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Xero vs LessAccounting: Which is Better?

Xero Vs LessAccounting

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative take on the Xero vs LessAccounting dilemma. We hope to help you figure out which, or if either, business accounting software solution is the right one for you and your platform. To do this we’ll breeze through the vitals: commonalities, differences, service packages and pricing. Enjoy!


10 Features Xero & LessAccounting Share

  1. Multi-currency and multi-language support.
  2. Collaboration tools so team members and your accountant can work together.
  3. Generate good looking and intuitive financial reports, graphs, and charts.
  4. Business expense tracking tool to see where outbound resources are going.
  5. Record, categorize and organize your business expenses in a single financial tool.
  6. Invoice creation tool that you can use to customize any type of invoice for fast billing.
  7. Bank import data feature that allows you to integrate your bank information and credit/debit transactions.
  8. Has a time-tracking feature which you and your employees can use to track your work hours.
  9. Inventory management feature to efficiently monitor your billing transactions and receive updates.
  10. Easy-to-follow accounting workflows which guide you as you use the software.
  11. Cloud-based and compatible with almost any device, operating system or web browser.


Distinct Xero Features


Popular LessAccounting Features


Pricing & Packaging: Xero vs LessAccounting

Xero and LessAccounting are very different when it comes to the way they price and package their services. To give you a better idea let’s use some visuals aids to tackle both at once. We’ll start with our favorite.


Xero pricing

Xero has 3 plans; Starter (typically for solopreneurs, freelancers, indie contractors, etc), Standard (for smaller startups) and the Premium (for your average mid-sized operation). Each plan has their own wall of features as you can see below. Note that the table only shows US prices. Pricing may vary if you’re located outside the US.

Xero Pricing and FeaturesXero Pricing and Features 2

There are plenty of reasons a solopreneur or small startup would opt for the premium plan. Really inexpensive pricing aside, many of those features like tax filing and multi-currency are just as useful. Otherwise the software is designed for specific accounting demands.


A Quick Look Inside Xero

Now let’s take a look at the actual software itself. Do keep in mind that Xero is very comprehensive and if you are an absolute beginner with all this accounting stuff it will take a little time to get the gist. Thankfully it’s very intuitive that way and helps to guide you through the initial process of setting things up and giving you an idea of what’s possible.

Create Custom Invoices

Xero Invoicing

Store and Manage Your Files

Xero Accounting Files

Manage Bills & Keep an Eye on Cash flow

Xero Bills

Track Your Small Business Expenses
Xero Expense Tracking

Create & Send Custom Purchase Orders

Xero Purchase Orders


LessAccounting pricing

Less Accounting follows a slightly different approach when it comes to their services. Their three plans are similarly focused on corresponding users, but it’s broken down by overall spending vs the amount of employees.

LessAccounting Pricing and Features

LessAccounting is a little more expensive than Xero, however, it still has a solid following because of its quality. Aside from their specific features, these 3 plans have built-in tools which include the following:

A Peek at LessAccounting

LessAccounting Review

LessAccounting Review and Features

LessAccounting Reviews

LessAccounting Reviews and Features


Which Feels Right So Far?

In terms of small to medium-sized businesses, Xero and LessAccounting are great options. Xero’s just far more extensive and its work flow, or interface, has more functionality. But maybe streamlined and ultra-simplified is what you need? It’s really about where you are as a brand and what style of data-presentation appeals to you.

Why We Use Xero

Xero, like LessAccounting is affordable and just so feature-rich that we almost see it as the next Intuit. It's just easier, more user-friendly and we still haven't stopped finding new ways to leverage it yet. Get serious about your financials, and your financials will get serious about you. Cheers!

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