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128 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Georgia

Resources for Starting a Business

Georgia is one of the best places to start a small business in the United States. In 2015, the state ranked 4th in the best environment in the nation for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Many business owners in Georgia feel optimistic about the future of their startups and they expect revenues to increase in the coming years.

Aside from this positive feedback, Georgia has also earned an A- for overall friendliness to small businesses. With the state of Georgia’s aim to further promote economic growth and expansion, it has focused its attention on assisting small companies to competitively leave a mark in the Georgia business market.

To be able to execute this plan, the state of Georgia, along with its private sector has initiated various support and resource programs to fully support small business owners as they start and manage their businesses.

If you’re planning to start a business in Georgia, here’s a list of small business resources categorized according to their uses.


the top georgia

1) Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory

A resource center that basically contains all the information that you need to know about Georgia’s business industry. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to start, grow and finance your small business or learn and connect with other entrepreneurs, the Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory is the place for you.

2) Georgia Chamber

The Georgia Chamber creates opportunities for small businesses by providing them with numerous business resources which include business education and webinars, online human resource library, access to capital, discounts on office supplies, advertising opportunities and a lot more.

3) Georgia State University Small Business Development Center

The Georgia State University Small Business Development Center is a public service agency that gives free consulting and management training to Georgia small businesses. The center has a team of professional and experienced business consultants who are ready to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

4) SBA Georgia District Office

The U.S. Small Business Administration Georgia District Office is a government agency that provides statewide assistance to entrepreneurs from Georgia who want to start their own business within the state. The SBA will give you assistance in looking for grants and loans, provide you with local assistance and help you as you start and manage your business.

5) University of Georgia Small Business Development Center

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center is a government initiative that provides a variety of business educational services to small business owners and new entrepreneurs in Georgia. The agency will teach you how to start and grow a small business, provide you with business training and educate you on international trade.

6) Gwinnett Small Business Resources

GSBR, an initiative of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, helps small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with subjects relevant to starting a new business, or growing an existing one. There are many business resources offered based on your stage of business development.

7) Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is an advocate of small businesses. To help support the small business industry, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has created a list of websites and business resources that entrepreneurs can use to kickstart their startup.

8) SCORE Atlanta

SCORE Atlanta’s mission is to fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream to start a business in the city as well as in the state of Georgia. SCORE has competent and experienced business coaches that will help small business owners by mentoring them on how to grow and expand their business.

9) GroupOn Works

GroupOn Works is a business website that allows small business owners to gain access to legal, financial, management, and marketing resources. You can check this guide and make it as your point of reference. GroupOn works can also give you advice about business in Georgia in general.

10) Georgia Tech Library

A digital library that basically has every resource that you can imagine. From ebooks, business book collection, sample business plans, business references and a lot more, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for at Georgia Tech Library.

11) Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

The chamber aims to provide a range of services to small business owners and new entrepreneurs, working to grow their business within the state. The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is a source of excellent business resources and tools as well as promising grants and loans.

12) Georgia Southern University College of Business Administration

Georgia Southern University’s Small Business Development Center exists to serve small businesses in 13 counties in Georgia. The center conducts business education and trainings and provides helpful business resources.

13) Henry County

The Henry County Development Authority is the primary provider of small business and entrepreneur resources in Henry County. The agency provides services from planning and financing, networking, marketing to legal aspects of running a small business.

14) Greater Women’s Business Council

Greater Women’s Business council is a business organization about women, for women, and to empower women through certification, education, and access to companies ready to do business with women-owned businesses.

A council committed to providing a sustainable foundation in partnership with major companies through their guiding principles to bring education, training, and the standardization on national certification to women businesses in Georgia.

15) Bigtime Small Business

A podcast and blog that empowers small business grow big by sharing educational, inspirational and actionable resources. The small business resources serve as tools for business owners to have easy access to updated eBooks, online marketing tools, logo & print services, websites, and essential business insurance which can help in the daily living of business owners.

16) Georgia Bankruptcy Blog

A firm that offers legal services whose practice focuses on bankruptcy and litigation that represents individuals and businesses throughout Georgia. The blog was published by Scott Riddle who is considered as one of the first lawyers to publish a legal blog in the country.

