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76+ Best Resources for Starting a Business in New York

Resources for Starting a Business

Small businesses in New York comprise 98% of the economy, employing almost half of the private workforce in the Empire State. The good news is that the state provides a wide range of benefits for small business entrepreneurs.

More so, the prospect of starting a successful business in New York is even greater with the vast number of consumers concentrated in the state. Given that there are a few drawbacks such as its quite complicated and costly tax codes, there are ways to overcome these challenges.

Having said this, this guide presents to the aspiring New York entrepreneurs a collated list of resources that can help him simplify business tasks and lessen challenges.


Top 10+ New York Small Business Resources

1) Hiscox

Hiscox’s small business blog provides entrepreneurs with a plethora of tools and resources to help them start, run and operate their small business. At Hiscox, you can get genuine help from expert professionals who believe risks with positive power are the required weapon to do more and be more as a business. Hiscox provides small business tips in the areas of small business financing, management, marketing, social media, startup, and technology.

2) NYC Department of Small Business Services

The NYC Department of Small Business Services aims to connect the New York workers to a great job while generating better businesses and a stronger economy in neighboring areas. One of the steps to achieve these goals is to help small businesses get on its feet, and begin operations and eventually start to grow and progress into a thriving business.

3) New York Public Library

The New York Public Library features a special section on about NYC Small Business Resource Center. The NYC SBRC includes a Helpful Resources link listing all the important organizations and companies that help in boosting small business startups. The NYC SBRC also has a list of regular business events that small businesses can participate in and attend.

4) New York SCORE

New York SCORE is the helping hand of small businesses for it provides a different number of services mostly for free or at a very low cost to help startups get on their feet. From its main goal to arm small business entrepreneurs with the right knowledge in running a small business through confidential business counseling, New York SCORE also offers workshops and trainings, funding options, and other vital business resources.

5) The Business Council

The Business Council is the premier business organization in the Empire State, representing the interests of both small and large firms. Business Council members range from member companies, professional and trade associations, and local chapters of chamber and commerce. As a member of The Business Council, you get access to a number of products and services that are exclusive only for members.

6) New York City Small Business

The New York City Small Business is a blog for and by small businesses. Its aim is to provide excellent small business advice throughout the city as provided by industry experts and other business owners. When you become a member of this business blog, you will get comprehensive assistance on how to create your own business blog. You can create your very own business page and work out a publishing schedule to post articles regularly. Plus, you also get help on various blog essentials such as blog topic brainstorming, writing, SEO, and more.


The New York Business Development Council believes it is their business to help small businesses grow with the assistance they provide. The NYBDC complements conventional banking and partners with different banks to offer term loans to small businesses for financing. In most cases, the NYBDC also provides SBA guarantees, multiple participations, variable amortization, and even longer payouts. These loans are made available by the NYBDC for early-stage companies, startups, and mature businesses.

8) Upstate NY Resources

Upstate NY Resources was created to provide Upstate New York entrepreneurs easy access to a wealth of business resources. Through Upstate NY Resources, entrepreneurs are linked to a network of resource organizations that features a plethora of business resources and tools to help these entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their business. It also features an integrated search tool and an entrepreneur toolkit as well as an overview of the different business phases and its corresponding activities.

9) New York SBDC

The New York SBDC is the organization to lend you a helping hand when starting a small business in New York. The NYSBDC offers free counseling and provides various technical and management assistance services including business plan development, accounting and marketing tactics, advice on legal business structures, financing planning and cost analysis, e-commerce, employee management, loan packaging and more.

10) Corning Area Chamber of Commerce

The Corning Area Chamber of Commerce strives to become the leading business resource connection, serving and advancing the business interests in the region. It aims to connect businesses in the Corning area to a variety of access, resources, and education. The Corning Area COC also caters to professional development as well as business development programs to foster a vibrant community.

