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37 Proven Resources for Starting a Business in Maine

5 Best Practices for Starting a Business

No matter how you look at it when you’re starting a business in Maine, the biggest consideration and defining factor to have a successful business is to get off on the right footing from the beginning.

Luckily, for Maine startup entrepreneurs, there are a lot of resources that can better prepare you for the challenging journey ahead. In a fast-paced, ever evolving business world, these startup resources can give you the necessary edge that’s needed to become a savvy and successful entrepreneur!


Amazing Maine Small Business Resources

1) Maine SBDC

Maine’s SBDC primarily helps startup entrepreneurs manage, operate, and grow their Maine business. Numerous resources, tools, and events and workshops are offered by the SBDC for free.

2) US SBA Resource Guide

This guide offers a comprehensive look into starting a business in Maine. It provides a point-by-point discussion on all facets of starting a business plus valuable resources to use.

3) Maine District Office of the SBA

The Maine District Office of the SBA is reputed to provide total startup assistance to small entrepreneurs with a wide host of services and programs. This nonprofit organization advocates the success of small businesses with the resources and tools freely given.


When you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business venture in Maine, the Secretary of State’s website can supply you with the vital information on everything you need to comply to form a business. It also gives you important links to agencies and offices that you can go to when completing a particular requirement.

5) Business Answers Program

The Business Answers Program is an initiative of the state government to provide answers to questions posed by entrepreneurs. This online service is a great way to go when starting a business because it offers a wide range of information to fast track your startup process.

6) Maine Career Center

A straightforward guide that lists down the very important startup assistance resources you’ll need when starting a small business in Maine. This should be on your bookmarked list when you get started.

7) CEI Maine

CEI Maine also provides a great resource in starting a business in Maine through consultations, workshops, peer networks, counseling, and training services to get you through the tough phase of getting started.

8) New Ventures Maine

Starting a business in Maine requires that you have a working knowledge about the basics of entrepreneurship, and New Ventures Maine can help you with that. It has core business classes plus a number of startup resources to boot.

9) The University of Maine

UMaine through a Cooperative Extension features a Small Business Library where a wealth of information about everything connected to starting a business can be found.

10) Pocket Guide to Maine’s Business Resources

Another outstanding guide that you shouldn’t miss out when starting a business in Maine, this pocket guide provides complete information for business startups you shouldn’t miss out on.


Free How-To Guides

These free how-to guides from Startup Savant are listed to address the business requirements of Maine startup entrepreneurs. Carefully compiled with firm emphasis on how to start a business in Maine in a convenient and cost-effective manner, these how-to guides offer a variety of information that range from forming and LLC and Corporations to finding capital funding to choosing a competent Registered Agent.

1) How to Start a Business in Maine

The key to starting a business in Maine effectively is through a simple and straightforward guide. This guide will effectively run through you to the processes involved in starting a Maine small business with a few additional resources that can jumpstart the process as well.

2) How to Form an LLC in Maine

If you’re looking to form an LLC in Maine, this guide will walk you through the process. With step-by-step instructions from the time you choose a business name for your LLC to completing business licenses and permits, there is no room left for guesswork.

3) How to File a DBA in Maine

When a business wants to use a name other than the business name officially registered with the Secretary of State, it has to file for an assumed name registration. With the use of this guide, you can easily follow its steps on how to file a DBA in Maine.

4) How to Finance a Business in Maine

There are several options to financing a business in Maine and this guide will present to you five of these options with accompanying descriptions and link on how to get started in case you select it. This guide also shows you that despite the various options available, what you should always bear in mind is to prioritize your business requirements when making the best choice.

5) How to Get a Maine Registered Agent

A Registered Agent is a state-mandated requirement for the legal incorporation of your Maine business, so you must select the right professional to be legally compliant. This guide will help you do just that with a suggestion on where you can find a reliable one as well.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Maine

When forming a Corporation in Maine, you only need to follow this guide to walk you through the steps of doing it effectively and efficiently.

7) How to Incorporate in Maine

This guide is as simple as it gets, one that teaches startup entrepreneurs on how to incorporate a business in Maine. In addition to the basic steps of incorporating, this guide also features a few resources to speed up tasks faster, allowing for cost-effectiveness in the process.


General Startup Resources

General startup resources basically offer comprehensive business startup assistance services from starting to managing a business. Majority of these resources are non-profit organizations and volunteer programs initiated to help develop the rise of small business enterprises, which have also become a great economic boost to the country. Of the numerous resources, the following are worth your time:


SCORE is the largest and most extensive network of business mentors across the country. It provides an extensive range of business mentoring, counseling, and coaching assistance services for free to startup small business entrepreneurs.

Aside from expert mentoring, SCORE also sets up live webinars, online and local workshops, and community events that startup entrepreneurs can attend to further their business management skills. On top of all these, entrepreneurs are also given access to a variety of free business resources and tools.

2) SBA

The US Small Business Administration was enacted to “aid, counsel, assist and protect, insofar as is possible, the interests of small business concerns” in 1953. Today, the US SBA has become an indispensable resource when it comes to providing a wide range of assistance services to small business entrepreneurs through its various district offices across the country.

