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60+ Proven Resources for Starting a Business in New Jersey

Resources for Starting a Business

The state of New Jersey has a vibrant small business scene with opportunities for progress and growth for startup entrepreneurs.

Recently, a multimillion dollar fund was released to help entrepreneurs begin their dreams of starting a business, and this is just the beginning. Aside from major urban centers, smaller cities in the state of New Jersey are also very conducive for starting a business.

If you are planning to start a small business in New Jersey, you’ve just made the right decision. With the growing number of small businesses being established every month, you should grab a piece of the action as well. With a good number of financing options available and tons of co-working spaces and incubators, getting a small business started is easier in New Jersey!


Top 10 New Jersey Small Business Resources

1) New Jersey SBDC

The New Jersey Small Business Development Center effectively provides comprehensive assistance to New Jersey startup entrepreneurs. At every facet of starting, operating, and running your New Jersey small business, the NJSBDC offers expert business consultations, training and seminars, disaster preparedness, and access to tons of small business resources.

2) New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce advocates for the regulation and legislation of initiatives that foster economic growth and business opportunities. The NJ Chamber of Commerce also advocates entrepreneurs’ business interests helping you through various networking opportunities and timely information. Also, business-to-business discounts are also offered by the NJ Chamber of Commerce.

3) Somers Point Business Association

The Somers Point Business Association pushes for the promotion and protection of a strong business environment in Somers Point and the surrounding areas. In line with this, Somers Point Business Association provides a list of important business resources beneficial to startup entrepreneurs who are looking to build a business in Somers Point.

4) Technology & Entrepreneurship Talent Network

TETN was created by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to encourage network opportunities for employers, job seekers and training providers. More importantly, TETN is the major workforce for the industry sector.

5) Hybrid Business Advisors

Hybrid Business Advisors helps startup entrepreneurs begin their New Jersey business venture by providing comprehensive information on how to build a business. From books and articles about business to business tools to other important web resources, Hybrid Business Advisors has these essential sources.

6) Gloucester Township Business Association

With its goal to support and promote businesses in Gloucester Township, the Gloucester Township Business Association provides a variety of opportunities to help businesses thrive and grow in the said town.

7) Newark Small Business Week

Newark Small Business Week sponsors free workshops and events to foster the development of small businesses in Newark and in neighboring areas. They schedule regular workshops on a number of business startup topics such as small business insurance, how to use Quickbooks, how to create a website, and more.

8) Morris County Economic Development Corporation

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation provides Morris County startup entrepreneurs with assistance in every step of building a business. The Expert Services Task Force is ready to help you with business needs, be it finding a suitable business location or acquiring the necessary business financing or filing the necessary paperwork.

9) Upper Township Business Association

The Upper Township Business Association fosters the business interests of its members. Startup entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business in the Upper Township area can join in this business association. It offers periodic membership meetings and generally provides startup assistance in the area.

10) New Providence Business

New Providence Business helps you gear up when starting a small business by providing you with assistance in deciding various aspects of your startup. From choosing a business form to record keeping tips, to employees and taxation, the New Providence Business has professionals who can help you make the right business choices.


Free New Jersey Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in New Jersey

Starting a business in New Jersey has its fair share of challenges and distractions this is why starting with a basic straightforward guide helps simplify everything for the startup entrepreneur. Each essential step to starting a New Jersey business is clearly presented in this guide with additional required and recommended steps so you can operate legally in the state. A few resources are also included in the guide to accomplish tasks faster and easier.

2) How to Form an LLC in New Jersey

A Limited Liability Company is a hybrid business structure that offers several advantages, the best of which is its limited liability status. If you’re looking to form a New Jersey LLC, using this guide to form it can help you. This guide lists down the fundamental steps to forming a New Jersey LLC that you can easily follow step-by-step.

3) How to File a DBA in New Jersey

For businesses looking to operate a business under a different name than the one initially registered with the Secretary of State, a DBA registration is a must. This guide helps New Jersey entrepreneurs looking to use a trade name register for it. This simple three-step guide provides you with all the information you need to file a DBA registration effortlessly.