11) Cattaraugus County Economic Development Team

The Cattaraugus County Economic Development Team is a wealth of business information resource available for entrepreneurs in Cattaraugus County looking to start a small business. From the basic steps to starting a business to selecting a business site to prospective loan grants to government contracting and permits and licenses to other business resources, the Cattaraugus County Economic Development Team has it all.

12) South Side Innovation

South Side Innovation features the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program Center that is a business support and training program that helps your business grow and prosper. With this program, entrepreneurs are able to avail of a business plan development course, one-on-one business coaching and consultation, SSIC academy training course, access to microcredit loans, access to a comprehensive web-based resource library and more.

13) NY Biz List

The NY Biz List aims to help support local companies New York. As small businesses are the driving force of New York’s economy, NY Biz List helps these companies through a free listing in their website. In addition, NY Biz List also has a list of links of various business websites, organizations, and blogs that provide support and resources for New York small businesses.

14) Downtown NY

Downtown NY provides a special Business Assistance Resources in its website. The Business Assistance Resources section features a list of organizations that work hand in hand with small businesses. This list also features those organizations that offer valuable services such as financing planning advice, one-on-one counseling, and seminars and workshops that are free of charge.


The Local Development Corporation of East New York provides an Entrepreneurial Assistance Program for individuals looking to venture into the small business industry. The Entrepreneurial Assistance Program is LDC’s 60-hour intensive business course program that helps you create a sustainable business plan through the business idea you have created. As a business plan is an important tool to move forward towards success in your business, LDC through its business program will help you achieve this.

16) 82nd Street Business Resources

82nd Street features a Business Resources section where entrepreneurs can find a host of vital information and resources when starting a New York business. A list of these resources are provided in the website, ranging from organizations that provide loans and financing, government agencies and non-profit organizations that support business startups, and other important business links.

17) Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business gets small businesses into shape by providing them with the clearcut information on the basic products and services they need to thrive and succeed. Fit Small Business comes up with comprehensive how-to guides and in-depth reviews on various products and services to help entrepreneurs make the right decision in choosing resources that foster business efficiency. Fit Small Business verifies facts, conducts interviews on business owners, and at times even use the actual products and services to give you the best feedback.

18) Cortland County Business Development Corporation

As an economic development agency, the Cortland County BDC works hand in hand with other local and state economic organizations to provide the quality of life in Cortland County through more job opportunities, new jobs, and the investment of capital within the county.

19) Massena New York

The official website of Massena New York provides a Doing Business resource page where everything you need to know to start a business in Massena is outlined. From community demographics to education and training to the infrastructure and transportation, and other tools and resources plus business links, the site is a good source of timely information.


Free New York Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in New York

There are many factors that could influence an entrepreneur to start a business in New York. With the help of this guide on How to Start a Business in New York, you can start with your dream business faster and easier. Aside from the basic steps of starting a New York business, a few additional resources that jumpstart the startup process are also included. Although these resources are not mandatory, it is proven that these are effective.

2) How to Form an LLC in New York

A Limited Liability Company’s hybrid structure make it a top choice when incorporating a New York business. For entrepreneurs who are forming an LLC in New York, this simple guide offers the basic steps on how to accomplish this task. Aside from walking entrepreneurs through each step, there are also some additional steps provided that must be complied to ensure the legal operations of your business.

3) How to File a DBA in New York

An assumed name can be used in lieu of the legal name when conducting a business in New York. However, the business must file an assumed name certification to be able to use the additional name. The How to File a DBA in New York is a simplistic guide that outlines the three basic steps on how to do so. From where to obtain a copy of the official form to where to mail it for the application, all these are contained in the guide.

4) How to Finance a Business in New York

When it comes to financing a business in New York, there is an option that perfectly fits with the requirements of your startup. Now, the key to finding this perfect option is to conduct a thorough research. This guide on How to Finance a Business in New York will help you make that right option. In the guide, various financing options are presented with a brief description plus a few advantages that will give you some light whether it’s a fit option for your startup.

