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10 Useful Websites to Use When Publishing eBooks

10 Useful Websites to Use When Publishing eBooksNowadays, there are so many people selling eBooks.

eBooks… everywhere.

In fact, when you create a new website or blog, the first thing you probably do is look to see which eBook you can write that’ll interest your subscribers, and help monetize your site.

I don’t blame you.

The only issue is that when it comes to creating these eBooks, some are still struggling to take advantage of all the technology out there. People are still doing things the long and hard way, with results that don’t quite match the competition.

10 Websites to Use When Publishing eBooks

To solve this problem, I’ve put together a decent list of 10 great websites you can use to your advantage when publishing eBooks. Not just for selling them, but for helping you write them, publish them and automate the process.

Check out the list and try them for yourself:

1) Amazon

Amazon is probably the first website you think of when you’re ready to start selling eBooks. After all, they have the Kindle, and the Kindle eBook store, so it’s the perfect place to sell your eBooks.

Not only that, but they have so much exposure, that just listing your products there will get you a lot of hits.

2) E-Junkie

I currently use E-Junkie when selling eBooks on my own website. It’s the perfect gateway to automate everything for you. You upload the product, you set the price, you link your PayPal account, and then you copy the payment button code onto your sales page.

Simple, solid, effective.

3) Blurb

Blurb is a great self-publishing platform that basically does the majority of the complicated stuff for you. You’re able to create, publish, sell and promote your eBooks all through Blurb. The only hard part for you is actually writing the damn thing in the first place.

Of course, there’s a small fee you’ll have to pay for every eBook you sell. Alternatively, if you’re going one step further, they will print hard copy books for you and ship them to any customers.

Definitely one to check out.

4) SmashWords

SmashWords is an online market for eBooks. If you have an eBook to sell, you can upload it to SmashWords and promote it on their marketplace.

This means like Amazon, you’ll tap into their existing customer base and already be giving your product visibility to others who visit the site.

Again, like any other site, there are fees involved for each sale you make.

5) Instabuck

Another brilliant platform to check out is Instabuck, which also allows you to create landing pages and also have access to different payment gateways.

All you do is pay a monthly fee, which can vary a lot depending on how many landing pages or products you may have to sell. Plans start from $4.99 a month, but can go up to $299 a month.

6) Click2Sell

Click2Sell is very similar to Clickbank, in that it’s an affiliate marketplace, where sellers can go to sell their products, and affiliates can go to find products to promote.

That way, you give a commission to promoters in exchange for them helping you sell your products.

This is a great way to sell your products purely because it doesn’t require much work from you. Sure, you will lose a nice chunk of profits to promoters, but they do all the work for you, and you are still receiving sales that you wouldn’t have received otherwise.

7) Spaces

Spaces allows you to create eCommerce stores and landing pages in order to be able to sell your eBooks. It’s a great platform to start your own store on, but this does mean that you’ll have to put in the effort of promoting it yourself.

It could take some time to start driving traffic.

However, if you’re looking to go down the route of starting your own eCommerce store, then definitely take a look at Spaces.

8) ClickBank

ClickBank is a very clever idea.

It’s a community built around affiliating with others.

Affiliates go on the site to look for products to sell, in return for a commission. Businesses go on the site to be able to promote their products easily, in return for giving a small commission for every sale received.

If you’re selling eBooks, this is very good exposure. You’ll have to give away some of the profits, but look at it this way. If you didn’t give the commission, you wouldn’t have received any of those sales anyway. So it’s still profit you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

9) Tradebit

Tradebit is another great marketplace where you can put any of your eBooks up for sale, and instantly take advantage of the traffic their website already receives.

Not only can you put your eBook up for sale on their site, but you can also take advantage of their merchant services, and payment gateways, meaning all your eBook selling can be done through them.

The fees are pretty high though, with you having to pay 25-50% of each sale over to Tradebit.

10) eBookMall

eBookMall is another brilliant online shopping store for eBooks. This is another great place for you to tap into existing markets and customer databases, and sell your eBooks to them.


Overall, some of the sites I’ve listed above can be crucial in determining the success you have publishing eBooks. Definitely take them into account and try and use as many of them to your advantage as you can.

I just want to quickly recap in short the 10 websites we’ve mentioned:

  1. Amazon
  2. E-Junkie
  3. Blurb
  4. SmashWords
  5. Instabuck
  6. Click2Sell
  7. GoSpaces
  8. Clickbank
  9. Tradebit
  10. eBookMall

Let me know how you get on with publishing and selling your eBooks!

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