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58 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Kansas

Resources for Starting a Business

Kansas has a skilled and educated workforce, lenient taxations and regulations, and is ranked the 26th best state to start a small business. The state is also highly supportive of startups and new businesses, seeing them as a way to promote economic development.

That said, here are the 58 best resources for starting a business in Kansas that you can use to kickstart your great idea. These resources will help you compete not just in the Kansas, but globally as well.


Kansas Small Business Resources

1) Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc.

Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc. is an online business magazine that gives entrepreneurs and small business owners with the latest information and news in the small business industry. The aim of the business website is to help small businesses think bigger and grow bigger. It achieves this goal by sharing resources and tools in a variety of platforms such as monthly and annual magazines, weekly email newsletters, online radio shows, live events and a Learning Center.

2) KCSourceLink

KCSourceLink is a business website that helps small businesses grow and succeed. The site provides small businesses with free and accessible resources and tools. It also provides numerous business-related services such as business planning, loans/financing, marketing/sales, licenses/permits, training classes and government contracts.

3) Kansas Small Business Development Center

The Kansas SBDC is a government initiative that assists entrepreneurs to understand the basics of running a business, how to start a business and how to grow a business. The agency provides resources, workshops and training that will enable small business owners to bring their business to success. They also have consultancy services which is free of charge.

4) City of Lawrence

The City of Lawrence in Kansas understands the value that small businesses bring within the states, thus, it welcomes entrepreneurs and small businesses in the city. The City of Lawrence helps you stay committed and assists you in the preparation phase of building a business. They also have an available City Business Resource Guide that will help you go through the entire journey of turning your business dreams into reality. The City also provides business education workshops and training.

5) Women’s Business Center

The Women’s Business Center is a gender-focused organization that aims to empower women to achieve financial success through business. They provide training and support and entrepreneurial resources to assist women entrepreneurs who want to start their business in Kansas. The site also provides the latest news and events in the small business industry.

6) Meritrust Credit Union

The Meritrust Credit Union is not only a financial institution that offers loans and capital, it also provides small business owners with the resources to grow their business. The organization also offers a competent business services team to cater to the different needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. In their site, they’ve created a list of websites to guide you as you research organization types, financing options and additional resources.

7) Leavenworth County

Leavenworth County Development Corporation is both a public and private organization that has the primary goal of facilitating the creation and retention of jobs by supporting businesses in the county. The LCDC features business resources and training as well as reports and studies related to business.

8) WichitaSmallBusiness.com

WichitaSmallBusiness.com is a website where small businesses are thoroughly supported through free business tools and great site links. Some of the resources the site has are free books, forms, checklists, calculators and a lot more. It also has a comprehensive list of helpful links.

9) Innovate Kansas

Innovate Kansas is a website that helps entrepreneurs launch their new business or expand their current organizations. It also developed a list of helpful business resources that can fully assist entrepreneurs as they start their business in Kansas. The site also has numerous business incubators and universities and institutes that offer services to entrepreneurs.

10) Network Kansas

Network Kansas is a business website that helps entrepreneurs start or grow their small business. It has all the resources you need regardless what stage you are in the business lifecycle. The organization has over 500 partners that aim to provide business-building services to startups and established businesses. You can use their resource navigator, chat with a coordinator or email one.

11) Midwest Venture Alliance

Midwest Venture Alliance is an online business blog that provides assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners. The blog provides entrepreneur resources, investor resources, venture capital and business tools. It also features the latest news and information about the small business industry in Kansas.

12) Competitive Computer Resource

The Competitive Computer Resource is a business website that introduces small business facts to entrepreneurs. It also provides small business resources, tools and links to aspiring entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business in Kansas. With local business information that it provides, the website aims to promote small businesses within the state.

13) Small Biz KC

Small Biz KC is a business blog that has one mission: to support small businesses in Kansas City. The blog helps entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses by offering them services such as business planning assistance, discussing government contracts, grants, legal and regulatory issues and gives you information on managing your business, business mentorship and counseling.

14) Will Gladhart Consulting

Will Gladhart Consulting is a digital and social media marketing firm that not only provides services within the field, it also shares free small business resources to entrepreneurs who want to build a business in Kansas.


Free Kansas Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in Kansas

Starting a business is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will introduce you to 6 easy steps which you can follow to build your business to success. It also contains useful small business resources which you can try out for free or at an affordable price. Start your business without worries and make this guide your reference.

2) How to Form an LLC in Kansas

An LLC is one legal structure that will give you so many benefits, it will also protect your business in the long run. If you’re planning to form your Kansas business as an LLC, you can read this guide to learn that there are 5 easy-to-follow steps that you can use to incorporate with ease.

