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Everything You Need to Learn About Alaska Business Taxes

Small Business Taxes

Probably one of the more complicated tasks in registering a business in Alaska (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc) is the requirements you need to comply to adhere with Alaska business taxes.

As this is essential for your business to be recognized as a legal entity, you have to see to it that you have covered all bases in your Alaska business tax requirements.

To help you figure out your obligations, you can use this guide and the links provided to help you fulfill your Alaska business tax obligations.


Alaska Business Income Tax

As with any tax requirements, the Alaska business income tax is a part of the requirement when starting a business. In Alaska, there is a Corporate income tax for your business, but there is no franchise tax for businesses. There is no personal income tax either. To keep you updated of your requirements regarding this business tax, you can see this NOLO guide.

Alaska Tax Incentives

The state highly supports individuals who want to start a small business in Alaska. In line with this, the state offers a number of tax incentives that you can take advantage of. You can head to the Department of Revenue website or check this tax incentive tip sheet to check what you qualify for.

Alaska Sales and Use Tax

The sales and use tax is imposed for leases on a tangible property. While some states impose this, in the state of Alaska, there is no sales and use tax. Instead, a select number of local municipalities may impose a local sales tax. You can go to the website of the Office of the State Assessor to check if your municipality requires local sales tax.

Alaska Department of Revenue Tax Resources

It can be quite stressful when you have to handle all the paperwork to comply with business tax requirements. You might forget a requirement or two, and this can even bring more headache to you. To help get your paperwork sorted out, you can check your tax obligations in the Department of Revenue’s Tax Division.

In addition to that, you can check out Tax Help that offers a wealth of resources on business taxes in Alaska. These are two fantastic resources you should take advantage of!


Tools to Make your Alaska Business Tax Life Stress Free

Startup Tools and ResourcesBefore online resources became a thing, it was a challenge to manage business taxes simply because this is not the only aspect of a business that the owner has to take care of.

Today, with the help of several tools, getting business taxes sorted is easier and more stress-free. The following tools listed below are not a requirement to start a business, but make your life significantly easier.

A Small Business Accounting Software

FreshBooks, Xero, and QuickBooks are small business accounting softwares that will simplify the accounting process for you. They help you keep track of your finances, taxes, and expenses – on a budget. Visit each review and start a free trial to see which is right for you.

This article is meant to give information on Alaska business tax requirements, but it should not be considered legal advice. Questions about details on Alaska business taxes or starting a brand new business should be solely directed to a lawyer.

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