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80 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Indiana

Resources for Starting a Business

In 2014, Indiana was ranked 8th in the Small Business Policy Index – most entrepreneur-friendly states conducted by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE). In 2015, Chief Executive Magazine initiated a survey of the “best and worst states” for business in the U.S. and Indiana was ranked 6th in the best states to start a small business, maintaining its place since 2014.

In 2016, the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index showed that Indiana is 8th in the U.S. with the best business tax climates.

If you’re planning to start a business in Indiana, you’re making an excellent choice! To top it of, the state’s government and private sectors have joined together to offer numerous state resources which aspiring entrepreneurs like you can take advantage of. To help you get started, here are the top 80 resources for starting a business in Indiana.


Top 10+ Indiana Small Business Resources

1) Indiana Small Business Connection

A free social networking site dedicated to serve small businesses in Indiana by providing you several activities and assistance programs like entrepreneurship events, support groups, open forums, photos and videos and blogs which you can access. Its main goal is to develop Indiana further into a thriving economic destination uniting people and communities through business.

2) Greater Elkhart Chamber

The Greater Elkhart Chamber provides direct assistance to entrepreneurs associated with operating a firm or starting a new business venture through programs offering a wide variety of services. They adequately address the many needs of small businesses thus reducing the cost and problems to both emerging and established companies with the use of their separate programs.

3) Indiana Chamber

Indiana Chamber is a membership association for businesses who are focused on providing different services and advocacies to small businesses. The business membership organization that offers compliance-related publications and seminars to educate businesses about state and federal regulations.


A development center that helps ideas become successful businesses, created to have a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth and sustainability of small businesses in Indiana. They provide expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources to entrepreneurs through a continuous focus on impact and provide tangible value needs to clients aside from just holding training events and meeting with clients.

5) Business Ownership Initiative

Business Ownership Initiative offers free one-on-one mentorship, microloan programs and training to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses and provide access to funding. They are responsive to client’s needs which allows them to address the unique opportunities and challenges that will arise as an entrepreneur runs his/her business.

6) Indiana Bedford Public Library

Bedford Public Library has worked to help you improve or start your small business by providing you with access to resources. With the focus on helping grow your business, the Indiana Bedford Public Library has partnered with several agencies to give you links to information regarding organizations and agencies that can help you. Some of their partner organizations include the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council.

7) Southwest Indiana Chamber

A nonprofit business organization that serves as a commerce concierge to their members that is always on standby, ready to directly provide requested services to those seeking assistance with providers who can help. They identify, anticipate and respond in a proactive and strategic approach towards challenges faced by members and the regional business community at large.

8) Indy Smallbiz

Indy Smallbiz is a monthly magazine that helps your business grow and increase your profit with the focus on the needs and interests of the small business community. Through a team of professionals and state of the art technology, they provide quality journalism, research, topic selection and graphic design while maintaining the highest level of publishing integrity and responsiveness to the business community.

9) Jasper County Public Library

Jasper County Public Library is a government initiated agency that serves all of Jasper County, Indiana, with the exception of Remington and Carpenter Township that are funded primarily by county property taxes. Their mission is to inform, enrich and empower the diverse community to meet the educational needs of the district’s residents.

10) Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

The chamber is a government agency with strong leadership that serves to promote local economy and works to create new opportunities for members, businesses and residents that strive to make Indiana County an ideal place for businesses to grow and thrive.

11) The Indianapolis Public Library

The Indianapolis Public Library aims to improve our patrons’ experiences with the focus on providing access to information both in the library and on the web. They revised their website to provide easy access to the information and resources you are looking for thus making the site more accessible and more professional, and provide better quality content.

12) Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce

Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce provides the best service possible, giving value and benefits to the membership. The goal of the chamber of commerce is to contribute to economic growth and diversity, aide in the promotion of educational excellence and collaborate with the community on discussing pressing issues to create efficient courses of action.

13) Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Metro Chamber Alliance

The organization serves as a single-point-of-contact for economic growth in Greater Fort Wayne that unifies the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance and the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. They believe that an organization’s communication at all touchpoints must be harmonious to be able to achieve more through a common vision and leadership and enhance the community’s overall competitiveness.

14) Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center

Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center serves as the local economic development organization to promote investment in Putnam County which aims to improve the quality of job opportunities, hasten economic growth, and enhance the quality of life in the county. The Development Center can pull together a comprehensive team of local leaders, board members and others when the business community and local government recruit the Center’s assistance for a variety of projects.

15) Indiana

A resource site for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses that focus on providing information that will be useful to the startup community. Their goal is to promote Indiana as a great place to start a business wherein they are also interested in hearing from Indiana entrepreneurs that would like to contribute to the site.

16) Building Indiana

Building Indiana is a business-to-business magazine in Indiana covering topics as diverse as construction, tourism, real estate, finance, human resources, business management strategies and much more. A full-service marketing communications and public relations agency that is published by Diversified Marketing Strategies where management and readers share a belief in quality and access to information needed to enhance business success.


Free Indiana Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in Indiana

A general and easy-to-follow guide that will enable you to start your Indiana small business with ease. This useful guide has special emphasis on how to go through the steps of a business effectively. Tips and quick links to some practical resources are also included in this guide, check them out!

2) How to Form an LLC in Indiana

The first step to incorporate is to choose a legal entity for your Indiana startup – a Limited Liability Company is one of those structures. It’s a complicated process and this guide aims to make everything easier. Follow the steps in this guide and use some of the resources to fast track your LLC formation.

3) How to Finance a Business in Indiana

Looking for financing for your Indiana small business is a difficult task, however, this guide will introduce you to 5 effective methods that will enable you to look for funding easily. Every method is defined comprehensively, with vital information that you may need when deciding.

4) How to Get an Indiana Registered Agent

An Indiana Registered Agent will play a great role in your small business, which is why you need to understand their job functions and what requirements you must consider when hiring one. This guide will give you information on the top 5 functions of a registered agent and the basic and additional requirements that you must follow when hiring one.

5) How to Form a Corporation in Indiana

A corporation is a form of entity that can give you and your business countless benefits and advantages. However, forming one is quite a challenge and this guide will teach you how to simplify the process. Apart from discussing the basic steps, this guide will also discuss some requirements which you have to comply with in order to fully launch you Indiana corporation.

6) How to Incorporate in Indiana

Incorporation is a long and tiring process, however, it doesn’t need to be difficult. The aim of this guide is to guide you through the steps of forming your business into an entity. It discusses every step comprehensively and even provides you with practical useful resources which will assist you in incorporation.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives, popularly known as SCORE, provides small business entrepreneurs with free one-on-one business counseling, mentoring, and assistance. SCORE has a number of volunteer professionals who are competent, experienced and reliable to provide you the best guidance as you build your startup.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is the largest provider of support services for small businesses in the country. The agency looks after the interests of small businesses all across the U.S. providing all-out support in assistance programs. It has satellite district offices available to help aspiring entrepreneurs in all parts of the nation.


An active non-profit organization that provides small business assistance and programs with numerous district offices. SBDC has prepared a line up of assistance programs including a wide range of business mentorship programs, training, workshops and seminars valuable to the new entrepreneur.

4) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a credible small business online magazine that features how-to guides, inspirational stories, and tools to jumpstart your startup in no time. The magazine covers a range of how-to guides in various states from how to form a business in different structures, how to hire a qualified registered agent, how to file a DBA, how to look for financing and a lot more.

5) is the go-to on everything entrepreneurship and business. The online magazine provides readers with the information and latest trends and news about small business practices. The magazine also features inspiring, motivational and encouraging content about entrepreneurship and life experiences.

6) AllBusiness

A free business online magazine, AllBusiness assists entrepreneurs on the different steps of building a business. From starting your Indiana small business, creating sales to marketing, finance, HR and daily operations, everything can be found at AllBusiness. They also introduce you to resources which you can use for your Indiana small business.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is an inspirational business magazine that features true-life stories of entrepreneurs and their experiences. From failure to success, from difficulties and obstacles and how they managed to overcome them, these encouraging stories will truly inspire you. The magazine also features content on helpful tips and guides of starting a business.


