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130 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Colorado

Resources for Starting a Business

I have always believed that to become an efficient and successful entrepreneur (hard work, passion, and commitment aside) you need to be savvy. Using solid resources can make a huge difference from how your business will fare in the long term.

That said, here are the 130 best resources for starting a business in Colorado, collected to help bring your great idea to life. It’s important to start off on the right foot when starting a business in Colorado, so be sure to only use the resources that are right for you.


colorado small business resources

1) Colorado Small Business Blog

The Colorado Small Business Blog strives to bring small businesses to the forefront of Colorado’s economy. Its goal is to bring new opportunities and customers to small business owners in Colorado. Also, it is the goal of this blog to serve as a small business information portal and to give small businesses the prospect of presenting their products, services, and ideas to their target market at no additional cost.

2) Colorado Free University

In keeping with Colorado Free University’s Learning for Life motto, it provides valuable information on small business and entrepreneurial development. As an information hub, the Colorado Free University features new articles regularly in connection with small businesses.

3) Colorado Small Business Event

The Colorado Small Business Event presents an opportunity for small business owners to get access on hands-on training in various levels of experience. With the diverse experience, field expertise, and dedicated time of Colorado Small Business Event’s organizer David Cholewa, this can be made possible.

4) Loveland Center for Business and Development

The Loveland Center for Business and Development fosters the entrepreneurship, innovation and growth of small businesses within the state of Colorado by providing counseling services and low-cost workshops. To start, the LCBD provides small business owners access to a wide range of local, state, and federal resources to get started, plus networking opportunities for further business growth.


From small business support to tons of information and referrals to classes and workshops, the Colorado Springs Small Business Resource Guide has it all. It has the largest database of small business resource for the Pikes Peak region of Colorado to arm entrepreneurs with the right resources and tools to get started. The Colorado Springs Small Business Resource Guide also develops and supports information-based tools to aid small business enterprises.

6) Jefferson County Business Resource Center

The Jefferson County Business Resource Center is a non-profit organization geared towards providing support to small business enterprises in Jefferson County. JCBRC is the central hub for tons of business resources at a low or no-cost offer. From one-on-one business counseling, workshops, and other useful resources, the JCBRC is a one-stop shop.

7) Colorado SBDC

The Colorado Small Business Development Center is in charge of providing any and all kinds of business resources to the small business community in Colorado. It provides a comprehensive list of free services, tools, and resources to small businesses. One-on-one consultations, business workshops and events, special events, and other business-related resources are scheduled regularly.

8) ColoradoBIZ

The ColoradoBIZ is an online magazine for the Colorado business community. It features a host of articles and how-to’s about business and everything related to business. From management and leadership hacks, sales tips, finance articles, to work-life balance, and more, the ColoradoBIZ is an excellent source of information.

9) BizWest

BizWest is in the business of providing business news, data, as well as economic statistics for the Boulder Valley area and in Northern Colorado. BizWest features a plethora of articles related to business as well as features on other areas.

10) Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT)

The Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) is a premier business organization that lobbies for proactive business strategies that foster business development and reinforce economic progress. In turn, this helps businesses in the Colorado region to grow and develop. With partnerships of different organizations and agencies, it is the COBRT’s goal to strengthen organizations and build business relationships.

11) Mi Casa Resource Center

The Mi Casa Resource Center is one of Colorado’s oldest and biggest Latino-functioning non-profit organization. It is Mi Casa’s goal to aid in the economic success of Latinos in Colorado through various educational, professional and entrepreneurial opportunities. Included in providing entrepreneurial opportunities is providing career and business training for business ownership.

12) Accion

A non-profit organization, Accion is dedicated to providing the necessary tools and resources that entrepreneurs need to start, operate, and grow their business. Accion also provides access to small business loans for financing as well as training, business counseling, and educational business resource events to arm entrepreneurs with the necessities to help their business grow.

13) The Marianna Raftopoulos Business Success Center

The Marianna Raftopoulos Business Success Center is a non-profit organization that provides centralized business services, counseling, classes and more to residents of Craig and Moffat County in Colorado. It is its main priority to guide and support entrepreneurs who provide jobs to the local community. The Marianna Raftopoulos Business Success Center online resource is available 24/7, and entrepreneurs can also schedule free services and appointments.

14) Hayden Colorado

Hayden Colorado through the Hayden Chamber of Commerce and Hayden Economic Development Commission provides small to medium-sized entrepreneurs with the resources and tools that they need to start and grow their business. On their site, they’ve compiled a list of organizations and resources that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

15) Colorado Business Connector

The Colorado Business Connector provides entrepreneurs and small business owners from Colorado with a variety of small business resources and tools. They also made a list of Colorado government sites, economic development councils, private organizations, chambers of commerce and other miscellaneous resources for entrepreneurs.

