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86 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Massachusetts

Resources for Starting a BusinessKnown for its powerful influence in the history of the United States, Massachusetts is one of the smallest states in the country but one with the best economies in the U.S. (According to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis).

Among the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., 13 are located in Massachusetts. It is a global leader in industries such as biotechnology, finance, higher education and maritime trade.

Massachusetts’ well-established business industry attracts hundreds of businesses to relocate and expand their operations within the state every year. With the availability and accessibility of small business resources, entrepreneurs are motivated to start a business in the state and do it well.

That said, here are the best 88 resources when starting a business in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Small Business Resources

1) Massachusetts SBDC Network

The Massachusetts SBDC Network provides business advice and counseling to small business entrepreneurs. A one-on-one confidential business counseling is just part of its assistance programs though. The MSBDC also offers training and workshops on a variety of topics in running a small business. In addition, business guides and forms are also available on the actual page free for access.

2) Hanover Chamber of Commerce

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce has a dedicated resource page listing all the government agencies, nonprofit organizations, online magazines and other vital resources that help startup businesses in Massachusetts. The list is linked to the actual website of the resources so you can immediately proceed to the page for further information on how to form a small business.

3) Revere Chamber of Commerce

Another excellent small business resource is the Revere Chamber of Commerce. A special Small Business Resources section is found at the official CoC page featuring the business of the month, information on health and dental insurance, and a member directory where you can find a list of all professionals and companies that provide assistance when starting a business in Massachusetts.

4) Massachusetts Business Blog

The Massachusetts Business Blog offers a wealth of information when it comes to starting a small business in the said state. The information comes in the form of news articles that outline the current business atmosphere of the state.

5) Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

The Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts provides a number of entrepreneur resources that are indispensable when it comes to starting a business successfully. From organizations that provide mentorship to startup incubators to state level resources, the Western MA EDC is one resource page you shouldn’t pass up.

6) Smaller Business Association of New England

The Smaller Business Association of New England is a non-profit organization composed of hundreds of member companies and aims to provide practical information for small businesses to help them run and grow their venture. The SBANE features various yearly educational and networking activities for small businesses. It provides an opportunity for networking and establishing connections in the business world.

7) Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce provides its members with a host of benefits that range from networking opportunities, training and workshops and other value-added benefit. As a general small business resource, the official website has a number of links to state-run agencies and organizations to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dream of running their own business.

8) City of Medford Business Resources

The City of Medford website has a business resource page where you can find vital sources of information when starting a business in Massachusetts. From links to permits, licensing and fees to business development to other useful resources, this resource page provides comprehensive data every newbie entrepreneur can use.

9) Orleans Chamber of Commerce

Orleans Chamber of Commerce features a variety of business resources that include financial services, links to government agencies in charge of facilitating and assisting in the formation of small businesses, ways to promote your business, and workforce investment board and career services. Additionally, a list of resources for Orleans business, state resources, and local and regional resources are featured in the website.

10) Arlington Chamber of Commerce

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce is another great resource for starting a small business. At the forefront of this important resource is the Arlington Business Guide. This guide is specifically designed for Arlington entrepreneurs who are looking to start a small business. It contains all vital information on business certificates and licensing, permits needed to open a business and getting started in general.

11) Widett and McCarthy

Widett and McCarthy offers excellent legal services to small business clients. As part of their continued efforts to help establish their clients’ businesses, the firm also provides a small business resource center where entrepreneurs can refer to when it comes to some laws and regulations governing small businesses.

12) Assets for Artists

Assets for Artists is a collaboration program that offers a range of support services specifically for artist entrepreneurs. Assets for Artists has provided a number of grant programs and financing assistance to creative startup entrepreneurs. In addition, the organization also provides a number of vital links that can help creative artists get started with their small business venture.

13) Metro South Chamber of Commerce

The Metro South Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that strives to promote and support the local small business industry by providing information, networking opportunities and community development projects. The organization also has a small business resources page featuring a plethora of business links to help you get started on a small business venture.

