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How to Get the Perfect Arkansas Registered Agent

Choose a Registered Agent

Now that you have taken the first steps in starting your Arkansas business, life is starting to get overwhelming!

While you may be busy incorporating your business, and focusing on its development, there’s one task you can’t ignore: choosing a professional Registered Agent. What is a Registered Agent, you ask?  Let’s dive in and see if you need one for your business.

What Is An Arkansas Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is a professional that acts as third-party representative for your business. All businesses are required by the state of Arkansas to have a Registered Agent, so hiring one is a priority!

Your Registered Agent must be an Arkansas resident with an office or street address. He or she must be available during office hours from Monday-Friday.

This is important because your Registered Agent will receive all important documents/paperwork related to your business. He or she will then organize and prioritize documents based on their importance and will notify you if there is a pressing need.

Frequently Registered Agents are given the authority to respond to emails, letters and documents (with your permission).  Here are the top 5 reasons why an Arkansas Registered Agent is essential to your business.

1) Prevents You From Overlooking Documents

Individuals and agencies e-mail you with a purpose. While not every e-mail is pressing, all emails deserve your attention, no matter how minor they may be.

Your Registered Agent will also ensure that you never miss important documents. Failure to respond to documents within the designated time frame may cause you to face fines, sanctions, or worse: the closing of your business.

If you are involved in a lawsuit, failure to respond to important documents may cause the opposing party to win by default due to your lack of a response.

2) Your Business Doesn’t Have A Physical Location

Many entrepreneurs conduct business without having a physical location or an office. In this case, it is essential to hire a Registered Agent, as they have an office where your documents will be sent.

In other words, your Registered Agent’s office address will serve as your business’s own address.   That way, your registered agent will receive any physical mail or items that are intended for you.

3) Protection Of Privacy

In the event that a lawsuit or notice of service were to occur, your Registered Agent would receive the corresponding documents- along with local law enforcement. Having these documents delivered the the Registered Agent’s office instead of your place of business would promote discretion and avoid tarnishing your good name.

4) You’re Out And You Need Someone To Manage Your Documents

If you choose to go out of town for business or pleasure, legal documents and mail will be handled by your Registered Agent. No need to worry about lost legal documents; your Registered Agent will contact you if a pressing matter needs your attention.


5) You’re Conducting Business In A Number Of States

It’s not easy to run multiple businesses – especially if they are in different states! If you expand your business past the state of Arkansas, hire a Registered Agent to lighten your workload.  He or she will also manage your records and alert you of compliance notifications.


Things to Keep in Mind When Finding an Arkansas Registered Agent

File Annual Reports & Publication Requirements

Just like business taxes and licenses, a Registered Agent is a requirement in the state of Arkansas. Make sure you take the time to find a qualified individual if you are not up for the job yourself.  Choose wisely!  Do your research and screen your options.

At the end of the day, your decisions will affect your overall business operations.  If you’d like a Registered Agent service to do all the legwork for you, check out our top two options below. Both options are excellent and affordable.

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

IncFile (for $99) or LegalZoom (for $159)

Please note that this guide is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have any specific questions about your business, speak with a local professional. For more information Registered Agents in Arkansas, you can check the Arkansas SOS website.

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