3) How to Finance a Business in Kansas

Capital or funding is very important when starting a business. You need to have enough financial resources to build your business efficiently, if not, it will eventually fail. However, looking for funding is not the easiest of tasks, but this guide will give you 5 excellent resources for financing in the state of Kansas. Read each one carefully and see which best fits your interest.

4) How to Get a Kansas Registered Agent

A Kansas Registered Agent will play a big role in the success of your business, not to mention, choosing one is a mandatory requirement in any state and that includes Kansas. The hiring and screening process is one of the most difficult because there are so many professional registered agents within the state, however, if you read this guide which contains the requirements and restrictions that you need to look for in your Kansas Registered Agent, you’ll be able to choose the best one.

5) How to Form a Corporation in Kansas

Many businesses in the United States are incorporated under corporation because it has so many advantages in store for entrepreneurs and business owners. For one, it will protect you from liabilities, so if you want to form a corporation but have no idea how, this step-by-step guide may be of great help to you. It discusses every step comprehensively and even provides you with resources that you can try.

6) How to Incorporate in Kansas

Every business owner should incorporate their startup before they decide to operate because not doing so could create problems in the future. Incorporation is not an easy process, but with this simple guide, you’ll be able to incorporate your business in no time.


Kansas Startup Communities & Co Working Spaces

1) SunChips Business Incubator – Greensburg

The SunChips Business Incubator in Greensburg promotes green businesses within the county. However, they also welcome non-green businesses to learn and grow with them. The incubator is a quick, easy and affordable way to assist Greensburg in getting back to business. The business incubator has available spaces for lease for entrepreneurs who want to be part of Greensburg’s mission.

2) Kansas City Startup Foundation

The Kansas City Startup Foundation is a community of creative and innovative entrepreneurs whose main goal is to change the perspective of people on entrepreneurship and startup communities. It aims to raise awareness on the importance of small businesses in Kansas. To support entrepreneurs, the foundation offers mentoring and coaching, promotes collaboration and research and will assist you in solving business problems.

3) Village Square Coworking Studio

The Village Square coworking studio and event space is situated in the heart of Kansas City. It is a community of inspired, creative and passionate entrepreneurs who want to make Kansas an even better place to conduct business by creating innovative business ideas. They offer facilities such a dedicated desk+mailbox, small and large meeting rooms, drop-in pass and many other amenities.

4) PlexPod

Plexpod is a coworking space, community and resource provider that aids small business owners in starting and building their business. It offers a relaxed and focused environment through dedicated workstations, private offices, team suites, creative studios, large event spaces and conference rooms complete with state-of-the-art amenities.

5) The Labor Party

Labor Party is a coworking space committed to helping entrepreneurs who want to bring out the creative side in business. It offers affordable workspaces and gives you access to shared or private offices, reserved conference rooms and presentations spaces. Most of all, it gathers together like-minded individuals who work and share ideas together to make Kansas a better place for business.

6) Startup Wichita

Startup Wichita is a community organization that aims to create connections among entrepreneurs, startups and tech communities within Wichita, Kansas. Startup Wichita also organizes events and programs that gather together creative professionals who want to make a difference in the community.


Small Business Professional Services in Kansas

1) Aspire Business Development

Aspire Business Development is a business coaching firm that offers numerous services such as one-on-one discussions, evaluation and planning, peer group advisory groups, networking and brainstorming opportunities, in-depth financial benchmarking and analysis and interactive workshops. The firm will also assist you in staying focused and being on-track as well as creating clear and accountable business decisions. They also give you business networking tips and explosive networking reports.

2) Axcet HR Solutions

Axcet HR Solutions is a business firm founded 13 years ago that offers services such as payroll management, government compliance, risk management and other employee matters. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, the firm assures you of the best service so you can bring your small business to greater heights.

3) CMT Corporate Consulting Inc.

CMT Corporate Consulting Inc. is a business firm that blends personal service and expertise. They offer a broad range of services for entrepreneurs, executives and independent professionals. Some of the services they offer include small business accounting, Quickbooks and Peachtree Services, Payroll management, cash flow management, business financing, bank financing, new business formation and succession planning.

4) Lindburg Vogel Pierce Faris

Lindburg Vogel Pierce Faris is a small business accounting firm that assists entrepreneurs in running their business and generating profits. They will help you create a solid foundation for your small business accounting system. You can also add services such as adding payroll, tax planning, tax preparation and other business services. They will also assist you in reconciling your bank accounts, income statements and balance sheets.