14) Waltham West Suburban Chamber of Commerce

The Waltham West Suburban Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that represents the businesses of the Waltham and West Suburban area. The organization helps small businesses with various assistance services and programs, and becomes the voice for the business.

15) Women’s Business Network

The Women’s Business Network  offers networking opportunities, and inspire, educate, and motivate women to be the best they can be in their business and personal lives. They facilitate monthly meetings that focus on building relationships and contacts, on sharing referrals and acknowledgments, and on offering support and encouragement.

16) Springfield Business Improvement District

The Springfield Business Improvement District strives to be the driving force behind the cultural, social, and economic development of Springfield. With its goal to facilitate continued growth in the downtown Springfield community, it also targets to become a useful resource to business owners. In line with this, the SBID provides various services and valuable information to help you open up a business in Springfield, MA.

17) Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce provides assistance to its members who are looking to start a small business in the Wilmington area by providing a host of business-related information and vital links. From general resources to federal resources, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is always ready to assist the small business community.

18) Winthrop Chamber of Commerce

The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce’s main goal is to boost the economic development of Winthrop businesses for long-term economic growth and vitality. With this goal in mind, the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce makes it their responsibility to help businesses by providing a variety of small business resources proven helpful when starting a venture in Winthrop.

19) MassEcon

MassEcon is a private organization that helps in promoting Massachusetts as a premier location for business development. It provides on-the-ground services to help businesses start, grow, and thrive within the state. As part of its continued efforts to cater to the needs of businesses, MassEcon features a number of vital resources for Massachusetts startups.



1) MA Association of Business Incubators

The MA Association of Business Incubators was created to increase the support for incubation programs within the state of Massachusetts. MABI provides businesses in Massachusetts with a comprehensive collection of information on incubators and startup programs to help them in various aspects of starting a business.

2) Quincy Center for Innovation

Quincy Center for Innovation is a flexible coworking space that provides a number of startup base services and resources. QCI features an environment conducive for collaboration and co-working. QCI is more than just the usual workspace for it provides all-encompassing programs that help startups and early stage businesses thrive and grow.

3) Sky Ventures Group

Sky Ventures Group helps startups get ready to begin their venture by providing a unique investment approach. With the assistance of life science and health investors, startups are given early stage funding while establishing strategic partnerships.

4) Hatch Fenway

Hatch Fenway is a launch pad and a community that offers a wide selection of office workspaces fit for growing companies. Located in the diverse neighborhood of Fenway, Hatch is a perfect working environment for driven and vibrant entrepreneurs who are looking to get started on their business right away.

5) Fairmount Innovation Lab

The Fairmount Innovation Lab is an incubator, accelerator and a cross-sector lab all rolled into one. It aims to help in the launching and growth of various enterprises in the Fairmount community. This organization promotes involvement, so whether you want to join its incubation program or you need space for your startup, Fairmount Innovation Lab will help you find ways to do so.

6) Team Launch

Team Launch provides assistance in building the next generation of commerce companies by equipping businesses with various resources and tools. Using propriety vetting techniques, best business practices, and advanced data insights technology, Team Launch can help create your dream business.

7) CIC Cambridge

CIC Cambridge is a coworking space that is a special place for startups. CIC provides every startup with the necessary office space to get started on great ideas and a successful business. If you’re looking for an open desk, a private office or meeting rooms, CIC has all these and more.

8) MassChallenge

MassChallenge is an accelerator, but it distinguishes itself from other accelerators because it is the most startup friendly one. MassChallenge gives rewards to startups with the highest impact via a competition with equity-free cash prizes. MassChallenge also provides great education opportunities for startups.

9) Raizlabs

Raizlabs provides various startup assistance services and office spaces to startup companies focused in mobile apps, from development, design to strategy. Raizlabs incubation services, as well as mentorship programs, aim to develop startups.

10) Community Coworking Collaboration

Community Coworking Collaboration or simply C3 is an excellent coworking space with a vibrant community. It is the largest coworking center that offers a place where startups can thrive with an awesome support network working together to make your dreams happen. Various working areas in C3 include single desks, shared tables, huddle rooms, and other facilities to accomplish business operations.