17) Arvada Chamber of Commerce

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce under the Colorado Chamber of Commerce is a government agency that provides business owners with a list of government and private agencies that can assist startups and new businesses.

18) Mancos Public Library

Mancos Public Library is a virtual library that stores hundreds of useful learning resources when starting and managing a small business. They have guides to help entrepreneurs write a business plan, resources to help entrepreneurs understand business taxes and legal resources that will shed light on certain legal issues. The library also has available forms and a list of funding opportunities.

19) Parker Community Business Directory

The Parker Community Business Directory is a finder for entrepreneurs in Colorado who are searching for services, programs and agencies who can help them. From funding sources to useful resources, it has almost everything for business owners seeking for assistance.

20) is a business resource that contains information on the how-to’s of starting a business in Colorado. Entrepreneurs can read their guide on tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, filing a DBA and withholding income taxes.

21) is a business website that provides self-help information on starting a business in Colorado. The site has listed numerous small business agencies and organizations and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to build a startup in the state.

22) Startup Colorado

Startup Colorado is an initiative that aims to increase the activity of the entrepreneurial community across Colorado. The main goal of the agency is to improve connections, improve access to education and resources and strengthen Colorado’s entrepreneurial community.

23) Delta County Libraries

Delta County Libraries is a virtual library that stores books to online databases. The library has numerous resources accessible to those who are starting and running a small business. To meet the business needs of entrepreneurs, Delta County Library has 24-hour wireless access, meeting spaces, iPads and digital projectors, one-on-one technology help by appointment, ESL and GED classes, and a lot more.

24) Calhan Colorado

Calhan Colorado provides small business owners and Colorado entrepreneurs with a number of resources that can help them start, grow, promote and manage their business with efficiency. A list of chambers of commerce and business groups as well as business assistance are listed on their site.

25) NorthWest Colorado – Economic Development District

NorthWest Colorado – Economic Development District under the direct supervision of the U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency that enables entrepreneurs across Colorado to gain access to useful business resources and a list of groups and agencies that can help them start their business in CO.

26) Denver South Economic Development Partnership

The Denver South Economic Development Partnership supports small businesses by assisting them as they start, manage and grow their business. The agency has partnered with government agencies to meet the business needs of Colorado small business owners. Aside from helping entrepreneurs start a business, they also aid in real estate search and evaluation, taxes and regulations and more.


how to guides colorado

1) How to Start a Business in Colorado

Learn the fundamentals of starting a business in Colorado and what you have to do to accomplish this task using our outline. This step-by-step guide outlines each task that needs to be accomplished to get started as a Colorado entrepreneur, plus three resources that can be used to help bring your idea to life.

2) How to Form an LLC in Colorado

If you’re looking to form a Limited Liability Company in Colorado, this guide will be the answer to a simple, fast, and efficient filing. Each of the steps to form a Colorado LLC are outlined with detailed instructions on how to accomplish it. Links to agencies or important information relating to the step are also included in the guide.

3) How to File a DBA in Colorado

The task of filing a DBA in Colorado is simplified through a three-step process. With this guide on how to file a Colorado DBA, you can easily walk your way around each step and get started on your operations. A DBA registration is a necessity when you want to operate a business under a name different from what you have registered for your business.

4) How to Finance a Business in Colorado

With several options to consider when looking for the right business capital financing, this guide on how to finance a business in Colorado can give you a clear-cut direction to take when doing so. It presents you with five common financing options complete with an overview and links to help you make an informed decision.

5) How to Get a Colorado Registered Agent

A Colorado Registered Agent is a necessary requirement when forming any kind of Colorado business. This is part of the obligations when legally incorporating the business to the Secretary of State. This guide not only provides you with the standard criteria for a Colorado Registered Agent, but will also point you in the right direction of where to hire a reliable and competent one.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Colorado

When you’re forming a Colorado Corporation, the best way to go about it smoothly and efficiently is to use this How to Form a Corporation in Colorado guide.

7) How to Incorporate in Colorado

The steps to incorporating in Colorado are important to understand. With this in mind, this guide on How to Incorporate in Colorado presents straightforward steps on how to incorporate in Colorado correctly. As an added bonus, a few resources that can help you incorporate faster are also featured on the guide.


Small Business Professional Services in Colorado

1) Business Law Group

The Business Law Group is a law firm located in Colorado Springs that aims to provide quality services at an affordable price. Although a majority of the firm’s clients are businesses and business owners, they also accommodate individual clients and nonprofit organizations. Its practice areas include: business and corporate law, tax law and business litigation.

2) Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Business Coaching believes that big things grow from small things. This is why Small Fish Business Coaching provides professional business coaching and mentoring in Northern Colorado. Carl is an expert business coach, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a long list of clients from all over, making him the perfect coach when it comes to bringing your business to the next level of success.

3) Colorado Coaching Company

The Colorado Coaching Company provides professional business coaching services all throughout your business. From business basics, leadership coaching, productivity, lead generation, profit, to work-life balance, Sean will assist you through to become a successful entrepreneur. Sean ensures to coach you the best he can, without enforcing any kind of generic system.

4) Colorado Startup Lawyer

The Colorado Startup Lawyer is the law firm for startups that runs like a startup. Colorado Startup Lawyer provides legal services relating to the formation, financing, and management of their startup company. As well, the Colorado Startup Lawyer also offers a free resource startup site for entrepreneurs who are looking to get started on their dream venture to become an actual running business.

5) The Law Office of Aiden Kramer

The Law Office of Aiden Kramer provides a plethora of legal services from the moment you decide to start a business up until the legal aspects in the day-to-day operations of your business. Aiden will help you get started on the right track with expert legal services that range from incorporation, compliance consulting, service agreements, employment contracts, corporate bylaws, asset purchase agreements, and more.

6) Zimmerman Financial Services

Zimmerman Financial Services offers tax preparation and accounting services. As a full service, Zimmerman provides tax return preparation, transaction structuring, tax audio representation, strategic tax planning, accounting and bookkeeping services, and even business consulting services to small businesses. In addition, Zimmerman is constantly updated with ever-changing tax laws, so they can always be prepared to serve you with utmost professionalism.

7) BiggsKofford

Whether you need consultancy services when starting, managing, growing, protecting or exiting your business, BiggsKofford Certified Public Accountants and Business Specialists. BiggsKofford’s business consultancy program is designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages of the entire business life cycle. With personalized business consulting and proper guidance towards the path to your business’ destination to success.

8) Idea Age Consulting

Idea Age Consulting is a business growth consulting firm that includes implementation, ROI-emphasized marketing services, sales training, business strategy action plans, strategic internet marketing, and more for your business. Idea Age Consulting is fully prepared to implement an effective management strategy to make your business a success.

9) Momentum Business Consulting

Momentum Business Consulting is all about being your mentor, partner, and positive influence when it comes to starting and operating your business. Momentum offers free initial consultation where you can get started on what you really need as an entrepreneur. Business consultations with Momentum means that you can also receive business ideas and resources that are applicable to your business.

10) Hiratsuka & Associates, LLP

As a full service accounting firm, Hiratsuka & Associates is not just all about audit and accounting, tax, and bookkeeping and payroll services, but they also offer small business startup consultations. Right from the time a business chooses the right entity to incorporate in, Hiratsuka & Associates helps you develop a comprehensive business plan that covers short-term and long-term business success.

11) Denver Pro Tax & Accounting

Denver Pro Tax & Accounting provides a host of business consultancy services including startup consulting and business formation. As a leading accounting firm, Denver Pro offers impeccable accounting system setup and training, ongoing bookkeeping, financial statement compilation, and tax planning and preparation.

12) Law Office of EC Lewis

The Law Office of EC Lewis provides a variety of legal services to small businesses. These legal services start at business formation up to legal agreements and contracts. The Law Office of EC Lewis offers long-term legal services that you can rely on and will be your partner to business success.

13) Holmes Shirley Law

Holmes Shirley Law offers a wide range of small business legal services. In addition, the law firm also facilitates for smooth small business exit or succession. The legal services provided by Holmes Shirley Law are tailor fit to each business/client they serve to achieve favorable results that really help your business become successful and thriving.

14) Inman Flynn Law Firm

Inman Flynn Law Firm looks after small business clients’ interests and assets through effective and customized legal counseling for all kinds of business situations. Their services include, but are not limited to, contract management, business setup and formation, to protection of legal and intellectual rights. To start off, Inman Flynn Law Firm offers a 30-minute free legal consultation to help analyze your business’ legal needs.

15) The Oliver Law Firm

The Oliver Law Firm provides all-out full legal help you need when starting and growing your Colorado business. The Oliver Law Firm provides legal assistance on business formation, business contracts, and commercial litigation. The law firm helps you choose the right business structure according to your requirements, exercises due diligence to review contracts, and expert representation during legal litigations.