17) Urban League of Greater Atlanta Entrepreneurship Center

A program sponsored by the Atlanta League to encourage minority entrepreneurs in urban areas which is operated at the Atlanta Entrepreneurship Center.

The program is composed of a community referral network where business owners are provided to help their business grow through links with local resource partners, and an intrusive coaching component to help entrepreneurs meet their business goals.

18) Effingham County Chamber of Commerce

The chamber is made to support existing businesses and to attract new businesses with the need to address individual concerns to cope with the thriving business climate. To enhance business or organization, the chamber members are entitled to participate in networking opportunities, meet and learn from informative speakers and area business leaders.

19) Douglas County Chamber

The chamber serves as a gateway that helps keep business owners informed and knowledgeable by providing valuable tools like startup kit, free counseling and services. Aside from these, they also offer a virtual business solution center for their members only where they can easily access videos that are useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

20) Columbus, GA Chamber of Commerce

The chamber serves the local community of West Georgia with programs, services and initiatives for business development. Business owners can benefit from the many programs that they offer giving them more opportunity for business development and growth.

21) Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals (MAAP)

Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals believed that gay and lesbian business professionals had much to offer each other and the community by focusing on the unique gift of the individual rather than sexual orientation.

A forum has been created to improve businesses and professional lives of its members through networking, high-quality events, training, mentoring and education.

22) Peruvian – American Business Chamber of Georgia

The chamber unites all members of the Peruvian community in Georgia and serves as a catalyst for Peruvian free trade between the state of Georgia and Peru. The membership and the support of the community shall have the ability to establish cultural, social, educational and recreational activities to accumulate the necessary funding to accomplish the Peruvian Humanitarian and Educational program.

23) Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC)

The GNFCC is a proactive organization that aims to be the catalyst for economic development, business growth and quality of life in North Fulton. They provide one voice for all local businesses by fostering strong business-to-government relations, support infrastructure improvements, and networking and advertising opportunities.

24) Valdosta- Lowndes Development Authority

Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority provides technical and financial assistance to your business whether for expanding, relocating or starting up. Their business development services will add value to your project through their professional staff having the ability to leverage resources.

25) Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

As an advocate of all members and the community, Barrow County Chamber of Commerce is business focused, success driven, results oriented, and professional in promoting economic growth. The organization works to promote change, support government, education, and community advancement through direct phone referrals, exposure, and networking opportunities.

26) Athens-Clarke County, GA Economic Development Department

An Economic Development Program that helps entrepreneurs develop a business plan and business model to help scope out and set up a new business venture. They have developed a startup guide that can be a source of many elements that offers first steps towards getting important things done.

27) Georgia Small Business Resource, Inc.

Georgia Small Business Resource, Inc. provides small to mid-size businesses cost-saving services and transform complex scenarios into simple, making it more attainable. Composed of a team those deliver valuable tools directly to the clients as well as identify products and services that best fits their clients.

28) Walker County Chamber of Commerce

A voluntary organization joined by business professionals that serve the regional community by supporting member businesses and providing networking opportunities to promote the civic and commercial progress of the community.

The aim to coordinate efforts to maintain and strengthen business climate, sponsor programs of work and stimulate activities, and provide creative business leadership and effective coordination in solving community problems and initiating constructive community action.

29) Putnam Development Authority

A constitutional authority focused on serving the needs of new and existing businesses that offers pro-business, cost effective environment for business and industry success.

They unite local and state government entities to create Performance-based incentive packages and acts as liaison between legislators, key business sector associations and companies developing incentives and policies to strengthen Putnam County’s business environment.


how to guides for starting a business in georgia

1) How to Start a Business in Georgia

This guide will facilitate the faster formation of your Georgia small business. It follows a simple 3-step process with every step having a thorough explanation which you can use as your reference. The guide also includes beneficial tools that are both affordable and efficient.

2) How to Form an LLC in Georgia

Learn how to form an LLC in Georgia in five easy-to-follow steps, from choosing a name for your LLC to incorporating in Georgia, this guide has everything covered. It also includes 3 bonus resources which you can use at certain phases during LLC formation.

3) How to File a DBA in Georgia

This guide contains a step-by-step process that will teach you how to form a DBA in Georgia. It also has a few additional business tools that you can make use of to accomplish tasks effectively.

