As the global remote workforce has grown steadily larger, there has been an increasing demand for sustainable remote workspaces. While plenty of folks still opt for working from home or the neighborhood coffee shop, there are many reasons why these spaces may not provide a healthy, productive work environment.

Coworking organizations like WeWork have filled the need for dedicated remote workspaces by creating beautiful offices across the country (and around the globe). These spaces, which are currently being leveraged by companies like Facebook and Microsoft, also create opportunities for remote workers to network and foster community with other like-minded individuals.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top 7 coworking spaces in Melbourne, including each organization’s pricing model, coworking locations, and more.

#1. WeWork
Starts at 450 AUD/mo.

WeWork is perhaps the fastest-growing coworking network in existence today. Their competitive prices, beautiful office spaces, and generous amenities make them our top choice for coworking in Melbourne.

WeWork advertises fast internet, daily cleaning, IT support, 24/7 building access, office supplies, business-class printers, micro-roasted coffee, private phone booths, and conference room access.

Coworking locations:

  • 401 Collins Street: 401 Collins St Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 152 Elizabeth Street: 152 Elizabeth St Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 114 William Street: 114 William St Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 222 Exhibition Street: 222 Exhibition St Melbourne, VIC 3000


WeWork’s pricing is divided into three categories: hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices. Below is the price range for each (depending on location). Note that not all categories are available in each location:

  • Hot desk (access to any seat in a common area): 450-500 AUD/mo
  • Dedicated desk: 650 AUD/mo
  • Private office: 730-810 AUD/mo

#1. Waterman
Starts at 279 AUD/mo.

Waterman has three locations in Melbourne and offers both group coworking space and private offices, with members touting the company’s mix of high-quality design and service with affordable prices.

Amenities include unlimited, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, 24/7 access, outdoor spaces, use of a business address, an indoor basketball court, and free networking events.

Coworking locations:

  • Caribbean: 44 Lakeview Dr Scoresby, VIC 3179
  • Chadstone: 1341 Dandenong Rd Level 2 UL40 Chadstone, VIC 3148
  • Narre Warren: 66 Victor Cres Level 2 Narre Warren, VIC 3805


  • Hot desk: starting at 279 AUD/mo
  • Dedicated desk: 649-849 AUD/mo
  • Private office: starting at 850 AUD/mo

#1. The Commons
Starts at 410 AUD/mo.

The Commons has two 24/7 locations in Melbourne, both offering open air gardens and additional outdoor space. A third office is expected to open in early 2019.

The Commons advertises numerous amenities, including private meeting rooms, shower facilities, podcast and photography studios, and beer, cider, and sparkling water on tap. Weekly yoga, meditation, and spin classes are also offered.

Coworking locations:

  • South Melbourne: 80 Market St South Melbourne, VIC 3205
  • Collingwood: 36-38 Gipps St Collingwood VIC, 3066
  • Cremorne (opening early 2019): 10-12 Gwynne St Cremorne, VIC 3121


  • Open desk: 410 AUD/mo
  • Dedicated desk: 640 AUD/mo
  • Private office: starting at 1,600 AUD/mo

#1. Creative Cubes
Starts at 119 AUD/wk.

Creative Cubes operates out of a single location in the Richmond area of Melbourne, offering a variety of membership options and meeting rooms. Members give high praise for the customer service provided by the company’s “Happiness Team.”

Members have 24/7 access to high-speed internet, printing and copying, mail service, shower facilities, lockers, and free coffee.

Coworking location:

  • 534 Church St Richmond, VIC 3121


  • Day pass: starting at 39 AUD
  • Collaborative space: starting at 119 AUD/wk
  • Dedicated desk: starting at 169 AUD/wk
  • Private office: pricing varies

#1. Space & Co.
Starts at 210 AUD/mo.

Founded in 2014 and with roots as part of Australia’s oldest real estate investment trust, Space & Co. operates four coworking spaces in Melbourne along with two locations in Sydney.

In addition to its desk space, Space & Co. offers high-speed internet access, boardroom and meeting room access, printing and copying, shower facilities, bike storage, and skyline views.

Coworking locations:

  • 530 Collins Street: 530 Collins St Level 3 Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Melbourne Central Tower: 360 Elizabeth St Level 12 Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 8 Exhibition Street: 8 Exhibition St Level 22 Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 2 Southbank Boulevard: 2 Southbank Blvd Level 19 Melbourne, VIC 3000


  • Day pass: 60 AUD
  • Flexible desk: 210-500 AUD/mo
  • Fixed desk: 850-1,000 AUD/mo
  • Private office: 1,200-1,300 AUD/mo

#1. The Cluster
Starts at 15 AUD/wk.

Another single-location coworking option, The Cluster operates out of three floors of a high-rise building in Melbourne’s central business district.

Featuring several penthouse meeting rooms with spectacular views of the city, The Cluster also offers high-speed internet, printing, shower facilities, bike storage, and 24/7 access.

Coworking location:

  • 31 Queen St Levels 17 & 20/21 Melbourne, VIC 3000


  • Day pass: 40 AUD
  • Virtual office: 15 AUD/wk
  • Flexi desk: starting at 130 AUD/wk
  • Permanent desk: starting at 195 AUD/wk
  • Private office: pricing varies

#1. Thrive Network
Starts at 50 AUD/mo.

Thrive Network has one location in Melbourne, and members have access to a number of Thrive’s partner locations across the globe. Thrive prides itself in having a number of eco-friendly partnerships and practices.

Thrive is a two-minute walk from public transportation, and it offers meeting room access, shower facilities, bike storage, mail services, and two kitchens.

Coworking location:

  • 52 Albert Rd South Melbourne, VIC 3205


  • Day pass: 40 AUD
  • Virtual office: 50 AUD/mo
  • Flexible (2 days/wk): 280 AUD/mo
  • Collaborative: 515 AUD/mo
  • Dedicated desk: 695 AUD/mo
  • Private office: starting at 500 AUD/wk

Which Coworking Service Should I Use?

Whether you work in graphic design, software development, or any other field that calls for a remote workspace, we trust that WeWork will have an office in Melbourne that suits your needs.

That said, if you’re looking for the least expensive coworking space possible, or perhaps an office in a specific part of town, there are many other worthwhile options on this list. We encourage you to compare prices, locations, amenities and other important factors before deciding which coworking space is right for you.