16) Alpine Small Business Solutions

Alpine Small Business Solutions is an online business management and virtual assistance firm that aims to serve clients from startups to larger businesses and independent professionals. They also offer online events such as webinars, social media management, social media marketing, business coaching and mentorship and helpful training programs and workshops.

17) WTF Marketing

WTF Marketing is an online service firm that helps small businesses make more profit through effective marketing. The company assists entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and creating better strategies, provides content, website help and resources and tools to start a new business.

18) Automated Marketing Group

Automated Marketing Group is a marketing firm that offers sustainable and affordable integrated marketing strategies for small businesses in Colorado. Some of the services they offer include: web design, email marketing, SEO, paid search, social media marketing, content marketing and direct mail.

19) Cloutte and Associates

Cloutte and Associates is an experienced accounting firm in Colorado Springs dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals. They provide affordable rates and quality services such as income tax planning, small business accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks training, QuickBooks help and business startup services.

20) Watson CPA Group

Watson CPA Group is a private accounting, tax and business consultancy  firm in Colorado. They offer services such as business formation, elections and consultations, business tax preparation, accounting and payroll services and bookkeeping.

21) Rachel K. Gillette

Rachel K. Gillette is a credible and established lawyer in Colorado with expertise in the following areas: business licensing, business formation, contract drafting and review, labor and employment law, to mention a few. She has affordable rates and even offers services to low income clients with the belief that legal services should be accessible to all.

22) The Wells Law Firm

Fred Wells is a business lawyer from Jefferson County that provides legal representation and general counseling services to more than 175 businesses in Colorado. Two of his practice areas include business entity selection and organization and business operations and management.

23) Levin and Jacobson

Levin and Jacobson is a business formation law firm that provides legal representation to small and large businesses alike. The are focused on helping entrepreneurs establish new businesses, draft and negotiate business agreements and conduct business transactions. They also offer legal advice and counseling.

24) The Wilson Law Firm

The Wilson Law Firm provides accessible, prompt and cost-effective legal representation to businesses and entrepreneurs. The law firm provides a wide range of legal services such as business formation, business transaction assistance, contract drafting and negotiation, contract litigation and business litigation.

25) Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry and Groom

Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry and Groom is a seasoned and well-established law firm that helps entrepreneurs in business formation, operations and transactions and guiding businesses in Northern Colorado. They also provide legal education to investors and business owners on particular legal issues and procedures.

26) Don A. McCullough

Don A. McCullough is an experienced business lawyer that has assisted hundreds of companies by providing them with legal representation. Some of the services that they can help entrepreneurs with include business law/contracts, business check-up and litigation.

27) Causey and Howard

Causey & Howard is a law firm specializing in assisting small businesses and new entrepreneurs. They provide legal counseling and advice as well as legal representation. They also help business owners safeguard their business assets. Some of the services they offers include drafting and reviewing contracts, litigating disputes, business formation, and many others.

28) Colorado Legal Associates

Colorado Legal Associates is a law firm that offers small business consultation to companies across Colorado through the  Small Business Consultation Lakewood CO. The firm helps entrepreneurs from the conception of their business idea to the actual building and management of their small enterprise.


Colorado Startup Communities and Co Working Spaces

1) The Business Incubator Center

The Business Incubator Center aids in the startup, growth, and long-term development of businesses in the Mesa County and its surrounding regions through the provision of programs and events that foster sound business decisions and affirmative influence. The Business Incubator Center gives low-cost classes, coaching, and workshops, small business financing, space for lease and affiliate space, and more to entrepreneurs looking to get started with their business.

2) Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners

The Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners offers a wide range of services that assist entrepreneurs fast-track their small businesses. From product development, business planning, sales and business development, financing forecasting, executive mentoring, funding, marketing, public relations, and so on; the Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners can help you.

3) Fitzsimons Innovation Campus

The Fitzsimons Innovation Campus provides a host of opportunities for life science R&D companies whether you’re a startup or an established company. With state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technical support systems, the Fitzsimons Innovation Campus provides vital support that a startup needs to gain momentum.

4) Colorado Innovative Network (COIN)

The Colorado Innovative Network establishes a network of global leaders that push for the innovation ecosystem, develop companies, and generate jobs. COIN brings entrepreneurs an excellent pool of great people who can help with pushing for more opportunities for innovation and access to tons of resources.

5) The Commons

The Commons on Champa gathers a diverse community of innovators and business builders in one place where great ideas are born, learned, and shared to drive each other forward. At The Commons, you can find basically anything and everything to jumpstart your startup. From community rooms to a state-of-the-art lounge, to various programs, events, and resources, The Commons is the perfect place to start your dream venture.

