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76 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Idaho

Resources for Starting a Business

Idaho’s entrepreneurial culture is one of the best in the entire country – it is vibrant, warm and highly creative. According to the Kauffman Foundation in 2012, Idaho is ranked fifth with the highest entrepreneurial activity in the United States.

If you want to start and bring your business to life, the state’s globally competitive and innovative business community is more than willing to help you get started.

Government agencies, private organizations and institutions, entrepreneurs, business professionals and individuals have joined together to assist aspiring Idaho entrepreneurs and small business owners transform their business dreams into reality through credible, effective and reliable business resources. Here are the 78 best resources for starting a business in Idaho.



1) Idaho Business

Idaho Business is a government initiative that brings you the latest news and information on Idaho’s business industry and climate. If you want to start a business in Idaho, Idaho Commerce has plenty of business resources and tools that you can use. They’ll also guide you as you go through the steps of forming your business. In their site, they also have incentive and financing options.

2) SBDC Idaho

SBDC Idaho is a government agency that aims to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners as they start, grow and expand their business in the state of Idaho. They provide you with business essentials, training and resources and specialized services throughout the entire business cycle.

3) Idaho Biz Help

Idaho Biz Help is your “go-to” for small business solutions. The site has a list of business essentials that will give you information on assistance resources, employer issues, legal structure, licenses and taxes. You will also gain understanding on starting, financing and operating a startup.

4) Startup Idaho

Startup Idaho aims to provide a comprehensive and detailed list of resources, training, workshops, events and education to residents and entrepreneurs in Idaho. It is also a network of startup accelerators and incubators and a leading network provider of relevant partners, investors, sponsors and many others.

5) Women’s Business Center

Women’s Business Center is a gender-focused organization that aims to empower women by supporting them as they build their business in Idaho. They provide training, workshops and seminars to educate women entrepreneurs and assist them in looking for the best financing option tailored to their needs.

6) City of Sun Valley

The City of Sun Valley has prepared a list of helpful resources that business owners and entrepreneurs in Idaho can use to jumpstart their businesses. Numerous regional, state and federal organizations are listed which can assist small business owners in growing their startups.

7) Pocatello Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce

The Pocatello Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce provides you with the best resources when it comes to starting a business in Bannock County Idaho. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new business or relocating one, the site provides government and business resources for your needs.

8) Hailey Idaho Chamber of Commerce

The Hailey Idaho Chamber of Commerce is a government agency that provides business owners with a list of resources and tools so they can kickstart their business. In the agency’s site, you’ll see local and regional information and resources and information on licenses and permits, taxes and a lot more.

9) Micro Enterprise Training and Assistance

If you’re an entrepreneur still starting out in Idaho, the Micro Enterprise Training and Assistance provides you with various resources which will help you save money and guide you through success. From legal services, accounting services to credit building/reduction – everything is provided to you by META.

10) The Capital City Public Market

The Capital City Public Market provides entrepreneurs and Idaho small business owners with information on how to properly start a business in the state. In their site, they’ve created a list of community resources as well as local, regional and national farmer’s market resources.

11) Southern Idaho

Southern Idaho is fully dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the state but lack the resources and tools to do so. Southern Idaho’s site has provided a list of organizations that can help you transform your business dreams into reality.

12) CapEd Credit Union

CapEd Credit Union is a private organization that provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to start, grow and expand their business. They’ve listed numerous federal agencies and resources so that entrepreneurs can build their business better and faster.

13) The Idaho District Export Council

The Idaho District Export Council is a private organization that aims to support small businesses in the state of Idaho by providing them with support in the form of business resources and tools, which they’ve listed in an organized manner. This list can be seen on their website, federal agencies and other private organizations are also included in the list.

14) Panhandle Area Council, Inc.

Panhandle Area Council is a business organization that aims to serve and promote economic development in Idaho. PAC offers numerous services and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They also have available loan and incubator programs that business owners can choose from.

15) Zions Bank – Business Resource Center

Zions Bank is not only a provider of business loans and working capital. The financial institution also provides entrepreneurs with small business resources and a list of organizations that can help aspiring entrepreneurs fast track their dreams of building a business.

16) Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce’s primary goal is to assist small businesses grow and provide them with opportunities that will increase their visibility, create relationships with customers, be informed of the newest business trends, gain access to education, training and community resources as well as a strong network.