Funding Resources in Indiana

1) Mutual Bank

Mutual Bank offers a vast array of financing alternatives for the financial needs of their clients. They provide you with working capital financing, fixed asset acquisition funding and seasonal borrowing needs while their experienced lending team will help you structure a flexible loan program and will help properly manage your cash flow.

2) 3 Rivers

A cooperative that exists as a result of the philosophy of “people helping people” committed to investing and enhancing the lives of people through financial support and volunteerism. 3 Rivers has established Professional Member Services where you will have access to a dedicated 3Rivers team member who will work with a local team of experts to help busy professionals with their money matters.

3) Indiana Members Credit Union

A financial institution owned and operated by its members that make your banking simple and convenient with their great products and services. The credit union makes low-cost credit available to the employees through a national cooperative system where the credit union’s profits are returned to their members in the form of better rates and services.

4) Fairway Commercial Lending

Fairway Commercial Lending is a national non-bank lender that offers a streamline commercial loan process with customized matching of loan programs and funding sources based on the unique needs and objectives of their client. They specialize in small business, healthcare and investment property financing accompanied with a team that has the ability to identify and deliver creative loan solutions that are the best available in the market.

5) Human Services Inc.

An agency committed to “People helping people” by providing grass root programs to the lower income population. Their initiatives to assist with legal needs, housing, family planning, community planning, and the VISTA volunteer program created the opportunity to build community partnership and collaborations for the purpose of reducing barriers to a population.


STAR Financial Group Inc. is the parent company of STAR Financial Bank which is an Indiana based community bank that offers licensed professional services in financial planning, trust and asset management, and insurance. Also known for its culture of delivering quality service personalized banking solutions and innovative use of technology.

7) Cambridge Capital Management Corp.

Cambridge Capital was established to assist aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives as they build, manage and grow their Indiana small business. They provide non-traditional sources of growth capital for promising companies including those that will not qualify for traditional business loans. The corporation has a team of problem solvers who will tailor a financial package to fit for your needs.

8) Forum Credit Union

Forum Credit Union began with just volunteers and has since experienced huge growth by offering innovative services and considering their members’ needs as a top priority. The Forum is owned by its members where they are able to return profits to its members through higher savings rates and lower loan rates. At the same time they also provide opportunity for members to successfully take control of their money and make it work harder for them.

9) Skylight Commercial Lending

A commercial lending provider that provides traditional and nontraditional lending with the purpose of helping businesses to grow and that offers all types of business lending services. They are creating the future for all types of commercial lending as they have developed a platform for lending that looks at new and different ways that lending should be done.

10) Business Funding 100% Financing

A consulting service where their funding strategy is a program established by the Securities and Exchange Commission called the Regulation D Private Placement Program which is specifically designed for small to medium businesses to provide a legal foundation for seeking funds from private investors. Some features of this strategy are 100% funding, no payment penalties, straight debt/equity financing and interest rates and terms that you set.

11) Indiana Business Funding

A business funding that offers services in advertising, business, news, sales training, small business, and team building. They provide business suggestions, techniques and strategies for entrepreneurs that can be helpful in starting or growing their business.

12) E Small Business Loan

E Small Business Loan partners with their clients to deliver the cash they need to keep their business running effectively wherein they specialize in providing alternatives to traditional bank loans and lines of credit in Indiana. They allow you to choose between a commercial cash advance or a merchant cash advance while establishing a simple payment structure that eliminates large monthly repayment terms.


MWBEzone helps develop minority or women owned enterprises by providing grants, funding opportunities, awards and contracts to keep business owners informed about the latest government and foundation contracts and grants currently available on their user friendly website. Researchers and business associates publish the newest grants and contracts and archive postings on MWBEzone; they work diligently to translate contract and grant languages into layman’s terms and categorize them for easy searching.