4) How to Finance a Business in Georgia

If you’re looking for funding or capital, you can take advantage of this guide which provides you with 5 excellent financing resources. Look into each one and see which one is right for your business.

5) How to Get a Georgia Registered Agent

A Georgia Registered Agent has a great role to play in your business, thus, it’s essential to hire someone who’s competent and professional. To give you an idea how to hire one, this guide will discuss the requirements and restrictions and a couple helpful resources to help you find the right agent.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Georgia

Forming a corporation can be challenging but with this guide, you’ll be able to learn the basic and simple steps so you can incorporate your business faster. This guide will also introduce you to a couple of business resources which you can use to get things done faster.

7) How to Incorporate in Georgia

Incorporating in Georgia with zero knowledge and experience is difficult, however, with the use of this guide, you’ll be able to incorporate your business in no time. The guide also has useful resources so you can do tasks easier and faster.




SCORE is a non-profit organization that helps small business owners kickstart their operations by providing them with services such as business education and mentorship. The organization has a team of volunteer and experienced business professionals who are willing to assist you while you build your business.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency and the largest supplier of small business resources in the nation. They guarantee entrepreneurs with loans and grants, counseling and business coaching and other forms of business assistance.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online business magazine that simplifies the entire concept of entrepreneurship. The magazine specializes in helping startups grow their business by providing them with reliable and efficient business resources and tools.


Entrepreneur is an online business website and a premier source of business resources for small business owners and neophyte entrepreneurs. They also feature articles and content that will motivate and boost the confidence of every entrepreneur.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is an online magazine for small businesses that provides business information, news, resources and tools needed to start and manage a new startup efficiently. The magazine also studies the health and direction of the small business sector.


Wealthy Gorilla is an inspirational blog that gives you a daily dose of motivation and encouragement to face the hurdles and challenges of starting a business in Georgia or in any other state.


Funding Resources in Georgia

1) Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN)

The Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote economic development by providing small businesses with funding and business training.

2) Georgia Green loans

Georgia Green Loans is an association that primarily caters to entrepreneurs who wish to start small businesses in Georgia offering eco-friendly or green products and services. They also assist existing small businesses to grow and expand their enterprise.

3) City of Atlanta Loan Programs

The City of Atlanta Loan Programs is a government initiative that aims to help small businesses in Atlanta through proper financing. It offers four types of financing programs which include: debt, equity, cash flow and initiatives.

4) Georgia Loan Participation Program (GA LPP)

The Georgia Loan Participation Program is a loan program of the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) that aims to provide more loans to small businesses by sharing exposure with the state. Factors such as interest rates, collateral terms and other loan elements are discussed by the lender and borrower.

5) Georgia Small Business Lender

The Georgia Small Business Lender has a wide array of loan programs to help small businesses expand by meeting their financing needs. This loan can be availed of by aspiring entrepreneurs all over the state of Georgia.

6) One Georgia Authority

One Georgia Authority understands the important role small businesses play in shaping the economic future of Georgia. Knowing this, One Georgia Authority creates opportunities by making funding loans and grants available to small business owners.

7) Augusta Georgia – Economic Development Loan Program

Otherwise called the Small Business Development Loan Program (SBDLP) was designed to provide financial and technical assistance to Georgia entrepreneurs planning to build new businesses in the state. The program specifically accommodates low/moderate income communities listed in the the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

8) Small Business Assistance Corporation

Under the Small Business Assistance Corporation, the City of Savannah offers loan guarantees and direct loans to small business owners and new entrepreneurs. The organization mainly offers 4 loan programs: City of Savannah Direct Loan Program, City of Savannah Business Loan Guaranty Program, HUD Special Purpose Loan Program and the Martin Luther King EDA Revolving Loan Program.

9) Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI)

The Small Business Finance Institute is an organization that values the presence of small businesses in the state of Georgia. To be able to assist every entrepreneur planning to start or relocate their business in the state, the organization offers several funding opportunities and loan programs.

10) Quantum National Bank

Quantum National Bank is an SBA Lender that finances the capital needs of small businesses in Georgia. The program ensures faster access to funding among small business entrepreneurs so they can jumpstart their business.

11) United Community Bank Small Business Loans

The United Community Bank Small Business Loans supports small business by providing financing necessary for startups to grow and be profitable. They offer a wide array of capital loans available for all entrepreneurs within the state.

