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PlanGuru vs LivePlan: Which is Easier and Presentation-Ready?

PlanGuru Vs Liveplan

Hi there, welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative PlanGuru vs LivePlan article where the goal is to help you figure out which business planning software’s got your name written all over it.

Based on their style, who’s going to help you crystallize and integrate each section of your biz-plan?

Who’s going to intuitively guide you in plotting your master plan and increase your odds of not only attracting professional-grade stakeholders but potential investors/funding as well?

Let’s begin with a handful of commonalities between the two.


What PlanGuru and LivePlan Share in Common

Business Planning Tutorial Videos


Great PlanGuru Features


Popular LivePlan Features


Pricing & Data Presentation: PlanGuru vs LivePlan

The next part of this PlanGuru vs LivePlan analysis is going to focus on how they package their software, price it, and how each looks and feels. You’ll know almost immediately which one is more your style.

PlanGuru Pricing

Don’t be intimidated by their wall of features here, just take note of how much depth there is and the premium pricing involved.

PlanGuru Pricing

Pretty advanced. Is this ideal for your average bootstrapping solopreneur or independent busy-bee with their hands in all kinds of cookie jars? Perhaps. It really just depends on how much functionality you need, and what you intend on doing with your business plan.


A Quick Look Inside PlanGuru

PlanGuru Review

To be frank, if you’re looking for simplicity you’ll probably lean towards LivePlan. There’s nothing simple about PlanGuru for most which is why they had to create PlanGuru University…

PlanGuru Analytics Screenshot

But I don’t want to bog your mind down with screenshots of heavy analytics. By the way, most of PlanGuru’s features are considered add-ons, for example their Analytics (screenshot above) is $19.95/mo per user.

Moving forward.


LivePlan Pricing

LivePlan Promo Code and Pricing

Boom, very simple and far less expensive. They only have one plan, no additional fees or addons, and you can either invest month by month or save $140 off the top by going for the annual option.


A Quick Look Inside LivePlan

This is what a plan looks and feels like. The screenshot below shows a default Pitch page, or homepage of your business plan dashboard within the LivePlan platform. Keep in mind it’s just an example, you can customize yours to your heart’s content.

LivePlan Business Plan Pitch

Wow! That said, make no mistake, just because LivePlan is substantially cheaper, more focused on planning vs accounting and more aesthetically pleasing doesn’t means it’s lacking in the features department. Here’s a peak at how they package and present data.

LivePlan Example Financials Forecast

They’ve streamlined things so analytics aren’t as complex or hard to digest. LivePlan is geared towards getting you to create (by yourself or with others) a presentation-ready business plan that keeps you on-strategy, keeps priorities in check, and helps you better manage core financial goals/budgets.

Startup Savant has been maintaining and updating our business plan on their platform from the beginning. Here’s how we structured ours, just so you can see the potential.

Startup Savant Example Business Plan


What You in the Mood For?

Write a Business PlanListen, thanks for reading through this PlanGuru vs LivePlan breakdown because it warms my heart every time I’ve helped a fellow entrepreneur get better informed. We take business planning software VERY seriously around here, but not so serious we felt the need for PlanGuru’s sheer level of complexity. Maybe you do though?

I’m sure you already know which one is designed for you and your needs. Cheers, and here’s to huge productive leaps in the right direction. Now…


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