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Arkansas Business Taxes (Everything You Need to Know)

Small Business Taxes

Arkansas business taxes vary from one business to another depending on the type of business you are starting or the type of service you are offering.

When registering a business in Arkansas (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), it is highly important in the order of things to get your business taxes sorted out as this will cause you a run in with the IRS.

There are a variety of Arkansas business tax applicable for your business, and each of these tax types have their own requirements. You can use the links presented in this guide to help you comply with those requirements.


Arkansas Business Income Tax

As part of the requirement to operate a legal business within the state, one of the requirements you have to accomplish is your Arkansas Business Income Tax. How your income is taxed in the state of Arkansas depends on the nature and type of your business.

To determine the requirements for business income tax, visit this Nolo guide for a comprehensive discussion.

Arkansas Tax Incentives

As it is highly encouraged to create jobs by way of starting a business in Arkansas, the state also rewards businesses through tax incentives. There are numerous incentives you can qualify for, check the Arkansas EDC website.

Arkansas Sales and Use Tax

Aside from the regular income taxes, Arkansas Sales and Use Tax is also an additional requirement to processing your business requirements. For more information on sales and use tax, and to file online for this, you can go to the Arkansas DFA website.

Arkansas Department of Revenue Tax Resources

As there are so many requirements to process when it comes to handling business taxes when starting a business in Arkansas, it is important that you get everything sorted out before you actually start your business. It can be quite a test of patience to prepare everything.

Arkansas’ Department of Finance and Administration website offers substantial information on Arkansas business taxes that you can use when processing your requirements.


2 Tools That Make Your Arkansas Business Tax Life Easier

Startup Tools and ResourcesThe process of complying with the requirements for Arkansas business taxes does not stop after you have completed the requirement submission because as your business operates, you will be required to keep up with those taxes.

Below we have provided helpful tools so you can manage your taxes easier and faster. As these tools are not a requirement to start a business, you may either opt to use it or not. Your choice!

1) Accounting Software

Xero is rising in popularity as an effective accounting software as it simplifies accounting. This comes in handy for individuals who want to keep track of their business’ operations even with very basic accounting knowledge.

2) Expense Tracking Software

Expensify is another effective tool to help you manage your business by letting you track business expenses in a simplified manner. You can get started with a Forever Free account now to experience efficient expenses tracking.

This article on Arkansas business taxes is only for information purposes. Talk to a legal practitioner if you want the specifics on Arkansas business tax or starting a new business.

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