Indiana Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) Launch Fishers

A home to many successful companies that serve the unique needs of entrepreneurs working to start and build high-potential enterprises across a broad range of categories. Expanding its economic development activities by providing high-impact entrepreneurs with a collaborative co-working space they can use to create the next generation of successes.

2) Elevate Ventures

A not-for-profit organization that offers unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations that nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. They seek out business endeavors that identify a need in the marketplace and are well-positioned to successfully transition from research to product development to market by providing rigorous business analysis and robust advisory services that connect companies with the resources they need to succeed.

3) Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

An economic development agency that operates like a business established in order to respond quickly to the needs of businesses. It focuses its efforts on growing and retaining businesses in Indiana and attracting new business to the state that is organized as a public private partnership governed by a board of directors.

4) Allos Ventures

Allos was formed to invest in early-stage companies, augmenting the capital provided by high net worth individuals who have helped the companies reach a stage at which they are ready for their first institutional financing round. They allow you to tap into even broader experience base of business-building expertise as many of their investors are successful technology company entrepreneurs.

5) Speak Easy

A member based non-profit organization that cultivates the healthiest entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings established businesses and entrepreneurs together for the good of everyone in Indianapolis. They have many members such as programmers, freelancers, the business minded, tech savvy, first time entrepreneurs and experienced professionals that have brought together active and engaged entrepreneurs at every stage of business.

6) Flagship Enterprise Center

A regional incubator and advanced stage business center with a vision to transform the community into a destination of choice for entrepreneurial businesses and business leaders who will create new enterprises, new jobs, and new markets resulting in economic renewal and diversity. They encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in communities and providing mentoring, networking, business services, educational opportunities and access to capital to be a premier technological business incubator and contributing to the long-term economic development of the communities of Anderson, Madison County and the state of Indiana.

9) Velocity

Velocity is a leadership organization that focuses on building great entrepreneurs by hastening the development of the entrepreneurial environment in Southern Indiana and its surrounding counties. Their accelerator program will take your idea to the next stage of growth as they teach you how to discover, develop and close customers, build strategic partnerships and raise money.

10) Startup Front

Startup Front is a technologically focused effort among technology professionals and entrepreneurs with the express purpose of offering a startup accelerator program with access to startup venture funds, mentoring and guidance. The group supports hacker development, and hipsters in Indiana.

11) Exit 31

Exit 31 is an incubator that has developed a unique active engagement model for funding and growing early stage tech startups. They are composed of designers, engineers, strategists, and operators that offer services where they hand craft unique, beautifully functional web and mobile apps and the strategies to maximize their impact.

12) Innovation Connector

A full service business incubator to help entrepreneurs in East Central Indiana community by offering resources and support to address their ever changing needs. The Innovation Connector exists for the purpose to improve the economy of Muncie and East Central Indiana by supporting and accelerating the creation of successful technology based and emerging businesses.

13) The Anvil

The Anvil is a student-run coworking space open 24/7 for student and community members to collaborate and work on projects and businesses. The community connects entrepreneurs and creatives from all different backgrounds and majors that develop a strong network and provides access to learning opportunities, as well as access to services by Amazon Web Services, Name cheap and online learning platforms.

14) Z Works

A membership based nonprofit entrepreneurial and coworking center that is focused on serving as an economic development engine for Zionsville. Membership includes many benefits and is optimized for all types of work such as collaboration or solo work with lots of amenities. Members also have the opportunity to meet and do business with other members as well as tap into startup business acceleration programming and resources.

15) Matchbox Coworking Studio

Match Box provides a great place for the hobbyist with a crazy new idea, the moonlighting entrepreneur, or the professional office nomad to start a new business, or to grow an existing small business. It’s a home for the creative class throughout the Midwest to help collaborate and contribute to the success of others.

16) The Branch

The Branch offers the infrastructure you need like office space, meeting place, and a professional community, allowing you to focus on your business. Much more than office and coworking space, they build a community of startups, freelancers and small businesses that would benefit from a professional, flexible environment in which to work with projects or with a team.