4) How to Finance a Business in New Jersey

There are several options to financing your startup in New Jersey, but it’s the process of looking into the best option for your business which is the most challenging. This guide on how to finance a business in New Jersey presents entrepreneurs with the common options available for funding. Each option is defined and a few advantages are also included. A link to where you can find out more information about a specific funding option is provided as well.

5) How to Get a New Jersey Registered Agent

A New Jersey Registered Agent is a state requirement for compliance that you must fulfill to legally register your business.  With the help of this guide, you will be directed to New Jersey-specific rules on hiring a Registered Agent as well as the restrictions. Also, a resource where you can hire a reliable Registered Agent will also be provided.

6)  How to Form a Corporation in New Jersey

Of the several legal structures you can incorporate in New Jersey, a Corporation is one of these. This guide outlines the basic steps to form a Corporation. Then, it also lists down additional required steps and recommended ones to ensure that your Corporation can operate legally within the state. The step-by-step procedure presented in this guide is one of the simplest; thus, it is also easier to follow.

7) How to Incorporate in New Jersey

Incorporating a New Jersey business is a sound decision provided that it fits with the structure of your organization. This guide helps you get started on the incorporation process of your New Jersey business. The steps cover everything from the time you choose a legal structure to incorporate, to the steps on how to maintain your good standing with the state after incorporating.




SCORE is a Non-Profit organization that is dedicated to assisting small businesses start off on the right foot when starting, growing, and achieving business goals via the education and mentorship they provide. SCORE has thousands of member volunteer mentors across the country ready to provide you with one-on-one mentorship.

These volunteer mentors are expert professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you become successful. Aside from all these, SCORE also gives access to thousands of guides, tools, and templates for small business startups.

2) SBA

The US Small Business Association is a government initiative that aims at comprehensive support, assistance and resource to small businesses in the country. From the get-go, the US SBA has provided various forms of support and assistance to small businesses, from business formation, to loans, grants, and guarantees, to online courses and guides and even business events and workshops. All these services are provided to small business entrepreneurs through the numerous district offices of SBA scattered across the country.


The Small Business Development Center is the country’s comprehensive business support network for small businesses and enterprises. It is the main mission of the SBDC to provide comprehensive business assistance and services to all startup entrepreneurs across the different states.

Aside from the usual tools and resources that SBDC provides at no cost, they also offer individual mentoring and counseling offered at a very low cost or most of the time no cost at all. Training and workshops to foster development and networking opportunities are also periodically scheduled by the SBDC via the local SBDC centers in each state.

4) Startup Savant

In line with its goal to provide comprehensive assistance to small business startup entrepreneurs, Startup Savant gives you access to tons of free business resources across all states in the country. This free online magazine advocates free how-to guides, business hack articles, and other feature posts to give an ordinary individual the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, and a successful one at that. Inspirational stories of successful businesses that have started from scratch, achieved through hard work, determination and passion, are also featured in Startup Savant.


A premier online magazine, contains all the information you need to start and operate a successful business. Filling entrepreneurs up on the latest business trends and updates, is the best resource for what’s up and coming and relevant in the business world. also includes feature stories on businesses as well as how-to guides. Aside from these, it also features a number of products and services related to entrepreneurship and also has events and workshops scheduled.

6) AllBusiness

One of the leading online magazines, AllBusiness features a wealth of information on anything related to businesses. From how-to guides, article resources, to various innovative business tools, everything you need to start, operate and run a startup can be found in AllBusiness. Also featured in AllBusiness are practical business tips and insights from professional business experts who have a thorough understanding of the processes, strategies, and best practices involved in running a business.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is a work-life inspirational blog that features articles and posts about how to strike a balance between a successful career and a healthy lifestyle. Wealthy Gorilla features beautiful inspirational stories, motivational articles, and encouraging stories from individuals who started small and became successful.


