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63 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Delaware

Resources for Starting a Business

Delaware is a beautiful state with one of the fastest growing economies in the US. The state also has lenient laws when it comes to the regulation of business taxation and business practice. These are just a few of the reasons why entrepreneurs are starting a business in Delaware faster than ever.

However starting any kind of business, no matter the state, can be challenging. You need all the help that you can get so you can start your business smoothly. In this resource roundup, I’m going to introduce you to the top 63 resources for starting a business in Delaware. Enjoy!



1) Delaware Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)

You can create a free account with this business resource and seek free mentoring and coaching. SCORE will also provide you with helpful online workshops and a variety of business tools and templates to help you write a business plan and grow your startup.

2) Delaware Small Business Development Center (DSBDC)

DSBDC is an agency under the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships that aims to build and support entrepreneurship throughout Delaware. They conduct one-on-one consultations with clients to further grasp their needs and assist them as they start their business.

3) Delaware County Library System

DCLS is a digital library that stores hundreds of useful resources to show you how to start a business in Delaware efficiently. It is a collection of general, local, small business, state and federal resources in Delaware.

4) Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)

DEDO is a government agency that will assist you in starting, relocating, expanding and incorporating a business in Delaware. They also offer consultations and meetings for anybody aspiring to build their business in the state of Delaware. Some of their specific services include business evaluation, guidance, support and resources.

5) Wilmington Small Business Support Center

If you plan to start your business in Wilmington, the Wilmington Small Business Support Center will assist you by giving you information and support in areas such as tax assistance and entrepreneurial support network. They also have resources available for small and minority businesses.

6) Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Small Business Alliance

Small Business Alliance is the affiliate program of the Delaware State Chamber. Its main goal is to improve Delaware’s business industry by nurturing the growth and success of small businesses. It serves businesses with less than 150 employees, safeguarding their sustainability in Delaware’s dynamic economy. The program has the primary mission to provide programs, services and networking opportunities that will help Delaware’s small businesses.

7) Delaware Small Business Assistance Program

The Delaware Small Business Assistance Program is a unit of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) that offers free services to small businesses in Delaware, regardless if they’re new or existing businesses. This programs helps small business owners understand environmental requirements when building a business and will teach and assist them in complying for required paperwork.

8) Delaware Small Business Chamber

The Delaware Small Business Chamber is an organization that aims to assist small to mid-sized business owners to start and maintain their business in the state of Delaware and other neighboring areas. Depending on the categories where you need help, the Delaware Small Business Chamber can provide you with resources and assistance in areas such as accounting, advertising, business coaching, social media consulting, web design and development and many others.

9) University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension is a program of the University of Delaware that enables small business owners to gain access to useful resources so they can start and run their businesses well. They provide helpful links and websites where entrepreneurs can readily find tools and resources to jumpstart their small business.

10) Women’s Business Development Center

Named as the Mid-Atlantic Region’s first ever gender-focused small business development organization, the Women’s Business Development Center was established in July 1995 in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Women Business Ownership. The WBDC is commissioned to assist individuals who are starting a new business, or managing an existing one. Although the center was built to empower women, services are offered and available to individuals overall. They offer two important services, entrepreneurial training and business finance program.

11) SBA Delaware District Office

The US Small Business Administration, Delaware District Office is one of the major provider of free services to anyone who wants to build a business in the state of Delaware. They will help you with the entire process of building your startup, from starting and managing it to looking for loans and grants and contracting. They also have  a learning center where you can access hundreds of useful business resources; not to forget, they offer local assistance as well.

12) Central Delaware Economic Development Council (CDCC)

The Central Delaware Economic Development Council is an organization with a general purpose to fortify the freedom of private businesses to fully operate in the state of Delaware under minimal government regulation. It is a strong advocate of businesses and aims to improve the overall economic well-being of the state of Delaware by encouraging individuals to build new businesses.



1) How to Start a Business in Delaware

Starting a business can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With this easy-to-follow 6-step process, you’ll be able to start your dream business with ease. It even gives you 3 bonus resources which you can use to start off on the right track.

2) How to Form an LLC in Delaware

If you want to incorporate a Delaware small business under a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you can use this guide to walk you through the steps.

3) How to File a DBA in Delaware

Filing a DBA in Delaware is essential if you want to use a fictitious name other than what you’re currently using now. However, you might not be sure what to file and where. If there’s a need to file a DBA, you can use this guide so you can form a DBA in Delaware with 3 easy steps.

