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What, Why and How to Register an Arizona DBA

Why and How to File a DBA

I’m sure we agree on one thing – starting a business is challenging. It demands time, effort, resources and most of all, patience.

Going through the tedious process of incorporation is a great achievement that you should be proud of, but there’s one more thing you might need to complete – filing a DBA in Arizona.

Let me start by telling you that filing a DBA in Arizona is not that difficult. To give you a better understanding of what a DBA is, why you need it, and how to file one – keep reading!


What is an Arizona DBA?

How to File a DBADoing Business As or Fictitious Business Name or Assumed Business Name is a process in the US where the business owner’s identity is disclosed to the public. Although the majority of states call this a DBA, in Arizona, it is formally known as a trade name.

As a business owner, a DBA has its advantages on your part. By being transparent to the public, you are able to establish the credibility of your business and in turn, people will trust you and your business more.

When you file an Arizona DBA, your business name and your name as the business owner will be shown in all publications that are officially circulated in the state where you’re conducting business.


Why Do You Need to File an Arizona DBA?

Starting a Business

You can file a DBA after you’re done incorporating your Arizona small business. Now that you’re already aware of the reasons why, let’s talk about how to file a DBA.


How to File a DBA in Arizona

The following are the steps to filing a DBA in Arizona based on state and federal guidelines:

Step 1) Download the Registration Form.

WebsiteThe first step in filing an Arizona DBA is to download the Trade Name Registration Application form which you can find in the Arizona Corporation Commission.

After downloading the Arizona DBA registration form, do not fill it out right away. Go over the form, review the information that you need to provide and read instructions carefully. If you want to know more about your DBA registration, you can see this guide on trade name form.


Step 2) Fill-out the Business Name Registration Form.

Create an Operating AgreementOnce you understand the instructions clearly, you can start working on the form by filling it out with accurate information.

Write legibly, avoid errors and keep the form as clean as possible. After you’ve filled out the form, you are now one step close to filing your Arizona DBA.


Step 3) Submit the Finished Business Name Registration Form.

Mail in the FormThe last step in forming an Arizona DBA is sending your Business Name Registration Form to the address stated within the form. You can send your completed form using the address through mail or in person.

Aside from this, you have to prepare $10 for the filing fee of your Arizona DBA. If you would like to learn more, read this guide.

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

Have an online filing service take care of the entire DBA filing process for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your business and they take care of the paperwork.

LegalZoom (for $99) or Rocket Lawyer (for $99)

This article is an informational guide and as such should only be used as a reference when filing an AZ DBA, and  should not be used as a legal advice. Your lawyer is still the best person to talk to if you want more details on the legalities of filing a ‘Doing Business As’ in Arizona or bringing a business idea to life in general.

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