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Wave Accounting vs QuickBooks Online: Which is Better?

Wave Accounting Vs QuickBooks Online

Good day to you and welcome to Startup Savant’s quick little comparative Wave Accounting vs QuickBooks Online article. The goal here’s to help you figure out which one is the ideal accounting software for you and/or your team. As we all know, money management is a large part of biz-success (and struggling) and these days software-help is indispensable. Let’s get started.


10 Wave & QuickBooks Commonalities

  1. Mobile apps which can be downloaded to your Apple or Android devices, desktop, etc – easy accessibility.
  2. User-friendly to most people’s standards, from beginner to savvy and seasoned serial entrepreneur.
  3. Allows the integration of third party applications into your account.
  4. Financial reports can be automatically generated to keep you updated of your company’s cash flow.
  5. Business expense tracking tool to help you understand where money’s going.
  6. Bank reconciliation tool that allows you to sync bank and credit/debit card information and categorize and organize your transactions.
  7. Invoicing tool that enables you to make personalized invoices and send them in one click for easy and fast billing.
  8. Multiple-user interface enabling you to work with other business professionals and even your team members. Both also have the ability to sync your files so each member of your team can view them.
  9. Cloud-based which means that you can access them anytime as long as an internet connection is available.
  10. Provides you with forecasting and budgeting tools to assist you plan and prepare and adapt.
  11. Time tracking tools that you can use to bill every second that you work.


Wave Accounting Features


QuickBooks Online


Package Pricing

Wave Accounting pricing

Wave Accounting Pricing

The free plan comes with features that will allow you to do accounting and reports, invoices, receipt scanning, personal finance and email support. While the accounting software is totally free (meaning rather basic), you can add premium tools to your existing account.

The table below will show you the tools, their specific features and pricing.

Wave Accounting Premium Pricing

For the payroll system, you’ll pay $19 per month and you’ll be able to get three added features. The credit card system on the other hand has a different payment plan, a fee per transaction is 2.9% + 30 cents. Lastly, the monthly subscription for the premium support is $19.


A Peak at Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting DashboardWave Accounting Dashboard

Wave Accounting Features


QuickBooks Online pricing

QuickBooks has 3 main service plans for small businesses: Simple Start, Essentials and the Plus. QuickBooks Pricing

If you’re an individual contractor, for instance a freelancer, you can also use QuickBooks Online for a very affordable price of $7.99/mo. If you’re a business owner with many employees, you can also use the accounting software together with a payroll system. Not too shabby!


A Look at QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online ReviewQuickBooks Online FeaturesQuick Books Online Features and Review


Dominate Your Financials

And there you have it, a decent look at the Wave Accounting vs QuickBooks Online debate. What do you think? Did either one really grab your attention in terms of not only features and pricing, but data-presentation design as well? Don’t hesitate, get on this, modernize your financials and leverage the power of savvy accounting software.

Take The Leap

Our #1 favorite software is definitely Xero, it's was Startup Savant uses to power our numbers. If you're still shopping around you should give them a shot if you aren't already familiar, or give Wave Accounting and their app-style a try. Here's to a prosperous year ahead!

Discover Xero Or Try Wave

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