4) How to Finance a Business in Delaware

Looking for funding is one of the most challenging tasks of starting a business and if you want to have a better idea about this, take advantage of this resource. This guide has lots of helpful options which you can use to get your business idea off the ground.

5) How to Get a Delaware Registered Agent

A Delaware Registered Agent plays an important role in your business, but you need to choose the best. Choosing a Registered Agent these days can be difficult, but with this guide you’ll be able to understand the restrictions and requirements as well as your options when finding a Registered Agent in Delaware.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Delaware

Corporations can give you a substantial amount of advantages if you incorporate a business under this legal entity. They can protect you from legal, personal and financial liabilities and help you ensure your business’ continuation. Following a 6-step process, you’ll be able to incorporate a Corporation in Delaware.

7) How to Incorporate in Delaware

Incorporation is one of the most anticipated legal procedures that majority of entrepreneurs dread. It’s time-consuming and a little confusing if you aren’t sure where to get started. If you have zero experience, no need to worry, this guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.




SCORE is the largest web network of free and experienced business mentors. Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, a SCORE mentor can give you advice and educate you with practical action plans and necessary business tools which you can use to reach your target market. No need to worry about confidentiality because your SCORE mentor will keep everything private.

2) SBA

The US Small Business Administration is a government initiative that aims to help new and existing small businesses to grow and succeed in their fields. It offers comprehensive business tools and resources to help you start and manage your business, find loans and grants and offer local assistance. A Learning Center is also available if you need downloadable guides and eBooks.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online business magazine that simplifies entrepreneurship and helps aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners bring their great idea into reality by providing them with useful and efficient free business resources.


Also an online business magazine, Entrepreneur provides you with information you need related to starting and managing a business. It has quality how-to articles and guides which you can use to run your business, not to mention, it also features inspirational content which will motivate you to pursue your business even more.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is one of the largest website for online business resources. It caters to small businesses providing them with tools, platforms and software options that will help them grow and expand.


Wealthy Gorilla is an inspirational blog for small business owners. It features true-life stories, real business advice, excellent business tips and ideas which will push you to reach your goals. If you’re feeling down or burned out, just check out Wealthy Gorilla to invigorate you.



1) Delaware Small Business Grants

Delaware Small Business Grants is a website that helps you start and grow your small business through several grants which are applicable for women, minorities and veterans. Some grants under this program worth mentioning are the grants to Delaware residents, businesses, nonprofits, and state agencies for alternatively fueled vehicles, grants to Delaware businesses and municipalities for job creation and brownfields redevelopment and grants to Delaware businesses to defray the cost of skilled workforce training.

2) Delaware Grant Programs

Delaware Grant Programs under the Delaware Economic Development Office is a great place to look for small business funding. Under this program there are grants which include the Delaware Strategic Fund (DSF), Delaware Technical Innovation Program (DTIP), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR/STTR) Grant Application, Federal Research and Development Matching Grant Program and the Brownfield Assistance Program.

3) Micro Loan Program

An umbrella unit of the Micro Enterprise Program, the Micro Loan Program’s primary purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with capital access and entrepreneurial training needed to start and manage their small business. It aims to decrease the statistic of failed businesses and elevate the number of small business success, specifically in the city of Wilmington.

4) New Castle County Delaware

At New Castle County Delaware, they have a business assistance section that will provide you with numerous innovative programs which include grants and loans that small business owners can gain access to. Notable grants and loans at New Castle include Bond Financing, Delaware Access Program and Partial Property Tax Exemption.

5) Wilmington Economic Development Corporation

Also known as WEDCO, is a government initiative that provides grants for small businesses and new entrepreneurs. They particularly cater to businesses built in Wilmington; to be able to qualify for the loan program, you need to have 2 years of business experience, have a good business plan, established credit history and a specific target market. To find out about the loan size, loan rate, loan term and other conditions, check out the link above.

6) Delaware Community Development Corporation

DCDC is a non-profit organization that lends small business owners long-term funding with low interest rates and reduced down payments. The organization has been helping small business owners since 1978, enabling them to purchase land, build new buildings, renovate existing ones and buy tools and machineries. DCDC partners with your local bank who will provide 50% of the funding, while the organization shoulders the remaining 40%. The 10% will be raised by you.

7) Delaware County Economic Development

The Delaware County Economic Development’s competent staff are more than willing to assist you in looking for funding and capital for your Delaware small business. You have the opportunity to avail of the following financial resources: financing options for businesses relocating in Delaware, loans that are within $5,000 to $400,000, with loan term of 5 to 15 years, emergency financing needs, rebuilding of financing plan and federal funding sources.