11) Koa Labs

Koa Labs is a co-working space for founders who have the passion to start their very own independent companies. Koa Labs has shared desks with free access to the Koa Network, a dedicated desk with 24/7 access to conference rooms, and a private office, fully furnished with everything you need to run a successful startup.

12) NGIN Workplace

NGIN Workplace is a co-working space specifically designed with you in mind. Located in the heart of Cambridge, the NGIN Workplace features numerous personal desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and event space board room. Various membership packages come with unlimited meeting room hours, unlimited printing, access to bistro cafe, and more inclusions.

13) InTeahouse

InTeahouse is the perfect meeting ground for innovators, providing a setup that promotes the connections and conversations that translate to creative innovations. InTeahouse has four various levels of membership with each level giving members a host of benefits useful for starting a small business.

14) Impact Hub Boston

Impact Hub Boston is both a working space and a small community that promotes unconventional solutions, creative concepts, and awesome collaborations. As a community, they welcome members who are looking to make a significant difference. Impact Hub Boston offers hot desks, meeting spaces, events space, and exhibition space. The company also regularly comes up with carefully thought out member-driven events.

15) Idea Space

Idea Space is a boutique office rental space where you can feel that work feels like home. This office space provides small businesses with an ideal shared workspace at the same time, providing you with a community to belong to that fosters creative innovations and collaborative growth. From private offices to coworking spaces to dedicated desks to hosting business events, Idea Space has got the perfect space for you.

16) Oficio

Oficio is an excellent coworking space provider that prioritizes a healthy and cozy environment for starting a business. With several coworking spaces to choose from, with dedicated desks, private offices, and meeting rooms, Oficio is the perfect starter office space for your small business. The coworking membership for Oficio starts at an affordable $69 per month.


Small Business Professional Services in Massachusetts

1) Law Offices of H.W. Pfabe

The Law Offices of H.W. Pfabe is an Intellectual Property Law firm, focusing on Patent Law. Hugh offers very competitive pricing and works predominantly with Start-Ups and individual inventors/entrepreneurs. Hugh has worked at start-ups and was an engineer and inventor for 15 years, launching dozens of products. This means that he not only knows patent law, but also know what it’s like to be the entrepreneur, struggling to get a business off the ground.

2) Padgett, The Small Biz Pros

Padgett is a small business services company that assists new entrepreneurs through services like tax preparation, accounting, payroll management and tax problem resolution. The firm also provides business tools and news blogs for small business owners.

3) Law Office of Thomas J Marks

The Law Office of Thomas J. Marks provides legal guidance to individuals, families and small businesses. Marks is an outstanding Massachusetts civil litigation attorney and a proactive business lawyer that provides sincere and quality legal guidance to his clients. He will help you with your business disputes and issues, making sure that you end up with the best problem resolution.

4) Business Sense Marketing

Business Sense Marketing provides the best marketing solutions for small businesses. The company understands the needs of startups and they’ve created excellent marketing strategies that will boost your business’s sales and profit. Some of the specific services they offer include marketing plan development, website design and redesign, email marketing, SEO, search engine advertising, social media marketing and graphic design.

5) Bross Law

Bross Law, LLC is owned and managed by Mark A. Bross. He is an Ivy-league business lawyer who has worked with the biggest names and best Boston law firms. Named Massachusetts Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2013 and 2014, he is passionate about helping small to mid-sized businesses solve legal problems and providing them with legal advice and guidance.

6) Mass Marketing Resources

Mass Marketing Resources is a private company that offers social media and email marketing support and training for small businesses. In addition, the firm also has other services like newsletter and digital media audits and business website creation.

7) Grantham Law

Grantham Law  is a firm with over 14 years of experience in the industry. It aims to help Massachusetts small businesses with their legal needs. The firm offers a unique service because the attorney behind the firm, Dax B. Grantham, is a business owner just like you. He provides legal representation to small businesses, handles business entity formation, business law disputes, bankruptcy, litigation and commercial real estate.

8) Masterful Marketing

Masterful Marketing helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to create a powerful web presence through their services such as customized marketing coaching, web presence marketing, responsive WordPress websites, inbound marketing, marketing plan, small business marketing and a lot more.

