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Top 5 Accounting Software Tools for Arizona Small Businesses

Best Accounting Softwares for Small Businesses

Starting a business in Arizona entails registration responsibilities, including taking care of your business’s finances. This is also by far, the most important responsibility that you have to handle well because it can either break or make your Arizona startup.

Financial management however, can be difficult if you’re a first-time business owner, but this shouldn’t be a problem. There are many accounting softwares that can help you with this and they can help you effectively manage the expenses of your Arizona small business.

Here are 5 accounting softwares to keep track of your finances!


1) FreshBooks

FreshBooks ReviewsFreshBooks is the best Arizona accounting software – it has a mix of value and affordability. Because of its quality and time-saving tools, it is the most sought-after accounting software today.

If you’re an Arizona small business, FreshBooks is the accounting software fit for you. For just $8.96 to $35.96, some of its best features include an invoicing tool, payment history feature, time-tracking tool, downloadable copy of expenses and automated financial reports.

Aside from all these, FreshBooks gives you a 30-day free trial so you can try the software free of charge! Check out more of the accounting software by reading our complete FreshBooks review or visit


2) Xero

Xero ReviewsXero is one of the most experienced small business accounting software in the industry. Like FreshBooks, Xero is an excellent software with great accounting tools, it’s your go-to if you’re having problems with managing your finances.

Xero’s accounting plans are priced at $6.30 to $49 every month. You can take advantage of the following features: third-party integrations, free QuickBooks conversion, invoicing tool, bank reconciliation tool and an inventory management system.

You can learn more about the software by reading our Xero review or you can try to visit


3) QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks ReviewsPlease write 4-5 sentences or bullet points explaining what QuickBooks Online is and how they can see its features in action at our review or by visiting their website.

QuickBooks is the most experienced accounting software in the market. It has over 15 years of accounting experience, with unmatched tools and pricing.

Plan prices start at $10.36 to $23.97 every month. Independent Contractors can also use the software at $7.99 per month. With these prices, you’ll be able to use QuickBook’s features which include a bank reconciliation tool, expense tracking tool, invoicing tool, multiple-user interface and business applications integration feature.

You can learn more about QuickBooks through our review or by visiting


4) Zoho Books

Zoho Books ReviewZoho Books belongs to the newer class of accounting softwares, but it doesn’t mean that it has inferior features. As a matter of fact, Zoho Books has one of the most superior features in the entire industry.

For an affordable price of $9 to $29 every month, you can take advantage of time-saving accounting tools such as an invoicing tool, inventory tool, tax management system, bank integration tool, daily dashboard, third party integrations feature and customizable work flow.

Check out more about Zoho Books by reading our comprehensive review or visit for more information.


5) Less Accounting

LessAccountingLike Zoho Books, LessAccounting is a relatively new software but it’s one of the most modern. You can use LessAccounting for $20 if you’re a freelancer, $36 if you’re a small business and $54 if you’re a big business – all these are monthly subscriptions.

Some of LessAccounting’s most unique features include customizable templates, mileage tool, robust CRM system, import data, automated financial reports and third party integrations.

Learn more about the software by reading our LessAccounting review or visit


Wrapping up and Choosing the Best Accounting Software

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessBookkeeping is not required by Arizona law when building a business there, however, keeping track of your small business tax is. With the right Arizona accounting software in your business toolkit, you will be fully prepared during tax period. Apart from this, you’ll also be very familiar of your business’ income and spending throughout the year!

These accounting softwares have free trials which you can try yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

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