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Arizona Registered Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Choose a Registered Agent

An Arizona Registered Agent is a requirement when starting a business in Arizona.

This individual is an important part of any business as he is the representative who will receive all legal paperwork including services of process in cases where a business is involved in a legal action.

A Registered Agent in Arizona should not only be qualified for this position, but they should be a reliable professional as well.


What is a Registered Agent in Arizona?

An Arizona Registered Agent is a business representative who is residing in the same state where you are running your business. This professional is in-charge of receiving legal documents such as service of process notices, notice of lawsuits and other important paperworks in your place.

Given the full authority to receive important and confidential documents, your Registered Agent must be available during business hours and he/she must have an office in Arizona.

Once you have a Registered Agent, you will not miss a document and your agent will be responsible in prioritizing your mail, giving you a heads-up if there are those that need your attention.


Arizona Registered Agent Requirements

When choosing a Registered Agent in Arizona, there are certain requirements and restrictions that should be observed.

This Registered Agent must have a street address in the state where your business will operate in. Plus, (s)he must be present during office hours in the address specified. While some states allow for Registered Agents within your business, some do not.


Why Do You Need an Arizona Registered Agent?

In this section, I’ve listed 5 reasons why you need to have an Arizona Registered Agent.

1) You Want Someone Else to Receive Your Business Documents for You

As mentioned, you need a Registered Agent in Arizona to receive documents in your behalf. You can definitely do this yourself, but there are sensitive documents which may invade your privacy and might need to have an agent for your business.

During the start of a business, you’ll be very busy and there will be times, when you’ll fail to receive notices. There are documents that are mailed and delivered which need immediate response, if you fail to address them properly, you may need to pay fines and extra charges. Your Registered Agent will handle this in a timely manner.

2) Your Arizona Business Doesn’t Have an Office/Physical Location

Setting up a business without a physical location or office is the latest trend in business. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to this kind of set-up because it’s not only cost-effective, but it is also more convenient since you don’t have to be at your office everyday.

All those who are conducting business in this way are required by federal law to hire a Registered Agent – in your case, you need one in Arizona. With a Registered Agent, it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or you’re just a jetsetter who wants to do business while you travel.

3) Your Privacy is Everything to You

No matter how good of a business you’re running, lawsuits and other legal problems are always possible. Once the court issues a service of process notice, local law enforcements will be designated to bring this document at your doorstep. In this case, you will receive lawsuit notices discreetly by getting an Arizona Registered Agent.

4) You’re Not Always Available

If you’re constantly traveling or you’re simply burned out and need to take a quick break or vacation, or you want to have flexible work hours, having a Registered Agent in Arizona will work to your advantage.

A Registered Agent is someone who’s available during office hours, so you have one less thing to think about if you’re away. Leave that responsibility to your agent.

5) You Have Multiple Businesses Across the State

For every state where you conduct business, you’ll likely need to have a separate Registered Agent for each one. So if you’re doing business in Arizona, Alabama and Delaware, you probably need to hire 3 Registered Agents as well.

Your agents will take charge of managing your records and handling your compliance notifications. By default, they will make business easier for you.


Wrapping Up and Choosing  a Registered Agent

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessEven if you set standards, it’s not an assurance that you’ll be able to hire the best Arizona Registered Agent. Many professionals are offering this service, so you need to be keen when choosing one.

The best thing that you can do is to do your part, do a little research and check the credentials of every option.

For the most part, you should choose someone or a service who has a street address in Arizona. You also have to make sure that the professional is experienced and has a proven track record. All these are just suggestions, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you to decide. Good luck and choose wisely!

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

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Please note that this guide is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have any specific questions about your business, speak with a local professional.

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