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82 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Connecticut

Resources for Starting a Business

Starting a business in Connecticut is challenging, but how you take on that challenge will determine the success or failure of your startup. True, things can get overwhelming especially when you’re trying to complete requirements and accomplish paperwork, but you should also realize that there are numerous resources you can use to minimize your effort at accomplishing all tasks by yourself and be cost effective at the same time.

As a practical entrepreneur, you should consider some of the resources mentioned in this guide. They are the top resources that will help bring your great idea to life. Enjoy!


Top 10+ Connecticut Small Business Resources

1) Connecticut Business Connection

The Connecticut Business Connection is an organization that aims to help small businesses survive and grow in the state of Connecticut by giving them access to educational resources, funding tools and working capital, networking opportunities and other supportive means and resources to make their journey easier.

2) Connecticut Business and Industry Association

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association is a strong advocate of businesses in Connecticut. The association’s mission is to build Connecticut as the number one state when it comes to availability of jobs, growing businesses and economic growth. With the support of thousands of member companies, the association is able to support small businesses and startups within the state.

3) Bradley Development League

The Bradley Development League is an association that has a wide connection of strategic partners which include the Chambers of Commerce, regional economic development, local and national government agencies, non-profit organizations and other business centers and associations. These member agencies are instrumental in reaching communities and making projects possible and successful.

4) The Hartford

Helping small businesses and large prevail through unexpected events has been a priority for The Hartford for more than 200 years. Today, The Hartford is a leading provider of business insurance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses and large across a wide range of industries in Connecticut.

5) WaterBury Regional Chamber

The WaterBury Regional Chamber under the Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) is an agency that provides free, business advice, tips and guidance to entrepreneurs planning to start a business or currently running a growing company in Connecticut. They also aid in startup planning, marketing, loan package assistance and international trade.

6) Darien Chamber of Commerce

The Darien Chamber of Commerce is a government initiative that aims to assist small businesses in Darien County. Support includes workshops, trainings, business activities and events and one-on-one business consultations. They’ve also prepared a list of business resources and agencies and organizations who are willing to assist small businesses.

7) Doing Business in Connecticut

Doing Business in Connecticut is a guide to economic development opportunities in Connecticut. Doing Business in Connecticut is a program under the DECD in supervision of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. The agency promotes economic development by supporting startups and small businesses, providing them with business resources and tools.

8) Connecticut’s Business Response Center

Connecticut’s Business Response Center, enables entrepreneurs gain access to information on starting, growing and relocating a business in the state. The agency has friendly customer specialists, who assists in providing guidance – free of charge. The CBRC also has available support services and resources which entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

9) Hartford Public Library

Hartford Public Library is a virtual library that provides information, programs, access to technology, referrals, and other useful materials to help entrepreneurs thrive. The library also has a list of organizations that can assist entrepreneurs as they start their small business.

10) Penny-Hanley & Howley Co., Inc.

Penny-Hanley and Howley Co. is a locally owned and operated company that handles insurance needs. The company specifically focuses on Stafford Springs, offering affordable and credible insurance options. They also assist entrepreneurs and small businesses choose the right insurance that is tailored for their needs.

11) Hiscox Small Business

Hiscox small business is an insurance company in Connecticut, but aside from offering affordable insurance, it is also a go-to for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for resources and tools as well as valuable information and business advice.

12) The Connecticut Business & Industry Association

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association is an agency that aims to build Connecticut into a top state in terms of jobs, business and economic growth. It also provides resources, expertise and information for everything related to business.

13) CTNext

CTNext is an innovation ecosystem in Connecticut that supports startups and entrepreneurs by allowing them to gain access to business resources and tools, guidance and networking opportunities so they can start on the right track and accelerate the success of their venture.

14) Hamden Public Library

The Hamden Public Library is a virtual library that contains a list of resources for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a small business in Connecticut. On the list are government and private agencies who have programs that will help small business owners go through every step of building a business.

15) Bridgeport EDC

Bridgeport EDC is a resource center maintained by the Trans-Urban Communities LLC. The site’s goal is to develop the City of Bridgeport by building and encouraging industrial, commercial and community  industries. Bridgeport EDC is also an entrepreneurship and innovation hub that provides resources to start and grow a successful business.

16) LLC Express

LLC Express is firm that helps entrepreneurs form their business under the legal structure, LLC. Aside from assisting entrepreneurs in this area, LLC Express also offers small business legal tips, business basics workshops and provides a list of Connecticut small business resources.