5) How to Get a New York Registered Agent

The state of New York does not require that you hire a separate Registered Agent, but rather, it only stipulates that you provide a postal address with which the legal notices and service of process can be mailed. Regardless of this, you can opt to hire the services of an additional Registered Agent. This guide will walk you through the steps of the requirements and restrictions of a NY Registered Agent, then the benefits of hiring one.

6)  How to Form a Corporation in New York

Another common legal structure by which you can incorporate a New York business is a Corporation. To facilitate the beginnings of a Corporation, this guide will walk you through the simple process. There are a few additional steps that help you operate a legal Corporation, and these are also discussed in the guide. There are also some resources that you can use to complete a few tasks in forming a Corporation in New York.

7) How to Incorporate in New York

There are numerous benefits to incorporating a business in New York, and this guide points those benefits to you. In addition, this guide gives you a good idea on the general steps you need to complete to get incorporated in New York. As well, several resources that can be used at some phases of incorporating a New York business are also provided as an option for the entrepreneur to use.




America’s Business SCORE is dubbed as the counselors to America’s small business for it pushes for the growth and success of small businesses through the provision of valuable and timely education and mentorship. As a Non-Profit organization in partnership with government agencies and other non-Profit organizations, it has always been the goal of SCORE to help small businesses achieve their dreams and goals through a one-on-one free counseling from their more than 10,000 strong volunteers. These volunteers are composed of a team of business consultants, expert mentors, and highly experienced businessmen who are willing to donate their time to help startup entrepreneurs.

2) SBA

The US Small Business Administration was created by the US government to ensure that the necessary support and interests of small business communities across the country are protected and promoted. The US Small Business Administration provides all-encompassing, comprehensive services and assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country through its satellite offices and district centers. From the basics of starting a business to pointing you in the right direction for loan programs and grants to a learning center where you can acquire the basic knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur, the SBA provides a plethora of information to get you started.


America’s Small Business District Center is the national organization recognized by the federal government as the national network of small business assistance networks. The SBDC was created with the mission to help individuals achieve their dream of owning a business and to assist existing businesses sustain their competitiveness despite changing business trends and environment. To accomplish these missions, the SBDC has a wide-ranging line of assistance services such as face-to-face business consulting and training on a selection of topics including, but not limited to: effectively writing a business plan, accessing capital, technology development, and more. Business consulting at SBDC are often free or offered at a very low cost.

4) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a startup business blog that contains all the necessary information and resources to help you build a business that truly matters. As an online magazine, Startup Savant caters to the growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs all throughout the state, providing helpful how-to guides, helpful posts on some of the most important tasks involved in building a startup, as well as business hack articles that can simplify your entrepreneurial life. Startup Savant also has inspirational and motivational stories that strive to point out becoming a successful entrepreneur is possible.

5) is the website counterpart of Entrepreneur magazine wherein you can find everything about how to start, run, and grow a business. is the ultimate guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businessmen looking to find all information and news about the business world. From the latest top business stories to top 50 entrepreneur stories with the highest paid views, has it. How-to articles, guides, and tips on how to start a business are also featured in Various lists on about every facet in business are also included in this online magazine, as well as franchises currently available.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is an online resource for small businesses across the country, providing a combination of information and resource specifically for companies with less than 500 employees. As an additional feature, AllBusiness also conducts timely research to gauge the direction and status of the small business industry. AllBusiness provides entrepreneurs with information, tools, and resources to start a business. As well, AllBusiness features business experts as its contributors of the resources featured on the online magazine to ensure that you only receive the best professional in-depth knowledge from professionals.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

To strike a balance between a successful business life and a healthy lifestyle balance, Wealthy Gorilla is the top inspirational blog for individuals looking to improve their current state in life. Basically everything contained in Wealthy Gorilla is focused towards self-improvement, motivation, and well-being. From the best motivational and inspirational quotes to the top 25 motivational blog to everything valuable that must be learned in entrepreneurship, Wealthy Gorilla features it all.


