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StratPad vs LivePlan: Which is Better for Busy Solopreneurs?

StratPad Vs Liveplan

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative StratPad vs LivePlan article where we examine which, in our opinion, is better suited for the solopreneur. Although without a doubt both these business planning software providers cater to startups, small biz, as well as medium-sized enterprises as well.

Let’s jump right in and start with their wonderful commonalities, enjoy.


What StratPad and LivePlan Share in Common


Unique StratPad Features


Popular Selling Points of LivePlan


Pricing & Package Structure: StratPad vs LivePlan

Okay, now we’re into the meat and bones of this StratPad vs LifePlan showdown. Sure, they’re both affordable but this is where they really begin to diverge as you see in the following screenshots.

StratPad Pricing

StratPad Pricing and Features

StratPad, as far as the average solopreneur, is more designed to start off with the basic Business Plan and then scale as needed. Or perhaps you’re already at the point where the features in Planning Expert or Workshop Leader make more sense? Hold up, first, have a peak inside their platform so you can get a feel.

A Look InsideĀ StratPad

StratPad Review

They’re less aesthetic and intuitive in terms of overall web design, but if you’re on the savvier side then everything you see there should be pretty simple to use. As you can see the data-presentation is simple as well with basic spreadsheet-style charts, basic graphs, etc.

StratPad Business Plans Screenshot


LivePlan Pricing

LivePlan Promo Code and Pricing

Boom, one straightforward plan with two ways to invest: monthly or on an annual basis. Here’s the math – with annual at $11.66/month you save about $140 off the top. Do keep in mind that LivePlan gives you a 60-Day money back guarantee, and our Startup Savant affiliate link at the end of this article gives you an additional 25% off. Let’s take a look inside.


What Your Pitch Could Look Like With LivePlan

This is what the website dashboard feels like. What we’re looking at is the Pitch Page they show as an example of what you can do with different themes, any of their over 500 example plans (most user-submitted), and good data. Notice how much cleaner, nicer and easier on the eyes it is.

LivePlan Business Plan Pitch


And here’s a look at what the more hardcore data looks and feels like. So much easier to digest, especially for busy solopreneurs who aren’t accustomed to or drawn to the more basic displays of biz-info like financials, forecasts, marketing budgets, etc.

LivePlan Example Financials Forecast


Take Action Today & Up Your Odds

What StratPad vs LivePlan comes down to is which one’s more your style? Tons of solopreneurs prefer StratPad’s vibe. However, LivePlan’s our fav-by-far.

Truth is Startup Savant was planned using their software and we still use it today. What’s important is you get the planning aspect of 21st century business underway/optimized. It’s a light addition with HEEEUGE benefits. Head on over to StratPad or use the link below, and here’s to a productive and big-growth year ahead!

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