17) Voluntown Economic Development Commission

Voluntown Economic Development Commission is an agency that promotes economic development and increasing tax base by supporting existing businesses, assisting them to grow and encouraging startups and small businesses in Voluntown. Their website contains small business resources and tools that entrepreneurs can use to jumpstart their business.

18) The Connecticut Innovations Blog

The Connecticut Innovations Blog is a go-to for many entrepreneurs when it comes to business resources and business articles that inform, motivate and encourage them to work harder. They provide content that are not only engaging but are also information-filled.

19) CERC Program Finder

CERC Program Finder is Connecticut’s business directory that aids entrepreneurs in searching for the best services and programs for their business needs. The database if constantly updated making improvements and upgrades that will serve Connecticut business owners better.


Free Connecticut Startup Guides

1) How to Start a Business in Connecticut

This is a general guide on how you can start a business in Connecticut with emphasis on the steps on how to do it effectively. A few tips and quick links to start your own Connecticut business are also shown in this guide.

2) How to Form an LLC in Connecticut

A Limited Liability Company is a legal structure of which you can use when incorporating your business legally. It provides many advantages and benefits to your business. To get started on an LLC registration for your startup, follow the 5 basic steps in this guide. If you need assistance, we have listed a couple helpful resources to simplify the Connecticut LLC formation process.

3) How to File a DBA in Connecticut

A DBA registration is filed should you decide to use a trade name, assumed name or fictitious name in lieu of the business name legally registered with the state of Connecticut. This guide simply walks you through that process with a few additional resources useful at the completion of your DBA registration.

4) How to Finance a Business in Connecticut

Deciding on which funding option is right for your startup can be tough as there are several options. Regardless of which option best fits your startup requirements, this guide presents good resources that may come in handy. It lists and briefly discusses five plausible financing options for startups in the state of Connecticut.

5) How to Get a Connecticut Registered Agent

A Connecticut Registered Agent is required for any kind of business in the state. While there are numerous companies that offer a Registered Agent service, the crucial task in the selection process is finding the right person for the job. With this in mind, this guide was created. It points entrepreneurs in the right direction for hiring a competent Connecticut Registered Agent.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Connecticut

A Corporation is one business entity that you can legally form your business with, and this guide will direct you on how to form a Connecticut Corporation. Aside from the basic steps, a few additional steps to become legally compliant will also be discussed in this guide including some valuable resources you can opt to use.

7) How to Incorporate in Connecticut

The basics to incorporating in Connecticut is summed up in this guide and presented in a simple, no-nonsense manner suitable for new entrepreneurs who are looking for a straightforward approach to Connecticut incorporating instructions.


Connecticut Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) Stamford Innovation Center

Stamford Innovation Center is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub that supports a community of creative professionals, small business owners, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs by enabling them access to helpful resources such as classes, events, and workspace.

2) Axis901

Axis901 is a creative, energetic and supportive coworking space where like-minded people work and grow together. It is designed for entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, freelancers and professionals who want to collaboratively work with other creative minds and develop innovative ideas. Most of Axis 901’s members are web marketers, e-commerce firms, authors and a lot more.

3) reSET

reSET is a non-profit organization with a goal to improve the social enterprise sector in Connecticut and across the United States. The organization has three basic strategic goals: to become the “go-to” place for business owners and entrepreneurs, to get Hartford on the map as an impact city, and Connecticut as a center of the social enterprise sector.

4) Danbury Hackerspace

The Danbury Hackerspace in the Innovation Center is a coworking space located near Danbury Library. Danbury Hackerspace is a project of the City of Danbury to provide creative minds like entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, and artists have an alternative space where they can work and nurture their ideas.

5) B:Hive Bridgeport

B:Hive Bridgeport is a coworking space founded by 6 professionals from Bridgeport. The coworking space has a home office, apartment, dorm room, coffee shop, or cubicle. Started by self-starting entrepreneurs, the space is a unique place to work, with its central location and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

6) The Grove

The Grove is a coworking space that supports and encourages people as they work and develop innovative ideas that can solve social, environmental and economic problems in the state of Connecticut. Most of The Grove’s clients are organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs who value knowledge sharing and collaboration.

7) Connecticut Business Incubator Network

The Connecticut Business Incubator Network’s goal is to promote economic development by initiating  business incubation activities that will create new jobs, start businesses and generate new investments. It has 7 participating incubator programs, each one located all throughout Connecticut. These facilities house over 64 small businesses.

8) Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.

The Connecticut for Advanced Technology has a business incubator and rental space located at two of its sites: Pitkin Street facility and Advanced Manufacturing Center at the UTRC Campus. The majority of its clients are high-tech start-ups and organizations that are advocates entrepreneurship.

9) Innovation, Destination: Hartford

Innovation Destination: Hartford serves Hartford’s entrepreneurial environment. The company enables entrepreneurs to check out newly built Connecticut startups, entrepreneurs, business events and key players in Hartford’s entrepreneurial community. Innovation, Destination: Hartford also provides entrepreneurs with resources and tools to start and grow their business.

10) The Refinery

The Refinery is a focused network that caters to women-led businesses in Connecticut. They provide personalized and individualized business programs, expert advice from experienced mentors, webinars and workshops to ensure that every woman succeeds in their chose venture.

11) Sono Spaces

Sono Spaces is a one-of-a-kind coworking space in Connecticut’s Design District designed for creative professionals in design, advertising, marketing, interactive, publishing and technology. With its central location, thriving business community, scenic shoreline and modern equipment and facilities, Sono Spaces is considered one of the best coworking spaces in Connecticut.

12) group88

group88 is a mixed-use coworking space for entrepreneurs and professionals who need a cost-effective and alternative working space where they can work and create new ideas. The company has the best amenities, equipment and facilities to foster a collaborative and creative working environment for business owners and professionals.

13) Fairfield Accelerator

Fairfield Accelerator offers numerous services to entrepreneurs and small business owners, they include: operational support, mentoring and advising, funding assistance, networking opportunities, technology and design support and professional development. It also has standard amenities for their coworking spaces which entrepreneurs can take advantage of.


The Innovation Accelerator under the University of Connecticut is an accelerator program for both students and early-stage ventures. The IA program enables entrepreneurs to gain access to comprehensive market research, strategic roadmaps, market potential evaluation and customer engagement strategies.

15) Launch EZ

Launch EZ’s primary concern is to help over 500 Connecticut startups find the best resources, people and partners to advance their business or idea. Right now, they have helped 11 startups reached their goals.


Small Business Professional Services in Connecticut

1) Connecticut Business Litigation Blog

Connecticut Business Litigation Blog is a commentary blog about lawsuits and legal issues that impact Connecticut businesses. N. Kane Bennett is the founder of the blog, he is also the co-founder of the  Aeton Law Partners LLP. They provide legal representation to individuals and businesses in practice areas such as breach of contract, business disputes, trade and commerce, technology and a lot more.

2) Innovative Financial Services, LLC

Innovative Financial Services, LLC is a financial service firm that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their bookkeeping and business accounting needs. The firm sets-up bookkeeping systems, QuickBooks training, QuickBooks software set-up and provides virtual bookkeeping.

3) Client Attraction Business School

The Client Attraction Business School is a place where they provide entrepreneurial education and experience meant to accelerate business growth. They welcome entrepreneurs and business owners to try their curriculum, coaching, affordable tuition and other business services.

4) Madison, CT Accounting, Lake & Hartmann Financial Services

Madison, CT Accounting, Lake and Hartmann Financial Services is a full-service accounting firm licensed in CT. The firm offers numerous services for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and professionals who need an affordable, friendly and experienced accounting firm for their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

5) Padgett Business Services of Farmington

Padgett Business Services of Farmington is a financial firm that services entrepreneurs, small and large businesses and independent professionals across Connecticut. The goal of the firm is to educate professionals on financial literacy – a key element for long term success. Padgett Business Services offers business consultations and mentorship.

6) Raymond Law Group

Raymond Law Group is a legal firm that provides legal representation to businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations. The firm’s practice areas include: professional liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions, cyber liability, data security and privacy, intellectual property and technology, employment and labor, insurance litigation and business law and litigation.

7) Law Office of Kevin L. Burns

Kevin L. Burns, the man behind the law firm is an experience lawyer that offers services such as organizing business corporations and limited liability companies, guiding clients through complex legal matters, negotiating business disagreements including partnership/ownership disputes, litigating business disputes and more.

8) D R Clark and Associates

D R Clark and Associates is an accounting company that provides individual, business and tax services. Under business services, they can help entrepreneurs with business accounting, QuickBooks services, payroll management, bank financing, succession planning and business formation.