6) Innosphere

Innosphere is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is Colorado’s foremost technology incubator. Innosphere is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs who are looking to get started in the fields of software, biosciences, cleantech, and digital health. As such, Innosphere provides a host of assistance programs starting from capital, mentoring, strategy, to growth of these startups.

7) Pueblo Economic Development Corp.

The Pueblo Economic Development Corp. provides a line of contact for companies who are looking to expand or relocate in the Colorado area. PEDCO also provides comprehensive and timely information to ensure that your business will benefit from their services.

8) Peak Venture Group

Peak Venture Group strives to cultivate and encourage a community of innovative business-minded individuals in the region of Colorado Springs. Through various mentoring, network, and educational programs, Peak Venture Group aims to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, it also highly encourages the exchange of information and resources for businesses to grow together.

9) Startup Grind Denver

Startup Grind Denver helps entrepreneurs connect to other entrepreneurs so that they can find the professional inspiration to innovate and create. Regular startup mixers and fireside chat interviews are scheduled on a monthly basis where entrepreneurs can network and find opportunities to establish meaningful connections.

10) Telluride Venture Accelerator

As an accelerator, Telluride Venture Accelerator invests in both manpower and financial capital to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial community. TVA’s flagship program features a 5-month accelerator program provided to deserving early-stage entrepreneurs. When an entrepreneur is enrolled in this program, they are provided with various resources to become successful, including but not limited to: mentoring, training, and access to business capital.

11) Techstars

The Techstars accelerator program in Boulder is one of the best in the state, and has produced many successful startups in Boulder. Techstars Boulder is the perfect avenue where you can get your venture started by joining Techstars’ vibrant community of startup entrepreneurs.

12) Galvanize

If you’re looking to start a business in the tech industry, Galvanize is the place to be. It provides the perfect learning environment and coworking space to develop your business. Galvanize also offers a variety of tech startup courses and education programs to help you get on your feet no matter the tech business you want to start.

13) Mergelane

A startup accelerator that’s all about women empowerment, Mergelane targets emerging small businesses with at least one woman in a leader position to qualify for the accelerator program. It is Mergelane’s goal to boost and invest in startup companies that are led by exceptional women. From mentor programs to events and workshops, Mergelane provides the perfect breeding ground of women-run businesses.

14) Innovation Pavilion

As a leading incubator program, the Innovation Pavilion provides a vast list of professional services that you can tap into when starting out your business. From mentoring programs to the necessary workspace or suite to get started, Innovation Pavilion can bring all these to you. The Innovation Pavilion also has a lineup of programs, internships, and skills training.

15) Epicentral Coworking

Epicenter aims to be the local epicenter of business in the town of Colorado Springs and across Colorado. The coworking space promotes economic development by supporting professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them embrace failure and celebrate success. They have 24/7 access, free internet, electricity and complete office amenities and equipment.

16) The Enclave

The Enclave is the premier coworking space in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s the hippest and most modern coworking space with the best technology in town. The coworking space fosters a creative and inspiring environment that allows freelancers and contractors to come up with innovative ideas. The Enclave also has affordable monthly and daily fees as well as awesome spaces.

17) Tri-Lakes Business Incubator

Founded by Alison Brown in 2007, the Tri-Lakes Business Incubator is a non-profit organization that aims to promote economic development by supporting and helping small businesses in the Tri-Lakes area. The business incubator is home to more than 500 home-based businesses; it also offers the best amenities and office equipment.

18) Salida Business Incubator

The Salida Business Incubator’s main goal is to be a creative and supportive working environment where entrepreneurs and professionals can work together so they can create new and fresh ideas, which will benefit the economic growth and development of startups in the Upper Arkansas Valley. With its state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, Salida Business Incubator ensures their clients a comfortable stay while they work.

19) Industry

Industry is a creative workspace that houses many tenants, mid-sized businesses, sole proprietors, freelancers, entrepreneurs and boutique firms. It is a place where like-minded people and a mix of professionals work together, bringing about productivity and creativity. The Industry also provides their clients with the best office facilities and supplies.

20) Shift Workspaces

Shift Workspaces is a coworking space that provides business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and other professionals with the best amenities such as office spaces, desks, meeting rooms, event spaces and a lot more. But more than this, shift workspaces nurtures camaraderie, creativity and collaborative working environment; where a mix of professionals can help and support each other in making new ideas work.

21) Green Spaces

Green Spaces is a coworking space in Colorado that specifically accommodates professionals and individuals who are socially and environmentally conscious. The mission of Green Spaces is to build a workplace where environmentally driven businesses can connect with each other to create a positive impact in the community.

