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5 Deadly Business Plan Sins Hawaii Entrepreneurs Make

Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a business in Hawaii is not easy; aside from its competitive business market, the small business industry in the state is not as well developed compared to other states.

In a nationwide survey conducted by the Tax Foundation, Hawaii stalled behind other states ranking 31st in the 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index, proving its stagnant economic performance.

In many other surveys such as Thumbtack, GoBankingRates and CNBC, the state of Hawaii has consistently been in the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to small business friendliness compared to other states.

If you’re fully convinced that you can achieve business success in the state, you need to write a business plan. Knowing how to start a business in Hawaii on the right foot is a big advantage, as you are already aware how difficult it is to build a business in the state.

When you write a business plan, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your business idea is viable. From there, you can make necessary revisions if you find out that it’s not very feasible. Also, having a business plan will allow you to focus on specific and realistic business objectives and create strategies to achieve your goals.

However, writing a business plan is tricky and you need to be very careful when writing one because simple mistakes can be detrimental to your Hawaii small business. To avoid crucial business plan mistakes, read this article and find out what you need to avoid!


1) Writing the Business Plan in a Hurry

While meeting deadlines and completing your business plan as fast as possible is an advantage, you have to maintain its quality.

Writing a business plan is not a race, so you have to remember to take it slow and focus on the content of your plan. However, if you have a deadline or you want to finish on time, you have to start early to get things done early.

Sacrificing quality over completion is one of the most deadly business plan sins that you should not commit. Errors, whether they’re minor like spelling, grammar and formatting, are still considered fatal to a business plan.

More so major mistakes like inconsistencies in content and data. Your business plan must be clear, accurate and error-free.


2) Inconsistent Financial Projections

The most important section of a business plan is the financial section. Knowing this, you need to create this part as accurate as possible.

Investors, financial institutions and business professionals who will examine your business plan will automatically jump to your financial section to see if your Hawaii small business is financially feasible or not.

In the financial section of your business plan, it’s important to remember that making assumptions is a big no. Instead of assumptions, you need to create projections which are based on thorough research and analysis.


3) Ambiguous Market Route

Business ideas are prospective opportunities that need to be verified if they’re actually profitable or not. The only way you can prove this is if you study your target market, most specifically your market route.

One of the most serious business mistakes that you can commit while building your Hawaii small business and writing your business plan is focusing too much on your product, neglecting to define and develop your target market and market route.

To be able to avoid this business plan sin, you need to study and analyze your target market, observe consumer behavior and develop strategies to access them. The internet has been very helpful in accessing a geographically dispersed consumers, making your business viable.


4) Business Objectives are Unrealistic

Among all the business plan mistakes that entrepreneurs make, this is by far the most common. While this is a crucial mistake that can cost you your business, you can correct this as you go through the process of writing your business plan.

When creating your business plan, make sure to set SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals. If you have these kinds of goals, you’ll undoubtedly be able to create the best business plan for your Hawaii startup.


5) Neglecting Competition

One of the most important aspects of a business plan that you shouldn’t forget to cover is analyzing your competition. Downplaying competition is not the proper way to start a Hawaii startup. If you want to stand out above the rest, you need to study competing companies and startups who have more or less the same idea as yours.

By studying your competition, you’ll be able to determine strengths and weakness and improve your business idea into a better one. You will also be able to see what other businesses lack so you can take advantage of that to elevate your business.

If competition is not obvious, regroup and widen your market definition and observe again. However, if after thorough research and observation, you still don’t find any competition, you’re one of the lucky few with a unique business idea.

Writing a business plan for you Hawaii small business is the best decision that you could ever make – but it sure isn’t easy. Good thing there are innovative and modern tools that you can use to write a business plan with efficiency and accuracy.

To make things easier for you, it’s best that you take advantage of the features and services offered by a business plan software. There are actually a lot of them online if you check, however, the challenge is to find the best business plan software that can help you create a solid and professional business plan that will guide you as you build your business.

Although a business plan software does not necessarily mean that you can create the ‘perfect’ business plan, at least, the risks of major errors and mistakes are lessened.

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