New York Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) Digital NYC

Digital NYC is a first rate hub for technology startups. It is by-far the most comprehensive resource where you can find almost all the available incubators and accelerators in New York complete with an in-depth description and link for each of the startup incubators and accelerators listed. Aside from this, Digital NYC is also the hub for all things related to the startup ecosystem, from investors, events, blogs, workspaces, and more.

2) Grand Central Tech

Grand Central Tech is a vibrant community composed of startups and strategic partners sets itself apart from traditional accelerators through its unrivaled value proposition. When early-stage companies and startups are accepted to the Grant Central Tech acceleration program, they get an office space for FREE for a year with NO EQUITY FEE upon participation. What’s more, Grand Central Tech also surround their member companies with the necessary resources tailor made to fit their specific needs for a more efficient business operation.

3) Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator is geared towards helping startups succeed by providing hands-on help, access to resources plus exposure, and valuable collaborations. ERA has a four-month program that puts together comprehensive assistance and hands-on help with a team of expert leaders, an excellent co-working space, and seed capital to get you started. With other startups enrolled in the program plus ERA’s extensive alumni network, you get to interact and exchange ideas to improve your startup.

4) Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc.

The Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc. works in the best interest of startups in the state. It aims to further the available resources for startups and work with policy makers to promote the growth and development of these startups. BIA/NYS, Inc. also pushes for the establishment of a structure among a network of incubators, incubated companies, and other involved organizations and companies.

5) NewSpace NYC

NewSpace NYC is an incubator that specializes in the development of commercializing outerspace. With the growing era of space entrepreneurship, NewSpace NYC strives to provide companies looking to commercializing outerspace with the right resources and assistance to push further their goals.

6) Zahn Innovation Center

Zahn Innovation Center provides a variety of co-working spaces that help students discover their entrepreneurial mindset in a vibrant environment. To further this goal, Zahn Innovation Center also provides the necessary tools to accomplish this. This incubator also provides a host of other resources such as a startup bootcamp, networking opportunities, pro-bono services, mentorship and counseling, and complete facilities.

7) Barclays Accelerator

Barclays Accelerator is there to help startups take their business to a whole new level and change the world in partnership with Techstars. Backlays offers a 13-week program for companies in the financial services industry. As a mentor-driven program, Barclays features a team of handpicked industry experts who work closely with startups to help them accelerate during the entire duration of the incubator program.

9) BXL Business Incubator

The BXL Business Incubator is a state-of-the-art co-working and incubator that provides a host of assistance and programs to startups in New York. From business counseling, legal and financial consulting, microlending services, technology and web assistance, startup resources, and event hosting. Aside from BXL’s co-working space, they also have conference rooms.

10) EDGE EdTech

EDGE EdTech is a startup incubator for the education technology center, providing the right resources and tool sets. It is the aim of EDGE EdTech to provide early stage companies with the required network to prosper in the educational technology sector. Through the innovative approach of the Startup Generator, EDGE EdTech fosters for efficient company creation.


STEP NYC is an incubator program that provides valuable startup assistance and services for German startup entrepreneurs looking to carve a niche in the small business industry in New York. The Startup & Entrepreneur Program helps in finding US-VC investors, setting up conferences with US client, and regularly schedules workshops on various US market entry-related subjects.

12) Wework

With the goal to build a community that allows people to work to make a life and not just a mere living, Wework has established beautiful and convenient shared office spaces to accomplish this goal. The shared office spaces include hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. When you become part of Wework, you get access to a plethora of benefits including events, apps, and the right network to build a business.

13) Coworkrs

Coworkrs is a startup incubator that pushes for dynamic workspaces that adapts to the changing demands of the current workforce. Coworkrs has created the ideal environment where you can develop entrepreneurial skills and where your business can truly thrive. Coworkrs has conference rooms, open workspaces, dedicated desks, and private suite offices. When you become a member, you obtain access to a variety of full-service office amenities.

