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Rocket Lawyer vs Which is Better?

Rocket Lawyer vs

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article Rocket Lawyer vs These are two popular online incorporation services with decades of experience and tens of thousands of companies in their portfolio. Question is, of the two who is the best option to suit your particular needs in terms of registering your business with the state, filing the right forms, and offering you many other helpful features.

Let’s get into this. We’ll begin by looking at their commonalities, then some of their features, package options, pricing and the whole nine yards.


What Rocket Lawyer and Share

Most online incorporation services have more or less the same core services. Here are some of Rocket Lawyer’s and’s that they share in common.

Those can be a little shocking for entrepreneurs who are just now discovering the benefits of online incorporation. And yes, all this stuff, for a VERY long time there was no other way but to hire lawyers and work with high-priced legal firms to get all this.


Popular Rocket Lawyer Features


Where Stands Out


Pricing: Rocket Lawyer vs

Rocket Lawyer and offer competitive package prices. However, they follow different setups in terms of pricing. To help you understand better, here are the two companies price comparison.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing and Features

Rocket Lawyer basically has two categorical pricing options when it comes to their incorporation services: Member and Non-member.

Rocket Lawyer Incorporation Pricing

So for members, incorporation is free and you pay a small monthly service fee ($49.95). Non-members can pay $99.95 for their incorporation needs. This is a reasonable price for all the features you get. and Features has three packages: The Starter, The Essentials and The Works. The table below shows the features for each package as well as pricing.The Company Corporation Pricing and Review

For $99, the Starter has three features such as the filing of the articles of incorporation, a compliance watch and the 50,000 veil guarantee. The Essentials is $399 and has all the features of the Starter package plus an additional compliance kit and seal, EIN, Business License Compliance Package and the LLC Operating Agreement. Annnnnd….The Works is priced at $699 and has complete features.

Which Should You Choose?

By looking at the comparison above, it does seem to me that Rocket Lawyer comes out slightly ahead based on overall pricing and features.

At the end of the day, you’re the sole decision maker. Make sure to always be objective when selecting an incorporation service and follow your gut. Here's our stance until something sways us otherwise.

Rocket Lawyer Or

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