external factors such as globalization and the advancement of technology.

9) Small Business Alternatives

Small Business Alternatives is a dependable accounting services firm in Asheville, NC. The firm helps business owners keep track of their finances by providing assistance. Small Business Alternatives focuses on three areas of business management: business accounting, payroll services and tax preparation.

10) BlueFire Accounting

BlueFire Accounting is an entrepreneur’s solution to his/her accounting needs. The firm is specifically designed for small businesses who want to achieve big business results. BlueFire understands the struggles of entrepreneurs so the firm has focused their attention on three following areas: bookkeeping, payroll management and consulting.

11) Terry Williams Accountants

Terry Williams Accountants is a small business accounting firm founded in 1987. The firm offers quality professional advice to both businesses and individuals located in the triangle area and has hundreds of clients in different business industries. The firm focuses on providing income tax services, financial planning and accounting services.

12) Schmieder

Schmieder is a financial management company that develops partnerships with clients and encourage them to communicate openly to make sure that they understand the factors that influence their business. The company stands by three important values: availability, consistency and credible reporting.

13) Barham Guy & McKnight, P.A.

Barham Guy & McKnight, P.A. aims to make the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs easier by offering quality and effective financial management services. Some of the most notable services they offer include: individual income tax preparation, corporate tax returns preparation, payroll services, financial statements, monthly write ups, annual accounting and more.

14) Smith & Smith, CPA

Smith & Smith, CPA offers quality accounting services to individuals and businesses of any size. The company assists entrepreneurs by providing them full support and assistance. Smith & Smith specializes in the following areas: business services, tax services and accounting and bookkeeping services.

15) The Barnes Law Firm

The Barnes Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in North Carolina with many years of providing quality, legal and business representation to businesses and individuals. The firm specializes in providing legal solutions in five key areas: general business and corporate law, franchising, startups and early stage companies, mergers and acquisitions and government relations.

16) Nicholls and Crampton, P.A.

Nicholls and Crampton, P.A. offers general business services to companies and individuals in North Carolina. They specifically assist in business formation, business acquisition, small business representation, corporate finance, taxation, contract drafting, business employment matters, entity dissolutions, mediation and a lot of other legal services.

17) Alley, Register, & McEachern

Alley, Register, & McEachern helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams and business ideas into reality by guiding them through the steps of starting and managing a business in North Carolina. They assist business owners in incorporation, business contracts, disputes and other common legal problems that entrepreneurs face.

18) Gorman & Associates, P.A.

Gorman & Associates, a law firm that basically handles almost everything related to business. The services offered by the firm are designed for small business owners and new entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of doing business. Some of the services they offer include incorporation assistance, contract drafting and review, lease review, franchise agreements, business loan closings, corporate documentation and compliance and general counsel.

19) Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP

Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP is a legal firm located in Raleigh North Carolina. Lawyers at this firm provide full assistance and legal representation to privately held companies that are at the early stages of doing business. Some of the services they provide include organizational structure assistance, drafting of bylaws, shareholder agreements, employment reviews and a lot more.

20) Henson & Talley, LLP

Henson & Talley, LLP is a business and corporate law firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The firm provides legal representation to businesses of all sizes – small, mid-sized and big businesses. They handle all kinds of legal issues and tasks such as business organizations, business litigation, acquisitions, mergers, contract drafting and license issues.


Your North Carolina Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Set your goals straight and create strategies to propel your startup to success by writing a solid business plan. A business plan is a powerful tool that will help you keep an eye on your goal and work with organization and efficiency in achieving your objectives. By writing a business plan, you’ll be able to determine if your business is feasible or not in the first place.

Writing a business plan without experience is no longer a problem because there are tools and resources like LivePlan that can assist you in writing a professional business plan. LivePlan is a business plan software that has all the right time-saving tools to complete your business plan in a short amount of time.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation is a legal process enabling you to structure your startup in the business entity of your choice. Once you legally register your business, it becomes a separate and independent entity and it will be given its rights and privileges. An incorporated business will also be able to conduct its own transactions.

The process of incorporating your business is time-consuming, expensive and effort-exhausting so you need to complete it right the first time. If you plan on doing the process yourself, you can subscribe to online incorporation services like IncFile,  MyCorporation and CorpNet. All three offer the best value in the entire industry!

3) Building a Business Website

These days, building a business website is essential if you want to reach a wide market of customers. Whether you’re a new business or a fully-established company, a business website can definitely make a huge difference. It is an affordable and excellent tool that can help you bring your business to success.

Owning a website no longer takes time, nor is it expensive, all you have to do is pay a few dollars and in a few days or less, you can have a fully functional website. This is now highly possible with the use of website building tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker.

4) Accounting Software

The ability to handle your business finances efficiently will impact your business positively in so many ways. For one, you’ll be able to track expenses in an organized manner and you will never have to scramble in a bed of documents and paperwork because you have a proper system of accounting and record keeping.

Stay hands-on as much as possible by using the services of accounting softwares like Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These softwares have modern and intuitive tools that will assist you in dealing with your startup’s inflow and outflow.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in North Carolina

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessThe state’s success in developing its small business sector can be accredited to its competitive tax climate, low business and maintenance costs, favorable legal and regulatory atmosphere and the availability of a skilled workforce. Not to mention, the quality of living in North Carolina is not as costly compared to other states.

Starting a business in North Carolina, or in any other state is an endless responsibility. You need to plan every move thoroughly, make well-informed decisions and go through numerous legal steps. The state will help you get off the ground by providing you with full assistance.

From complying with state requirements such as your business registration, licenses and permits, taxes to business planning, North Carolina has your back. You can also consult a business resource specialist if you have any other questions.

Start, relocate and develop your existing business with the use of these business resources. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to achieve business success in no time!

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