17) Office of Economic Development of Nampa

The Office of Economic Development of Nampa is a government agency that provides education and training, financing and incentives and other helpful business resources that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

18) City of Post Falls – Economic Development Business Resources

The City of Post Falls, Economic Development Business Resources provides small businesses with the information and guidance that they need so they can start their companies efficiently. The agency gives you information on incentives, permits, starting a business and many other informational guides.

19) Ramp Up Idaho

Ramp Up Idaho is an association composed of businesses, transportation and economic development professionals working together to bring about economic expansion in Idaho. Ramp Up Idaho provides entrepreneurs with the proper network so that they’ll have more opportunities to grow their business.



1) How to Start a Business in Idaho

A straightforward guide that uses a 6-step process to help every entrepreneur start their business in Idaho efficiently. It also contains reliable and affordable resources which small business owners can make use of to make their workload easier. Start your business without a headache by using this informational guide.

2) How to Form an LLC in Idaho

It’s imperative for every business owner to incorporate their startup before fully launching it. One legal structure that can give entrepreneurs substantial advantages is forming an LLC. To make the entire process easier, this 5-step guide along with some credible resources can assist you as you go through the procedures of forming an LLC.

3) How to File a DBA in Idaho

A DBA is an important document if you want to use an alternative name other than your original business name. Using a fictitious name can be a great game changer, it attracts more customers and gives a business a whole new look. Filing a DBA is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you make use of this 3-step guide. The guide also has links to resources which you can use.

4) How to Finance a Business in Idaho

Starting a business undercapitalized is a serious business sin, every entrepreneur should have enough financial resources to finance an Idaho small business. To give Idaho business owners an idea where to look for funding, this guide discusses 5 excellent resources with links to get you started.

5) How to Get an Idaho Registered Agent

A Registered Agent is a mandatory requirement in Idaho. To hire a professional and competent Idaho Registered Agent, this guide will discuss everything that you need to know when hiring one. From requirements and restrictions to some options that you can use, this informational guide will cover just about everything.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Idaho

Incorporating a business as a corporation can give both business owners and businesses numerous benefits. For the business, perpetual existence; for the business owner, financial, personal and legal protection. However, forming a corporation can sometimes be complicated, especially if the entrepreneur is a newbie in the industry. Form a corporation with ease using this 6-step guide which will surely assist you from start to finish.

7) How to Incorporate in Idaho

Learn and understand every document, step and procedure involved in incorporating a small business in Idaho with this easy-to-understand 4-step guide which will assist you all the way to the last step. This guide also contains several free and affordable resources which you can make use of to incorporate your small business faster.



1) TECenter

TECenter is an Idaho accelerator program that provides mentoring and assistance services to startup incubators. TECenter also provides office spaces and facilities for startups. TECenter features a Rackspace Startup Program, which includes a Rackspace Startup package. There is also a series of short and intensive programs that help grow startups.

2) Idaho Innovation Center

Both a business incubator and accelerator, the main goal of the Idaho Innovation Center is to provide a wealth of resources to startup companies and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to start and grow their business. Through mentoring, advising, collaboration, and education, the Idaho Innovation Center strives to provide entrepreneurs with the ideal starting point for a startup.

3) Idaho Entrepreneurs

Idaho Entrepreneurs is an incubator on a mission to help startup entrepreneurs build a successful small business. This incubator program is a socially connected program, helping you get started the right way and the social way.

4) Bonner County Economic Development Corporation

Bonner County Economic Development Corporation features a number of programs and opportunities that promotes growth. It is committed to providing assistance for business success. Start Up! Bonner County connects startup entrepreneurs with successful business people to provide excellent coaching and business planning.

5) SBDC Idaho

The SBDC Idaho provides comprehensive business assistance and resources to small businesses in Idaho. With business counseling and mentoring on a one-on-one basis for free, startups can learn valuable insights on how to effectively run a business in Idaho.

6) Trailhead

Trailhead assists Boisean entrepreneurs start their businesses. It is a place where entrepreneurs get access to resources, delve into new technologies, and start something awesome. From laid back co-working spaces to workshops, Trailhead provides you with access to the necessary tools and connections to build a successful business.

