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5 Mistakes When Starting a Business in Louisiana

Mistakes When Starting a Business

In life, we say we learn from our mistakes. However, when starting a business in Louisiana, one fatal mistake could lead to damages that could affect the entire lifecycle of a business.

While it is fine to make mistakes as an entrepreneur, educating one’s self of common and grave business blunders can go a long way in helping you overcome the challenges of a business startup.

This guide will introduce you to some of the biggest blunders an entrepreneur can possibly make right from the Louisiana incorporation process to the hiring process for employees. Along with these blunders, a few suggestions will also be discussed as to how to avoid them.


Mistake 1) Failure to Take Care of Louisiana Business Taxes and License Obligations

Business LicensesAs a startup entrepreneur, it’s understandable that you have a lot of things on your plate, but failing to take care of your Louisiana business taxes and licenses is one mistake that could eventually cost you your business. To say that the state is strict with regard to the compliance of business taxes and business licenses in Louisiana is an understatement.

If you fail to comply the requirements for these, your business is in danger of being forcibly closed down. If you want to avoid this, make sure to meet these legal obligations. Get started using our Louisiana Business Taxes and Business Licenses guide.


Mistake 2) Choosing the Wrong Location for Your Louisiana Business

How to Choose a Business LocationChoosing the first location you see because you feel like it is the perfect place on which to build your business is not the best idea. As a startup entrepreneur, you shouldn’t give in to that first-time excitement and compulsion or you might end up choosing the wrong business location.

Remember, the Louisiana business location you decide on will also have a significant bearing as to your success as a business long term so make an informed choice.


Mistake 3) Creating a Terrible Business Plan

Write a Business PlanCreating a terrible business plan is just as bad as not writing one. When you write a business plan, it is with precise intention that you do it to achieve business goals. Then, if you have a terrible business plan, where does that lead you?

After investing time, effort, and money, only to the eventual demise of your business, which makes it even more tragic for a startup like you. Writing a business plan needs an inside out knowledge of your business. From there, you can then learn how to write a business plan with the help of LivePlan.


Mistake 4) Choosing the Wrong Business Structure and Incorporating in Louisiana with It

Business WebsiteThere are only a handful of business structures you can incorporate in, but then you still choose the wrong structure and incorporate your business with it.

Ignorance of what each business structure poses in terms of business benefits should not be an excuse on why you pick the wrong structure lest you want your business to suffer for its entire lifespan.


Mistake 5) Getting the Wrong Employees

25 Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An EmployeeWhether you’re hiring below the employee qualifications because you are at a disadvantage as a startup or because you have this good feeling about this person who walked through your door or you owe this somebody a favor, getting the wrong employees can seriously hurt a business.

When starting a business in Louisiana, you might need a strong workforce to help get your business on its feet. Always have a strong hiring process in place for your business and never compromise.


Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Open for BusinessThere are many pitfalls when starting a business. From the Louisiana incorporation process to the completion of business license and tax requirements to hiring employees, anything can go wrong.

A solid understanding of knowing these common pitfalls will help you run your business while navigating around these blunders. While you’re at it, make it your business to research and know more about the other challenges you might face as your business operations progress.

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