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4 Small Opportunities Every Entrepreneur Should Take

4 Small Opportunities Every Entrepreneur Should Take

What do you class as an opportunity?

Is it something huge that you think can only come around several times in a single lifetime? Or is it simpler than that?

Some people get confused with the word ‘opportunity’. You have thousands of opportunities every day, but you can’t see them because you’re too busy looking for the game changers.

The truth is that opportunities normally start off small, and when you take them they then slowly snowball into larger ones. There is no single opportunity that will change your life.

These only appear after you spend time taking small opportunities and preparing yourself for something bigger to come. It doesn’t require a master plan.

This article outlines 4 small actions that every entrepreneur should take.


1) Adding Strangers on Social Media

This initially sounds like something pretty stalker-ish and that most people wouldn’t want to do. Although, I’ve noticed, when you add like-minded individuals on your favorite social networks, whether you know them or not, you can get some great reactions.

I added a fellow blogger on Facebook, prior to actually speaking to him at all before, and he quickly accepted. However, within a few days, I’d gotten 4 friend requests from some of his Facebook friends. They were all entrepreneurs, and had seen what I was working on, so decided to get in touch.

This led to a few more connections with some great people who have definitely helped me out!

A similar thing happened when I started adding like-minded professionals on LinkedIn. Most of them will accept your request as they love to connect with similar minded people and boost their potential business.

Since many of the people I add are already successful in their profession, there are so many big opportunities that can appear from them seeing what I’m trying to accomplish.

This little action of adding random people on social media can lead to big opportunities.


2) Traveling to New Places

Some might think traveling is a pretty big action… but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as small as you want it to be. As long as it’s a new place, traveling can lead to big opportunities you don’t often realize.

Obviously there’s a fairly strong correlation between how far you travel and how many opportunities present themselves. But wandering into the unknown can make you see things that you didn’t know were even there.

It also provides a great opportunity for meeting new people, and meeting new people is always a good thing. You can avoid them later on if you want to… or you can potentially connect well with them.

Have you ever stayed in a hostel?

They’re one of the best places for meeting new people, and so many people think that they’re terrible places to stay in. If you haven’t stayed in one before, check yourself into one next time you travel.

Taking action to travel can easily lead to big opportunities.


3) Initiating Conversations

How many people do you have on your Facebook friends list?

The average number of Facebook friends according to Pew Research is 338. Out of those 338, I’m pretty sure most people haven’t spoken to more than 50 of them within the past 3 months.

And by speaking to them, I’m talking about a proper conversation rather than just commenting on one of their updates.

Do you know what every one of your Facebook friends does for a living?

I definitely don’t, but should I? Maybe we’d be able to help each other out with some of our ventures if our overall goals synced up slightly.

The point I’m getting at here is that just initiating conversations with people can present big opportunities, because waiting for them to contact you isn’t going to get you anywhere.

If there’s a girl or guy you like, initiate the conversation. If there’s someone who you may be able to collaborate with on your work, reach out to them. If you want to get to know a person, just initiate a conversation with them.

Some may not take it in the way you want, but that’s okay. Initiating conversations with people, social media or no social media, dramatically improves the chances of making opportunities for yourself.


4) Reading Articles Everyday

I bring this up not because I’m writing an article (which you should all share with your entrepreneurial minded friends based on the fact that I made this point), but because reading is the easiest and quickest way to improve your knowledge.

Articles aren’t books. They also aren’t magazines. I’m talking about blog posts like this one that are between 500 – 5000 words long, maybe longer, that provide you with quick and easily digestible knowledge on a specific subject.

That’s why blogs are so popular after all, because they present such a simple way of us all being able to learn new things with several minutes of our day. When we get up in the morning, when we’re on a break from work or just before we’re going to sleep, it’s quick and easy.

For newly established entrepreneurs, everything you can learn without actually having to try it for yourself, can be picked up from blog articles spread across the internet. The issue you have is that they can sometimes be hard to find.

In conclusion, it’s the smaller opportunities that people often miss out on because their eyes are only focused on searching for the big ones. Every entrepreneur should take these four small opportunities in order to have the best chance of being presented larger opportunities later down the line.

What opportunities are you going to take this week? Let me know by joining the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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