5) Adams Accounting Solutions

Adams Accounting Solutions is a small business accounting, tax preparation and legal company that has been in the industry for over 25 years. It assists entrepreneurs in finding the right accounting solution to help their business succeed. The firm is also a general small business specialist that aids business owners in all aspects of their company. Other services include payroll tax management, income tax preparation, operations consulting, and software support.

6) Glass Consulting

Glass Consulting is a small business accounting and consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs increase their cash flow, obtain better financial reports, keep their records organized, control fraud and upgrade their accounting systems to better manage their small business. Aside from these services, they also offers Quickbooks consulting, tax preparation and Xero accounting.

7) Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions is a business firm located in the greater Kansas City metro area that offers services such as accounting, payroll, taxes and business counseling. It has over 30 years of solid experience in the small business industry helping entrepreneurs increase their profitability, decrease taxes and giving them legal advice to run their business effectively.

8) Benson Accounting

Benson Accounting, CPA is a small business accounting firm that provides services to small businesses and individuals who are starting a business in Kansas. It is a full-service accounting firm that helps you keep your books and handles your tax preparation. Some of its other small accounting services include accounting reviews, financial audits, bookkeeping services, payroll services and Quickbooks training and consulting.

9) Topeka KS CPA Accounting

Steven A. Ridpath, CPA, P.A. is a small business accounting firm in Topeka that aims to assist entrepreneurs by developing personalized accounting and tax solutions for their business needs. They will assist you so you can save money on taxes, prepare your financial statements, help you set a working budget and a lot more. Some of the accounting services they offer include business advisor services accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting and outsourced accounting.

10) Criser+Gough+Parrish

Criser, Gough & Parrish is a full service tax, accounting, business consulting and financial planning firm that helps you secure your small business’s financial future. The firm aims to make a difference in the lives of their clients by providing quality services and assistance. With a passionate team of business professionals to help you, you are assured that you are placing your small business in good hands.

11) Knabe Tax and Accounting Group

Knabe Tax and Accounting Group Inc. is an accounting firm that caters to small business owners and managers who want assistance as they build their business in Kansas. The firm offers a variety of small business accounting services to local businesses around Wichita, Kansas. Small business accountants from Knabe Tax and Accounting Group will do your number crunching for you. The local firm assures you of a quick response, flexible hours, personalized attention and year round service. Knabe Tax and Accounting Group is totally committed to client satisfaction.

12) Fox and Associates Inc.

Fox and Associates Inc. is a small accounting, consulting and tax firm that has been in the industry for more than 25 years. It has provided the best solutions for all types of small businesses through numerous services such as tax preparation, tax services, IRS representation, consulting services, business entity selection, bookkeeping/write-up, audits, reviews and compilations, payroll services and financial forecasts projections.

13) Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski

The Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski, P.A. provides cost-effective legal solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs in fields such as estate planning, probate, small business advising and contract review. The law firm has been in the industry for over 14 years so it definitely knows what you need on a legal perspective. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, the Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski assures you of personalized service.

14) The Dorsch Law Firm

The Dorsch Law Firm is your trusted advisor when it comes to starting and managing your business efficiently. They will help you with your business concerns and assess certain areas of vulnerability and how you will be able to eliminate these problems. Some of the firm’s practice areas include asset protection, business succession planning, small business law and Limited Liability Company.

15) McPherson Law Firm

The McPherson Law Firm understands the needs of small businesses which is why they provide you with skilled and trained attorneys to assist you in forming your company, drafting or negotiating contracts, protecting yourself as a business owner and other legal matters that need attention. The firm will also help you create informed decisions with the knowledge of business law and consideration for ethical standards.


Funding Resources in Kansas

1) South Central Kansas Economic Development District

The SCKEDD is an institution that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find financing solutions and strategies to assist their startups to grow. It is authorized by the Small Business Administration to execute the SBA 504 loan, SBA 7(a) and the SBA Microloan Program. Other than this, they also offer business and industry guaranteed loan programs, intermediary relending program, revolving loan, rural business development program and the rural microenterprise assistance program.

2) Heartland Business Capital

The Heartland Business Capital is a financial agency that helps small businesses throughout Kansas City grow by offering the SBA’s 504 loans. They offer a financial calculator that customizes and tailors specific financing structures depending on your business needs. Heartland Business Capital has assisted hundreds of businesses and startups, all throughout the Kansas City metro area, and it has no signs of slowing down.

3) LoanMart

LoanMart is a financing company that has provided entrepreneurs with alternative lending since its launch in 2002. They will help you look for the right funding for your business based on your needs and requirements. The company has a team of experts that assists business owners with their small business loans in the state of Kansas.

