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Ask A Lawyer Free: Get Your Legal Questions Answered

How To Ask A Lawyer FreeRocket Lawyer ReviewWhether you’re a new business owner or still in the planning process, you have a good idea of the things you have to do on a daily basis when it comes to starting or running your business. Even maybe a basic knowledge of all the legal stuff; but you are by no means a lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer lets you get unlimited get counsel on legal issues that will keep your business up and running. Even if you have personal legal questions, they will answer those too.

It isn’t just for business. It is for everything legal.

Maybe you’re wondering what documents you should be putting aside for your business records or how to protect yourself from the risk of being sued?

Or you have a question about your personal assets and business, like the best way to transfer them to and from your business so that they’re not connected (for liability reasons).

But right now we need to do one thing. Ask A Lawyer Free and get an answer quickly.

These are just a couple of questions that come to mind, and exactly why you will find Rocket Lawyer’s Ask a Lawyer service useful.


How to get your legal question answered

If you’ve read my Rocket Lawyer review, you have a basic idea of the process.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the details, which is always super helpful for your business (especially, in decision moments like these). After all, it’s legal advice we’re talking about. So, we need to get this right the first time!

When you visit the Ask A Lawyer A Question Online page you will see that you can immediately submit your legal question.

Here comes the best part, since Rocket Lawyer has a 7 day free trial option you have the opportunity to submit your legal question and get your answer for free.

If signing up for your free trial, make sure you end the trial before the 7 days are up if you do not want to continue with the subscription and be billed. Be sure to give all of the other features we outline in the Rocket Lawyer review that help you simplify your legal needs.

If you can’t use the Rocket Lawyer’s free trial or you don’t want to, you can choose to pay the $49.95 one-time fee for the answer to your legal question. (Which is still significantly cheaper than asking a local attorney)


Wrapping up

The sooner you get your legal questions answered and acknowledge that legal advice isn’t an option, the more likely it is that your legal matters will be managed in the best way possible. Whether you need to incorporate your business or get unlimited legal documents with reviews by professional, Rocket Lawyer has your back. But only if you want them.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to figure out if they’re right for you. But if you’re just wanting to get your one legal question answered for free, you can do so here.


Something just for you

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We’re in the game of helping people like you get the information, tools, and resources you need to be a successful business owner. That being said, we’ve partnered up with Rocket Lawyer to simplify your legal life.

If you use one of our partner links to incorporate your business, we’ll give you direct access to our Savvy Startup Kit to save you more money and get your business where it needs to go.

All you have to do is send us your receipt and we’ll get you set up within 24 hours!



Here’s how we give back

DonorsChoosePlease note that the links in this review are affiliate links and as part of our mission to give back, we’ll donate a portion of all our revenue to classrooms in need through – at no additional cost to you.

That being said, if you decide Rocket Lawyer is right for you and simplify your legal life with through our partner link, you’ll be helping us keep our lights on and make a difference at the same time. So far we’ve helped thousands of students get a more enriching education and plan on helping many more. (See our impact here)

Our impact has been made possible by our partnership with Rocket Lawyer, and we’re extremely excited to help even more students as we carry out our mission to support children’s education. You never know what our next generation is capable of. Thanks for your support and may the force be with you!

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