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Which is the Best Business Incorporation Service?

Which is the Best Business Incorporation Service

Right, so you’re here because gosh darn it, you’re dead-set on discovering the absolute best business incorporation service in all the digital universe.

Welcome to the club.

For some obscure strangely exciting reason the crew around here continues investing ridiculous amounts of time into answering this question. And that’s not an easy job because everything’s changing and evolving so quickly!

Make no mistake, companies like IncFile are mega-disruptors. Do you have any idea how many lawyers out there are losing money because of LegalZoom? It gets more interesting by the year folks. That said, let’s briefly discuss how we ascertained who is currently in our opinion the best business incorporation service.


How We Measured The Best Business Incorporation Service

Incoming bullet-point perspectives….


Get to The Point! Who’s The Best?

We feel it’s IncFile. They offer the most value at affordable pricing, they’re flexible, and have perhaps the best customer service reps in the industry.

IncFile Review Based on feedback and analytics, there’s a pretty big chance you don’t have the faintest desire to read any of our deep rationale or review material below.

You’d rather skip all that. You wanted to know who we consider the best business incorporation service, we’ve told you, and now you’re looking to click. Introducing IncFile.


IncFile Features Galore

For those of you would want to do some reading, thank you! We appreciate your prudent nature. We agree that before you decide to use IncFile’s services, you need to become fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into. You need some solid sales copy!


IncFile Stands Ready To…

Some Initial Considerations

First an foremost, you should know that IncFile isn’t a law business and they don’t provide access to attorneys. Legal services are handled by their incorporation specialists which is why they don’t charge as much as lawyers would.

Secondly, IncFile only offers their services to businesses. No personal legal matters.

As a third note, you should know upfront that IncFile’s add-on fees can be quite expensive. For instance, if you chose to use the Silver package priced at $49 and you want to add one or more additional services, you can be charged from $25 to $99 for each.


IncFile Packages & Pricing

IncFile has three straightforward packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. We feel their prices are top notch when shoulder to shoulder with other online incorporation services. Time for some screenshots! Here’s how they breakdown:

IncFile Pricing 1

Each package has its corresponding services and features. Check out the table below and feast on all that stuff you’ll be able to get off your plate in a very safe, secure and transparent way.

IncFile Pricing 2

Where your eyes should really begin to widen is in the add-ons section. These are the finer details that make running and operating a modern small business less stressful, less risky, and much more profitable! It’s about truly getting your ducks in row without demolishing your budget.

IncFile Pricing 3

While most business owners choose the Platinum package for its completeness, we feel the Gold plan 1provides the best value.


What IncFile Customers Have to Say

I’ve got no complaints from my patronage with IncFile. I’ve formed two businesses through the website, one with the $49 package and one with the $249. They’re both worth the money based on what you get and the customer support is excellent.

– Ruari C.

I couldn’t ask for a better bunch o’people than the team at It must have been blindingly obvious that they could oversell and tell me I needed this and that – but they actually talked me down from the Gold package saying that I didn’t need all of the features. When a salesman is trying to save you money and you’re prepared to give it to him, that earns trust!

– Amelie M.

I used your service in the fall of 2010. I had a tax question this morning and emailed your company. I not only received a response within a couple hours right in the middle of tax season, but copies of documents I needed as well. Plus all my follow up questions were immediately returned. Thank you SO much Lovette – you’re awesome! I highly recommend you guys.

– George K.

Gotta say, this has been the least painful purchase i have made online, and I’m really pleased with the INCFILE service and will recommend it to everyone that asks about setting up an LLC.

– Clenton C.

Good review of the company that helped me to take the plunge for their service. I will say that the $70 fee to obtain an EIN from the IRS was gauging considering you can obtain an EIN from the IRS for $0 on the same day for which it is applied.

– Darrell M.


3 IncFile FAQs

1) Is IncFile a trustworthy and safe company?

IncFile is a very legitimate company who started operations in 2004. So far they’ve worked with more than 50,000 companies worldwide. And for what it’s worth, they also maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau due to excellent customer support, superior products and swift resolution.

2) Does IncFile have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Up until your order is forwarded to the state (normally within 24 hours of payment) you’re entitled to a refund minus any expenses incurred during the length of processing (e.g. cancellation fee, agency fee). However, once your order has been forwarded to the state, IncFile can no longer cancel or make refunds.

3) What are some good reasons to choose IncFile?

IncFile prides itself as the best business incorporation service because:

Wrapping Up & Getting Started

And there you have it folks. We hope that answers the question of who the best business incorporation service is and we hope we did a good job of explaining why. It's an important step you're taking. A very important step.

Now take the leap and at the very least give IncFile a couple more minutes of your time. You won't regret the decision.

Visit IncFile Or IncFile Review

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