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5 Popular Platforms People Are Creating Businesses On

5 Popular Platforms People Are Creating Businesses On

Before I get into this article properly;

I’ve been fairly intrigued recently in the past year or so by the way that online businesses are formed. The general routine is to create a website, and then promote the hell out of it with various methods that include social media (always).

However, some people are seriously bucking the trend. Some people are creating fan pages, social accounts, etc. And building their following to hundreds of thousands for a single page, before then extracting income from that fan base.

Now that’s impressive.

And even though only a couple of the platforms on this list relate to the method I’ve just mentioned, the other 3 are still incredibly popular platforms that produce new success stories day in, day out.

So, I’ve written this article to outline some of the most popular platforms people are creating businesses on. Keep an eye out for the two social media platforms on the list. They are a must!


1) Instagram

More and more people are creating businesses through Instagram, and there’s a very good reason for this.

Mobiles and tablets are becoming a much more popular option for searching the web, and since Instagram is majorly mobile operated, it’s a powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

People start businesses on Instagram by posting popular photos, quickly progressing their following, and then they make the bank by selling shout outs, and promoting affiliated products.

The engagement level is so high on Instagram, and since Facebook and Twitter’s engagement levels have been declining in recent years, there’s no reason for you not to start using Instagram. Regardless of whether it’s purely for business or just to promote your business.

If you’re interested in creating an Instagram account, check out foundr’s guide on attracting new followers. They used these strategies to gain over 194,000 followers in 7 months.


2) eBay

eBay has always been a popular way of creating a business, but it still deserves a mention. I’ve built various types of businesses on eBay, simply because of how easy it was to tap into eBay’s audience.

As long as you pick a decent market and nail the listing, you’ll receive tonnes of visitors all from eBay’s pre-existing audience. All the hard work is done for you.

Of course, lets not praise eBay too much. There’s still disadvantages to be aware of:

All valid points; but as far as pre-existing platforms go, eBay is a great one to start a business on.


3) Facebook

It’s amazing how well people have done as entrepreneurs purely by beginning with a single Facebook page. No website, no store, no background. Just a Facebook page that they enjoyed adding content to every now and again.

Ever heard of Lad Bible?

How about Gym Fails?

These pages were started by people who had a passion for the content they were posting, and their pages caught fire. They hit millions of fans, then started a website, and there you have it…

In the exact same way as Instagram, Facebook page owners gain income by selling shout outs on their pages, or then creating a website/store to direct their fans to.

Check out Shopify’s tools for starting a business on Facebook if this is the route you want to head down.


4) Fiverr

Fiverr is fantastic, from both a buying and selling aspect. It’s been a godsend for nitty gritty tasks that I’ve needed doing, and if you look at my website, I found the designer for my logo on Fiverr. I’ll let you be the judge of how good it is!

The problem with Fiver, being the fact that the base price is obviously $5, with a small flexibility of charging more for various extras.

It’s also now slightly more difficult to get your paid handsomely for your work, with people from some of the poorer countries of the world signing up and offering extensive work for just $5.

Never the less, it’s a great platform and there are plenty of success stories where people have started making a living from Fiverr, from only part time hours.


5) Etsy

Etsy has always been a common way for the more artistic community to sell their goods. Yet, it’s powerful, because you’re tapping into an existing marketplace just like eBay and taking advantage of their audience.

For the arts and craft types, Etsy is a powerful way of creating an online business quickly and easily.

Thanks for checking out this article guys. These 5 platforms are all being used by people to create online businesses, as opposed to starting your own website or physical store. The best advantages are that it’s free to start a business and easy to tap into existing audiences.

Can you think of any platforms that should be added to this list? Let me know on Twitter!

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