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4 Excellent Alaska Startup Assistance Resources

Startup Assistance Resources

Starting a business in Alaska is not a stroll in the park, but it’s not as rough a road as you think either. While there are some challenges that come along the way, you can overcome these by relying on state-sponsored and other free assistance resources.

This means that you have to utilize whatever resources come your way for your business to not just get it started, but to ensure that it thrives as well. Of the numerous resources available online, here are five excellent Alaska startup assistance resources you can take advantage of.


1) Alaska SBDC

Hold a Meeting with Your Board of DirectorsThe Alaska Small Business Development Center assists small businesses all throughout the state to grow and thrive through numerous online resources and expert Alaska business counseling.

Also, the Alaska SBDC provides cost-effective business trainings and workshops both online and at physical locations, downloadable tools and how-to guide, and free confidential business counseling.


2) Free Alaska Resources from Startup Savant

Startup SavantSince Startup Savant started, we have come up with numerous resources to help aspiring new entrepreneurs realize their dreams of bringing a business idea to life.

These resources are specifically for entrepreneurs who are starting/registering a business in Alaska. Below are just a few of the useful guides you can use.


3) Alaska Small Business Administration

Choose the Initial DirectorsAnother one of the excellent resources for Alaska entrepreneurs is the Alaska SBA.

As a government run organization, SBA aims to offer a variety of free to low cost business startup services to new entrepreneurs in Alaska. From business counseling, financing options, resources with contact details, to lender listing, everything is here.


4) Alaska Incentives and Grants

Continue Learning as a Business OwnerThe Business section of the Official State of Alaska website provides several links as to incentives, grants, and assistance you can use when you start a small business in Alaska.

From here, you can find a number of links that direct you through different government assistance programs. Make use of these resources to your best advantage. Highly recommended!


Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

If you plan on starting a brand new business in Alaska, you can use these five resources to get your business started quickly and effectively. There is no best time to start but now! Have a plan – and see it through.

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