22) Thrive Workplace

Thrive Workplace is home to various businesses and independent workers who wish to try out new workspaces so they can collaborate, work and grow their startups. The coworking space is a great place for professionals because of its flexibility, location and sense of community. It is a place where people support and assist each other to achieve individual goals.

23) Peak Startup

Peak Startup is a creative community for entrepreneurs where they can meet like-minded innovative professionals and businesses. The working space provides mentoring, connecting their clients to experienced entrepreneurs/mentors across the country. They also host educational events and entrepreneur evenings that can benefit their clients in business and in life.

24) Impact Hub Boulder

Impact Hub Boulder is a productive, creative and collaborative coworking space in Boulder that aims to make a difference in the world. Impact Boulder boasts of its 10,000 square foot coworking space, warm and welcoming community, talented professionals and helpful events. The coworking space provides clients with conference rooms, event spaces, office desks and other great amenities.

25) Denver Coworks

Denver Coworks is a network of coworking spaces in Denver who are working together to build and create strong communities promoting awareness on the benefits of coworking. Denver Coworks aims to work together so they can impart lessons and discover new ways to better serve the community as well as its members.

26) Elevate

Elevate is a coworking space for creators, entrepreneurs, risk takers, freelancers and visionaries who want to share space and share ideas with other creative minds to make Colorado a better place. The coworking space has the best office amenities, facilities and equipment. They also provide clients with affordable membership fees fit for any budget.

27) Creative Density

Creative Density is coworking space specifically designed for modern professionals who want to meet and work together with like-minded individuals to create new ideas that can benefit the community. The workplace offers numerous open and collaborative rooms, blazing internet connection, comfortable amenities and office spaces with unique styles.

28) Cowork Unite

Cowork Unite is a freelancer’s coworking network. It aims to unite local professionals who are looking for cool workspaces and a collaborative and creative working environment where they can meet and share ideas with individuals who have the same objectives and goals in mind. The coworking network opens up new opportunities for professionals to find high end jobs and events where they can showcase their talent and skills.


Funding Resources in Colorado

1) Colorado Enterprise Fund

The Colorado Enterprise Fund is a non-profit lender offering small business loans of up to $500,000 for startups and existing businesses. Since its creation in 1976, the Colorado Enterprise Fund has financed over 1,700 businesses. They also practice responsible business lending, getting to know you during the loan process and providing you one-on-one business counseling.

2) Citiwide Banks

Citiwide Banks is a locally owned, family run bank that is Colorado-centric, offering financing assistance to small to mid-sized businesses in the state of Colorado. Citiwide Banks provides commercial lending as well as other cash management solutions specifically customized to cater to small and medium-sized businesses. With Citiwide Banks, integrity comes first with the goal to help provide services for a strong, stable, and ready business.

 3) Colorado Lending Source

The Colorado Lending Source fosters the economic growth of a diverse range of small business enterprises in the state of Colorado by providing small businesses with the necessary financing solution to get started. The Colorado Lending Source connects small business owners to lenders, loan programs and the necessary support they need.

 4) Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

The Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute provides access to low-risk, flexible small microloans necessary to start and grow a business. Aside from this, the RMMFI also provides a systems-based approach to helping startup entrepreneurs succeed through learning and coaching support. The process-driven programs that RMMFI promotes value hard work, as well as opportunity for all.

 5) Region 10

Region 10 features the Business Loan Fund (BLF) that has provided 250 small businesses in eighteen communities and six counties in the western part of Colorado with more than $9M in business loans. Business loans can range from $5,000 up to $250,000 or even more featuring fixed rates and a maximum 10-year loan term.

6) Vectra Bank Colorado

Vectra Bank Colorado offers small business loans, which is partly guaranteed by the US Small Business Administration. As this is the case, the small business loans feature affordable and flexible terms to help small businesses get the requisite financing to get on their feet. With lower down payments and extended repayment terms, small businesses, whether existing or startups, can immediately apply for the loan application process.

 7) is a collaboration of private, public and non-profit lending institutions to provide small business entrepreneurs in Colorado with the required resources to find the necessary funding solutions to your business. From business loans, lines of credit, microlending solutions, and other financing options; the provides a wealth of information when it comes to financing your business’ capital.

 8) Mile High Community Loan Fund

The Mile High Community Loan Fund offers loans for for-profit and non-profit organizations. As a short-term lender, the MHCLF often undertakes the mid-risk position between a bank-funded financing and a public subsidy.