12) Century Bank of Georgia

The Century Bank of Georgia has a wide variety of financing solutions for small and growing businesses. Loans are available for those who want to start a new business, extend their facility and buy additional equipment.

13) IOU Financial

IOU Financial is built for small businesses to provide them with a faster, more efficient business loan process from weeks or months to one that can be completed easily online and funded within hours. Through the easy access to capital, they seize growth opportunity quickly for small businesses.

14) Anzak Global Finance

Anzak Global Finance is a commercial finance option that provides the most competitive rates and high-quality financial products that are customized to your growing business needs. They offer a variety of loan products where they assure to put client’s needs first and ensure that they receive the right financing for their situation.

15) Georgia Certified Development Corporation (GCDC)

A Certified Development Company that provides powerful tools designed to encourage economic development within Georgia through the SBA 504 loan program. They play an integral role in stimulating the local, regional and statewide economies by partnering with lenders to provide SBA 504 loans to small businesses.

16) Coastal Area District Development Authority (CADDA)

CADDA is a private, economic development lender to assist banks in making loans to businesses that offers both credit enhancement programs as well as incentive programs to help facilitate job creation and job retention.

The organization administers programs through three primary government entities, is self-sufficient and generates sufficient revenues to pay its operating expenses including loan losses.

17) Small Business Access Partners

Small Business Access Partners works is a non-profit certified development company that works in partnership with banks to provide SBA 504 loans and other economic development loans to make capital available to small businesses. Programs that provide reasonable rates, lower down payments, and longer repayment terms, the SBAP have the solution for certain small business financing needs.

18) Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Inc. (ACE)

A community lender that is responsive and innovative in small business financing in Georgia. They assist tiny start-ups, and large existing businesses making loans with generous repayment terms and affordable interest rates that specialize in small business loans coupled with business advisory services.

19) Associated Credit Union

One of the oldest financial institutions in Georgia that is cooperative owned to provide low-cost financial services to its members. Associated Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that offers a variety of products and services where they lend money to their member-business owners through its partnership with six Georgia credit unions.

20) Excel Commercial Capital Corporation

A trusted lender that strive to provide with the best possible experience for all commercial needs while building a long lasting relationship with their clients. Excel Commercial Capital can negotiate rates and structures that will make your dream project a reality regardless of the ever changing market, and they can finance any project in the state not just limited to Atlanta.

21) Allied Financial Corporation (AFC)

Allied Financial Corporation is entrepreneurs financing entrepreneurs by providing a working capital financial solution to start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. They use an asset-based lending approach where they provide businesses with the working capital they need without the use of invoice factoring.

22) 1st National Funding

A commercial financing company in Atlanta Georgia that specializes in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors obtain the capital they need. They obtain the best credit available in the shortest amount of time for their client’s to achieve their goals in sustaining and growing their business.

23) Small Business Loans Depot

Small Business Loans Depot is your source of alternative funding with realistic and very flexible credit requirements. There are several funding programs available where other advantages of their program include significant tax advantages that can lower the tax obligations of customers.

24) Green Commercial Capital

A lending company that quickly puts clients in touch with a lender who can handle their request and help better understand the available options. They use a different approach in the lending business where they do not charge applications fees because the lender compensates them for bringing clients.

25) Harvest Financial Associates LLC

A full-service financial services firm that offer a broad range of financial services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals in Tucker, Georgia that is affordable, experienced, and friendly. The firm provides outstanding service to clients with a blend of quality, professionalism, personal service and expertise.

26) Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission (CSRA-RC)

The commission was started by the banks and local leaders in the CSRA that served as a convener to assist in the business financing needs of the region. Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission enables local governments to overcome political boundaries to capitalize on the area’s natural, historical, and demographic assets.

27) Fairview Commercial Lending

Fairview Commercial Lending specializes in non-conventional commercial and residential loans that are privately funded direct hard money lender. They provide answers quickly with no upfront fees and can close transactions quickly to help clients with unique situations that require creative funding solutions.


Georgia Startup Communities & Co Working Spaces

1) Advanced Technology Development Center

Advanced Technology Development Center is ranked as one of the world’s top technology incubators and belongs to the top 12 incubator that has changed the world by Forbes in 2013. ATDC’s primary goal is to launch and build technology businesses in the state of Georgia.