17) Current Blend

Current Blend is a place for you to work and get your start-up ideas off the ground as they provide an inspirational work atmosphere to help you clear your head. With their partner organizations such as space planners and furniture manufacturers, they create the best space for you to plan and execute at the same time join a community of people like you such as business builders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and idea people.

18) Zoseco Coworking

A shared office space and coworking in downtown Valparaiso that is a supportive community for remote workers, freelancers, small businesses, and startups. They help people invest in themselves at the best place possible as they believe that the environment plays a huge part in their success.


Small Business Professional Services in Indiana

1) BVP Legal Innovative Business Counsel

The law office provides practical approaches to legal matters and dispute resolution to Indiana businesses, entrepreneurs, internet businesses, and start-up businesses with the philosophy to provide legal services in a simple and affordable manner. They work with business owners to tackle problems and develop real-world solutions with a fixed fee basis.

2) Black Clay LLC Attorneys

Black Clay LLC offer comprehensive business formation services to help small businesses establish the foundation to grow and prosper as they assist your small  business through the process, including all required registrations with the necessary state and federal authorities. Their attorneys have the expertise and experience to help protect the owners and investors while establishing a platform from which the business can flourish.

3) TMA Small Business Accounting

The firm delivers professional services to small businesses in Central Indiana while recognizing the value of a personal hands-on approach to doing business and earning clients for life. They have strong experience and expertise in working with businesses in the healthcare and food service industries that are committed to carrying out services with integrity, excellence, and respect for others.

4) Smith Rayl Law Office, LLC

Smith Rayl Law Office offers personal services, practical advice for businesses and nonprofit organizations anywhere in Indiana. Cases are directly handled by Michael Smith, a lawyer with extensive experience in business law and related areas. They work to find a solution to your legal problems with many different solutions that is not only correct but also practical.

5) Gatlin CPA Group

A knowledgeable Indiana CPA firm and business advisor concentrating on the efforts on meeting the accounting and bookkeeping demands of small businesses by providing the support businesses need to stay on top of their finances. They minimize the burden by keeping books organized and accurate, deliver useful financial reports, and implement tax planning strategies.

6) Carson Boxberger

Carson Boxberger creates success for local startups to global leaders through wise counsel. Their practice focuses on strategic counsel in various legal dealings and issues as they partner with business leaders for everything from urgent or one-time issues to ongoing legal counsel.

7) Parr Richey Obremskey Frandsen & Patterson LLP

Parr Richey Obremskey Frandsen & Patterson is experienced in representing clients in a broad range of practice areas with a rich tradition of vigorously representing its client’s interests before courts, administrative agencies, and other tribunals in Indiana and throughout the United States. The firm serves a wide variety of clients, providing a broad range of legal services that has extended the scope of its representation of utilities to new entrants.

8) Burke Costanza & Carberry (BCC)

A firm that takes great pride in its heritage as they offer a wide range of legal advice and counseling to issues that business owners face by providing independent professional judgement, commitment, and consistent with its leadership position among lawyers in Northwest Indiana. The lawyers are guided by the principles of the firm founders to maintain tradition and values.

9) Amy Northard, CPA

An accountant for creatives that offers tax services in the most convenient way. Clients can chat with her or e-mail organizers virtually as she electronically files your Federal and State forms without the hassle of going out and personally meeting with her. A resource for all accounting questions with an affordable consulting rate while treating clients with care throughout every step of the process.

10) Small Business Services CPA Group (SBS)

A firm that provides a wide area of services as CPA’s partner with hundreds of businesses allowing them to develop a great deal of expertise in dealing with the issues that face small business owners. The firm specializes in the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs of small business owners that work with one specific CPA for him/her to learn a great deal about the client to better assist clients.

11) Wheeler & Associates, PC

Wheeler & Associates is a small firm focused on individual income tax return preparation and planning, small non-public owner managed businesses in a variety of industries, computerized accounting system needs, and associated management consulting. They purposely remain a small firm to maintain the close, personal relationship with clients, while offering quality services and recommending, on an ad hoc basis, providers that can offer quality services that they do not offer themselves.

