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Think of your business entity like the engine of a car. Depending on the kind of engine you have, you'll be able to go down different terrains and operate at different speeds. The business entity you choose will impact the legal protection you have, the taxes you pay and more. Choose wisely!

Arizona District Office of the SBA

The website of the Arizona District Office of the SBA is a wealth of information when starting a business. Every resource you need as a new entrepreneur, the AZ SBA District Office has it. Most importantly, it keeps you updated on all the latest small business events to help you network and take advantage of opportunities.

Arizona Small Business Association

From a vast collection of business resources to speed networking to various business events, the ASBA is a great resource to look into. When you become an ASBA member, you get access to a plethora of services to manage and operate your business. You’ll also get group discounts, advertising, and mentoring.

Arizona Commerce Authority

The Arizona Commerce Authority is truly an authority when it comes to providing small business services. With specialized programs to help small businesses, getting started with the help of the resources in the Arizona Commerce Authority is a great option if you are a first time entrepreneur or veteran.

AZ Department of Revenue

When you’re processing business requirements in Arizona, a key resource that you should access is the AZ Department of Revenue. Anything that has to do with individual and business taxes should be referred to here. Forms and regular tax bulletin updates can also be found here.

Arizona Small Business Development Center Network

With the aim to assist in launching, growing, and sustaining small business, the Arizona SBDC Network offers a variety of small business assistance that you shouldn’t pass up. Open to all small business entrepreneurs, its business assistance programs are provided by business experts and professionals. From trainings to one-on-one counseling, the AZ SBDC Network helps fast track the startup phase of your business.

Northern Arizona Score

In keeping with the mission of SCORE, the Northern Arizona district office assists small businesses in the Northern Arizona communities get on their feet in their venture. Specializing in free mentoring and workshops and events, startup entrepreneurs will have a working knowledge on entrepreneurship. Templates and tools are also provided.

Women’s Business Center

With the goal of leveling the business field primarily for women, immigrant, and minority entrepreneurs, the AZ Women’s Business Center offers wide-ranging assistance services. From counseling, management training, to professional development services, the AZ Women’s Business Center equips new entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and skills to start a small business.

Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona is an Arizona business directory where you can search everything – from business establishments to local companies, it’s the absolute business finder in Arizona. Aside from this, Local First Arizona also provides entrepreneurs with local news and events in Arizona’s business industry.


inBusiness is an online business magazine that provides entrepreneurs with business resources, the latest news in business, information on business events and business solution centers. The magazine features helpful business topics such as starting a business, communications and networking, finance, sales and marketing and a lot more.


AZSmallBizCon is an organization in Arizona that provides entrepreneurs with the business resources they need to start and grow their small business. The organization also educates entrepreneurs by giving them access to webinars, workshops, trainings and business events.


SCORE is the go-to when you’re starting a business in Arizona and you’re looking for professional mentoring, counseling, and advice. SCORE is widely known for providing expert business advice with the largest network of business mentors in all fields of expertise. Whether you need professional advice on accounting, financial management, marketing analysis, profit increase, customer satisfaction, etc., you can find mentors for these specific areas in SCORE.


The Small Business Administration stays true to its mission to get involved in all aspects of small business concerns. Not only does it provide excellent assistance programs for small businesses across the country, but it has a wealth of resources that every small business entrepreneur will find useful as she/he ventures into the world of entrepreneurship. From resources on starting and managing a business to tools and templates vital for startups – there is some excellent information on the SBA.


America’s Small Business Development Center provides total support services for small entrepreneurs across the country. With district offices located in numerous states, the SBDC is an important go-to for small business assistance networking. From writing business plans to how to market your business, get the best counseling and expert mentoring through SBDC.

Carter Law Firm

Carter Law Firm provides a variety of business legal services and also business consultancy. Legal advice on how you can form your business and what contracts to utilize for your business are a main point of the legal consultancy in this firm. Carter Law Firm gives individuals the legal foundation and the right tools to be empowered to innovate and pursue their business endeavors.

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