2) Augusta-Richmond County Small Business Incubator

The Augusta-Richmond County Small Business Incubator assists entrepreneurs who want to start a small business or conduct research and development in Georgia succeed in their new endeavor.

3) Georgian Entrepreneurs Network

The mission of this organization is to foster entrepreneurial spirit and culture in Georgia by providing all entrepreneurs with startup support, networking and encouraging them to participate in public policy.

4) Georgia BioBusiness Center

The Georgia BioBusiness Center specifically accommodates new and existing technological businesses in Georgia by giving them the support that they need in terms of resources and tools.

5) Georgia Centers of Innovation

Georgia Centers of Innovation focuses on providing small businesses with deep technical industry expertise, creating connections to markets and new business opportunities and allowing them to gain access to groundbreaking research and collaborations.

6) The Burson Center

A business incubator, Burson Center is also a resource center that concentrates in developing information technology, manufacturing, healthcare and other fields. The center fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and business growth by providing small business assistance.

7) Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta Tech Village is a collaborative office space for startups. By being a member, you’ll be able to gain access to facilities such as conference rooms, fitness gym, mail access, internet connection and many other benefits.

8) NEX Atlanta

NEX gives you the freedom to design your own workspace that you can call your own. The co-workspace nurtures a collaboratively working relationship with other entrepreneurs to bring new and fresh ideas to the Georgia market.

9) ThincSavannah

ThincSavannah is a premier coworking space located in the downtown historic district. Home to small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers who work together to make up Savannah’s entrepreneurial community.

10) Station Loft Works

Station Loft Works is a co-workspace where smart-minded individuals gather to inspire one another to create new ideas and bigger dreams. Situated in the heart of the Historic Downtown Douglasville business district, Station Loft Works is a an excellent location for new businesses and exiting businesses.

11) Strongbox West: Atlanta Coworking

A coworking and small business hub, StrongBox West is located in downtown Atlanta. It is a modern alternative workplace for freelancers, start-ups, and creative professionals who want a comfortable place to stay while working on their tasks and daily operations. Strongbox West gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish a network and collaborate with like-minded people.


Alpharetta is known as the Technology City of the South that is home to some of the largest and most innovative companies and the brightest minds on the market, steering these businesses towards a better tomorrow. Being the home of some of the smartest minds in the world of tech, it allows access to the best and brightest IT talents.

13) The

A non-profit business and community incubator known as a place of ideas focusing on knowledge, creativity, and implementation that is technology oriented. The is a membership that comes from a wide variety of backgrounds where the space is divided into two wings, one for learning and prototyping, and one for coworking and business incubation.

14) Startup Atlanta

A non-profit startup that serves growth-focused entrepreneurs focused on scaling their business and connecting the local startup ecosystem. They help grow and strengthen business through different networks by hosting events, bringing startup and regional leaders together, support policies friendly to innovation and entrepreneurs and promote corporate involvement with the local ecosystem.


A member-only gathering place to grow consumer and design-focused companies to cultivate ideas, grow brands, and around consumer startups that create the future of Atlanta. Switchyards Downtown Club offers a lot of services as well as they provide important updates for your new business venture through their blogs.

16) Shaffer Labs

Shaffer Labs is a virtual incubator who incubates products or companies dedicated to mentoring, investing and developing startups to grow ideas into businesses using technology.

The area’s first virtual incubator who are looking for companies or ideas that revolve around the human connection and are based on altruistic or social entrepreneurship that specialize in developing ideas, products and brands into viable businesses.

17) Forge (x)

Forge is a business acceleration firm to solve mission critical problems for a wide range of clients that focuses on technology and innovation. A globally competitive IT firm that offer the unique mix of expertise in graphic and web design, networking and infrastructure, software development and hardware maintenance and repair.

18) Foster

Foster coworking exists as a common denominator for Atlanta’s creative citizens to build a culture of balance, freedom and growth by providing a space where closely-knit community and thoughtful collaboration exist.

It serves as an inspiring coworking space that provides quality resources and intentional environment bringing the community together to grow personally and professionally.

19) Cornerstone Coworking (CN)

A coworking space with a setting that resonates with a companies or entrepreneurs own personal style giving a more laid back atmosphere to do business. Cornerstone Coworking gives an environment that compliments their industry thus building a community of professionals that can collaborate to be more productive, innovative and successful.