7) Ketchum Innovation Center

Ketchum Innovation Center is the center of the entrepreneurial environment in the Wood River Valley and it also provides a home for business startups. Providing space for startup entrepreneurs, the KIC also hosts various events that affect the interests of the local business community. The KIC also has an excellent network of mentors, investors, and programs to foster a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem.

8) Innovation Collective

Innovation Collective aims to be the incubator group that pushes North Idaho to the tech startup frontier by providing a host of service and assistance programs. From a co-working space where you can work around with driven individuals to regular community events, Innovation Collective will help drive your business to growth and success.

9) Moscowork

Moscowork is a coworking space facility that fosters a laid-back professionalism that contributes to a positive atmosphere conducive for starting and growing a business. The Moscowork features two basic coworking plans, the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan. Both of these plans provide you with high-speed internet connection and wireless printing.



1) Moffatt Thomas, Attorneys At Law

Moffatt Thomas adds value to your Idaho startup company by providing valuable business legal consultation services. Moffat Thomas has also created a startup manual on how to start a business from the formation of your business entity to employment issues and benefits capping off the manual with other valuable resources that can help start your business faster.

2) Milestone Law

One of the focuses of the services of Milestone Law is the area of business startup and development in Pocatello, Idaho. Milestone Law also offers outside house counsel services by schedule on a flat rate fee. They are a solutions-centered law firm, hence the flat rate fee instead of an hourly rate.

3) HH & Associates Inc.

HH & Associates Inc. is a tax and accounting firm in Boise, Idaho that provides a wide range of expertise on various industries for individuals and small businesses. From planning, operations, up to compliance, HH & Associates offers a proactive and dynamic approach to rendering services. They ensure that their services address the particular tax or accounting problem that their client is facing.

4) Whittaker & Associates Inc.

Whittaker & Associates Inc. specializes in giving hands-on, personalized accounting services to individuals and small businesses. This accounting firm takes in providing high quality service with an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. They provide innovative solutions to client challenges and issues at a timely manner.

5) B.A. Harris, LLP

B.A. Harris Certified Public Accountants answers the accounting and tax needs of business clients, so they can focus on the actual business operations. B.A. Harris offer tax return preparation, tax planning and advising, strategic planning, accounting and payroll services, succession planning, multistate tax reporting, and more.

6) A & C Accounting

A & C Accounting & Tax provides a variety of individual and business tax and accounting services that range from accounting and bookkeeping services, new business setup, payroll services, tax preparation, tax problem resolutions, tax audit representation, employee benefit services and more.

7) Louis P. Brown

Louis P Brown Certified Public Accountants provides reliable personal and business tax and accounting services. This accounting firm believes in providing outstanding services to clients always. With small business services including accounting, payroll services, cash flow management, bank financing, strategic business planning, new business formation, and Non-Profit organizations, Louis P Brown provides impeccable service.

8) Adept Business Solutions

Adept Business Solutions specializes in income tax, bookkeeping, and payroll services for small businesses. Adept Business Solutions takes this burden off of your shoulders, ensuring to deliver quality service on a prompt timeframe so you can focus on your business. From small business accounting, QuickBooks services, payroll, part-time CFO services, and business checkup to income tax preparation and planning to addressing tax problems; Adept Business Solutions finds adept solutions fast!

9) Hahn & Associates

Hahn & Associates Certified Public Accountants and Advisors is all about bringing quality accounting and business planning solutions to your small business. Their business services include small business accounting and payroll services, reviews and compilations, forensic accounting, cash flow management, bank financing, business valuation, strategic business planning, succession planning, new business formation, Non-Profit organization services, and internal controls.

10) Poston Denney & Killpack

Poston Denney & Killpack Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants recognizes the importance of providing business support services so you can concentrate on taking care of your business operations. They provide services that are considered the solid foundation of a small business accounting system. These services are as follows: bank reconciliation, income statement generation, balance sheet generation, and general ledger clean up. Poston Denney & Killpack also offers unlimited business consultations.

11) Idaho Law Group

Idaho Law Group Attorneys helps business clients at every important facet of the entire business life cycle. These services encompass entity formation, partnership and operating agreements, partnership and corporate operational issues, succession planning, companies policies, contracts and agreements. An expert team will assist you in any tax and business concerns.

