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How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From Social Media…And Is It Really Worth It?

How B2B marketers can Benefit From Social Media...and is it Really Worth it?If you are investing in online marketing strategies to your B2B business, you must be dwelling with the idea of how much, if any, of your effort and budget, should be applied to social media. And this is understandable because social media is a new marketing place, and your target audience might be a conservative one.

And yet, there are several reasons why you still should add social media to your B2B online marketing strategy. And they will turn into many benefits such as these that you will find below:


Social media can increase your brand awareness

A Facebook page or a Twitter account will help you to increase your brand awareness. It will spread the word about your products or services, and it will let people know all projects you are involved.

You might think that your target audience is very specific, so that is a waste of resources and money to worry about writing posts on social media networks. But despite the fact that this might be true, it is also possible that you are forgetting that your target audience isn’t only your clients and potential clients.

That is to say, that you never know when the decision to buy your product or not will be made at your client’s dining table at home or over a drink in a bar. They might be willing to hear opinions from their spouses, parents and friends, you name it.

And this can be especially true if you are selling tech products, where the director’s teenage son – who is heavily active in social media – might be his closest and more trusted advisor. So B2B branding has a much broader target than you might have been taking into consideration so far.


Social media will generate more leads to you

If your goal with online marketing involves generating leads, social media is a tool that you shouldn’t ignore. It might not give those to you directly, but it certainly will help you to promote your idea, so that you can get them to sign up to your newsletter or to buy your ebook, for example.

As you might know, you can post ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in quite of a professional manner. You will be able to use images and videos so to build an emotional connection between you and your audience, and you can add strong call-to-actions, so your campaigns will be more effective.

And if you go for a professional social network, such as LinkedIn, you will also have the opportunity to be in touch with influencers and experts in your industry – many of those who can refer to your company or even become your clients themselves.


Social media can increase the traffic to your website

One of the best ways to increase the traffic to your website is to promote it on social media. Of course, you are not just going to post something like “please, visit my website” and thousands of people will be driven to there.

But if you offer some engaging content, they might just click on your post to read what you have to say and end up staying longer if you have more interesting content published.

And this is because users are eager to find information online that brings value to them, and that will save their time or money. So if you have anything like this to offer, they are bound to click on your link to get to know more about your tips and products. And this should be reason enough for you to invest in social media.


Social media will help you to contract talented people

Another benefit that you can get from social media is when you need to contract someone new to your company. And it can be done through different ways:

As you can see, social media can be a great resource and even save you some money. Still, be aware that you might receive a very large number of CVs if you post something too general. That is to say that is advisable that you either spare this strategy for positions that require a specific skill set (make your post very clear about them) or that you get yourself prepared for the workload.


Your competitor is there

If nothing else will make you realize that you must have some kind of social media presence, then maybe you should do some research and check what your competitors are doing. It is very likely that you will find out that they are all there, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, just to name a few.

Some of them might even be investing in expensive social media campaigns while you aren’t sure if you should go for it or not. So make up your mind while still there are some clients out there for you and use the opportunity also to learn how to avoid some common mistakes that might be killing your conversion rates.


Final thoughts

Bringing a social media strategy to your online marketing plan can be a challenge to many B2B businesses. It is understandable that, even if you are and experienced marketer, you might find hard to sell the idea to the higher-ups, as there is very few reliable statistics to back you up on the matter.

And yet, you know you can’t ignore the fact that there are many benefits in doing it, from increasing your brand awareness and the traffic to your website to generating leads and bringing talented people to your company. Plus the fact that all your competitors are probably there.

So do your best and convince the board of directors to give it a try. It is always advisable to start small anyway, and this is what you should do. This way you can control better what you are getting from it, and make adjustments so that you can use social media to achieve your company’s goals in a sustainable way.


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