Funding Resources in New Jersey

1) The Capital Lenders

The Capital Lenders is committed to helping entrepreneurs find the best financing option for their business. Whether there’s a need for working capital, franchise funding, small business loan or project financing, The Capital Lenders is ready to offer you expert finance option counseling. Aside from business loans, the company also offers equipment financing and asset-based financing.

2) Optimus Capital

Optimus Capital offers capital funding of up to $2 million for your business’ success. Optimus helps your startup get up and running with their premium startup business loan. With Optimus’ extensive banking and financial experience and expertise, you can avoid having to spend so much time worrying about finances and focus more on running your business.

3) NJ SBA Loans

The NJ SBA Loans is a company geared towards providing startup small business entrepreneurs with the necessary startup capital to start, grow, and prosper. NJ SBA Loans facilitates for short-term and long-term business financing with the assistance of their loan specialists and in partnership with hundreds of lending companies.

4) Financial Resources

An SBA preferred lender, Financial Resources helps you get access to SBA Loans effectively in a timely manner. Streamlining the entire financial lending process, Financial Resources can help you with 100% financing, 7A loans, CRE loans, and term loans that are fully customized according to your business’ specific needs.

5) 7th Level Mortgage

7th Level Mortgage offers a variety of commercial loans and SBA loans to startups in New Jersey and other states. Entrepreneurs who are looking to get startup capital or a more flexible financing package, 7th Level Mortgage helps piece together a customized financing package for you. Plus, with the fee for performance policy, you’re guaranteed that they work with your best interest at heart.

6) Summit Capital Financing

Summit Capital Financing offers a wide range of smart financial solutions by way of helping startup entrepreneurs. With Summit’s top notch, highly trained financial experts, you are assured that innovative and tailored financial solutions are provided whether it’s the right business loan or sufficient financial products you need.

7) ReadyCap Lending

ReadyCap Lending is a certified small business lender offering SBA 7(a) loans that range from $250,000 up to $5 million. ReadyCap’s specialization is in the area of creative financing intended for small business entrepreneurs. As an accredited SBA loan provider, ReadyCap provides business financing solutions that feature flexible terms with economical loan rates to have your business funded.

8) Alexander Financial Solutions

Alexander Financial Solutions commits itself to providing small and medium-sized businesses with the right financial solution to accomplish business goals. With this company, there is a guarantee of easier access to working capital to jumpstart your business. With the help of Alexander’s financial service professionals, you can be educated about small business loans, cash advances, purchase order financing, and more.

9) Capital Advance Solutions

Capital Advance Solutions provides small business financing with no personal guarantee with high approval rate. Business financing that starts from $5,000 up to $250,000 are guaranteed. Capital Advance Solutions offers different types of loans, from loans for professional businesses, fitness businesses, personal care businesses to marketing and advertising.

10) Benjamin Capital

Benjamin Capital as an investment firm offers simple funding solution for small businesses. Benjamin Capital is also a preferred choice when it comes to SBA Loans. They can manage loans in-house allowing for a more effective procedure at a speedy approval of loans. Benjamin Capital offers a host of loans for businesses from commercial and industrial real estate financing, equipment financing, existing business acquisition loans, and more.

11) CMS Funding

CMS Funding grants business loans to companies regardless of their credit history. Whatever your business funding needs are, CMS Funding can help you with them. Business loans at CMS are approved primarily on the basis of your monthly gross sales instead of the usual profit and loss. CMS grants loans starting from $5,000 to $500,000 in as fast as 24 hours.

12) Total Merchant Resources

Total Merchant Resources specializes in alternative business financing. With the promise to receive your working capital the fastest way possible, Total Merchant Resources helps you obtain the financial assistance you need. With options like merchant cash advances and other merchant services, you get a quick, hassle-free capital for your business.

13) Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions offers fast and easy processing for spot funding for your business. Spot funding is a business cash advance with the business’ receivables as the collateral. The beauty about spot funding in Financing Solutions is that you get to choose how long the repayment period will be. They can grant spot funding for $5,000 to $150,000 in just a matter of two days or less.