12) Ballard Law

Ballard Law takes personalized business consulting service to an entirely different level. When you call the firm, you will be talking to Ryan Ballard himself. He also takes pride in building a strong working relationship with his clients, employing compassion and a common-sense approach to addressing business problems and challenges.

13) Idaho Tax Services

Idaho Tax & Bookkeeping Services provides clients with accurate and confidential tax and bookkeeping services that help alleviate fears when dealing with matters relating to the IRS. From tax preparation to tax resolution services, Idaho Tax & Bookkeeping Services guarantee that you benefit from the highest standard of service.

14) Cooper Norman

Cooper Norman CPAs and Business Advisors is a leading full-service public accounting firm known for its quality service and fresh planning ideas. Cooper Norman specializes in accounting and auditing services, business advisory and consulting, business valuation and litigation, cost segregation, employee benefit plan audits, forensic accounting and internal controls, tax services, transiting planning, and more.

15) Core Accounting and Consulting

CORE Accounting and Consulting is composed of professional and highly experienced Certified Public Accountants specializing in individual and business tax and accounting solutions. Their services include small business accounting, QuickBooks services, payroll, strategic business planning and succession planning, new business formation, etc.

16) Kershisnik Law, PLLC

Kershisnik Law is a personal and business attorney and counselor in Boise, Idaho that provides small business solutions and consulting services. From the formation of your small business to its registration and operations up to dissolution, Kershisnik Law is the attorney at law who can help you.




A non-profit organization made up of experienced business professionals and consultants who willingly volunteer their services to assist small business owners in the form of business mentorships and coaching. The aim of the organization is to educate new entrepreneurs so they can compete with Idaho’s business industry and the global market.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency and one of the largest government initiative that provides small businesses with resources and tools to effectively start, manage and lead their business to success. The agency helps new and existing businesses by providing them with local assistance, loans and grants and business management training.

3) Startup Savant

A free business online magazine that aims to simplify entrepreneurship for Idaho entrepreneurs and small business owners. The magazine helps you get started by providing you with free and affordable small business resources from business planning, incorporation and even accounting. Product reviews and inspiring articles can also be found within the site.


A popular online business magazine and the best place where you can read about any topic related to business. The online magazine features trends and practices used in the small business industry; entrepreneurs can also check out small business resources and tools from their list of articles as well as tips and guides to follow when building a new business.

5) AllBusiness

A free online business website that has all the right business information to help entrepreneurs as they go through the journey of starting a business. AllBusiness is for small businesses with employees of less than 500. The site is also a proponent of several business studies regarding the health of the small business industry in the U.S.


Wealthy Gorilla is every entrepreneur’s daily dose of inspiration. It is an inspirational/motivational blog that aims to improve the lives of people, not just entrepreneurs. The blog helps business owners achieve their business dreams by allowing them to gain access to true-life stories and encouraging business articles.



1) Idaho Central Credit Union

The Idaho Central Credit Union offers Small Business Administration (SBA) Real Estate Loans to assist entrepreneurs as they build and grow their business. It is officially recognized by the SBA to execute its loan programs, assisting businesses gain financing and working capital.

2) TechHelp Solutions for Manufacturers

TechHelp Solutions for Manufacturers is a private firm that provides small businesses and startups with the funding resources they need to build their dream business. They offer business loans, SBA loans, lines of credit and a lot more. They’ll even guide you through the process of a loan application.

3) Idaho Housing and Finance Corporation

The Idaho Housing and Finance Corporation is an agency that provides small business loans given by the U.S. Department of Treasury under the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). The aim of the program is to promise pledge deposits together with lending institutions, improving the collateral of qualified small business borrowers who are finding it difficult to obtain financing.

4) The Development Company

The Development Company works together with private third party lenders to finance the acquisition, construction and renovation of businesses and startups in Eastern Idaho. They offer lower interest rates, longer terms and less down payment than traditional financing. They offer 4 kinds of business loans: the 504 loan program of the SBA, revolving loans, micro loans and enterprise loans.

5) D. L. Evans Bank

D.L. Evans Bank is a private financial institution that offers  financing to start a small  business or assist an existing one. The financial company offers low rates and flexible terms. Some of the loans they offer include commercial, agricultural and SBA and FSA guaranteed loans. The bank also has available small business resources for budding entrepreneurs.