9) Public Service Credit Union

The Public Service Credit Union offers a number of lending solutions to small businesses. The PSCU offers loans for commercial real estate, as well as equipment loans. Government-guaranteed loans such as the SBA 7(a), Patriot Express, Express, CXP loans, and more. With an easy loan application process, business owners can immediately apply to start and grow their small business.

10) Rocky Mountain Venture Capital

The Rocky Mountain Venture Capital is a capital venture organization that attracts financing from various venture firms. The Rocky Mountain Venture Capital also includes programs and events that foster for the growth and progress of businesses that include information discussions, networking events, and more.

11) Startup Colorado Community Fund

The Startup Colorado Community Fund is on a quest to provide assistance to Colorado entrepreneurs and startup communities. It provides capital to various Colorado entrepreneurial organizations. The Startup Colorado Community Fund also provides grants.

12) Angel Investment Network

The Angel Investment Network provides an opportunity for small business entrepreneurs in Colorado to connect with possible investors who want to take risks with innovative products and new ideas. Aside from generating the capital needed to fuel their startup, new entrepreneurs also get business advice and know-how, as well as contacts of specific investors.

 13) CTEK

CTEK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Colorado that strives to establish and develop the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Rocky Mountain region. It is CTEK’s goal to assist entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with the right resources and expertise to move forward as a business.

14) Startup Grind Denver

Startup Grind Denver helps small business entrepreneurs get on their feet by providing a host of services that push for the development and growth of their business. As a financing option, Startup Grinder Denver hosts monthly events that include established local founders, investors, innovators, and educators who offer invaluable lessons on building a successful business.

15) Colorado Innovation Network

The Colorado Innovation Network is a privately funded organization that helps small business entrepreneurs by providing you with the opportunity to network with people who can give you a plethora of helpful information and resources in Colorado.

16) CatchFire Funding

CatchFire Funding is a private finance company that assists small businesses by providing them with loans and working capital. The company offers several funding options; they also offer expert advice in choosing the best option specific to the needs of businesses. CatchFire Funding also structures and tailors funding options based on every entrepreneur’s financial capabilities.

17) Element Capital Lending

Element Capital Lending is a financing firm that provides small business resources and funding options for entrepreneurs and business owners. The firm provides asset based financing, commercial lending and working capital.

18) Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

The Colorado OEDIT provides numerous financing tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs across Colorado. Some of the services include debt and equity financing, cash incentives, grants and tax credits to promote economic development.

19) SpotOn Financial

SpotOn Financial is a small business financing and business success consulting services. The company will help you obtain financing and working capital for your business to grow. Compared to traditional lenders, SpotOn Financial processes funding quicker, they also have flexible terms and conditions.

20) Colorado Microfinance Alliance

The Colorado Microfinance Alliance is a network that consists of a dynamic coalition of microfinance practitioners and promoters who represent microfinance organizations both local and international with the firm conviction that microfinance is a powerful tool in making projects happen.

21) Colorado Springs Loans Today

Colorado Springs Loan Today offers small business loans to Colorado entrepreneurs and business owners. There are available loans for different business needs may it be working capital, remodeling, property development, purchase of new machinery or equipment; the financing firm has numerous loans to choose from.

22) is a funding firm that provides alternative financing options for small businesses. The firm offers different kinds of merchant cash advances and business financing for different types of populations; there are those that are specific for women, those who have bad credit history and even unsecured loans.

23) Business Loans Colorado

Business Loans Colorado is a division of CSI financials – a leading provider of small business loans in the state of Colorado. Business Loans Colorado is based in Denver, the firm particularly caters to small and mid-sized businesses with yearly revenues of $1 million and $50 million. Obtaining loans at the firm has 3 major advantages: direct lender, flexible and responsive financing solutions and alternative to bank financing.

24) Go Ahead Funding

Go Ahead Funding is every entrepreneur’s alternative to traditional financing. The financing company provides immediate working capital to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need funding for their startups. They ensure a 5-minute application process, approval in 48 hours or less and easy high approval rates.

25) Small Biz Loans

Small Biz Loans is a financing corporation that aims to assist entrepreneurs find the best financing options that will meet their business needs. The company works one-on-one with the borrower to assess his/her needs. Small Biz Loans will act as the representative of the borrower to negotiate with specific lenders for the best loan possible.

26) Upstate Colorado Economic Development

Upstate Colorado Economic Development is the official administrator of the Weld/Larimer Business Loan Fund. The BLF program is designed to assist entrepreneurs by providing them with loans to fulfill their financial needs. The loan program is originally funded by the State of Colorado Community Development Block Grant Allocation.