14) New Jersey Economic Development Authority

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has a small business fund provided as an assistance to creditworthy businesses in the state of New Jersey that have been operating for at least one year for minority-owned businesses or women-owned and a full three years for Non-Profit organizations. With expedited approvals for this small business fund at a fixed interest rate, entrepreneurs can seek for this assistance provided that criteria are met.

15) Green Capital Credit

Green Capital Credit provides small businesses with easy capital options that meet with the dynamic financial needs of different businesses. With Green Capital’s hassle-free capital options, you get the funds you need, when you need it with a short-term repayment system. Access to this capital option does not require a business plan. Plus, your request for funding is approved as fast as 24 hours.


New Jersey Startup Communities & Co Working Spaces

1) Enterprise Development Center of New Jersey Institute of Technology

The New Jersey Institute of Technology provides total startup support to New Jersey businesses geared towards innovation. From the development, launching, and commercialization of a business idea, the Enterprise Development Center will help you. EDC’s services include access to a host of resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities. EDC also offers office spaces and laboratories with cost-effective rates and flexible rental agreements.

2) TigerLabs Accelerator

TigerLabs Accelerator offers a 6-month program investing specifically in early-stage software companies. For startups participating in the said program, they are able to get access to a variety of resources and assistance including $25,000 upfront capital, targeted mentorship courtesy of the TigerLabs Team, shared office space, a host of perks from different TigerLabs partners and more.


SPACE is a premier co-working space that creates a unique culture of positive space. This shared space is located in the city of Newark, and it aims to be the magnet for a wide range of professionals from techies, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals. SPACE has a wide selection of co-working space at competitive rates. From daily desk space to equal desk space to dedicated desk space and more. Complete with conference tables and Internet and Wi-Fi, SPACE is the perfect place to start your business.

4) Mission 50 Workspaces

In Northern New Jersey, Mission 50 Workspaces is the primary co-working space for both small businesses and freelancers. Mission 50 Workspaces fosters a productive and proactive environment where entrepreneurs can build their business successfully with the help of innovative services and products.

5) the (co)working space

The (co)working space is a professional co-working that provides flexible time-sharing environment where you can interact and network with other competitive entrepreneurs and professionals. Aside from the workspace for the day, you also gain access to conference rooms and the printer, complimentary coffee, and water and snacks.

6) C3 Workplace

From part-time to full-time office rentals, business lounges, conference rooms, event spaces, counseling rooms, and desk rentals, you can find everything in C3 Workplace. Aside from these office spaces, C3 Workplace also provides regular educational and networking events. In addition, there are a host of business support and services available for business assistance.

7) Cowerks

Cowerks is the perfect co-working environment that covers everything you need in an office space. From workstations, private office spaces, co-working space, common area desk space, private event rooms and facilities, to conference rooms, everything is available in Cowerks. Also, classes and workshops foster a healthy professional environment for entrepreneurs.

8) The Office Mill

The Office Mill is a beautiful co-working space ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals who are not only looking for a common workspace, but also to learn and meet new people and opportunities to network. Located at the heart of Clinton, New Jersey, The Office Mill offers dedicated desk space and a community lounge for presentations and meetings.

9) Indiegrove

Indiegrove is a co-working space that allows for the perfect environment to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and grow as a business. It has individual and community membership to provide a number of services when starting a business. Indiegrove is also partners with a host of company and organizations to provide you with the right contacts.

10) Base Camp Trenton

Base Camp Trenton makes community co-working a fun, enjoyable, and productive experience. The Base Camp Trenton community actively supports entrepreneurs who are looking to get you started. Aside from working spaces available, Base Camp Brenton also has complete amenities and schedules regular events.

11) vi Collaboration Hub

The vi Collaboration Hub provides a user experience co-working space that fosters a creative environment. It is the perfect place where business leaders, problem solvers and technologists can meet, exchange ideas, and learn.

13) Stonehall Innovations

Stonehall Innovations aims to be in the forefront of cutting-edge innovation by cultivating groundbreaking companies that will change the way the world works. As a cultivator of these emerging companies, Stonehall Innovations provides not just the resources necessary to get started, but also the professional expertise and easy access to investors to make things happen.

