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5 Incorporation Resources When Starting an Alaska Business

Online Incorporation Resources

Starting a business can really be time-consuming and the process in itself is really complicated. Many first-time business owners are unaware of what incorporation really is, so when they’re introduced to the process, they’re surprised to find out how grueling the process is.

Incorporating your business in Alaska doesn’t have to be stressful because there are numerous online incorporation providers that are ready to assist you. Starting a Corporation in Alaska or an LLC involves a lot of steps, but with these 5 resources, everything becomes simple and hassle-free!


1) IncFile | $49

IncFile ReviewIncFile deserves the number 1 spot on this list because it truly is the best in the online incorporation industry. With its affordable incorporation packages combined with the most excellent features, it is a sought-after incorporation provider that has helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs.

For just $49 to $299, you’ll be able to use these great features!

These are just some of the features that you can try with IncFile, you can read our IncFile review for more information.


2) CorpNet | $79

CorpNet ReviewCorpNet may be new in the incorporation industry but it has proven its worth by helping thousands of small business owners incorporate since 2008. If you want to incorporate your business fast, there’s no other provider that can do that but CorpNet.

The incorporation provider was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau in 2009, for its exemplary services and features which include the following:

Aside from all these features, CorpNet even has the coupon code STARTUP10, which you can use to avail of a 10% discount upon checkout.

Get to know CorpNet more by reading our comprehensive review.


3) MyCorporation | $69

MyCorporation ReviewMyCorporation is a trusted incorporation provider that started its operations in 1999. Since its launch, MyCorporation has incorporated half a million companies.

With its incorporation packages priced between $69 to $299, you’ll be able to use its unique features which include a business tool called MaintainMyBiz, blog and community forum, online bookkeeping and logo design and unlimited customer support. To help you manage your business, MyCorporation also provides you with the best learning resources in the form of eBooks, webinars and guides.

You can read about MyCorporation further by reading our review.


4) My New Company | $79

My New Company ReviewMy New Company has been around since 2009 and it has incorporated more than 40,000 corporations and LLC’s. The incorporation provider has an A+ rating from the BBB and an impressive 98% customer recommendation rate, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My New Company’s incorporation packages are priced between $79 to $279. Some of its most notable features include an order tracking tool, one day processing and filing and phone/email support.

You’ll also be provided with a free startup guide so you can manage your business efficiently. For more detailed information about My New Company, you can read our complete review.


5) Rocket Lawyer | $99

Rocket Lawyer ReviewRocket Lawyer is an experienced and competent provider that offers quality service to their clients.

Entrepreneurs who decide to hire the services of the provider are given the option to pay a membership fee, which in turn will allow them to use the incorporation service for free. Membership fees are between $7 to $49.95 every month. If you decide to be a non-member, you’ll pay $99.95 for an entire incorporation package.

Rocket Lawyer has outstanding features, here’s a list of some of them:

The incorporation service has so much more to offer, you can learn more about it through our thorough Rocket Lawyer review.


Wrapping Up and Choosing an Online Incorporation Service

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessUsing an online incorporation service will help you a great deal. It will ease the weight on your shoulders and you can focus on getting your business going rather than working on the tedious process of preparing documents and filing them.

Every incorporation provider has its own set of pros and cons and at the end of the day, it is up to you to determine which one’s best for you and come up with a well-informed decision.

The above incorporation providers offer the best services and I highly recommend that you look into them closely, even if you just need to file a DBA. They offer the most value while being some of the most credible in the industry.

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