20) BROAD 9A

A physical space that can evolve and grow with the community created to be adaptable and contextual.

Broad 9A is leveraging the flexibility of their space for small businesses, makers, artists, craftsmen, and other creatives and they offer interesting events which allows them to feed back into the community. They allow businesses to grow together in a collaborative environment by providing affordable and flexible co-working options.

21) Decatur Coworks

A place equipped with facilities where you can work, learn, and share ideas. They have a variety of rooms where you can choose to book for specific meetings and events. Decatur Coworks fosters a collaborative working environment for creative and like-minded people.

22) Roam

Roam is a collective, local community of innovators, pioneers and visionaries that create environments where they can focus, collaborate, learn and socialize. They are dedicated to the people on the move that need a better way to connect with others, work productively and grow their businesses meeting and gathering experience for the new workforce.

23) Tech Square Labs

A network of technical startup founders, educational institutions, industry experts, and large entrepreneurs building big, meaningful businesses with technical cofounders. Tech Square Labs assist with branding, developing product, building a team, cultivating partnerships, and engaging customers using a hands-on approach to help technical founders define, operate, and scale the business.

24) Berthold Building

Berthold Building is a small office building that is fully furnished offering a variety of different office and co-working areas to meet the needs of their members. Their membership includes access to all facilities 24 hours and 7 days a week. To mention some are free secure parking, evening event space, member lounge, and guest privileges.

25) Roswell Collective (ROCO)

ROCO is a neighborhood creative studio that was opened for local artist to come to work and exists in its ability to cultivate creative community located in Roswell, Georgia.

Roswell is known to be a town filled with preserved history where you can take local artist to one of their many galleries, plentiful green space to share food and spirits, and killer dining scene in their highly acclaimed restaurants.


Small Business Professional Services in Georgia

1) The Falcone Law Firm, P.C.

Falcone law firm has assisted numerous small business owners in Georgia deal with their business formation, face complex legal issues  and offer personalized service to different clients. The firm provides strategies and solutions specific to every client’s situation and interests.

2) Coleman Legal Group LLC

Coleman Legal Group, LLC is a legal law firm that specializes in small business law. The firm understands that small businesses need proper legal guidance to grow and thrive in the Georgia business industry. Its aim is to provide continuous representation in all legal facets of managing a small business.

3) Keegan Law Firm LLC

Keegan law firm represents both individuals and small businesses. They specialize in three areas: employment discrimination, wage and hour law and general civil litigation.

4) EPPS and Stidham

EPPS and Stidham is a reliable legal firm that helps you with three main things: small business, contracts, and business formation. They will also provide you with the legal representation you need all throughout your business operations.

5) Preston CPA, P.C.

Preston CPA is a small accounting firm that will take care of your finances for you. They may sure that you’re always up-to-date with your accounting so you can properly manage and grow your small business.

6) Burge+Associate P.C.

Burge+Associates caters to small businesses in Georgia. Some of their services include financial management, tax management, business formation, business requirements compliance and many others.

7) Acclaim Professional Services Inc.

Acclaim Professional Services is a small accounting firm that puts the needs of small business owners first. They offer services such as accounting and tax services, priority and budget, bookkeeping, payroll and QuickBooks support services

8) Delerme CPA

Delerme CPA focuses on meeting the accounting and bookkeeping needs of small business and existing ones. The firm is based in Atlanta and offers services which include bookkeeping, creating financial statements and report and tax planning strategy and management.

9) Atlanta Bookkeeping Solutions

Atlanta bookkeeping solutions is a full-service accounting firm that helps small business owners with accounting and bookkeeping. They also provide payroll management solutions and serve non-profit organizations.

10) Business Coaching by Nan O’Connor

Nan O’Connor is an experienced business coach whose aim is to make sure that new entrepreneurs and small business owners in the state of Georgia achieve their business goals and grow their business to success. Having been in the industry for a period of years, the firm ensures you of increase survival rate.

11) Scully Works Small Biz Consulting

Scully Works Small Business Consulting can help you with any of the following areas: bookkeeping, company reporting and business modeling, strategic planning and business coaching and mentoring.