9) DHL and S

DHL and S is a full service Certified Public Accounting and Business Consulting company situated in Shelton, Connecticut. The company’s professional staff can also help entrepreneurs with tax management, comprehensive auditing services, fraud detection and deterrence services and expert consulting.

10) Nathan Accounting Group

Nathan Accounting Group is an accounting services company that meets client needs using a their specialized expertise and innovative ideas. They cater to small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to outsource their financial and accounting needs so they can focus more on making profit and running their business.

11) Borgida and Company

Borgida & Company, P.C., is a tax and accounting firm that has a wide client base in Connecticut. The company’s are highly experienced and knowledgeable in meeting the accounting needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, organizations and businesses. Particularly, they focus on 4 key areas: accounting and auditing, tax planning and preparation, estate and trust services and QuickBooks Consulting.

12) A.A Branca and Co.

A.A. Branca & Co. LLC is a tax and financial company that has assisted businesses and individuals with their business needs since 1986. They offer 4 main services which include business services, services for individuals, tax problems and tax services.

13) Strategy Leaders

Strategy Leaders is a business coaching program that helps small businesses from different industries succeed in the industry. Regardless what field an entrepreneur is doing business, Strategy Leaders sees their clients as an entrepreneur who is a ready learner, someone who knows the value and potential of a business and someone who’s prepared to reap the rewards of a growing company.

 14) ACTIONCoach of Western CT

ACTIONCoach of Western CT is a business consulting firm with a sole mission to assist small and medium sized businesses compete in the industry and be the best in their game. The firm aims to help entrepreneurs see their business as a profitable enterprise that provides financial and personal freedom.

15) Jerry Wistrom

Jerry Wistrom is a seasoned author, speaker and business coach with a vast experience in business. He is a sought after business coach that has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups achieve their business dreams and run their business efficiently through his mentorship and coaching program.

16) Easy Small Business Solutions

Easy Small Business Solutions by Mitch Tublin caters to small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to succeed in business. Mitch Dublin is an experienced and well-established business coach who has a proven track record of helping small businesses grow and expand. Through his mentorship, entrepreneurs and small business owners will be able to achieve their goals.


Funding Resources in Connecticut

1) Community Economic Development Fund

The Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF) is a program that aims to provide financial and technical support to small businesses and organizations who are part of low and moderate-income communities across Connecticut.

2) Business Lenders

Business Lenders is a lending firm ranked as one of the top non-bank SBA lender in the United States. The firm helps small businesses by helping them apply for loans and grants and obtain the needed financing to start a business in Connecticut. Most of Business Lenders’ loans are from the SBA, particularly the 504 loan program.

3) Worth Avenue Capital

Worth Avenue Capital is a private lending firm that supports businesses through alternative financing solutions and debt capital. Specifically they offer private loans, capital, funding resources, bank workouts, SBA loans, conventional financing and other alternative financing to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

4) Universal Funds

Universal Funds is a direct lender for merchant unsecured business loans that makes obtaining funding or capital easier. The lending firm structures the right funding solutions for every entrepreneur depending on their business needs and specifications.

5) B2B Financial Solutions

B2B Financial Solutions is one of the leading small business loan and working capital provider in the state of Connecticut. The company is committed to elevating the standard of their customer service by assisting every client, placing their business needs above everything else.

6) Connecticut Innovations

Connecticut Innovations’ Specialty Finance Group provides tax-exempt funding and other essential resources to finance projects that benefit Connecticut residents. They have a public and specialty finance team that will walk entrepreneurs through every step of the funding application.

7) American Stimulus Funding Corporation

American Stimulus Funding Corp. is finance firm built with the aim to provide small and medium sized businesses a chance to gain the funding so that they can grow and expand. The finance firm is composed of well-established financial professionals who have helped finance thousands of small businesses, spending millions of dollars. American Stimulus Funding Corporation is one of the leading providers of merchant cash advances and credit card factoring.

8) Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan specializes in providing funding alternatives to Connecticut residents aside from traditional bank loans and lines of credit. The goal of Small Business Loan is to match entrepreneurs with the best funding partner so they can gain access to working capital and run their business effectively.

9) General Merchant Funding

Founded in 2009, General Merchant Funding is a financing firm that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses by giving them a variety of options when it comes to alternative financing solutions. The firm mainly offers merchant cash advances, business loans and unsecured loans.

10) PBI Global Funding

PBI Global Funding supports small to mid-sized businesses grow by giving them access to working capital and business advice essential to run a business effectively. The firm believes in the value that small businesses put to the table, thus, they ensure fast funding and release of loans.