14) Ensemble

Ensemble offers spacious co-working spaces for startups. Various co-working space plans are available for every entrepreneurs need at a very cost-efficient price. You can opt for the budget friendly open desk with various packages, plus you also have access to a dedicated desk space. Ensemble also has a dedicated office private suites that can accommodate up to 14 people.

15) Your Alley

More than just a co-working space, Your Alley is the ultimate community for startups and early-stage companies, providing all-around support and assistance for your startup needs. Your Alley is located in Manhattan, and its goal is to nurture a relaxed and convenient environment that promotes creativity and success in every startup member of their community. With the vast network of support at Your Alley, startup entrepreneurs have the opportunity to connect with the right partners and sponsors to grow and expand their business.

16) District Cowork

As a startup incubator, District Cowork aims to bring together innovators, leaders, innovators and doers into a single platform to initiate change. As a co-working space, District features a lot of open work spaces complete with dedicated desks and private offices. As members of District Cowork, entrepreneurs also have access to a lot of other perks such as access to the designer lounge, kitchen, and more.

17) The Farm SoHo

The Farm SoHo is a shared office space & event space. An intimate and friendly environment with various tech resources at your disposal. Home to NYC startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent workers of all types. The interior is beautifully designed with refurbished farm wood for an All-American feel that creates a productive and peaceful environment to get work done. Multiple events are hosted every week at The Farm SoHo so that you can meet with and network with fellow coworkers and leaders in the NYC startup community. Shared desks start at only $250 per month.

18) Joynture

Joynture is home to a diverse number of professionals in a thriving community. Bringing together a group of entrepreneurs and professionals, Joynture provides the community with the best neighborly advice and the necessary help to get up and started. Some of the businesses that have joined the Joynture community includes jewelry design, accounting, video game development and more. Joynture also has technical consultants for their members, and they also have enough co-working spaces and conference rooms available.

19) The Center

The Center provides entrepreneurs with the right physical infrastructure for entrepreneurs to focus all out on the development of their business. Not only that, The Center also has an excellent support system that stems from their new business model that allows businesses to grow parallel with the changing trends in the local economy. The Center’s co-working space is state-of-the-art, yet comfortable with a dedicated collaborative idea area, conversation area, presentation area, and public and private meeting places.

20) The Thomas R. Beecher, Jr. Innovation Center

As the largest incubator in Buffalo, the Thomas R. Beecher, Jr. Innovation Center serves over a hundred companies in different business areas. As an incubator, the Innovation Center’s primary aim is to spot and assess new opportunities for business and help entrepreneurs through counseling and mentorship to help create new businesses and in the process create new jobs.

21) Projective

Projective is a membership community that provides co-working spaces and a whole lot of other membership benefits. Projective provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the various workspaces that promote for work-life flexibility with various benefits for each workspace. Network membership, communal and dedicated provides various access to a work desk and workspaces. Membership at Projective also gives you access to newsletters, business events, and a host of other business resources.

22) The Yard

The Yard is dubbed as the workplace for modern professionals and with good reason. With its premier luxury co-working spaces and offices, ultramodern meeting rooms, breathtakingly beautiful event spaces, and custom curated artworks, it’s the perfect venue where you can focus your time and energy at building a successful venture. In addition, The Yard features an ultrafast WiFi connection available 24/7, exclusive lounges, and other hi-tech amenities to bring you the best of their service.


Small Business Professional Services in New York

1) Imke Ratschko

Imke Ratschko New York Attorneys at Law provides efficient, timely, and cost-effective personalized legal services. Imke Ratschko offers its legal services to business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and New York businesses looking to have their business legal transactions taken care by expert business attorneys. The firm caters to various business legal services including, but not limited to, the following: startups and founder advice, business transactions and partnership disputes, business litigation, contracts and agreements, and buying and selling of businesses.