9)  O’Brien, Riley, and Ryan

O’Brien, Riley, and Ryan is a full-service CPA firm that provides accounting services such as tax services, audits, reviews and compilations, EBP audits, accounting, financial and exit planning and business valuation services. The firm also provides you with business resources that you can use as you start a small business.

10) BCH Account Pros

BCH Account Pros is a small business accounting and payroll services company that ensures clients with professional, honest, on-time service, customized pricing, experience, expertise and quality services. Specific services include payroll management and tax filings, full-charge bookkeeping, business systems efficiency and QuickBooks, Peachtree and Excel training.

11) Kemalian & Associates

Kemalian & Associates is a small business accounting firm that provides assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for help to reconcile their bank accounts, generate an income statement, generate a balance sheet, organize ledgers; and a firm that will provide their clients with unlimited accounting consultations.

12) Graves Accounting & Tax

Graves Accounting & Tax is a full service firm in Auburn, Massachusetts that aims to provide quality services and excellent customer service at an affordable  price. The firm makes sure that they build professional relationships with clients so that they will be able to understand every client’s personal and business goals better. Examples of services they offer include tax preparation, tax planning, small business accounting, Quickbooks setup and training, financial planning and forecasting, retirement planning and business consultations.

13) Angiolillo & Associates

Angiolillo & Associates is a full-service accounting firm that provides a more personalized approach to caring for your business. The company has been in the industry for many years, specializing in assisting small businesses be more profitable and successful. A full list of their services include tracking of sales and expenditures, bookkeeping, bank account reconciliation, reports generation, cash flow management, managerial-level accounting analysis and financial forecasting.

14) Jonathan C. Russell

Jonathan C. Russell is a Certified Public Accountant who provides numerous services to individuals and small businesses. This includes tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, financial statements preparation and accounting and internal control services.

15) Mark F. Andrews

The Mark F. Andrews CPA firm services small businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking for financial management assistance. The company provides guidance and timely accounting information that will help business owners manage their startups better. Mark F. Andrews firm offers a range of small business accounting and bookkeeping services, but aside from this, they also help you with tax planning, financial statement preparation, IRS representation, budgeting, business loan assistance, cash flow management, business plan development and a lot more.

16) Carrie I. Davidson

Carrie I. Davidson is a CPA that provides small business accounting assistance and up-to-date accounting information to entrepreneurs and startups. The accounting firm offers on-site and off-site support as well as bookkeeping services.

17) Bruce Coffin

Bruce Coffin CPA, Inc. is a full service accounting and tax preparation firm that aims to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in Massachusetts. The firm offers bank reconciliation services, income and balance sheet generation, cleaning up general ledgers and unlimited consultations. Bruce Coffin also offers payroll management services, financial reports preparation and bookkeeping.

19) Elia Business Services

Elia Business Services specializes in providing effective accounting solutions for small business owners. Some of the services they offer include accounting and bookkeeping, pre-tax preparation, outsourced bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, training and support, compilations and reviews, new business advisory services and payroll services.

20) The Brown Law Firm

The Brown Law Firm has provided legal representation to individuals and businesses since 2001. The main goal of the firm is to deliver high quality, cost effective legal and business guidance to clients who need their help. Some of the business services they offer include business formation, preparing contracts, contract disputes/litigation, employment law and general counsel on call.


Funding Resources in Massachusetts

1) Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation

The Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation offers services such as subordinated financing, lines of credit, term loans, guarantees, working capital loans, technical assistance and other resources to small businesses and women or minority owned startups to help them start, manage and expand their business.

2) Southeastern Economic Development (SEED) Corporation

SEED is an extension of the Micro Loan Program that aims to assist entrepreneurs in starting their small business by providing them with numerous financing options from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Some of the financing options under SEED are the SBA 504 loan, revolving loan fund and micro loan program.

3)  BDC Capital Corporation

BDC Capital Corporation is the oldest business development corporation in the United States and one of the leading companies in business lending and capital investment. It has over 60 years of experience in the industry, investing more than $1 billion in capital. BDC offers numerous financing solutions for your needs, it offers line of credit so you can obtain your working capital needs, term loans and customized financing plans.

