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QuickBooks Online vs Zoho Books: Which is Better?

QuickBooks Vs ZohoBooks

Hello there, and welcome to Startup Savant’s handy little comparative article that tackles the QuickBooks vs Zoho Books question – which one is the ideal accounting software for you and/or your team?

Well, let’s look at their commonalities, some of their differences, package options, and pricing to help you get much closer to an answer. Ultimately, you’re going to have to try them to know for sure. That said, let’s dig in!


10 QuickBooks & Zoho commonalities

  1. Bank integration tools that sync your bank data so you don’t have to manually enter everything all the time.
  2. Inventory tools for monitoring your orders, reorder levels and automatically conduct inventories.
  3. Collaborate with other members of your team or your accountant in privacy.
  4. Features time tracking tools that make it easier than ever to log time and bill people by the hour.
  5. Expense tracking tools that keep you abreast of cash flow.
  6. Create as many beautiful invoices as you want, customize them based on your specifications and send in a couple clicks.
  7. Financial reports are automatically produced so you can check your profit and loss, balance sheets, and other reports from time to time.
  8. Allows multiple-users to access your account, but gives you complete control over permissions.
  9. Accessible anywhere, anytime because both are cloud-based which means they’re compatible with almost all devices and operating systems.
  10. Gives you daily bills and transaction reminders so you can collect/send payments on time.


Unique QuickBooks Features


Where Zoho Excels


Package Pricing

QuickBooks Online vs Zoho Books

QuickBooks Online and Zoho Books have different ways of packaging their services, as well as their own design and data-presentation style. Let’s take a look at their package pricing to see what you get for those very hard earned profits you’re investing in better money management.


QuickBooks pricing

QuickBooks has 3 main accounting plans: Simple Start, Essentials and the Plus. Like most other providers, their package structure is set up so you can jump in where you’re at in terms of overall demand. How many clients do you have? What’s your volume like? Perhaps you’ll start at Self-Employed because you’re Longer Rangering it right now, but in a year have graduated up to Plus. QuickBooks Pricing


A Peak Inside QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online ReviewQuickBooks Online FeaturesQuick Books Online Features and Review


Zoho Books pricing

Zoho Books has 3 straightforward plans: Basic, Standard and Professional. Here again, start where it makes the most sense and where the extent of the features most match your current platform. Maybe you don’t need printed checks right now, or maybe you do. Maybe you only have 10 great contracts right now, or maybe 1000.

Zoho Books Pricing

The Professional plan has the best features but the Standard plan is more popular among business owners. Before subscribing to their paid plans, you can try the accounting software yourself through their 14-day trial period. Zoho Books also has a 45-day money back guarantee so you can try their services is risk-free. Good stuff!


A Look at Zoho Books

Zoho Books Reviews

Zoho Books ReviewZoho Books Review and Features


Quality Accounting Software

Truth is, either way you go you’re going to be using quality software to boost your financials so this is a huge step in the right direction as a business owner. For some it takes years of doing your own books in less efficient ways before getting here. Dig in and start exploring.

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