12) Inspired Business Services

A business consulting firm, Inspired Business Services provides tools and solutions to small business owners so they can properly market and grow the business of their dreams. Based in Atlanta, they also have other services such as employee assessments, business coaching, leadership development and marketing.

13) Treasure Tax

A small-business accounting firm that helps small businesses and individuals save time and money by streamlining and simplifying the accounting procedures utilized while providing top-quality services.

They work with clients whether implementing cost saving techniques, explaining reports, managing accounts but they specialize in managerial accounting, providing small business owners with the ability to comply with complex tax and implement bookkeeping best practices.

14) Akins & Amos Certified Public Accountants

A firm owned by a husband and wife team that specializes in financial advice for self-employed professionals, small business owners or work as an employee. They can resolve problems and get the best for their clients by building and maintaining effective channels of communication as they also deliver accurate and reliable financial services tailored to meet client’s individual needs.

15) Bexley Law Firm, LLC

The Bexley Law Firm provides a wide range of legal advice and representation services for non-profit organizations, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Services are tailored to individual non-profit and small businesses that cover a spectrum of legal needs and issues while keeping cost low by reducing wasteful overhead and operational costs.

16) Wilkins Consulting

Wilkins Consulting helps secure your business, improve IT efficiency, and cut costs by providing data security IT consulting services, search engine optimization, social marketing, and web design services. To attract targeted prospects and convert them to paying customers, they can maximize your web visibility by providing you with an internet marketing strategy.

17) Paramount Business Advisors

The firm helps people gain power over their money by providing services for individuals and small businesses manage their finances, retirement plans, business decisions, and taxes.

Paramount Business Advisors can assist with personal financial planning, retirement planning, IRS representation, tax preparations and planning, and estate planning for personal CPA services while they assist with company benefits consulting, succession planning, IRS representation for businesses, and deciding business structure for business CPA services.

18) Coleman Legal Group, LLC

The Coleman Legal Group assists small businesses that need proper legal guidance with an experienced team of business lawyers and attorneys to help make the complexities of business law easier in order to set up a successful business and thrive in the long run.

The group helps existing small and medium sized businesses with ongoing legal issues and are equipped and experienced to help business owners starting a new venture.

19) DEPco Accounting Services, Inc.

A full service and fully certified accounting agency that meet the accounting needs of small to mid-sized businesses committed to saving much time and money as possible.

DEPco stands ready to support accounting needs in the areas of taxes, accounting, payroll, human resources, internal controls, financial analysis, international finance, budgeting and planning allowing clients to have better ways to invest their time.

20) PADGETT The Small Biz Pros

Padgett is a personal and business tax preparation and financial accounting firm that provide tax and accounting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs all over North America, allowing business owners to focus their efforts on accomplishing the goals that matter to them.

They offer consultations to help their clients make the right choice and they provide them with the most up-to-date business resources.

21) Andersen|Tate|Carr

Andersen |Tate|Carr is a full service Georgia law firm in suburban Atlanta that offers unparalleled legal representation whose clients include prominent banks, developers, technology companies, and small business owners and professionals.

The firm’s attorneys handle a range of legal issues where they are poised to quickly and comprehensively address any aspect with a team approach when a client’s legal matters involve different practice area.

22) DB Spratte & Company

A company that helps small businesses run their business more efficiently by providing quality accounting services, accurate information, and sound advice to small businesses in the metro Atlanta area. DB Spratte & Company provides information you need to make good decisions in a cost efficient and timely manner making your job easier.

23) Hughes & Associates

Hughes & Associates helps business owners through the minefield of problems that they face every day as well as designing proper contract to protect them in most situations. Their team are ready to stand next to you as you find answers to problems whether you come in for quarterly advice just to head off problems before they begin, or as problem arise and you have to react to them.

24) The Startup Store

From startup through merger and acquisition, The Startup Store helps in solving the toughest business problems through their deep bench of business and operational experts. Their team of experts offer services that empower small businesses to energize founders, create jobs, and keep the economy ticking up.

25) The Num6ers Group

The group is your business partner for accounting, business advisory, human resources and IT service needs that maximizes the client’s bottom line by providing quality resources, exceptional service and cost-effective solutions. The Num6ers Group understands the balancing act required to run your business while running your business.