2) Victor Law Firm

Victor Law Firm services center around highly specializes areas of the law including business planning. Its main goal is to address the needs of the clients to ensure that their dreams are successfully achieved through the firm’s guidance and a well thought out business plan design.  From company formation with assistance on choosing the business entity’s structure to reorganizations and structuring to mergers and acquisitions, Victor Law Firm can provide excellent assistance for these services.

3) Berger Law

The Berger Law firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal services to small business entrepreneurs and individuals with the leadership of Samuel C. Berger. With more than 3 decades’ worth of small business experience, he’s the man for the job if you need assistance in setting up a business or dissolving it, financing and restructuring business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and on general business matters.

4) New York Business Law

The Law Office of Frederic R. Abramson provides business legal services specializing in various aspects of legal litigations. From breach of contract and fiduciary duty, business torts, fraud, contract interference, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, to commercial collections, to corporate dissolution, the New York Business Law has got you covered.

5) Barbara Weltman

Barbara Weltman’s Big Ideas for Small Business is the ideal haven for entrepreneurs who are out to build a successful business. Barbara provides consultancy services on every aspect of starting, running, and operating your business. Barbara can give entrepreneurs counseling on business tax, legal aspects, and business financial topics. More so, she is also a virtual mentor and reaches out to the business community via her website.

6) Kinneck

Kinneck is a platform where small business owners can get the necessary assistance in purchasing the necessary tools and resources to operate their venture. Kinneck empowers business owners to take control of their purchasing power by connecting them with the right suppliers, obtaining customized product and service quotes, evaluate these quotes, and bargaining with these suppliers to give their clients the best deals.

7) Fishman + Company Business and Tax Advisors

Fishman + Company is a professional organization composed of the best and most competent business and tax advisors whose aim is to help businesses achieve all their goals. Fishman is a full-service company that offers various assistance services including, but not limited to: business plan development, business development consultation, accounting and bookkeeping tasks, QuickBooks assistance, loan advice, and more.

8) The Franchise Guru

The Franchise Guru Harold L. Kestenbaum specializes in franchise law and provides legal assistance to entrepreneurs who are looking to franchise a business. The Franchise Guru caters to franchising work from feasibility study, business plan development, capital resources, manual preparation, and other consulting services. For legal services, The Franchise Guru also provides assistance to new and existing franchise from mergers, acquisitions and financing, review franchise documents and register FDDs in all states.

9) Rudofsky Associates

Rudofsky Associates provides excellent personalized financial and strategic consultancy services and counseling at a cost-efficient price. With Rudofsky’s association with formidable business consultants and partners, they are able to provide expert advice to their growing number of clientele. Rudofsky Associates offers consulting services for financial planning and analysis, cost management, QuickBooks consulting and support, strategic planning, competitive analysis, and more.

10) New York Business Consultants

New York Business Consultants is a coach, trainer, and matchmaker in one with the goal of helping businesses and companies grow, improve, and adapt to the changing trends of business successfully. With New York Business Consultants’ dedicated team of business experts and professional, you can obtain assistance on various aspects of your business from business plan development, brand imaging, business marketing solutions, management consulting, professional training, and more.

11) Mind Storm Strategic Consulting

Mind Storm Strategic Consulting provides all-out support services for the development of your business, bringing innovative and effective business solutions. The Mind Storm team will personally visit your office premises to help address in-house operations that affect business productivity and success. Mind Storm also has the Power Persuasion training and Top Producer Program that can be customized to fit the needs of your sales team. Through the virtual consulting program, entrepreneurs will also get access to the strategies, blueprints, and tools that Mind Storm uses.

12) Upside Business Consultants

Upside Business Consultants is an Internet marketing that serves the small business community of Long Island. In line with this, Upside Business Consultants offers excellent, timely Internet marketing solutions and digital marketing services specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. At Upside, you and your business will experience an increase in sales through effective internet marketing strategies, attract targeted audience through targeted marketing methods, and be able to implement proven tactical and strategic marketing techniques from Upside.

