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5 Solid Resources for Writing a Business Plan in Connecticut

Write a Business Plan

Starting a business in Connecticut, or in other state is a serious and challenging task that you have to plan ahead. If you ask me how to start a business in Connecticut, I would give you a very direct answer, write a solid business plan.

I know you expected me to answer things like, prepare your business capital or look for funding, or incorporate your business, or obtain business licenses and permits and comply with this and that – and while these legal procedures are highly important as well, all your Connecticut small business really needs at the beginning is a professional and solid business plan.

Building a business with a strong foundation is vital, most especially if you’re starting it in Connecticut. The state’s business industry has become more and more competitive in the past years, as Connecticut becomes more progressive, you have to adapt to the change. You won’t stand a chance if you don’t have a concrete action plan when starting a business.

Like an infrastructure, a business has to be build right, so that when natural or man-made calamities such as earthquakes occur, the structure remains strong and standing tall. In the same way that a business survives when it is rocked by a bad economy or internal business problems and issues.

If you want to start writing your business plan, but don’t know how, look into each of these 5 resources to write a solid business plan for your Connecticut startup.


1) LivePlan

LivePlan is a simple and easy-to-use business plan software that can fully assist you in writing a solid business plan for your Connecticut small business. It has the most practical and time-saving tools that will help you complete your business in no time.

Here’s a list of business plan tools that you can use to kickstart your business plan.

LivePlan’s prices start at $11.66 every month if you pay monthly. Read more about the software by reading our LivePlan review.


2) SBA’s Business Plan Template

If you’re looking for a business plan template which is completely for free, the US Small Business Administration has prepared one for you. Every entrepreneur can use this completely for free to create an accurate business plan for their startups.

The SBA Business Plan Template is an easy-to-follow instructional guide which can assist you in writing the best business plan for your Connecticut small business. To start using the tool, you just need to create a free account and you can log-in using your username and password.

Save your files in PDF, access your account anytime you feel like it or in your convenient time, and make it your reference when you decide on future business decisions. This tool will store your information for 6 months after your last log-in.

Learn how to use the SBA Business Plan Template, try it for free!


3) How to Write a Business Plan: A Quick Guide

The traditional way of writing a business plan is still the best for me. It allows you to learn every aspect of your business, even the smallest details. If you’ve no prior experience in writing a business plan, you’ll be able to acquire the skills needed to make one again in the future.

This said, if you want to experience writing your business plan on your own, you might want to follow a 3-step guide that contains all the sections of a business plan that you need to write. Build your business plan here and be one step ahead of others by knowing how to write a professional business plan.


4) Enloop

Enloop is one of the most experienced business plan softwares in the market. If you want a free version of the software that has no expiration or trial periods, Enloop offers you this service – and it’s even totally free, no extra charges or fees.

For an affordable price, Enloop has the following awesome tools.

Check out the business plan softwares complete features by reading our our comprehensive Enloop review.


5) StratPad

StratPad is one excellent business plan software that will assist you in writing your business plan from start to end. With StratPad, you don’t have to be knowledgeable and experienced in business plan making to use the business plan software, all you need is a laptop/computer and an internet connection. StratPad will provide you with the rest, such as video and text instructions.

Some of StratPad’s useful features include the following:

Learn about the business plan software by reading our comprehensive StratPad review.


Wrapping up and Planning for Success

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessWriting a business plan is not a mandatory requirement to start a business in the state of Connecticut, however, it would be very helpful if you have one.

Just imagine you’re treasure hunting in a vast and empty land, you have nothing, no map, no guide, no gps, no compass – no nothing. How would you feel? What would you do? I bet you’ll be confused and totally lost and you’d eventually give up because you have no direction.

This is also the same when you start a business without having a roadmap to guide you. You don’t know where you’re heading, you will not be able to anticipate future problems and risks. To give you a good start, you need to write the most accurate and solid business plan for your Connecticut startup.

Look into each of these resources and try them out, to see which one fits you and your business.

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