8) First State Community Loan Fund

CLF is a subunit of the Community Development Financial Institution covering the state of Delaware as well as some parts of Pennsylvania. The First State CLF can grant loans from  $5,000 to $250,000 and community development loans to as much as $500,000. CLF is fit for business owners who are finding it difficult to apply for loans using traditional sources.

9) Grow Wilmington Fund

Wilmington’s Office of Economic Development along with the Grow America Fund are the two agencies that made Grow Wilmington Fund possible. The Grow Wilmington Fund accommodates small to mid-sized businesses grow their enterprise. The program offers grants and loans with low monthly payments, allowing entrepreneurs to stretch their cash flow and save money.

10) Sussex County Initiatives and Assistance

The state of Delaware has a wide variety of incentive programs in Sussex County. Whether you want to grow or expand your business, you can take advantage of Sussex County’s initiatives and assistance program.

11) State Small Business Credit Initiative Program

SSBCI is a loan participation program administered by the Delaware Economic Development Office. The loan program is possible with the partnership of an individual lender and DEDO. It attracts lenders to invest money at a lower cost, enabling small businesses to gain private funding.

12) Delaware Capital Access Program

A risk pooling concept, the Delaware Capital Access Program is a riskier type of loan program compared to conventional bank loans. This program is made possible by utilizing a little amount of public resources to produce a huge amount of bank financing, thus making capital readily available for Delaware small businesses.



1) Emerging Enterprise Center Incubator

Provides complete and comprehensive assistance to small businesses in the early stages of operations by making available affordable office spaces, training and networking tools, and professional advice and mentoring.

2) Delaware Emerging Technology Center

A program of the Delaware Economic Development Office, Delaware Emerging Technology is a startup incubator for new and small businesses servicing the state of Delaware.

3) Food Business Incubator Center

Designed for food producers, the Food Business Incubator Center has available resources in business and technical training, information and guidance and affordable commercial facilities.

4) Venture Development Center

A learning laboratory for students who aspire to start a business of their own even while studying. Some of the programs offered by the Venture Development Center include meeting and coworking space, computer and printing resources and media production.

5) 1313 Innovation

1313 innovation prides itself with a collaborative and interactive environment, that fosters connections to the business community and business leaders. It aims to change Wilmington into an innovative city through strategic alliance and education.

6) Wilmington Micro Enterprise Program

Wilmington Micro Enterprise Program is a business education and training initiative that covers key areas in the development of a small business, they include management, ownership, franchising and business. Its business incubation program also has a few retail spaces.

7) Center for Business Growth

A startup incubator that caters to emerging minority or women-owned small businesses. Tenants of this program will gain access to low cost, office spaces, furniture and equipment, conference rooms and useful business resources.

8) Start It Up Delaware

A program that offers project-based training, monthly events and office space. Supported by a $250,000 state grant to help quality startups grow and expand and develop a sustainable entrepreneurial environment in the state of Delaware.

9) Newark CoWork

Newark CoWork is a collaborative community for creative professionals. It is situated in Newark, Delaware and has affordable and full-time coworking spaces. For just $250, you’ll be able to reserve furniture and other working equipment, use all utilities including internet and an unlimited use of the meeting room.


Small Business Professional Services in Delaware

1) Martin D. Haverly, Attorney At Law

Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, helps you avoid the tiring job of dealing with legal problems. The law firm understands the needs of small businesses and aside from legal assistance, the firm also offers other services which include: dispute resolutions, general counsel services through the life cycle of the business, partnership conflicts and liability.

2) Rowland, Johnson & Company, P.A.

Rowland, Johnson & Company, P.A. is an accounting firm that has an in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with different industry specific accounting requirements. Other services include accounting management and tax planning and strategy development.

3) Delaware Young Professionals Network

Otherwise known as DYPN, the network was formed in 2010 to encourage and motivate young Delaware professionals to participate in activities like business networking, monthly networking events and other personal growth opportunities.

4) Snyder & Company

Snyder & Company is a small to mid-sized accounting firm that has assisted many startups since it began operating in 1982. Unlike other small business accounting firms, Snyder & Company wants to be your business partner all year round, not just during tax period. If you need help with payroll preparation, tax management and business consulting, Snyder & Company can assist you with it.

