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What, Why and How to Register a DBA in Arkansas

Why and How to File a DBA

Pat yourself on the back!  You’ve learned a lot about starting your business in Arkansas. You understand the importance of writing a business plan, legal requirements, and finally how to start a business in Arkansas.

However, there is one more item we need to discuss: the Arkansas DBA. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of a DBA and how you can go about filing one if needed.

What is an Arkansas DBA?

DBA or “Doing Business As”, otherwise known as Assumed or Fictitious Business Name, is an alternate name other than the name your business is using. If you want to start another business and use a different name, you need to file a fictitious name before the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Once you file as an Arkansas business, your business name and your name will be  circulated in official newspapers within Arkansas. This will allow you to practice transparency by allowing the community to know your real identity and the type of business you’re conducting.

A DBA also serves as a safeguard to consumers, as the details of a company are made known to the public, thereby preventing dishonesty.

Why File an Arkansas DBA?

There are many reasons why you might register a DBA in Arkansas.  Here are a few:

These are just some of the reasons why it’s essential to file an Arkansas DBA.   So how do you file a DBA?

How to Form a DBA in Arkansas

How to File a DBAFiling a DBA in Arkansas doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to avoid the hassle of extra paperwork, you can hire the services of an online filing service like LegalZoom ($99) or Rocket Lawyer ($99). However, it is also possible to file a DBA yourself.

When filing a DBA yourself, first decide on a DBA name. There are no legal requirements when naming, however your name must be unique.

Once you’ve selected a fictitious name, obtain a DBA form from your local Arkansas office or download the form from the website of the Secretary of State of Arkansas.

Read the instructions on the form thoroughly before you fill it out. Make sure that you correctly and legibly write the details needed in the form. In Arkansas, the DBA form must be notarized, so refrain from signing until you are before a notary.

Finally, file your DBA form with the county clerk’s office. You may also file it online or mail it to this address.

Business/Commercial Services Division

1401 West Capitol,

Ste., 250

Little Rock, AR 72201

Congratulations! You have filed a DBA. After a short waiting period you will be allowed by the state of Arkansas to use your fictitious name.  You will receive a notification when this happens.

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

Have an online filing service take care of the entire DBA filing process for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your business and they take care of the paperwork.

LegalZoom (for $99) or Rocket Lawyer (for $99)

This article is an informational guide and as such should only be used as a reference when filing an AR DBA, and it should not be used as a legal advice. Your lawyer is still the best person to talk to if you want more details on the legalities of filing a ‘Doing Business As’ in Arkansas or bringing a business idea to life in general.

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