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5 Awesome Ways to Declutter Your Life as an Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life as an EntrepreneurOne of the aspects of life I’m trying to conquer at the moment, is to declutter my life. From an early age, we’re led to believe that more is better. As if the more possessions we could own and have for whenever we may need them, the better. Am I right?

Although, this is completely wrong. Our lives end up getting overrun by possessions and tasks, and they end up controlling us, rather than ourselves being in control of them.

To declutter your life, means to simplify things down to the core in order for you to be making less decisions and have more focus on the things that matter.

How do you declutter your life?


1) Reduce Unimportant Decisions

Decisions always take up time, and that amount of time specifically taken depends on how hard those decisions are. None the less, each one you make throughout the day contributes to a loss of time, and you make a hell of a lot!

Actually removing those decisions from your daily routine depending on the importance of them, can significantly increase the amount of time you have to get things done. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the tasks you carry out.

The above are all decisions that you can reduce, by either setting yourself a diet plan, reducing the number of different shirts, trousers you have etc. In fact, the majority of the decisions you make can be reduced, and people often spend more of their time making decisions than actually getting something done.


2) Organize Yourself

One of the greatest ways to declutter your life is to get yourself organized. The majority of people like to leave things until they have to be done. Whether it’s the house cleaning, work, bills, shopping, whatever it may be.

When you have multiple things to be getting on with, your productivity drops because your head is no longer in one place. It’s all over the place because you’re worrying about the other things not getting done.

All those little things on your mind could probably be done within an hour or so. Thing like housecleaning, shopping and other small jobs could be done very quickly if they were all completed consecutively within a short place of time, to then allow you to focus on the major things for the day.

Organize yourself. Get the inevitable out of the way early in the day before they become mixed in everything else.


3) Sort out a Daily Routine

Much similar to what I said above about organizing yourself, creating and sticking to a daily routine stops you from over-thinking and losing track of things, because the time you have every day is always used efficiently.

When you have a solid daily routine that you’re sticking to; when you wake up, when you exercise, when you go to work. Sticking to a routine stops you from thinking too much about when you’re going to be doing these things, and also stops you from wasting time due to constantly switching between tasks.

Here are some things to think about when creating your daily routine:

– When will you be waking up and going to sleep?

– What will you do before you go to work?

– What hours are you going to be working for?

– When are you most productive?

– Where can you slot in time for relaxing/hobbies/going to the gym etc?

– What are the menial tasks you need to take care of?


4) Keep Your Computer Tidy

Believe it or not, I’ve had my windows laptop for two years or so now, and I only installed Microsoft Office a week ago. Up until then I’d been using a free program, which just goes to show how little you actually need when creating a startup, compared to what you think you need.

As I installed it, I decided to delete a load of programs I haven’t used in a while, shortcuts that just looked messy and any files that were now useless. Most importantly, I reorganized all my files into freshly named folders that I could easily navigate to, and not have to spend 10 minutes or so looking for every time.

The other tasks I carried out, included speeding up the PC, switching the task bars around and refreshing my motivational wallpaper in order to keep things bright and appealing.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll probably have a lot of file on your computer that you use day in day out. Carrying out the same processes as above gives you peace, because you know all your files are safe and where you want them to be.


5) Simplify Things

Sometimes you hear of very wealthy people, simplifying their homes, their possessions and their lives, in order to focus more on what’s important and not have their minds clouded by everything that’s around them.

Neil Patel is one of these examples, as I recently read an article he wrote explaining that he had gotten rid of all his furniture and decor in his living room. Neil is a self-made millionaire, yet at one point (he may still operate like this) he was doing all his writing whilst sitting on the floor.

Sitting on the floor!

Yet I can see exactly why he did it, because he simplified everything, decluttered is life, in order to focus all of his energy on his business passion.

And you should do the same! It’s not always about adding more to your life. The more things you add to your life, the more decisions you add, not just on what to buy, but on when to use it, where to work, how to work, and the list goes on.

When Neil goes to work, there’s no time spent deciding where to sit, adjusting his chair, sorting things out in the room before cracking on with it. All he has to do is sit straight down and turn his laptop on.


In Conclusion

Our lives can easily get overrun by everything contained within them. The possessions we own, or perhaps want to own in the future. The decisions we give ourselves to make can easily control our lives if we don’t reduce the number of them where possible.

When everything is tidied and simplified around us, it essentially does the same to our brains, allowing you to focus on one important thing at a time and not over-think.

To recap on the 5 ways to declutter your life as an entrepreneur:

1. Reduce unimportant decisions

2. Organize yourself and plan properly

3. Sort out a daily routine

4. Keep your computer tidy

5. Simplify things

Got anything to add? How are you going to declutter your life moving forward? Let me know by joining the conversation on Twitter!

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