6) Idaho Mutual Trust

Idaho Mutual Trust is a private financial firm that lends and offers direct commercial loans to business owners, startups and companies in different industries. Some of the financial services they offer include short and long term loan programs. They ensure quick closings and flexible loan terms and maturities.

7) LoanMart

LoanMart is your go-to for small business loans. The private financing company provides business loans and working capital of as much as $50,000 – depending on the size and potential of your business or startup. LoanMart accommodates different kinds of businesses, regardless of the industry they’re in.

8) eSmallBusinessLoan is a financial company that provides alternative financing options to businesses and entrepreneurs other than traditional bank loans and lines of credit. The company’s goal is simple, it’s to match entrepreneurs with the best financing partner that can give you the capital you need to start and run your business smoothly.

9) JP Business Cash Advance

JP Business Cash Advance provides small business loans for women who want to build startups in Hansen, Idaho. Depending on your needs, the financial firm has loans tailored especially for you. It has developed partnerships with trusted organizations and lenders who will give you appropriate financing solutions based on what you need.

10) Bank of Idaho

The Bank of Idaho understands the plight of small businesses and startup entrepreneurs when it comes to capital and funding, thus, the private financing firm provides numerous bank loan options. This includes the 504 business loan program and low-doc loans to name a few. They will also help you choose a loan that best fits your needs.

11) Mountain West Bank

Mountain West Bank is a private financing firm that makes everything easier for small business owners by providing them with tailored business loan programs and lines of credit fit for any kind of business. Some of the loan programs they offer include: equipment loans, commercial real estate loans, agricultural loans, commercial construction loans and SBA loans.

12) Idaho Trust Bank

The Idaho Trust Bank is a trusted partner when it comes to granting small businesses with the financing they need to jumpstart their business. The bank administers SBA loans that qualifies small businesses with better funding options, giving them numerous benefits such as low interest rates and affordable down payment options for every entrepreneur’s financial capability.

13) Eastern Idaho Development Corporation

The Eastern Idaho Development Corporation is a Certified Development Company (CDC) that administers the 504 loan program to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They will give you everything that you need to know about the loan program, from eligibility requirements, loan structures, loan specifics and many other considerations.

14) Citizens Community Bank

The Citizens Community Bank provides small businesses with a variety of funding options for different needs. The bank offers commercial loans and lines of credit, equipment loans, SBA loans and commercial real estate loans.

15) Regional Development Alliance Inc.

The Regional Development Alliance Inc. is a not-for-profit financial firm that does not treat clients as borrowers but sees them as partners. The goal of the private financing firm is to directly invest in every entrepreneur’s business, allowing them to grow their business and at the same time create jobs and help in economic development.



1) Business Planning

Business planning is an essential startup move that you need to go through if you want to boost your chances of succeeding. Having a business plan gives you numerous benefits and advantages. It enables you to set specific goals, create strategies to achieve them and build a realistic measure of your success.

First and foremost, a business plan verifies the entire concept of your business idea – whether it’s viable or not. This is by far the most important reason why you need to write a business plan. Creating a business plan is no longer difficult, LivePlan is a business plan software that can help you write every section of your business plan.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Incorporation involves preparing piles of documents, going through different procedures and waiting to complete the entire process. It can be challenging for the first time business owner; even entrepreneurs who have been in the industry for quite a long time still dread the process of incorporation.

However, there’s a more efficient and fast way to incorporate your small business, you can use an online incorporation provider. Some of the best in the industry are IncfileMyCorporation and CorpNet.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is an imperative tool that helps you be more accessible, visible and reachable. A website is also an affordable way to market your products and services and it can help you deliver your message to your customers.

Apart from all these, the best thing about having a business website is that you’ll be able to reach customers who are from other parts of the world. By building a business website, you are giving your business an edge over other companies. Good thing building a business website is no longer expensive with website building tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker.

4) Accounting Software

Financial management is a highly important task in managing a business. You need to learn the skill of accounting and bookkeeping if you want to grow and succeed in business. Although you don’t necessarily have to go back to school to learn them, they simply can’t be mastered overnight.

If you want to keep track of your business’s finances and do everything on your own with the aid of an accounting tool, there are many accounting software options offered online. Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks are three excellent software options that you can check out.

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