13) Northpoint Business Advisors

Northpoint Business Advisors is a business consulting firm that assists in providing efficient solutions for B2B growth issues with emphasis on delivering effective results. Northpoint Business Advisors offers various professional services including: strategic planning, marketing sensing, commercialization process, corporate analytics, leadership guidance and counseling, problem solving, facilitation, revenue growth and more.

14) Ozark Consulting

Ozark Consulting is a New York City business consultancy service that provides tailored funding solutions for different business industries. Ozark Consulting stands by the Ozark way of helping their clientele by providing comprehensive tailored solutions that ensure the long-term success of the client they serve. Ozark Consulting facilitates for various funding services, these include: business loans, business funding, emergency business loan, cash advance, bad credit business loan, and cash advance loans.

15) Extended Services Group

Extended Services Group offers multiple business services to its growing list of clientele in the Metro New York area and Bronx NY. The firm provides comprehensive tax services from income tax preparation to filing. They also offer accounting and financial services, notary public, marketing and small business services, real estate services, and more. Extended Services Group takes pride in its customer-focused service, guaranteeing its clientele that you get quality service all the time.

16) Business Consultants of Greater New York

The Business Consultants of Greater New York provides comprehensive business services to its New York clientele. With an expert team of business consultants, the firm provides a host of services with competitive rates. These services include digital marketing, business management, video marketing, and email marketing.

17) Business Capital Consultants

Business Capital Consultants has your best business interest at their heart to provide you with the best business solution. Business Capital Consultants team will help you obtain the necessary capital you require with utmost consideration for the best interest rates available for you. The firm has a team of consultants working together to help you verify and correct business data prior to loan submissions, assist assets for leverage, negotiate tax lien plans, provide credit repair services, and more.


New York startup toolkit

1) Business Planning

Many companies and organizations rely on a strong business plan to implement the best methodologies and strategies to continuously achieve business goals. It is through a solid business plan that sound business decisions are made that could significantly impact a business’ entire operations.

A business plan need not be written by a professional technical writer, rather, it is more ideal if you write it yourself. With the availability of business plan writing applications as LivePlan, you can successfully accomplish this task. LivePlan understands the need for a simplistic tool that can cater to individuals with no business background but still would want to create an effective business plan. Through LivePlan’s video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, samples, and templates, this can be made possible.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Now, one of the most important tasks of starting a business is the incorporation process. While many entrepreneurs opt to incorporate their own business themselves, the convenience and hassle-free benefits that online incorporation service providers give are a very viable option. Companies such as IncFile and LegalZoom are both online incorporation providers that have proven track record and quality guarantee on all their services.

3) Building a Customized Website

Web design and development is part of an effective digital marketing campaign. If you have no online presence, then you are missing out on so many opportunities. With the aid of web design tools and other applications, the days of hiring a web design team or outsourcing the website creation to a third-party contractor are long gone.

With web hosting services such as Bluehost, entrepreneurs can now easily integrate and create a WordPress website sans the technical knowledge and know-how of creating a business website. What’s more, BlueHost’s very user-friendly dashboard allows every entrepreneur to customize his website and create a beautiful representation of his brand effortlessly.

4) Accounting Software

With the emergence of small business accounting software, the need for a mountain load of paperwork and reports to comply with tax requirements is becoming obsolete. Automating accounting and bookkeeping tasks has never been easier with the help of accounting software like FreshBooksXero, and QuickBooks. Each of these tools presents a plethora of features that not just only help in accounting and bookkeeping tasks, but other financial tasks as well.

While there may be greater challenges to starting a business in New York mainly due to strict and rigid statutory requirements especially when it comes to tax and license requirements, there are also tons of corresponding resources and tools that can be used to make the burden easier.

When you’re set on your goals to become a New York entrepreneur, knowing when to push on ahead and overcome challenges combined with hard work can be the determining factor to your success, so make sure that you know what path you want to take!

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