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5 Solid Resources for Writing a Business Plan in Florida

Write a Business Plan

Forming a Florida small business is a decision that you must have weighed heavily. The business industry in the state of Florida is one of the most developed in the U.S., it can be pretty tough to enter the market, especially if you’re a newbie.

Although the state is known as one of the friendliest states for small businesses, you have to step it up if you want to succeed.

Starting a business in Florida needs a lot of preparation. You need to incorporate, obtain required documents, comply with supplementary requirements, pay this and that and many more.

Aside from all these, never forget to write a solid business plan for your Florida startup – it’s the secret on how to start a business in Florida the right way.

A business plan is a powerful tool that will help you propel your business to success; writing one is highly recommended. However, this is not an easy task and you may need some assistance on this. If you want to write your own business plan with a little assistance, here are 5 solid resources for you.


1) LivePlan

If you’re looking for the best business plan software to help you write one, I highly suggest that you check out LivePlan. For a modern and comprehensive software like LivePlan, its tools are simple and easy to use. LivePlan helps you write a solid and professional business plan through its time-saving and practical features which include the following:

LivePlan’s most basic subscription will only cost you $11.66 every month, that’s an affordable price considering all the features that you’ll be able to use. Read more about the software by reading our LivePlan review.


2) SBA’s Business Plan Template

The U.S. Small Business Administration is the largest provider of free resources and tools for small businesses throughout the country. For those who want to write a business plan, the agency has prepared a free business plan template which will help you create an accurate business plan for your Florida startup.

The business plan template is a simple and easy-to follow instructional guide that explains every step in business writing comprehensively. To be able to use the tool, you need to create free account by deciding on a username and password. You can then log-in anytime you want and work on your business plan.

You can save your files through PDF, access your account whenever you feel like it and make your business plan as your point of reference. This tool can store information for a full 6 months after your last log-in. Learn how to use the SBA Business Plan Template now, try it for free!


3) How to write a business plan: A Quick Guide

The traditional way of writing a business plan in my opinion is still the best way to write the best business plan for your Florida small business. Aside from widening your knowledge and enabling you to gain experience, you will be able to notice even the smallest details of your business plan. You don’t have to study or let others explain the content to you because you made it yourself.

If you want to use the traditional method of writing a business plan, this 3-step guide will give you everything that you need to know. Build your business plan here and gain an advantage over others who rely on the assistance of business professionals or software to make their business plans for them.


4) Enloop

Enloop is another excellent business plan software that has assisted entrepreneurs in writing a solid business plan for their startups. The software is one of the most experienced and established in the entire industry. The good news is, Enloop can be used for free because it has a free version that doesn’t have an expiration date or trial period.

Enloop has the following notable features which you can use as you write your business plan:

Check out the business plan software’s complete features by reading our comprehensive Enloop review.


5) Stratpad

If you want a business plan software that truly understands your plight as a small business owner, you have to go with StratPad. It’s an easy-to-use and simple software designed specifically for new entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. If you have no experience with business plan writing, no need to worry because StratPad will assist you from start to finish.

Some of StratPad’s useful features include the following:

Learn about the business plan software by reading our comprehensive StratPad review.

By using these resources, you’ll be able to write an accurate and professional business plan for your Florida startup. This is also a practical way to start writing your business plan because these resources are free to affordable tools which you can access anytime of the day. Many entrepreneurs are using these resources to help them with their business plans, you should too!

One more thing, if you’re not confident enough, you can always seek help from a professional and even use a tool like a business plan software to assist you. It’s a more affordable and efficient option, one that will benefit you greatly. Your only responsibility is to choose the best business plan software. At the end of the day, whether you plan to handle it yourself or use a software, you need to watch out for the errors mentioned above.


Wrapping up and Planning for Success

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessWhen you start a business in Florida, you won’t be asked by the state to write a business plan. It is your call to make one or not. However I highly suggest that you write one because it will help you sort through the beginning phases of your new startup. Plus it will help you when looking for funding.

More importantly, it will serve as your guide as you start your business. Make sure that you’re heading to the right path by having a business plan! Do your research now, find out the advantages of these resources and you’ll realize how useful they can be.

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