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5 Digital Footprint Tips Every Small Business Should Follow

5 Digital Footprint Tips Every Small Business Should FollowSmall and local businesses can no longer rely on print advertising. These tactics, such as direct mail and physical advertising campaigns, are not necessarily areas to forget about. However, it’s becoming increasingly more important to focus on online and digital marketing content first.

Consumers today live in a digital world and people constantly communicate via their devices. This is where business-marketing departments need to focus their attention. And this is where a business will build its digital “footprint”.

Digital marketing is a complex process. It’s a mission that will take comprehension, skill and motivation. Check out the following tips and tools to get started, and begin forming a more effective digital footprint today.

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1) Work smarter

Developing an effective social media strategy takes time and creativity. But there are a number of technological tools that can help increase your productivity, as well as save you valuable time. Use these tools (listed below) to help define your goals, research materials and to create a consistent posting schedule.

2) Control your brand

Decide what you want you brand to say and what your newly formed company stand for. This is imperative to becoming popular in your given niche, and is something you should add to all company materials (like handbooks, online communications and emails).

3) Pay attention to social media

Your profiles on social media platform and other sites will not create an effective digital footprint. Sure, your information is there, but you need daily activities to actually drive your content to the next level. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin are good places to start, and each has their own analytical features.

4) Use Google Alerts

Small businesses need to closely monitor the mentions of their brand. Google Alerts will notify you of keywords important to your brand, and help you to better connect with your viewers and target audience.

5) Compare your competitors

Check out what your competitors are doing. Find what’s working and what’s not to better understand where your own new ideas should start. Maybe you could add something to your site to increase your WOW factor (like a mobile app, custom contact forms or videos and infographics).


For Productivity

  1. Coschedule – This productivity tool will help business marketers to plan their online and digital campaigns. They offer a headline analyzer, chrome extension and excellent workflow management of all social media marketing channels.
  1. Hootsuite – This tool will help you grow your audience engagement and overall business results with in-depth social media analytic reports and the ability to schedule all social media posting and publishing responsibilities.

For Analytics

  1. Woopra – This analytical tool allows users to view real-time customer activity by tacking websites, apps and emails so they can better understand what your customers want.
  1. MentionMapp – This visualization tool helps users to see their twitter activity in a useful display, and to map their hashtag engagement as well. It’s small, effective and lets business explore all connections and conversations with their customers.

For Writing

  1. Professional Writing Help – This professional writing service offers a blog full of writing inspiration and tips, as well as a free writing guide and access to editing support from highly qualified writers. Users have constant personal support and guidance in any area from research and structure, to proofreading and editing.
  1. Hemingway App – Writing for the web requires a Hemingway-esque style. Content writers need to keep it short and sweet, while at the same time engaging and creative. The tool highlights issues like hard to read sentences and overuse of adverbs, as well as a useful readability score.

New businesses should focus on on digital marketing and what they can do to up their game if they want to succeed. There are plenty of business owners who did not grow up in such a connected or digital environment. It’s okay to need assistance and it’s difficult to stay on top of all the new sources.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and remember to be patient. Your digital footprint will not have a huge impact within one day. It takes weeks, even months; in addition to diligent attention towards quality content, to form a highly effective digital footprint.

Use these tips and tools to increase your engagement today. Use your own ideas, products and/or services and start creating a more efficient and engaging online identity.

Author: Jacob Auden is an avid Copywriter and aspiring Learner. You can contact him on Linkedin.

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