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MyCorporation Review: Are They For You?

MyCorporation Review

Welcome to Startup Savant’s MyCorporation Review where we walk through their services, package options, pricing, and more! As providers go, they’re the “slightly more expensive than…” option to IncFile for a couple important reasons.

But before we start digging into this review, here’s a few intro-nuggets:

So they’re pretty safe bet no matter how we cut it, but sometimes safe isn’t enough. That said, let’s take a look at their core features because this is the bread and butter for entrepreneurs like you.


What you should know about MyCorporation

Wondering how MyCorporation has distinguished itself from its competitors? These features should help put them in perspective relative to other providers.

Note: As of right now MyCorporation doesn’t have a tracking tool for your orders or give you a free Registered Agent. As an example, IncFile provides free Registered Agent service for your first year after incorporation.


MyCorporation Pricing & Packages

MyCorporation offers four straightforward package options: Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Let’s take a quick look at their structure below.

MyCorporation Review

(Note: There are two options: Standard and Rush filing. This table shows the pricing for Standard.)

As an added bonus, MyCorporation comes with a money back guarantee so If ever you feel like their services and your business don’t go together, they’ll issue a refund no questions asked.


You Should Partner with MyCorporation if…

The Final Verdict?

MyCorporation is an excellent service, as dependable as IncFile but a smidgen more expensive due to different packaging variations and most likely higher overhead. To be frank both are safe and secure options though.

What's important is that you take massive action now and stop putting this off. Through providers like these the process is so much simpler and more affordable.

IncFile ($49) Or MyCorporation ($69)

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