26) Joseph Business Consulting Inc. (JBC)

JBC is committed to provide services to clients throughout the U.S to develop their small businesses. For a company to operate in its full function, it is important as business professionals to have the proper tools.  Their professional consultation services provide quality support and they help understand the proper financial accountability needed to run a small business.

27) Small Business Services

Small Business Services is a reputable local firm that has emerged to serve the purpose of positioning their clients for effective financial and business decisions.

Through consultants who focus on the areas of tax planning and preparation, small business management and business and financial planning that meet the professional needs of clients wherein their professional advice can make a difference.

28) Allegro Consulting

A growth specialty advisory firm that provide specific, actionable direction that will solve most pressing problem and generate the growth you desire. Allegro Consulting has a mission to learn about the unique aspects of both company and market in which you compete and to understand your particular challenge to help you grow wiser and grow faster.

29) Pankaj R. Kapadia, CPA, P.C.

Pankaj R. Kapadia, CPA is an affordable, experienced, and friendly full-service accounting firm that offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

They help avoid the common pitfalls that many new small business owners make when starting a new venture as they provide a methodical plan of action needed to fulfill your dream or goal of being your own boss and running a successful business.

30) CBA Accounting & Tax services

The Company steers businesses and individuals as they offer targeted business consulting services where their team of experts bring timesaving solutions tailored to the needs of their clients.

They not just serve clients in Decatur area but also other areas in Georgia where they specialize in accounting services, year round tax preparation services, financial statement solutions, payroll services, IRS representation services and part-time CFO services.


Your Georgia Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

A business plan is essential to build a business with a strong and long-lasting foundation. It is a roadmap, a blueprint that allows you to develop your business idea during its early stage. It also fosters alignment and enables you to set the tone for your entire course of action.

Although the majority of entrepreneurs no longer find a business plan useful, it is still an important internal tool to propel your business to success.

By having a business plan, you’ll be able to gain an in-depth understanding of your target market, validate your business idea, organize your business objectives, confirm your numbers, iron out possible risks and problems, develop your branding and measure success realistically.

The use of a business plan software is the most efficient way to write a business plan these days, if you’re looking for one, I suggest you take LivePlan into consideration.

2) Online Incorporation Service

It’s incredibly important to incorporate your business in the state of Georgia. If you want to have maximum legal protection, incorporation is your only chance of protection. However, many entrepreneurs put off the idea of incorporating their business because of the many steps and requirements involved with the procedure.

Before you experience problems, it is essential that you incorporate your business before you begin operating. By doing so, you’re ensuring the lifetime continuation of your business and shielding yourself from financial, legal and personal liabilities as well.

The process of incorporating your business is not easy, but the with the use of online incorporation services, you’ll be able to complete the process in no time.

Incfile, MyCorporation and CorpNet are three of the best online incorporation providers in the market.

3) Building a Business Website

A business that doesn’t have a business website is missing out on a powerful marketing tool that they can use to efficiently sell their products/services. If we explain the importance of a website in the most basic way, a website is a place where people can find you.

Today, people simply can’t live without the internet. Before making any kind of purchase or trying out a service, they make it a point to search companies and businesses online – the reason why you need to have a business website.

It’s a good thing building a website is no longer expensive. With the assistance of web-building tools, creating a customizable website is easier.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to own one as well because there are tools like Bluehost and Rainmaker that are not only affordable but also efficient.

4) Accounting Software

Accounting is the language of business. Without this skill, you’ll not be able to keep track of your business’s outflow and inflow efficiently. However, it’s not a skill that’s easy to learn, it can’t be mastered overnight.

If you have zero knowledge and experience in accounting or bookkeeping, there’s an effective and affordable option to manage your business’s finances well. Accounting softwares allow you to work on your cash flow while having all the time-saving and practical tools that you can use while doing the task. Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks are great accounting softwares that you can try.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Georgia

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessGeorgia’s rich cultural and traditional heritage, its progressive, yet simple and suburban feel makes it one of the most unique places to start a business.

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, Georgia is second in the United States as having the largest increase in entrepreneurial activity during the past years.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether you want to pursue starting a business in Georgia or not. However, if you try to weigh in the advantages, your chances of succeeding in Georgia is high.

Aside from the fact that the state is highly friendly to small businesses, it also has the best small business support network for new entrepreneurs like you. There’s no doubt that Georgia is the best place to be for aspiring entrepreneurs!

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