14) Kings Hall

Kings Hall offers flexible and convenient co-working spaces that fit your specific needs. From a starter space to co-working space to a conference room and a virtual office, Kings Hall offers these amenities for very competitive rates.

15) Morristown Workplaces

Morristown Workplaces provides part-time office spaces and interval workplaces ideal for New Jersey businesses. Aside from these usual co-working spaces, there are also virtual offices and meeting facilities available for your needs. These workspaces give you the best value with guaranteed quality and flexible membership plan features.

16) Incutate

Incutate is more than just a shared workspace but it’s a community that brings together a community of entrepreneurs and businesses to collaborate, discuss ideas, and learn in the process. With co-working spaces available for the kind of business you want to set up shop, you have the flexibility to choose between open desk membership and designated cubes.

17) Camden Colab

Camden Colab is a coworking space, incubator and accelerator in Camden. As both a collaborative community and a coworking space, Camden Colab provides startups with the best business, academic, and institutional resources. Since it is located in the Downtown Business District, it allows for easy and convenient commute complete with facilities 24/7.

18) SharedSpace NJ

SharedSpace NJ is your home to get things done successfully. Complete with amenities just similar to having an office of your own, SharedSpace NJ brings together business professionals and entrepreneurs in one space where they can collaborate. SharedSpace offers all these at reasonable monthly costs that can be affordable to everyone.

19) New Jersey Business Incubation Network

The New Jersey Business Incubation Network is a statewide incubator community that is dedicated to empowering the success of startups and early stage companies by providing critical support and services in a flexible coworking space. The NJBIN also provides a network of best practices to help you succeed as a startup.

20) Impact Paterson

Impact Paterson is a combination of excellent incubator programs, professional office spaces and workspaces, and convenient co-working desks. More than this though, Impact Paterson is all about helping startups launch, grow and support small business enterprises and Non-Profit organizations. Impact Paterson also brings about programs that foster knowledge and development through lunch and learn programs and evening sessions.


Small Business Professional Services in New Jersey

1) Berger Law

For expert and experienced business-related services, Berger Law offers professional services from its competent rosters of experts. From general business matters to starting and dissolving a business to financing and restructuring transactions to business tax planning. Berger Law also handles mergers, divestitures and acquisitions.

2) Hunter Group

Hunter Group is dedicated to the success of your business. As a leading accounting firm, Hunter Group provides a qualified financial advisor that can answer all your questions and inquiries about the entire process of starting a business. Furthermore, they can help businesses with their tax obligations no matter the industry they’re in.

3) Donnelly Ritigstein

Donnelly Ritigstein offers cost-effective legal services in the state of New Jersey. It specializes in providing comprehensive counseling for businesses as well as personal matters. From business transactional law, business litigation, business planning and startup, business compliance to land use, zoning, and licensing, Donnelly Ritigstein works with your business’ best interest at heart.

4) The Jayson Law Group

Whether you are looking to the formation of a New Jersey business or you’re embroiled in the legalities of dissolving your business, The Jayson Law Group offers assistance in dealing with the legal complexities involved in these processes. More so, this law firm provides experienced guidance, responsiveness, and guaranteed professionalism at various flexible rates and free structures to ensure that you are not burdened with all these legal services.

5) Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla

Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla offers legal counseling for startups and early-stage companies in various commercial sectors. From single proprietors to LLCs, this law firm helps these entities in different kinds of businesses and investments. Our attorneys have the skills, experience, and energy to produce favorable results to our clients.

6) Toya Gavin Law

Toya Gavin Law understands the sweat, blood, and tears involved in starting a business so that he offers professional legal help for small businesses. Toya Gavin helps by taking care of your professional and personal legal debacles. More importantly, Toya Gavin Law implements a flat-rate service that are very competitive so you know what you’ll be expecting.