4) Monson Savings

Monson Savings in partnership with the SBA offers federal loans to help small business owners compete with the big companies. The private financing institution offers SBA loans which can provide entrepreneurs with lower rates or down payment options and special repayment plans fit for any budget. Aside from this, they also have their own business financing services. They offer business loans and mortgages, construction loans and lines and letters of credit.

5) Dedham Savings

Dedham Savings offers commercial lending to small business owners and entrepreneurs so that they’ll be able to propel their business ideas to the next level. A competent staff member will assist you in every step of applying for loans and programs; some of those offered are lines of credit, term financing for equipment purchase and the SBA 504 loan programs.

6) LowellFive

LowellFive is a full-service bank that aims to support the financial needs of your startup. The bank will connect and choose the right loans specific to your business needs, from lines of credit to flexible business loans, LowellFive will help your business succeed. Other financing options include commercial real estate loans, construction loans, term loans, SBA loans and small business banking partnership.

7) Business Barnstable

Business Barnstable provides small businesses with the capital they need to start their business or expand their operations. The organization mainly offers SBA loan programs such as the 7(a) Loan Program, Microloan Program and the CDC/504 Loan Program. They also offer other loans provided by the Cape & Islands Community Development, Inc, Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC), Town of Barnstable and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

8) Coastal Community Capital

The Coastal Community Capital is a corporation that has services for lenders, borrowers and businesses. Some of the lending options they offer include the 504 loan program, SBA (7)A program, USDA/Rural Development and other lending products. Coastal Community Capital also offers business resources such as workshops, mentoring and an event calendar.

9) Workers’ Credit Union

Workers’ Credit Union is a private financing organization with over 10 years of experience in providing financing options for new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of the lending options available are construction/land development loans, micro lending programs and lines of credit.

10) Bay Colony Development Corporation

The Bay Colony Development Corporation is a leading originator of SBA loan programs since 1981. The nonprofit corporation provides small and growing businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing for varying business needs. They mainly offer the 504 loan program by the SBA.

11) Holyoke Credit Union

Holyoke Credit Union is a private financing institution that aims to provide assistance to small businesses by offering numerous funding options. These include commercial mortgages, commercial loans, SBA loans and lines of credit. They also have a resource center that entrepreneurs can gain access to.

12) Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation

PERC is a small business and entrepreneur resource center in Berkshire County that connects loan applicants to the right loan or grant program. Some of the loans offered by the corporation are City of Pittsfield CDBG Handicapped Accessibility Loan Program, MA Economic Development Incentive Program, CDBG Technical Assistance Grant, State-funded Technical Assistance Grant, City of Pittsfield Economic Development Fund and the CDBG Micro-Loan Program.

13) Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC)

The Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) offers a wide variety of financial products for entrepreneurs who need financing for their small business. They offer financing options such as subordinated loans, lines of credit, term loans, contract and order purchase financing, guarantees, working capital and technical assistance.


Massachusetts Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in Massachusetts

A general startup guide on how to build a business in Massachusetts with a step-by-step explanation of the 4 essential procedures involved in starting a business. It also has a list of resources which you can use to make things easier for you.

2) How to Form an LLC in Massachusetts

A Limited Liability Company is a form of legal structure that you can choose when incorporating your business. Forming an LLC has numerous advantages and benefits, which is why, if you want to form one, it’s best that you read this guide. Every detail of the procedure is discussed on this comprehensively.

3) How to File a DBA in Massachusetts

A DBA is essential if you wish to run a business using an alternative name. To file a DBA in Massachusetts the easy way, this guide walks you through that process with a few additional insights, useful at the completion of your DBA registration.

4) How to Finance a Business in Massachusetts

Looking for funding or capital is one of the most difficult tasks when starting a business. In the state of Massachusetts, this guide has listed 5 excellent resources which you can use to start and grow your small business. It also has links so you can get started as soon as possible.