4) Strategic Capital

Strategic Capital is one of the most well-established funding companies in the state of Kansas. It is a reputable and reliable company that has helped hundreds of small businesses grow. Strategic Capital boasts of excellent services such as loan approval in as fast as 1 hour, high applicant approval rates, funding in as fast as 24 hours, simple repayment terms and commitment to client goals and objectives.

5) North Central Regional Planning Commission

North Central Regional Planning Commission is a government initiative that offers specialized programs and services to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business through financing options. Some of the loans the agency offers include low-interest revolving loan fund programs, startup Kansas loan program and Kansas Capital Multiplier Fund. They also made a list of regional and local funds that entrepreneurs can check out.

6) Wichita Business Loans

Wichita Business Loans is a financial company that provides loans to small business owners and entrepreneurs in Kansas. Aside from offering business loans, the agency also offers business services and provides small business resources and tools that will help entrepreneurs kick start their startups.

7) eSmallbusinessloan.com

eSmallbusinessloan.com is a financing company that specializes in providing alternative financing options other than traditional bank loans and lines of credit. The main goal of the company is to help entrepreneurs find the best financing partner to give them the working capital so they can start and run their business effectively. eSmallbusinessloan assures you of fast funding, easy application, better rates, free service, no collateral and superior customer service.




SCORE is a non-profit organization that offers mentorship and coaching programs to entrepreneurs so that they’ll be able to start and manage their new or existing businesses efficiently. The organization is composed of volunteer business consultants and professionals with the aim to educate entrepreneurs so they can compete with Kansas’ business industry and the global market.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency assigned to guide and provide resources and tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their dream business. The agency specifically provides local assistance, a list of grants and loans and business management training and workshops.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online business magazine that aims to simplify entrepreneurship to small business owners. Taking advantage of new innovations in the business industry, the online magazine introduces free and affordable small business resources which every entrepreneur can take advantage of. With budding entrepreneurs like you in mind, Startup Savant also features motivational and inspirational articles that will help you go through the challenging process of starting a business.

4) Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is a highly famous online business website that basically has every business topic that you could think of. The business website features the latest trends and practices in the small business industry and you can also read from hundreds of articles which will encourage and inspire you to work harder. If you want to keep yourself up-to-date with current business news and information, Entrepreneur.com is your go-to website.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness, another free online business magazine provides startup information to help entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into ventures. AllBusiness is specifically designed for small business owners with companies having 500 or under employees. It is a website that conducts studies and researches, regarding the small business industry’s overall health and progress.

6) WealthyGorilla.com

Wealthy Gorilla is not just for entrepreneurs and business owners, it is an inspirational blog that features some of the most interesting and heart-warming true-life stories of people and situations that will surely give you that added boost of encouragement. The blog’s mission is to change and make people’s lives better.


Your Kansas Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Business planning should be your first priority before you decide to start a business in any state. With the proper business preparation, you’ll be able to increase your chances of success and you’ll even be able to allocate resources adequately while staying on budget.

However, writing a business plan can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the skills and experience to create one. If you need something that can help you while you write it on your own, there are business software solutions that can help you. One of them is LivePlan; the software has all the right tools that will assist you in writing a solid business plan for your startup.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation is an essential process which will protect you and your business from future liabilities. The process involves the preparation of several documents and understanding procedures so you can complete the incorporation of your business.

Incorporation is not the simplest of processes and if you want some form of assistance, there are online incorporation services that are ready to help you out. Three of the great online incorporation providers are Incfile, MyCorporation and CorpNet; all three are highly recommended and they also have the track record to show just how efficient they are in processing your business’s incorporation.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is important for a variety of reasons. First, it allows you to reach a wide base of your target population; second, it enables you to establish your company’s branding better and market your products and services easier. You are also more accessible and reachable by your customers, thus, increasing sales.

Good thing, building a business website is easier thanks to website building tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker. They are two of the best in the industry, you should definitely check them out and see if you want to use their services.

4) Accounting Software

Accounting is a major part of doing business. Without the ability to keep track of your expenses and record your business finances properly, your small business will eventually fail. This is the main reason why you need to learn the skill of accounting and bookkeeping. But these skills are not easy to learn, so if you want some assistance, you can use accounting software tools like Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These 3 are proven and tested in the industry, you won’t regret using their their services.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Kansas

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessStarting a business demands proper preparation and planning. Sometimes, it can be difficult, especially if you’re still a first-time business owner; you can hire the services of professionals, but this is not practical as you’ll have to pay for professional fees. Little do many new entrepreneurs know, there are numerous small business resources that they can use to start building their startups for free.

You can visit government sites and chambers of commerce in your county or city to ask for assistance. There are also a lot of private and nonprofit organizations who are willing to help small business owners, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Since all these resources are available to you, it’s best that you take advantage of each one. Good luck!

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