7) Goldman, Davis, & Gutfleish

Goldman, Davis & Gutfleish offers small business law services specializing in business contracts and formation. However, this law firm also provides legal assistance in all facets involved between the formation and dissolution of a business. Not only do they have qualified attorneys, but also, their combined knowledge and experience is guaranteed to help you operate and run a successful business in New Jersey.

8) SRF Accounting Group

SRF Accounting Group provides innovative and efficient small business accounting services that help build a solid foundation for a successful business. SRF will take care of your accounting books so you don’t have to worry about this aspect of running a business, and you can instead focus on running your business. SRF Accounting Group will help reconcile your bank accounts, create an income statement, generate a balance sheet, manage your general ledger, and offer unlimited consultations based on your preference.

9) Justin D. DeCrescente

Justin D. DeCrescente offers small business structuring and financing transaction services for small businesses in New Jersey. For small business setup and incorporation, the law office first helps you set up with the best business structure. Then they’ll take care of the incorporation process, take care of the necessary documents, make the corporate bylaws and the partnership agreements, and then provide periodic guidance as needed in the future.

10) Innovative Consulting Associates

Innovative Consulting Associates provides state of the art business strategies. As an innovative consulting associate, they will work hand in hand with your business to dissect each problem within your organization and provide innovative and effective business solutions. As well, ICA also generates a strategic plan for your business to improve its entire operations. With ICA’s areas of expertise in strategic planning, business reorganization, and business plan development, you are assured to have sufficient support to make your business successful.

11) Curchin

Curchin provides expert New Jersey small business consulting services through its professional and highly experienced team of small business consultants. More than this, Curchin provides cost-effective programs that will help maximize your time and minimize costs. From bookkeeping services, payroll and tax return preparation, IT assessment, benchmarking and more, Curchin will take care of you and your business.

12) SMS

Susan M. Schlindwein CPA, LLC provides small accounting consulting services that is personalized and provided according to your specific business requirements. Some of the consulting services including staff training, bank reconciliations, financial statements preparation, financial analysis, budget monitoring and preparation, tax savings planning and strategies, cash flow report and more. When you consult the expertise of SMS for these tasks, you can make better decisions in relation to business operations.

13) Wall & London LLC

Wall & London LLC provides legal consulting services and human resource consultations for startup small businesses. Wall & London provides assistance in business operations with regard to compliance analysis and counseling, employee relations, compensation programs, contract review, management and employee training, creating handbooks and manuals, and more.

14) SFX Small Business Solutions

When it comes to making your online presence known, SFX Small Business Solutions provides you with various web services and technology consulting services. From generating and improving your web presence, gaining maximum exposure to making your brand known to the online community, SFX has a host of web design services to accomplish this. With a design team that works one-on-one with each of their clients, you are guaranteed with improved online presence.

15) Grippaldi & Wollruch

Grippaldi & Wollruch is an accounting firm that caters to the accounting needs of New Jersey businesses at an affordable rate. Through a combined small and large firm resource and know-how and small firm service costs, Grippaldi & Wollruch assists clients with their accounting and tax needs. The firm’s service is more on individualized service while keeping themselves updated on the latest accounting and tax law changes that you can take advantage of.

16) Frank Kapitza

Frank Kapitza and Associates is a small business firm that centers on giving practical accounting solutions for small businesses. Frank Kapitza and Associates uses a combination of efficient tax strategies, professional accounting services, and personalized service to address the needs of New Jersey small businesses while keeping to their budget. Aside from the full service and outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, the firm also offers QuickBooks setup, training, and support, incorporation consultations, debt restructuring and business succession planning.

17) Sam Income Tax LLC

Sam Income Tax LLC is a small business accounting service provider in the state of New Jersey. Sam Income specializes in a number of small business accounting services. The firm also offers bookkeeping, payroll services, tax preparation, and IRS help services. Sam Income takes pride in their 20-year industry experience and they guarantee attention to detail in all of their services. With year-round service at flexible hours, you are assured that they take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

18) EMD Tax & Financial Services

EMD Tax and Financial Services helps your small business stay compliant with their efficient and on time accounting and bookkeeping services. EMD offers tax preparation services, IRS audits, QuickBooks training, company valuations, bookkeeping, payroll processing and reports, business formation and dissolution services, financial and property management, fraud prevention, E-filing, and fixed assets and inventory valuation.