5) How to Get a Massachusetts Registered Agent

A Massachusetts Registered Agent will play a big role in your business; this professional is your partner in success so you need to hire a competent individual for this position. This guide discusses the requirements and restrictions when hiring one in a detailed way. Read this guide so you’ll be able to hire the best one for your small business.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Massachusetts

A corporation is another legal entity that you can form when incorporating your business. It protects you from liabilities and ensures the continuation of your business. If you want to form a corporation as quickly and efficiently as possible, this guide will help you through the entire process. It also has a list of useful resources that will help you manage your business.

7) How to Incorporate in Massachusetts

An easy-to-follow 4-step guide that teaches you how to incorporate in Massachusetts. Every step is explained as simply as possible so that first-time business owners and new entrepreneurs like you can thoroughly understand what is involved in the process of incorporation. By reading this guide, you’ll be fully prepared when incorporating your business.




A non-profit organization that provides business mentorship and coaching to new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the business industry. These programs are given by volunteers, expert professionals and business consultants who want to educate young entrepreneurs so that they’ll be able to contribute in the economic development of the nation.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency and the main source of small business resources and tools in the country. It has numerous programs from loans and grants, local assistance, business management training, workshops, events and a lot more.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online magazine that promises to simplify entrepreneurship. It features helpful content on different small business resources from incorporation services, accounting software, business planning and more. The magazine publishes numerous articles every month related to business and how you can survive your startup. It also offers Startup University, a virtual classroom where you can learn all that you need to know about entrepreneurship and business.

4) is one of the most popular business websites on the internet. It features articles about business; from the current trends and practices of the small business industry to the latest news and information. The site also provides entrepreneurs with business resources and tools that will help them start, lead and grow their business to success.

5) AllBusiness

Another great online business magazine is AllBusiness. AllBusiness provides business owners with the needed information to start a business in the U.S. It also conducts several studies every year, evaluating the health and situation of the small business industry in the country.


If you want a daily dose of inspiration, you can visit Wealthy Gorilla. It’s not just a website for entrepreneurs, it’s for everybody who wants to be inspired and stay motivated so they can achieve their long-term goals in life. Read true-life stories of people who were able to beat the odds and became successful in their chosen fields.


Your Massachusetts Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Business planning is essential before starting a business. While the majority of entrepreneurs don’t see the importance of a business plan today, it’s actually a powerful tool in the success of your business. Undeniably, writing a business plan is not easy. However, with the help of business plan software, the job of creating a solid and professional business plan for your business no longer requires you to have prior knowledge and experience in order to write one. One of the best business plan software solutions that I recommend is LivePlan. It has all the right tools and features to help you get started.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation is a requirement in many states if you’re starting a business. It is not only a complicated process that you have to go through because of requirement purposes; it is also an essential legal process that will protect you and your business in the long run. Incorporation is a long and challenging process; it can be exhausting for the first-time business owner, but with the help of online incorporation services like Incfile, MyCorporation and CorpNet, the task of incorporating your business is a lot easier.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is an imperative business tool that you need to have in this highly technological and advanced industry. Websites are one of the most innovative discoveries in the world of business and there’s no company that’s running now that doesn’t own a business website.

Good thing building a website is no longer that technical and expensive. You can even create your own if you read through guides and websites who will teach you how to set one up. However, if you want to avoid all the hassle and possible errors, you can use website building tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker. They’re two of the best online.

4) Accounting Software

Efficient financial management is key to the success of your small business. However, bookkeeping and accounting are not that easy to learn, they need constant practice and study before you can master them. Knowing that accounting errors can cost you your business, it’s best that you use an accounting software to assist you in your daily operations. Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks are software solutions that you should check out and try.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Massachusetts

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessMassachusetts is one of the friendliest states for small businesses, so if you’re planning to build a small business in the state, you’re doing the right thing! The state is not only known for its booming business industry, it is also the number one state in the entire nation when it comes to education with the famous Harvard University located in Cambridge.

Its workforce, technology and infrastructures are also one of the best in the entire country, making it more convenient to start a small business in the state. Most of all, it has a united community with both government agencies and private organizations helping hand-in-hand to develop support programs and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs who are building small businesses and startups in Massachusetts.

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