11) HEDCO Inc.

HEDCO Inc. offers financial and technical support to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them succeed. They have a business resource center and a wide array of loan programs that entrepreneurs can choose from.

14) Community Investment Corporation

Community Investment Corporation is a non-profit organization that helps in economic development by contributing their financial expertise and guidance to small business owners in the state of Connecticut and Rhode Island. CIC provides loans and funding for small businesses and provides them with the needed resources to succeed.

15) Revolving Loan Fund SeCTer

SeCTer through its revolving loan program enables small business owners and entrepreneurs apply for different loans from $10,000 to $2 million. Loans offered at SeCTer are lower than market fixed interest rates and are more lenient when it comes to terms and conditions.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives, or more popularly known as SCORE, provides startup entrepreneurs with free one-on-one business counseling, mentoring, and assistance. The SCORE has a number of volunteer professionals from the business industry who are more than competent and experienced to provide the best guidance when a startup entrepreneur like you is building a startup.

2) SBA

When it comes to government agencies that look after the interests of small businesses all across the country, the US Small Business Administration is that organization. Providing all-out support in terms of assistance programs, services, and resources, the US SBA has satellite district offices that facilitate in the assistance and guidance of business startups from business planning to the actual business operations and day-to-day challenges that arise.


Another active non-profit organization that provides small business assistance and services with several district offices as well, the Small Business Development Center has a lineup of assistance programs that range from business mentorship, trainings and workshops, to valuable entrepreneurial tools that can significantly contribute to the success of your startup.

4) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a small business online magazine resource that features a plethora of beneficial how-to guides, inspirational stories, and tools to jumpstart your startup in no time at all. Startup Savant covers a wide selection of how-to guides encompassing various states from how to form a business with different structures, a list of business startup resources, financing options and more.

5) Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is your go-to on everything entrepreneurship and business. It provides entrepreneurs with information and news on the latest trends and business practices. It also contains articles which will inspire, motivate and encourage both experienced and new business owners to strive even harder to achieve their dreams.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is a free business online magazine that helps entrepreneurs on the different steps of starting a business. From getting started, to sales and marketing, to finance, staffing and HR and operations, AllBusiness has everything for you. They also provide you with resources so you can kickstart your business.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is an inspirational business magazine that features inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who were able to succeed amidst the difficulties that they encountered. It also contains guides and tips for new entrepreneurs who want to know how hard it is to run and manage a business.


Your Connecticut Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Many startups fail because of insufficient planning prior to setting things in motion. As a startup entrepreneur yourself, keep in mind that sound business planning leads to a smoother startup process and a higher chance of having successful long term business. To facilitate the planning phase, a business plan should be implemented. This plan should serve as the business’ roadmap, providing steps to effectively achieve goals and missions and safeguarding the business from potential pitfalls and challenges. Business plan writing is no rocket science project. Using a software like PlanGuru, Business Plan Pro, and Enloop can help you create a solid business plan.

2) Online Incorporation Service

The incorporation process is just one of the tasks involved in legally forming your startup. To address the growing demand to have this task taken care of conveniently, online incorporation service providers such as Direct Incorporation, MyCorporation, and CorpNet are offering to take care of this entire process for startup entrepreneurs. It is an optional service, but very helpful.

3) Building a Business Website

No matter how small a business is, it is losing out on a lot of great opportunities if it does not have a website. Aside from the fact that it can be a tool for various marketing strategies for your business, it also helps your target market reach you. With today’s website building tools, a professional-looking and customized business website is possible even without technical expertise. Tools such as BlueHost and Rainmaker help you create a business website that effectively communicates your brand to the market and your target audience.

4) Accounting Software

Accounting and financial tasks in a business is repetitive and time consuming. With the help of an accounting software, these tasks can be less of a burden to a startup entrepreneur, speeds up the entire business operations, and fast tracks completion of the necessary paperwork when it comes to federal and state compliance requirements. Some of the more popular accounting tools for small businesses include QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero. Each tool provides a plethora of features that can effectively simplify accounting, bookkeeping, and financial tasks.


Wrapping Up and Starting a Business in Connecticut

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessHard work and commitment are just a part of successfully launching a startup. Practicality also comes into great play. Recognizing various resources and utilizing it effectively when starting your business are crucial. With tons of startup resources available today, it is only a matter of identifying which are helpful and of importance.

At the end of the day, you need to think about how your business can get off on the right footing and to stay savvy. Good luck!

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