5) DE – Taxes

DE – Taxes is a tax and accounting service for individuals and small businesses. It offers the following services: tax management, accounting and bookkeeping, business formation and IRS audit support. The firm also has services for international companies who are planning to open an office in Delaware.

6) The Law Office of James Tobia, LLC

A law firm that specializes in corporate governance of small businesses in Delaware. He assists in legal matters concerning small businesses such as partnership conflicts, protection of personal assets and liability.

7) Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC

Hogan & Vandenberg LLC, is a firm that helps you hire the best people around the Delaware area. The company has helped many businesses since 2003 and shows no signs of slowing down. Aside from this, Hogan & Vandenberg LLC also assists small business owners with a wide range of legal challenges such as disputes with vendors, hiring and employment and leasing.

8) FJ Attorneys At Law

Included in FJ Attorneys At Law’s resume is accommodating and assisting small to large businesses with their legal problems and issues. The aim of this firm is to provide cost-effective legal services to residents of Delaware as well as maintain its value as a small law firm.

9) The Williams Law Firm

Conflicts with co-owners or founders are common, which is why if you need help you can always seek assistance from William’s Law Firm. They specialize in dealing with “professional divorce” or settling disputes among small business owners. They’ll give you a variety of options such as liquidation, buy-out and many others.

10) BLS Certified Public Accountants

BLS is a small advisory services in Delaware that helps small business owners in starting and growing their startups. Professionals at BLS will assist you with the financial, managerial and operational factors of your Delaware small business.

11) Doherty & Associates

Doherty & Associates ensures you that your business’s finances are handled meticulously and efficiently. The firm has competent and experienced professionals who can perform your business’s tax management, bookkeeping and accounting for you. They will also assist you in business plan writing, selling your business, incorporating your startup and even with the application of business certifications.

12) Delaware Consulting

One of the top consulting firms in Delaware, Delaware consulting ensures operational excellence and business success even in a challenging economic climate. With a team of seasoned business experts, Delaware Consulting will make sure that your small business grows and expands even with the current economy.

13) FutureTech Consulting

Technology is very important when doing business these days and FutureTech Consulting understands the needs of small businesses to excel in Delaware’s competitive business environment. They offer services which include: network services, phone services, cabling solutions and project management.



1) Business Planning

One of the first things that you need to do before starting your Delaware small business is to write a solid business plan that will outline your business goals, your strategies, and a timeframe for accomplishing those goals.

By having a business plan, you’re helping your business by identifying future business risks and problems that it may encounter. A business plan is not an outdated document, rather, it has so many advantages if you just look closely. If you have no prior experience in writing one, you can look into business planning software to help you out.

2) Online Incorporation Service

Although you can still conduct business in Delaware if you don’t incorporate your business, doing so would give you numerous benefits. Incorporating a business can protect you against liabilities and will shield your personal assets, however, this process is a little intimidating if you have not done it before.

If you want to incorporate but would like to save your energy for more important things related to your business, you can use the services of an online incorporation service like Incfile, MyCorporation or CorpNet.

3) Building a Business Website

These days, a business is not complete without a website. Even if you don’t intend to conduct business online, you should build a website of your own to reach a geographically dispersed target market. You’ll also be able to deliver your business’s message well if you have a website, so it’s definitely important to have one.

When creating a website you don’t need to have the technical know-how or pay hundreds of dollars to have a customizable design because there are website building tools that you can choose from. Two of the best in our book are Bluehost (for hosting a WordPress website) and Rainmaker.  If you want an affordable tool with practical features, look into Bluehost.

4) Accounting Software

Financial management is an important task that you need to efficiently take care of if you want your business to grow and succeed long term. However, accounting and bookkeeping are not skills that you can learn overnight. If you have zero knowledge and background, you can use the assistance of an accounting software. Some of the most notable small business accounting software options are Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks.


Wrapping Up on Starting a Business in Delaware

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessStarting any kind of business is challenging. You need to thoroughly plan and prepare your actions accordingly so you’ll stay on track. However, this can be difficult if you do everything on your own – which is why I created this resource roundup for learning how to start a business in Delaware.

Your Delaware startup resources will be your partner as you start your business. With the assistance that they’ll be able to give you, your business life will be easier. You will also be able to complete your tasks faster because the majority of these business tools are simple and easy to find.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than using all the help that you can get to start and maintain your business. Having these resources is like being with a friend in life’s rough patches; you’ll experience ups and downs during the start of your business, but these resources will ease the burden and struggles that you’re going through. Good luck my friend!

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