12) Gillam & Zetzl Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors

Gillam & Zetzl was formed as a result of a merger between two firms to provide accounting, tax and consulting services to a broad spectrum of small to mid-sized businesses as well as individuals. The firm is comprised of caring professionals that routinely exceed annual education requirements in order to provide the most cutting edge advice possible to clients.

13) Lewis & Kappes Counselors and Attorneys at Law

A firm created one night over dinner and a handshake that is dedicated to quality representation and the establishment of close client relationship. Lewis & Kappes retain the personal client interaction and cost-effectiveness of a small firm as they strive to provide effective legal services with the performance and technical resources of a large firm.

14) Aspire CPAs

A full-service accounting firm that empowers clients with the information and guidance required to manage their business and financial affairs with confidence. They specialize in servicing small to medium-sized emerging business clients and their individual owners dedicated to using technology that supports real-time information and document exchange with clients for them to be always accessible.

15) Simmons CPA Group, P.C.

Simmons CPA Group is a full-service CPA firm that provides timely, relevant services and information to clients in a manner that will save them time and improve their financial situation. They offer tax, accounting, and consulting services to small businesses and individuals in Noblesville, Indiana with high quality services through traditional methods while utilizing a broad range of technology.

16) Thompson Law Office

Thompson Law Office of Indianapolis brings the professional touch in providing legal services and counsel to individuals, families, and business throughout Indiana, and consultative legal services across the United States to achieve results in the legal matters they face. They encourage people to contact an attorney sooner so their professionals can research and investigate the situation and gain a clear understanding of the obstacles clients are facing in order to develop an effective and efficient case strategy.

17) Vectar Onsite CPAs

Vectar Onsite CPA takes care of books allowing small business owners to get back to the job of running their business and generating profits. Through their services, you can keep your bank account and taxes up-to-date, itemize lists of all expenses to come up with profit or loss for the period, and review your general ledger system to hunt down any discrepancies.


indiana startup toolkit

1) Business Planning

Business planning is important, especially since you’re entering the very competitive Indiana business market. A business plan will help determine if your business idea is viable or not in the first place. It enables you to create realistic and achievable goals, create effective strategies to market your products/services and make plans of action for every business objective.

If you lack the experience to write a business plan on your own, there are many business plan software solutions that you can use, but one of the best is LivePlan. Write every section of your business plan accurately and efficiently by using the business plan software.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Like business planning, incorporation is not an easy task. It’s time-consuming, exhausting and requires money. If you do the process on your own, it can be very challenging, which is why, you may want to consider using an online incorporation service to assist you.

Incfile,  MyCorporation and CorpNet are three of the best in the market. They’re reliable, effective and cost-effective. Take advantage of these three online incorporation providers’ practical and time-saving features and you’ll be able to successfully complete your business’s incorporation.

3) Building a Business Website

An imperative tool to make your business more accessible, visible and reachable, a business website is a powerful tool to market your products and get in touch with a geographically dispersed market population.

Give your business an edge and stay on top by building a business website now! If you have zero experience, there are inexpensive and affordable ways to start a website, you can use a website building tool like Bluehost.

4) Accounting Software

Accounting and bookkeeping go hand in hand to make your Indiana small business a successful one. Monitoring and tracking your business expenses is a must to make sure that your financial health is at its optimum level all the time.

As you know, cash flow is the heart of business and you don’t want to lose your business with lousy accounting or poor bookkeeping. Stay hands-on while receiving assistance by using accounting software tools like Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. They’re three of the most excellent in their field.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Indiana

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessUndoubtedly, Indiana is one of the best states to start a small business. It is a place that fosters business creativity and expansion. In the past 10 years, its economy has grown twice as fast as other states in the U.S. While competition may be tough, starting a small business in the state will be fairly easy if you plan ahead and work hard.

The Hoosier state promises you full support through the numerous resources made available for entrepreneurs like you. With 10 small business development centers and more being established, partner institutions and organizations and public and private finance institutions like banks and unions, you’ll be able to build a business with a strong foundation in no time. Good luck on your journey towards business success, Indiana will back you up!

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