From how-to guides on how to start and manage a business, assistance and application of funding loans and grants, online business learning courses, to access to various tools, templates, and resources, the SBA is a great resource for starting a Maine small business.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online magazine that provides loads of information on all aspects of starting a small business in different states. This online magazine features startup toolkits, how-to resources, a resource library and articles on business hacks that can be used. All for free.


Entrepreneur is an online magazine authority when it comes to entrepreneurship and all matters concerning business. Aside from insightful articles relating to starting and operating a business, this resource also provides entrepreneurs with opportunity for growth through events and workshops and products and tools relating to entrepreneurship.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness has built a reputation of being one of the biggest resources of tools and resources to start, manage, and grow your small business. Aside from the regular feature articles highlighting business owners’ and experts’ dealings with different business challenges and issues, AllBusiness also features special reports, regular weekly update on business trends, and an extensive library of insightful how-to articles and information tips.

6) Wealthy Gorilla

On your climb to becoming successful, you might lose sight of what’s important in life and question what you’re doing. To keep the balance between your drive and passion to succeed and maintaining and improving your life in the process, Wealthy Gorilla provides you with inspiring stories, motivational articles, encouraging quotes, and everything about life in general. With Wealthy Gorilla, you can stay on focus running your business without losing sight of your zest for life.


Maine Funding Resources

There are many different kinds of funding options, but take time and effort and invest in a thorough research of these options to find the most suitable for your startup. More importantly, you should have a ready business plan and an elevator pitch to draw in the investors needed to start your venture.

1) Maine Small Business Grants

Small business grants for women, veterans, minorities, etc. are a good place to start as any when you’re considering for business capital. When you do consider this, take time to check the criteria for qualification of the grant so you can apply for it.

2) Maine Startup Incubators

Startup incubators not only help you find the right financing by connecting you with prospective investors with their vast connections and networks, but they offer comprehensive resource assistance when you’re starting a business as well.

3) Maine Angel Investors

Angel investors are more of risk takers than the usual capitalist so long as they see promise in your business venture. Although it make take some time to find an angel investor to fund your business, it might be well worth the wait.

4) Crowdfunding

The key to successful crowdfunding is the platform where the startup entrepreneur and the crowd meet. As a startup, be ready to present your business idea backed by a solid business plan and the capital you need to meet for the crowd to start raising the money.

5) Maine Business Loans

Business loans are probably the most common method to finance a business because it is widely offered by both government and non-government organizations, companies, and agencies.


Startup Incubators

Startup incubators are organized to help small business startups build their enterprise into a success. A startup incubator is committed to providing various incubator services including workspace rental, seed funding, entrepreneurship training, and business expert counseling, etc.

There are different kinds of incubators for various industries, which can give a Maine startup entrepreneur with a range of options to choose from.

1) Startup Portland

Startup Portland is an excellent startup incubator that is composed of a community of investors, entrepreneurs, and various other professionals who help build your business from the ground up by connecting you with various startup resources and workspaces within your area.

2) Kick Maine

Kick Maine is a Portland startup incubator that provides assistance from the moment your business idea is conceived up to the time of the actual business startup. Kick Maine features Kick programs to assist you in building a successful long term business.

3) Target Technology Incubator

Situated in Orono, Maine, the main mission of Target Technology Incubator is to provide an ideal environment where a startup company’s goals are fostered through various incubator resources such as managerial workshops and trainings, business coaching, office space rental, etc.

4) Startup Bangor

Bringing together innovators and investors, Startup Bangor opens the doors of opportunities where you can network with other startups and share resources, attend startup events, help other startups, and basically start your business with as much assistance from experienced individuals.

5) Think Tank Coworking

Think Tank Coworking is a creative incubator with a facility that houses dozens of small businesses in the Portland area and at night, the facility doubles as an events center and community complex where trainings, workshops and business coaching are conducted on a regular basis.


5 Excellent Resources to Kickstart and Run Your Business

1) Business Planning

When talking about the different aspects of your business, you can best put it into writing through a solid business plan. A strong business plan cannot only help you find the right capital investment to start your business, but it also creates a clear path down the road of success. To start writing a business plan today with the help of a business plan software, you can use LivePlan.

2) Online Incorporation Service

The process of incorporating your business can be quite a task considering that you have other things on your mind when starting a business. With the assistance of online incorporation services, you can actually do away with doing the incorporation process yourself. For a minimal fee, online incorporation service providers like CorpNet and BizFilings can take care of all paperwork for you.

3) Building a Business Website

The growing value of having a business website cannot be stressed enough. Today, a business website is not just an online representation of your business’ brand, but it is also one great marketing tool to reach your target audience.

What’s even better, gone are the days when you have to spend thousands of dollars for web design services or have the necessary technical qualifications to do so. With the use of Bluehost, a web hosting provider, you can easily build a customized website for your business with its easy-to-navigate features. However if you’re looking for a comprehensive option, look into the Rainmaker Platform.

4) Small Business Accounting Software

Small businesses can benefit greatly from using an accounting software. These tools are great for minimizing time spent on accounting, bookkeeping, and financial monitoring tasks for it provides a host of features that range from generating financial reports to keeping track of your expenses.

Some of the more popular accounting software for small businesses you should look into include FreshBooksQuickBooks, and Xero. These tools offer a variety of powerful features that can help manage your financial life easier as a Maine startup entrepreneur.

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