19) Dunn Lambert

Dunn Lambert LLC provides legal representations for businesses, entrepreneurs, and business owners in New Jersey. Dunn Lambert offers a comprehensive legal service for business including business transaction disputes, real estate disputes, shareholder disputes and partner disputes, and more. As a big firm, Dunn Lambert provides personalized service at the small firm service level, guaranteeing that they will best represent your business using their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

20) Tene Smith Law LLC

Tene Smith Law LLC serves the legal interests of small businesses all throughout New Jersey. Tene Smith Law provides business consultation services and contracts and counsel services. For legal counseling, you can ask for expert advice on any legal matter be it about contracts to protect your business, operating agreements and bylaws, templates and legal forms, and other legal agreements. All these services are available for a pre-paid flat fee for your convenience.

21) The Law Offices of Christy A. Schmidt Hetzel, LLC

The Law Offices of Christy A. Schmidt Hetzel specializes in providing business assistance in various aspects of starting, operating and running a New Jersey business. From business formation, purchase, taxation and sales tax issues, infringement, registration, financing, licensing, compliance and regulatory requirements, to non-disclosure agreements.


Your New Jersey Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

As you venture into the world of entrepreneurship and begin building your very own business, one necessary tool that you shouldn’t do without is a business plan. Creating a solid plan of action that hinges on an in-depth analysis of what your business is all about, what you want to accomplish and how you will accomplish those goals will pave the way for a thriving business in its wake.

Business success should begin at the onset of the startup process, and a business plan is the best document that can help you do this. Although many newbie entrepreneurs believe that a business plan is a technical document and therefore challenging to create, LivePlan disproves all that.

LivePlan is not just any ordinary business plan software. It is the software that helps entrepreneurs create a strong business plan by way of video tutorials and text instructions outlined step-by-step. It includes hundreds of basic business plan templates and industry-specific templates as well.

2) Online Incorporation Service

In the aspect of incorporating a business, there are a variety of requirements not to mention a mountain load of paperwork necessary to complete the entire incorporation process.

While you can do this all by yourself, being able to delegate this task frees up so much of your much needed time, allowing you to focus more on business startup operations rather than be encumbered by this complicated task. Online incorporation service providers have been a very helpful alternative to this challenge.

With the assistance of online incorporation providers such as Rocket Lawyer and IncFile, you are guaranteed that they can effectively incorporate a business for you.

3) Building a Customized Website

Having an online presence at this day and age is a necessity, not just a luxury that you may opt in or not when you have a business. Small businesses especially benefit from a strong online presence for it can reach a wider audience without having to spend so much on marketing campaigns the traditional way.

What’s more, a strong online presence can also be connected to your social media presence, which is all the rage these days. The beauty of creating websites nowadays is that you won’t have to pay exorbitant fees to hire a web design team, because you can design one on your own with the help of tools such as Bluehost.

This web hosting company allows for hosting a WordPress website that is easy to customize even non-tech savvy individuals can create a compelling and professional looking website.

4) Accounting Software

While there are many resources and tools that can be used to accomplish startup tasks easier and faster, there are also several applications that can be used to automate accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Small business accounting tools are an example of these applications that can automate various tasks in sorting out accounting, bookkeeping and tax report filings.

In addition to the standard features, there are also a variety of other features included in these tools to help other facets of running a business much more convenient. Of the hundreds of applications today, QuickBooksFreshBooks, and Xero are the top rated tools by many.



Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessStarting a business in New Jersey may not be for the faint of heart. From time to time, it’s common to experience headaches and even the urge to pull your hair because of the many challenges and roadblocks along the way.

However, with the use of these proven business building resources guide, we hope that it can somehow alleviate the challenges you face and you can significantly better manage the tasks involved in your business startup!

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