As the U.S. remote workforce has grown steadily larger, there has been an increasing demand for sustainable remote workspaces. While plenty of folks still opt for working from home or the neighborhood coffee shop, there are many reasons why these spaces may not provide a healthy, productive work environment.

Coworking organizations like WeWork have filled the need for dedicated remote workspaces by creating beautiful offices across the country (and around the globe). These spaces, which are currently being leveraged by companies like Facebook and Microsoft, also create opportunities for remote workers to network and foster community with other like-minded individuals.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top 6 coworking spaces in Austin, including each organization’s pricing model, coworking locations, and more.

#1. WeWork
Starts at $390/mo.

WeWork is perhaps the fastest-growing coworking network in existence today. Their competitive prices, beautiful office spaces, and generous amenities make them our top choice for coworking in Austin.

At WeWork’s Austin locations, there are have offers shared spaces, private offices, office suites, and an HQ space. Amenities include coffee, craft beer, bike storage, fast internet, and business-class printers as well as front desk service and community managers. Membership also has other benefits, including lower costs on software, gym memberships, and health insurance.

Overall, the options and amenities create a versatile environment for solopreneurs, small startups, and even large companies in transition.

Coworking locations:

  • Barton Springs: 801 Barton Springs Austin, TX 78704
  • University Park: 3300 N Interstate 35 Suite 700 Austin, TX 78705
  • Congress: 600 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701
  • Domain: 11801 Domain Blvd 3rd Floor Austin, TX 78758


  • Hot desk (access to any open seat in common area): $390-$440/mo
  • Dedicated desk: $450-$600/mo
  • Private office: $740-$1,100/mo

#1. Atmosphere Coworking
Starts at $100/mo.

Atmosphere has both “liquid” and “solid” membership packages that offer versatility for both smaller teams and larger teams. There is plenty of private space along with opportunities for creative collaboration.

Amenities include color printing, mail services, coffee, snacks, tea, and beer as well as easy proximity to some of the area’s best restaurants. The industrial furniture and comfortable space encourage productivity.

Coworking location:

  • 2400 E Cesar Chavez #208 Austin, TX 78702


  • One day/mo: $100/mo
  • Ten days/mo: $200/mo
  • Unlimited access: $300/mo

#1. Fibercove
Starts at $35/mo.

Fibercove’s workspace emphasizes productivity. They offer fast, reliable internet, standing desks, and a variety of meeting rooms. Additionally, there are multiple collaborative areas including highly modern teaming tables. There is also coffee, tea, and beer available from the cafe.

Finally, there is a very large event space available that can accommodate up to fifty people is equipped with state-of-the art technology.

Coworking location:

  • 1700 S Lamar Blvd #338 Austin, TX 78704


  • One day/mo: $35/mo
  • Five days/mo: $150/mo
  • Ten days/mo: $250/mo
  • Unlimited access: $400/mo
  • Dedicated seat: $600/mo
  • Dedicated desk: $700/mo

#1. TechSpace
Starts at $50/mo.

Techspace features a coworking space with great views in the heart of downtown Austin. With over 20,000 square feet, there is ample room for anything from a solo project to a large team gathering. Amenities include free coffee and tea, a snack bar fridge, and an on-site restaurant.

There is also a full kitchen, multiple conference rooms, a fitness center, and a dedicated concierge, plus fast internet with private data networking and burstable bandwidth.

Coworking location:

  • 98 San Jacinto Blvd Austin TX, 78701


  • Virtual office: $50/mo
  • Flexspace: $250/mo
  • Private office: $900/mo (1 person), $1,450/mo (2 people), $2,150/mo (up to 4 people), $3,400/mo (up to 7 people), $5,500/mo (up to 9 people), $7,250/mo (up to 20 people)

#1. Industrious
Starts at $972/mo.

Industrious lets you work alongside local history, as it is located steps from the Capitol. Amenities include a coffee bar and lounge, an onsite cafe, unlimited free printing, and fast internet. There are also conference rooms, relaxation rooms, and regular parties and gatherings for members.

Coworking location:

  • 201 W 5th St #1100 Austin, TX 78701


  • One person: $972/mo
  • Two people: $1,152/mo
  • Three people: $2,286/mo
  • Four people: $2,457/mo
  • Five people: $3,573/mo
  • Six or more people: custom pricing

#1. Createscape
Starts at $40/mo.

Createscape features carefully curated workspaces, including The Howdy Room (perfect for collaborating with others) and The Study Hall (ideal for solo projects).

This pet-friendly workspace offers high-speed WiFi, convenient parking, snacks, coffee, outdoor picnic tables and private call rooms. It’s also worth noting that Createscape offers lower rates for folks who sign up for three-, six- or twelve-month contracts.

Coworking location:

  • 701 Tillery St Suite A-3 Austin, TX 78702


  • Virtual mailbox: $40/mo
  • Five days/mo: $90/mo
  • Unlimited access: $170/mo
  • Designated desk: $270/mo
  • Private office: $700/mo

Which Coworking Service Should I Use?

Whether you work in graphic design, software development, or any other field that calls for a remote workspace, we trust that WeWork will have an office in Austin that suits your needs.

That said, if you’re looking for the least expensive coworking space possible, or perhaps an office in a specific part of town, there are many other worthwhile options on this list. We encourage you to compare prices, locations, amenities and other important factors before deciding which coworking space is right for you.