27) Northeastern Colorado Revolving Loan Fund

The Northeastern Colorado Revolving Loan Fund works exclusively with small businesses to promote the regional economy. They provide funds and working capital for startups and existing businesses alike. CDBG Loans (Community Development Block Grants) and direct loans are just a couple of examples of funding that the NCRLF offers.

28) Prosperity Capital Lending

Prosperity Capital Lending is a private financing company that works with small businesses to find creative financial solutions specific to their business needs. The company provides bank loans, commercial lending programs, small business working capital, unsecured business lines of credit and customer financing for businesses.

29) Commercial Funding Store

The Commercial Funding Store is a top provider of commercial funding for entrepreneurs and small business owners across Colorado. The company offers a wide variety of financing solutions that are tailored and structured according to the needs of different businesses and enterprises.

30) Rockies Venture Club

The Rockies Venture Club is a reputable angel investing group that helps startup entrepreneurs get funded and started. With Rockies Venture Group’s education program, investors are also given the opportunity to look into new and exciting startup companies in the state of Colorado. With regular events and workshops, the RVC is the perfect place where the innovator meets the investor.




The US SCORE is the largest network of business experts and professionals, coming together to provide startup and seasoned small business entrepreneurs with the right mentoring, counseling, and workshops to get you through the different phases of starting a business. With SCORE, you get customized one-on-one counseling and regular business training to further your learning as an entrepreneur.


The Small Business District Center has the largest nationwide network of associations that provide a wealth of opportunities for small businesses to get the best expert business advice and counseling from experienced and highly qualified professionals in their respective fields. As well, SBDC offers no-cost or low-cost workshops and business training for startup entrepreneurs who are in need of the proper guidance when it comes to starting their venture.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online magazine that caters to all small business requirements and necessities. From how-to guides on how to start a business with different structures to top 5 varied resources in terms of finding the right financing, mistakes to avoid, and startup resources to feature articles about inspirational stories of success; Startup Savant is your one-stop shop to forming a small business.

4) is a great option when it comes to business resources. If you are a startup entrepreneur looking for a guide on starting, running, and maintaining a business, then should be on your go-to list. With tips, ideas, and motivational stories as well, this is an online magazine that has been recognized as a fantastic resource by millions of business owners.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is the most comprehensive online resource that can help you better manage your small business. AllBusiness also features resources, tools, and expert advice to give entrepreneurs the boost they need to become successful at their chosen business venture. AllBusiness also features articles and how-to guides that are all about keeping a steady pace to achieve business goals.

6) Wealthy Gorilla

A perfect work-life balance is important no matter how much you want to be a successful entrepreneur. With Wealthy Gorilla, this can be achieved. With the perfect mix of business hacks and tips to motivational quotes to inspirational stories, Wealthy Gorilla aims to provide entrepreneurs with the perfect harmony of being a successful entrepreneur while still maintaining a positive outlook on life.


Colorado Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Business planning is an integral part to business success for it provides a clear-cut path to achieving goals and accomplishing tasks effectively. More importantly, it paves the way for your startup as it can be used as a tool to get capital funds for your business. Writing a business plan is not as complicated as it seems. The essentials to effectively write a business plan include an in-depth knowledge of your business and a powerful tool such as Business Plan Pro or Enloop to get your ideas and thoughts put into writing.

2) Online Incorporation Service

When you start any type of business, it’s important to protect yourself. As the task of incorporation is quite simple and straightforward, it can be done easily. However, if you are short on time, this task can be made easier with the help of online incorporation services. Companies such as MyCorporation and Direct Incorporation handle the entire process for you.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is a necessary tool for growth and credibility. Building a business website nowadays is easier and can be done without much technical know-how as there are tools that can help you do so. For example, hosting service Bluehost lets you design a customized website without the technicalities involved in doing so because it is user-friendly and very easy to use. If you need a more comprehensive option, look into Rainmaker. Both are great options.

4) Accounting Software

Accounting and bookkeeping tasks are quite burdensome because it can be repetitive and take up a lot of time. With an accounting software to perform all these tasks though, you can rest easy while being updated with all your transactions. The best accounting software options such as Xero, FreshBooks, and Quickbooks simplify the entire process.


Wrapping Up and Starting a Business in Colorado

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessThere are many factors that could influence whether a business becomes successful or a complete failure. Most of the time, the resources you choose can play a huge role in it. The key to using various resources and tools to start and operate your business efficiently lies in the resources’ actual value.

If the resource is proven valuable, it can push your business towards success, but can be as equally devastating if proven otherwise. As a startup entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to recognize which works best for you and your business and use these to accomplish your short- and long-term business goals. Good luck!

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